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BATTERIES & ACCESSORIES –2– 1 2 4 3 5 6 Flame arrestor vent lug allows gas to escape, but keeps external flames or sparks from entering the battery.


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PARTSREFERENCEGUIDE$1000US 1 Table of ContentsBATTERIES & ACCESSORIES2BEARINGS16CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS24CROP HARVESTING33CROP PRODUCTION82EXHAUST SYSTEMS101FILTERS106HARDWARE AND CHAINS122HITCH PARTS125HYDRAULIC PARTS127LIGHTING PRODUCTS142LUBRICANTS150MAINTENANCE ITEMS163PAINTS177RADIOS179REMAN PARTS182SAFETY PRODUCTS201STEERING/BRAKE PARTS202TIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS209TIRES211Case IH dealers are the standard forexpert sales, service and support ofthe most technologically advancedequipment in the world. They re com-mitted to understanding your businessand providing unique solutions to maxi-mize your combination of timely parts andservice, and flexible financial solutionsthrough Case Credit equals a total pack-age for you to ensure you re always per-forming at your importantly, Case IH dealers offerplanning for the long-term growth ofyour business. By staying at the fore-front of issues and the cutting edge oftechnology, they help prepare you it takes, Case IH dealers arededicated to helping your operationachieve success year after year. Visityour Case IH dealer today to see theadvantages of worldwide & ACCESSORIES 2 124356Flame arrestor vent lug allows gas toescape, but keeps external flames orsparks from entering the intercell connectors preventcell-to-cell leakage on steep grades toensure reliable battery alloy grids retain a chargelonger and accept it quicker criticalfor off-road equipment that typically sitsunused for long periods of radial grids ensure theshortest, most direct flow to the termi-nal for quick starting and separations prevent grid-to-grid contact, promote longer anchoring reduces grid platevibration and short circuiting, holdsmuch better than commonly used hot-melt the same heavy-duty quality built into Case IH batteriesfor your truck, lawn and garden tractor, and marine applica-TruckBuilt for the tough pounding that a truckbattery takes, Case IH truck batterieshave the heavy-duty features neededfor the job farm or construction pick-up or semi. High-impact polypropylenecase and plate anchoring insure longlife in tough a lawn and garden battery that willlast longer than one season! Case IHbatteries have the cranking capacity tostart on those cold winter mornings orlast through an inactive winter and stillstart next spring. No matter the brand oflawn and garden tractor, Case IH has theright battery for the for every season! Batteries forquick-starting on the water, built to takewave pounding and vibration. Deep-cycle batteries that can take repetitivedeep-cycling and quickly start with more Case IH batteries!Case IH batteries are the toughestyou can buy!Why use CaseIH batteries?Lots of IH batteries provide you with high-reservecapacity especially important today with 24-hour, on-board computers, clocks, and fuel injection and continuous operation fans. So there s ample power for running accessories with the engine IH batteries meet rigorous standards of quality established at Case IH engineering. So you get a battery that fits. A battery that lasts. A battery you can depend IH batteries are custom-designed to fit your equipments specific applications. So when you require maximum cranking amps in extreme temperatures, you get all the power you need fast! They also offer built-in protection against common vibration-caused breakdowns like cell leakage andshort it s off-road, lawn and garden, automotive, or marine application, lookfor the MagnaPower tough batteries from your Case IH dealer. 