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Preschool Monthly Activities: June, July, August

AActivitiesctivities Camping Camping is a great way to learn about the outdoors! • Talk about what you do, see, and hear when you . . . - Go for a hike.


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Text of Preschool Monthly Activities: June, July, August

ActivitiesActivitiesCampingCamping is a great way to learn about the outdoors! Talk about what you do, see, and hear when you . . .- Go for a Go fi Sit by a fi Swim in the lake. Watch for animals, insects, cool rocks, fl owers, and big Visiting the beach is a great way to learn! Look for a lake close to where you live. Make sandcastles, go swimming, or have a picnic. Talk about how the sand feels rough, wet, cold, or hot. Talk about what you see in the water. If you have a raft, canoe, or boat, take your child with you and explore. Just remember to wear a life jacket. Throw rocks in the water. Talk about how far you can throw them and the splash they , festivals, and parades Most communities, whether large or small, have a fair or a parade during the spring, summer, or fall months. Some may have a rodeo or cultural events to attend. Many of these events are free and a fun time for families. These can also be opportunities to learn new things. Many fairs have petting zoos, acrobats, and entertainers to Kids love playing in playgrounds and parks! Visit some different parks in your community. Spend an afternoon playing ball, swinging, sliding, running, fl ying a kite, or playing in the wading pool. Talk about what you are doing, and use lots of action words like, jump, roll, slide, walk, splash, or run. Be sure to join in and play months can be a great time to learn! There are so many outdoor activities to do in the summer. Be sure to join in and play with your child. When you play together and talk about what you are doing, you are helping your child learn new words and these activities, songs, books, and crafts to help your child learn. Speak, sing, and talk about books with your child in your own language. June, July, and AugustLook Billy, I see a chipmunk in that and Everyway Talking Songs and rhymesSongs and rhymesWant to learn more songs and rhymes? Look for a parent-child music class in your m a little cowboy Author unknown(sung to the tune of I m a little teapot) I m a little cowboy, short and fat,Here are my boots,And here is my soon as I get up,I work all get on my horse and ride to your local public library to fi nd these and many more great books. Lottie s new beach towel by Petra MathersSand castle by Brenda Shannon YeeAll you need for a beach by Alice SchertleCorduroy goes to the beach by Don FreemanMaisy goes camping by Lucy CousinsMaisy makes lemonade by Lucy CousinsBeach day by Karen RoosaLittle cloud by Eric CarleMr. Gumpy s outing by J. BurninghamSea, sand, me by Patricia HubbellDo cowboys ride bikes? by Kathy TuckerHow I became a pirate by Melinda Long and David ShannonCrafts Crafts For more craft ideas go to your own bubbles A great outdoor activityMaterials neededLarge (2 litre) bottleWarm water1 cup of dish soap2 tablespoons corn syrupInstructionsFill a large bottle (2 litre or larger) with warm water. Leave room for the soap and corn syrup. You must put the water in fi rst, or you will have a bottle full of suds. Add the dish soap and corn syrup. Stir a bit and then put the lid tightly on the bottle. Gently shake the bottle to make sure it s all mixed. Let the bubbles stand for a bit to let the air settle. Use it with your favourite wand. Remember to have fun and blow some bubbles together with your child. Take turns blowing and chasing the bubbles. Remember to . . . Follow your child s lead Add new words and ideas Repeat new words over and over Children learn through everyday moments. Check out next month s activity page for more Mr. Sun Author unknown(sung to the tune of If you re happy and you know it)Hello Mr. Sun, how are you?Hello Mr. Sun, how are you?We re so glad you re out today,And we hope that you will stay,Yes, we do! (clap, clap) Go to for more Talk Box ideas. 2007, Capital Health and Calgary Health Region

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