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Update on Standard Methods for the Examination …

Update on Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition William Lipps Analytical & Measuring Instrument Division October 2017


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Update on Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rdEditionWilliam LippsAnalytical & Measuring Instrument DivisionOctober 2017and what s new for Part You23rdEditionAmerican Public Health Association (APHA)American Water Works Association (AWWA)Water Environment Federation (WEF)Standard Methods is a joint effort of these societiesEditorEditorEditorPCPCPCJTGJTGJ TGParts or Chapters of Standard MethodsPart 1000 Quality AssurancePart 2000 Physical and Aggregate PropertiesPart 3000 MetalsPart 4000 Inorganic Nonmetallic ConstituentsPart 5000 Aggregate Organic ConstituentsPart 6000 Individual Organic CompoundsPart 7000 RadioactivityPart 8000 ToxicityPart 9000 Microbiological ExaminationPart 10000 Biological ExaminationPart 1000 Quality AssuranceRevised 1020 QA/QC for more consistency with: 2020 3020 4020 5020 6020Revisions to 1040 Method Development and EvaluationPart 2000 Physical and Aggregate PropertiesNew Method 2510C Total Intensity Odor numerically rate perceived odorClarification to Method 2330 Calcium Carbonate SaturationClarifications and minor additions to: 2540 Solids Quality control Sources of Error InterferencesPart 3000 MetalsRevised 3020 QA/QCPart 4000 Inorganic Nonmetallic ConstituentsRevised 4020 QA/QCRevised 4500-CN- Sampling, preservation, pretreatment InterferencesRevised 4500-NO3- Reagent preparation, calibration, interferencesNew Method 4500-O Dissolved Oxygen (optical probe) 46 PT samples, 2 matrices, 3 manufacturer s probes 85 side by side with membrane probePart 5000 Aggregate Organic ConstituentsRevised 5020 QA/QCUpdate 5210 BOD Plastic bottles Optical probe pH adjust 2 or more blanks < mg/LUpdate 5310 TOC Remove 5310C Update QC criteria moved to IntroductionUpdate 5910 UV-Absorbing Organic Constituents Buffer preparation and Sample preparation updatedPart 6000 Individual Organic CompoundsRevised 6020 QA/QCNew Method 6810 Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products 13 target compounds LCMSMS Single lab study reagent water, drinking water, wastewater Collaborative study 5 laboratoriesPart 7000 RadioactivityRevised 7010 Introduction Reflect current regulations Reference sources for standards Discuss radioactive equilibriaRevised 7020 QC slightlyRevised 7040 FacilitiesNew method in online version 7110D Liquid Scintillation Method for Gross Alpha-Beta Works in high TDS matrices SDWA Expedited Method Part 8000 ToxicityRevised: 8010 introduction growth equation 8020 adds residual chlorine check Revisions and updates to all sectionsHi!Part 9000 Microbiological ExaminationUpdated: 9020 QA/QC, 9030 Apparatus, 9040 Washing and Sterilization, 9050 Culture and Media 9060 Sample collectionNew information on: 9215 Heterotrophic Plate Count 9221 Multiple Tube Fermentation 9222 Membrane Filtration 9223 Enzyme Substrate Coliform 9230 Fecal Enterococcus/Streptococcus 9250 Actinomycetes 9610 FungiPart 10000 Biological Examination10900 Aquatic Organisms Color Algae drawings replaced with Color Algae photographs23rdEditionAmerican Public Health Association (APHA)American Water Works Association (AWWA)Water Environment Federation (WEF)Standard Methods is a joint effort of these societiesEditorEditorEditorPCPCPCJTGJTGJ TGAmerican Public Health Association (APHA)American Water Works Association (AWWA)Water Environment Federation (WEF)The Standard Methods OrganizationDr. Ellen Braun-HowlandDr. Andrew D. EatonDr. Terry E. Baxter8000100030009000100004000500060002 0007000Nathan Edman, E-mail: is Standard Methods Manager and acts as secretary to the 4000 Inorganic Nonmetallic Constituents, what s new? Inevitable editorial changesModify existing methodsDevelop and validate new methodsModify existing Methods Technical change requires validation study Limited data in some Equivalency? Chloride methods Titration methods and IC can disagree Interferences in titration Compare methods Collaborative studyLab4500-CLC4500-CL D4110B132402034061413511617Chlorine low level amperometric Used in on-line analyzers 10 ppb ML listed in method Need collaborative study to validate new ML Nitrate UV method May be applicable to wastewater JTG to draft modified method Needs collaborative study for wastewaterSilica Manual molybdenum blue Being used as test kits (in Drinking water) Different complex reagents Collaborative study (equivalency) Allow alternative complex reagents in textSulfite iodometric titration Lot s of questions regarding Normality and the calculation JTG to clarify method Perform collaborative studySulfide manual methylene blue Very old test with minimal data JTG to test new (single) reagent recipe If successful, re-write and collaborative studySulfate manual turbidimetric Adds BaCl2with a scoop Acid drainage samples (high metals) interfere Test interference removal Test 10% BaCL2solution with suspending agent Re-write method, collaborative studyTotal Kjeldahl Nitrogen with block digestion Already a TKN method No block digestion Change Nicotinic Acid to Glycine Need to prepare draft Need single lab studyNew Methods Literature search Draft method Single lab data Ruggedness testing Collaborative studyCyanide methods gas diffusion EPA, ISO, and ASTM method exist Free, available, and total cyanide planned New interference studies planned (compare to WAD and CATC) More holding time Limited collaborative study (?)Nitrate method reductase by manual colorimetry ATP, and ASTM method exist for discrete analyzers Draft Written New collaborative study done Will ballot soonTotal Nitrogen HTCO with chemiluminescence detection ASTM method Draft Standard Methods Written (kind of) Collaborative study done Will ballot soonTotal Nitrogen Persulfate with nitrate by reductase Oxidation procedure already Waiting for nitrate method Need to show equivalency with TN Collaborative study planningWhat is method validation anyway?Described in SM 1040 B Single Operator Tests Analysis of real matrices Ruggedness Testing Collaborative StudySingle operator tests MDL Calibration Model Replicates at each concentration Matrix spikes, with replicates, at each concentration Comparison with existing method (equivalency test)Method RuggednessFactorNominalVariationMixing Time10 minutes12 minutesSample Size5 grams10 gramsAcid Concentration1M MHeatto100 C95 CHold heat for5 minutes10 minutesStirringyesnopH Study variables tested Laboratory at least three Apparatus model and manufacturer differences Concentration dependency three or more concentrations Matrix effects matrices of concern (at least three)Example = 5 labs, 4 concentrations in You

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