3 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Specifications (by Application) Maximum Overall Dimensions Weight BCI GroupPart Farm & Commercial 12 Volt (Low Maintenance)24B2450(W)420671210-1/46-13/ 169193424B2472(W)6001151210-1/46-13/1692 94227B2772(W)65013012126-13/168-15/16304 649B4925(W)7001201214-7/166-7/86-31/3232 4728BMF28S(W)6001101210-19/646-53/649-29 /64294131BMF31F(W)70016012136-51/649-5/2 6375331BMF31FS(W)70016012136-51/649-5/26 375331BMF31E(W)77517012136-51/649-5/2641 5731BMF31ES(W)77517012136-51/649-5/26415 731BMF31G(W)100019012136-51/649-5/265064 31BMF31GS(W)100019012136-51/649-5/265064 16TFB16TF(W)6402201216-17/327-1/811-1/64 588517TFB17TF(W)51012012176-7/87-63/6439 5620HBPR20H(W)23545127-13/166-13/169-1/4 223129NFBPR29NF(W)4209512135-1/29254230H BCM30H(W)50010012136-13/169-1/4N/A4430HB HC30(W)62516012136-13/169-1/4354230HBHC3 0685(W)75016512136-13/169-1/440543EEBPR3 EE(W)3701001219-5/164-3/88-7/825423ETBPR 3ET(W)4601201219-5/164-3/89-13/1628434DB HC4DA(W)10002901220-11/168-11/1610601044 DB4D1000(W)11004001220-11/168-3/41068108 4DLTBCM4DLT(W)8102501219-15/168-5/327-15 /1652878DBCM8DA(W)11554001220-11/1610-15 /1610751288DBCM8DAS(W)11554001222-17/641 0-15/1610771308DBHD8DA(W)13004351220-11/ 1610-15/1610N/A131Heavy-Duty Farm & Commercial 6 Volt1BST1(W)4009068-7/86-7/88-11/1612261 BCM1(W)62516068-7/86-7/88-11/1618302BCM2 (W)625160610-3/86-7/89-3/819362BCH2(W)82 0250610-3/86-7/89-3/826443BCM3(W)6602356 11-1/279-7/3232464BPP4(W)8002506136-13/1 69-7/16N/A444BCH4(W)9753206136-13/169-7/ 1636522EBST2E(W)615185619-9/643-15/168-5 5/6427452NBST2N(W)4951706105-1/2921373EH BPR3EH(W)850280619-5/164-3/810-1/428474E HBPR4EH(W)930320619-1/4510-1/430505DBCM5 DA(W)850280613-1/279-3/428477DBCM7DA(W)9 75330615-7/87-1/49-5/163358Heavy-Duty Farm & Commercial 8 Volt1B8VMD430110896-13/168-9/161927Autom otive Batteries 12 Volt (Wet=Maintenance Free)24B2440(W)350451210-5/86-3/48-7/8N/ A2724FB24F50(W)400621210-5/86-13/169N/A2 924FB24F72(W)6751151210-5/86-3/48-7/8N/A 4027FB27F72(W)6501301212-7/166-13/168-15 /16304626B2650(W)45065128-9/166-13/168-1 /16182834B34530(W)525801210-1/46-13/167- 13/16N/A3342B4250(W)43565129-15/166-7/86 -7/8182745B4550(W)44055129-15/325-1/28-7 /8213056B5650(W)4808512106-1/168-3/8N/A3 256B5660(W)62510012106-1/168-3/8N/A3558B 5850(W)43565129-7/167-1/47192965B6560(W) 8501201211-5/167-15/327-9/16364970B7072( W)45055128-9/167-1/87-1/4202974B7440(W)3 50551210-3/167-1/88-3/4N/A2974B7450(W)40 0621210-3/167-1/88-3/4N/A3174B7472(W)675 1151210-1/47-1/88-3/4N/A4175B7572(W)6308 5128-15/166-13/167-3/16N/A3578B7872(W)67 5951210-3/166-3/47-3/16N/A37BATTERIES & ACCESSORIES 4 Battery Specifications (by Application) Maximum Overall Dimensions Weight BCI GroupPart Batteries Dual Terminal 12 Volt (Wet=Maintenance Free)26/70BUNV7(W)52575128-3/166-13/168- 1/16233134/78BUNV8(W)650851210-1/46-13/1 68-1/16293934/78BUNV9(W)8751001210-1/46- 13/168-1/16N/A4534/78BUNV10(W)1000125121 0-1/46-13/168-1/16N/A43Lawn and Garden Tractor Batteries & Speciality Batteries12N12A-4A-1BN3221B11312 (W)16517127-3/45-3/167-5/16813U1LBPU1(W) 23515127-3/45-3/167-5/161116U1LBU1C(W)30 034127-3/45-1/167-5/32N/A18U1LBU1(W)3424 2127-3/45-1/167-5/321521U1RBPU1R(W)23515 127-3/45-3/167-5/16111622FB22F60(W)49090 1210-1/46-13/169233322NFBPR22HNF(W)39070 129-1/25-1/29-1/32N/A29Marine Deep Cycle & Starting24BMF24MB(W)525*6212116-13/1610N /A3424B24MBDC(W)630*1301211-1/46-13/1610 N/A4927BEV27(W)730*1601212-7/166-13/1610 N/A56Golf CartGC2BGC2A(W) 1071210-5/167-9/6411-9/164159Specialty24 B2400U(W)350451210-5/86-3/48-7/8N/A276TL B6TL(W)6002001210-3/410-3/894753FSB2FS(W ) 425611-5/8711-1/84565FSB6FS(W) 650611-3/4716-5/1679100The Heart of Any Battery:23451THE GRIDHere s the heart of a Case IH Magna Powerbattery! This is our Magna Power CastComputerized Radial Grid. It is shown herebefore it is pasted with lead material inits envelope , computer-designed radial gridCenter lug constructionRadial grid linesCushion ribsTough micro-porous envelope separator 5 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Specifications (by Application) CanadaReserveColdCapacityBCICrank25 AmpGroup@ 0 F@80 F Electrolyte SizePart (min.) Batteries 12-Volt (6 Cells) * * * * Heavy-Duty Batteries 12-Volt (6 Cells) AmpGroup@ 0 F@80 F Electrolyte SizePart (min.) Batteries 12-Volt (6 Cells) Batteries 12-Volt (3 Cells) and Garden & Electric VehicleU1CB **12650 MCA130 **12730 MCA160 : S = Stud Terminal* = SAE and Side Terminal** = SAE and Stud TerminalWarranty: Failure due to manufacturing defect 1 year free replacement Pro-Rata adjustment after 1 Power commercial batteries have these quality features designed into their grids and Radial GridNotice that the grid lines are angled toward the connector lug at thetop of the grid. This creates the shortest, quickest internal path forelectricity to get to your battery terminals. This means quicker startsand easier charging. Power when you need it!Our grid is made of cast lead alloys. A cast grid is generally heav-ier and stronger than expanded metal grids used in many extra strength allows the grid to stand up to the rigors of heavy-duty, off-road lug on the top of the grid is positioned toward the center, notthe extreme end of the grid. This allows better support of the gridwhen it is installed in a battery cell. Grids are installed in a cell to analternating pattern. On the next grid, the connector lug will be onhe opposite side. When installed in a battery, the grids are moreevenly supported than if the lug were at the end or middle as Envelope SeparatorsThe envelope separator shown here is cut away to show the radialdesign of the grid. Normally, only the top of the lug may be a grid is pasted and inserted in a battery, it is completely pro-tected by a tough, micro-porous envelope separator. The envelopedesign surrounds the grid. This protects the plate, preventing shortsand reducing shedding. The micro-porous design allows electrolyte to flow freely between theplate and envelope wall. This allows the electrolyte to react with thegrid material, generating the chemical reaction that produces serpentine rib design is no accident. The ribs act to cushion theplates in a cell. They also create a channel which allows electrolyteto flow freely along the envelope & ACCESSORIES 6 Battery Specifications (by Group Size) Maximum Overall Dimensions Weight BCI Group SizePart (W)62516068-7/86-7/88-11/1618301BST1(W)4 009068-7/86-7/88-11/1612262BCM2(W)625160 610-3/86-7/89-3/819362BCH2(W)820250610-3 /86-7/89-3/826442EBST2E(W)615185619-9/64 3-15/168-55/6427452NBST2N(W)4951706105-1 /2921373BCM3(W)660235611-1/279-7/3232463 EHBPR3EH(W)850280619-5/164-3/810-1/42847 4EHBPR4EH(W)930320619-1/4510-1/430504BPP 4(W)8002506136-13/169-7/16N/A444BCH4(W)9 753206136-13/169-7/1636525DBCM5DA(W)8502 80613-1/279-3/428477DBCM7DA(W)975330615- 7/87-1/49-5/16335822FB22F60(W)490901210- 1/46-13/169233324B2440(W)350451210-5/86- 3/48-7/8N/A2724B2400U(W)350451210-5/86-3 /48-7/8N/A2724B2450(W)420671210-1/46-13/ 169193424B2472(W)6001151210-1/46-13/1692 94224FB24F50(W)400621210-5/86-13/169N/A2 924FB24F72(W)6751151210-5/86-3/48-7/8N/A 4026B2650(W)45065128-9/166-13/168-1/1618 2827B2772(W)65013012126-13/168-15/163046 27FB27F72(W)6501301212-7/166-13/168-15/1 6304634B34530(W)525801210-1/46-13/167-13 /16N/A3342B4250(W)43565129-15/166-7/86-7 /8182745B4550(W)44055129-15/325-1/28-7/8 213049B4925(W)7001201214-7/166-7/86-31/3 2324756B5650(W)4808512106-1/168-3/8N/A32 56B5660(W)62510012106-1/168-3/8N/A3558B5 850(W)43565129-7/167-1/47192965B6560(W)8 501201211-5/167-15/327-9/16364970B7072(W )45055128-9/167-1/87-1/4202974B7472(W)67 51151210-1/47-1/88-3/4N/A4174B7450(W)400 621210-3/167-1/88-3/4N/A3174B7440(W)3505 51210-3/167-1/88-3/4N/A2975B7572(W)63085 128-15/166-13/167-3/16N/A3578B7872(W)675 951210-3/166-3/47-3/16N/A37U1LBU1(W)3424 2127-3/45-1/167-5/321521U1LBU1C(W)300341 27-3/45-1/167-5/32N/A18U1LBPU1(W)2351512 7-3/45-3/167-5/161116U1LBSU1(W)16517127- 3/45-3/167-5/16813U1RBPU1R(W)23515127-3/ 45-3/167-5/161116NS60LBNS60L33075129-3/8 5-1/328-16/16N/A24NS40ZLBNS40ZL26554127- 3/45-1/168-15/16N/A2424BMF24MB(W)525*621 2116-13/1610N/A3424B24MBDC(W)630*1301211 -1/46-13/1610N/A4927BEV27(W)730*1601212- 7/166-13/1610N/A56GC2BGC2A(W)1071210-5/1 67-9/6411-9/16415926/70BUNV7(W)52575128- 3/166-13/168-1/16233134/78BUNV8(W)650851 210-1/46-13/168-1/16293934/78BUNV9(W)875 1001210-1/46-13/168-1/16N/A4534/78BUNV10 (W)10001251210-1/46-13/168-1/16N/A43FSB2 FS(W)425611-5/8711-1/84565FSB6FS(W)65061 1-3/4716-5/16791006TLB6TL(W)6002001210-3 /410-3/8947531B8VMD430110896-13/168-9/16 192728BMF28S(W)6001101210-19/646-53/649- 29/64294131BMF31E(W)77517012136-51/649-5 /26415731BMF31ES(W)77517012136-51/649-5/ 26415731BMF31F(W)70016012136-51/649-5/26 375331BMF31FS(W)70016012136-51/649-5/263 75331BMF31G(W)100019012136-51/649-5/2650 6431BMF31GS(W)100019012136-51/649-5/2650 64 7 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Specifications (by Group Size) Maximum Overall Dimensions Weight BCI Group SizePart (W)3701001219-5/164-3/88-7/825423ETBPR3E T(W)4601201219-5/164-3/89-13/1628434DLTB CM4DLT(W)8102501219-15/168-5/327-15/1652 874DBHC4DA(W)10002901220-11/168-11/16106 01044DB4D1000(W)11004001220-11/168-3/410 681088DBHC8DA(W)11554001220-11/1610-15/1 610751288DBCM8DAS(W)11554001222-17/6410- 15/1610771308DBHD8DA(W)13004351220-11/16 10-15/1610N/A13116TFB16TF(W)6402201216-1 7/327-1/811-1/64588517TFB17TF(W)51012012 176-7/87-63/64395620HBPR20H(W)23545127-1 3/166-13/169-1/4223122NFBPR22HNF(W)39070 129-1/25-1/29-1/32N/A2929NFBPR29NF(W)420 9512135-1/29254230H1BHC30685(W)750165121 306-13/169-1/4405430HBCM30H(W)5001001213 6-13/169-1/4N/A4450-N18L-ABN3218Y26020 IH also offers a complete line ofheavy-duty automatic and manualbattery chargers and & ACCESSORIES 8 The value in batteries is more than skin deep. Though they all look similar on the outside, thereare substantial differences in design, construction and materials. You want off-road heavy-duty batteries, rather than automotive-type batteries, for your farmand industrial equipment. They re built stronger to better handle the vibration and jolts that canliterally knock the life out of automotive batteries. The plates, the heart of a battery, are more durable in off-road batteries. All Case IH MagnaPower commercial batteries (which are off-road batteries) have cast grids that are moredurable than the expanded metal grids commonly found in automotive batteries. These platesare inserted in envelope separators that resist the loss of lead material from vibration betterthan batteries with leaf maintenance-free sounds like an ideal concept, low-maintenance batteries ones to which you can add water are recommended for agricultural and industrial equip-ment. In spite of what you would think, maintenance-free batteries do lose water. The prob-lem is, you can t replace the water that s lost in most maintenance-free batteries. A batterieslife decreases quickly when the plates are batteries, conversely, can have a longer life by virtue of their ability to be re-hydrated with fresh water. The low-maintenance feature on off-road batteries is an advan-tage, not a a battery and sooner or later,it will let you down. Follow thesebasic maintenance steps. Don t overfill Keep the top of the battery free of debris Keep the battery securely mounted Keep the terminals clean Pay attention to charging rates Replace multiple batteries in sets Avoid heat Keep it charged Select the right battery as a replacementProper Jump-Starting of a Vehicle with a Negative Ground System1. Wear goggles or safety glasses and never lean over a Make sure both batteries are free of damage, are level, and the vent caps are damp cloth over the vent caps of both Be sure the vehicles aren t touching. Ignition switches should be turned Follow this sequence:A. Connect one end of the positive booster cable to the positiveterminal of the discharged Connect the other end of the positive booster cable to the positiveterminal of the good battery. C. Connect one end of the negative booster cable to the negative terminal of the The final connection should be the other end of the negative booster cable to theframe or engine block of the stalled vehicle, away from the battery. If the stalledvehicle has a separate negative ground terminal, use Remove the cables in reverse Batteries Start Stronger, Last LongerBenefitsCells are made of lead calcium and lead anti-mony plates (rather than only lead calcium).This hybrid construction feature retains acharge longer and accepts it more features for equipment that may situnused for long are anchor-bonded with epoxy to thecase to resist Power batteries are certified to sur-vive vibration testing at 5Gs of force for atleast 30 intercell connectors provide themost efficient electrical to meet heavier electrical loaddemands than automotive-type shallowcycle safe disposal find outabout exchange and recycling policies. 9 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESWire Nut Use with copper wire only Joins min. 2 #22 to max. of3 #16 wire Joins min. of 2 #12 + 2 #14to max. of 2 #10 wireGauge/Part 14BlueZQC67360112 10YellowElectrical Wire and ComponentsStandard ConnectorsAssortment Heavy-duty terminalassortment with 294components 5-Way cutter and crimperwith ground cutting edgesfor a clean cut every timePart No. ZQC991301 Assortment/294 contains:Ring Terminals4 types16-14 & 12-1060 Terminals2 types16-14 & 12-1030 Terminals2 types16-14 & 12-1030 Connectors2 types16-14 & 12-1050 Discon, M & F2 types16-14 & 12-1080 Discon, M & F2 Types16-1430 Connectors2 types16-14 & 12-1014 VoltageConnectorPart No. ZQC674301 14-17 ga. WireJunction BlockPart No. ZQC674401 4 Position, 30 ampsPrimary WireFor general purpose wiring applications: radios lighting instrumentsPart Gauge/8 FeetBlackZQC801101R10 Gauge/8 FeetRedZQC801101W10 Gauge/8 FeetWhiteZQC801101G10 Gauge/8 FeetGreenZQC801201B12 Gauge/12 FeetBlackZQC801201R12 Gauge/12 FeetRedZQC801201W12 Gauge/12 FeetWhiteZQC801201G12 Gauge/12 FeetGreenZQC801401B14 Gauge/20 FeetBlackZQC801401R14 Gauge/20 FeetRedZQC801401W14 Gauge/20 FeetWhiteZQC801401G14 Gauge/20 FeetGreenZQC673601Actual size TrailerConnectorsPart PoleZQC6740013 PoleZQC6741014 PoleZQC674201Trailer/Trunk Kit 4 PoleZQC673501Actual size Premium Cutter Made of hardened steelfor durability Insulated handles forcomfort and safetyPart No. ZQC428601 7-Way crimperBATTERIES & ACCESSORIES 10 Electrical Wire and ComponentsRubber Grommets Use on sheet metal boxes and housings Protect wire from abrasion and wearShown actual No. ZQC1223015/16 x 3/16Part No. ZQC1225011/2 x 3/8Part No. ZQC1224013/8 x 1/4Part No. ZQC1226011/4 x 1/8Nylon CableClamps andCable TiesPart TieZQC1236016 TiePart Pkg. Mechanically bundles andtightens loose wiresMounting Pad Mounts with adhesive back orscrews Holds up to 1/8 wide cable tiePart x 3/4 BlackCircuit Tester Made of durable brass material Light indicator activates when a short is found Low voltage 24 volts or less 36 in overall length Alligator clip included Threaded cover protects contact pointPart No. ZQC428401Alligator and Test ClipsUse on light battery charging applicationsSpring test clip 10 amp., 2 red, 2 black with vinyl insulators. 2 Length 5/16 JawopeningAlligator clip, 2 red, 2 black with vinyl insulators. Test clip formonitoringvoltage Full vinylinsulated shroud 1-3/4 Length 3/16 Jaw openingPart No. ZQC129801Alligator clip, 2 Red, 2 Black with insulated handle. Test clip formonitoring voltage Partially insulatedacetate handle 2-1/8 Length 3/16 Jaw openingPart No. ZQC428501Protective Loom Shields cables, hydraulic hose and fuel lines Slit for easy installation Made of high-temperature Nylon 6 Rated 409 F, 214 C Protects from abrasion, electrical shorts and chemical corrosionPart 10 ZQC1238013/8 7 ZQC1239011/2 5 Part No. ZQC130101Part No. ZQC129901 11 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Tools & Accessories Cable Repair ProductsBatteryConnectorsPart UniversalZQC551801NMarine 5/16 ZQC551601PMarine 3/8 ZQC506601PHD Positive BrassZQC506701NHD Negative BrassHeavy-DutyBoosterCables 400 AMP insulated Direct cable to jaw connection Booster cables packaged in zippered vinylbag for storagePart Cable Shields cables, hydraulic hose andfuel lines Slit for easy installation Made of high-temperature Nylon 6 Rated 409 F, 214 C Protects from abrasion, electrical shorts and chemical corrosionPart GaugeTypeZQC7015014 GaugeBattery Cable 15 ZQC7020014 GaugeBattery Cable 20 ZQC7025014 GaugeBattery Cable 25 ZQC7415014 GaugeSwitch to Start Cable 15 ZQC7425014 GaugeSwitch to Start Cable 25 ZQC70830112 GaugeAux. Lead, 3/8 Eye with Butt Splice 12 ZQC7081014 GaugeTop Post Braided Ground Strap 9 Compression Clamps and LugsTurnthe terminal until the compression nutseats. With larger gauge may want to use a allow compression terminals tobe installed with common hand torches or crimping tools compression nutsare color codedCopper alloy forbest conductivityAll clamps, lugs, compressionnuts are tin plated twice asthick as industry GaugePolaritySizeTypeZQC500401U4 Straight ClampZQC580401F4 Ga. 3/8 LugZQC500201U1 & 2 Straight ClampZQC580201F1 & 2 Ga. 3/8 LugZQC502001P2/0 Straight ClampZQC502001N2/0 Straight ClampZQC532001P2/0 Flag ClampZQC532001N2/0 Flag ClampZQC582001F2/0 Ga. 3/8 LugZQC582001H2/0 Ga. 1/2 LugTerminalCleaning Brush Maintains clean terminals forPart No. ZQC122101Angle Nose Pliers Forged-steel construction with insulatedhandles Aids in removing/installing terminal nuts incramped areasPart No. ZQC428501Safety Glasses Impact resistant plastic Side safety shieldsPart No. ZQC120101BATTERIES & ACCESSORIES 12 Terminal Protectors Protects alternator and electricalsystem from shorts Made from high-temperaturepoly vinyl chloride rated at190 F, 90 C Meets SAE J1128 dielectricspecifications Color coded for easypolarity identificationPart GaugeColorZQC572201RStraight4 GaugeRedZQC572401Straight1/0 & 2/0 Gauge1 Black & 1 RedZQC572601Flag1/0 & 2/0 Gauge1 Black & 1 RedZQC573701Lug1/0 & 2/0 GaugeRedBattery Tools & Accessories Cable Repair ProductsAvailable in black & red for easypolarity identificationStyles are available formost terminal designsSizes available to fit 8 through 3/0 gauge cableBattery HydrometersCommercial Hydrometer Features both temperature &float calibrated readings Allows for precise, accuratetest resultsPart No. ZQC125201Standard Hydrometer Dial indicator reveals batterycharge and specific gravity Tests 6V, 12V and 24VsystemsPart No. ZQC125101Protective Washers Protects from corrosion,extends life of battery andconnectors Easy-to-install easily fitsover tapered postPart post1 Black & 1 RedAdjustable Battery Hold-Downs &Bolts Adjustable and locking in 1/8 increments Hold-downs are made ofdurable polypropylene (thesame material as battery cases) Corrosion-proof and non-conducting Use in cars, trucks, boats, farm, commercial or recreational vehicles Hold-down bolts made of 1/4 steel with zinc platingBattery Terminal Lifter Removes corroded terminalswithout breakage Jaws will not damage terminalPart No. ZQC129101Battery TerminalSpreader Forged steel constructionHeavy-Duty LongAdjustable Battery Hold-DownsHeavy-Duty ShortHeavy-Duty Offset(bridges vent caps)Part Hold-down boltsZQC67320110 Hold-down boltsZQC429401Heavy-duty Hold-down (short)ZQC429601Heavy-duty Hold-down (long)ZQC429701Heavy-duty Hold-down (offset)Fasteners & AccessoriesPart - 16 Closed Cap Nut, made of stainless steelZQC6014015/16 - 18 x 1-3/8 Square Head Bolt & Shoulder NutZQC551401Stud Post Conversion, Side Post to Top PostZQC6704013/8 - 16 x 1 Side Terminal Bolt, Steel with Zinc PlatingZQC602901Adapter Nut - Inside Thread 3/8 - 16 x 7/8 Threaded Stud 3/8 - 16 x 3/4ZQC6007013/8 Side Terminal Bolt with 5/16 - 18 x 1/2 Stud for Accessory WireZQC602401Adapter Nut - Inside Thread 5/16 - 18 x 7/8, Threaded Stud 5/16 - 18 x 3/4 13 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Cables and TerminalsWhen it comes to batteries and battery your Case IHdealer has the right stuff!Do you own equipment with faulty battery cables and terminals? Talk toyour Case IH dealer about custom-made cables and terminal endsfor all makes of the right gauge the right terminal ends and the right harness con-figuration at your Case IH dealer. Solderless and heat-shrinkable terminals Primary wire, electrical and trailer accessories Cable guards, clamps, and clipsSuper Booster CablesCustom created booster cables are quick and easy to make! Startwith a pair of 800 amp solid copper booster clamps, attach themto any length of Guidelines for Booster CablesIf you use this kindwith theseCableBatteryWeldingof equipmentelectrical needsGaugeDescriptionCableCableLugsFull- size car or vanUp to 400 amps2/0 ZQC800100BZQC820100BZQC480105FLight truck, light construction, small tractor500 amps1/0 ZQC801000BZQC821000BZQC481005FTractor, truck, bus, construction600 amps2/0 ZQC802000BZQC822000BZQC482005FTractor, off-highway600 amps2/0 ZQC8030000BZQC823000BZQC483005FThree Pre-Made Heavy-DutyBooster CablesEach one has 400 amp clamps with direct cable-to-jaw connection and comes with a handy No. ZQC200585 2 /6 No. ZQC2006685 16 /6 No. ZQC2004685 20 /4 Amp Solid Copper Booster ClampsFor truck, tractor and commercial applications. Designed for heavy-duty use Ideal for severe weather conditions Made for truck, tractor, bus and other commercial applications Available in red and black (two red and two black are required tomake a set of cables)Part clamp, with red grips, strain relief, and fastenersZQC880001BBlackOne clamp with black grips, strain relief, and fastenersBATTERIES & ACCESSORIES 14 Battery Cables and TerminalsQuick Cable / Fusion Solder System - Four Exclusive FeaturesFour Exclusive Features Copper connectors with pre-loadedflux and solder Long term reliability for criticalapplications Especially good in the presence ofdestructive vibration or Connectorscome correctly engineered flux and solder isprecisely pre-measured and loaded in asolderable tin-plated copper consistent quality than any other solder method,including traditional wire solder and solder , less confusing and less costly than multi-componentsolder slug slugs and wire solder may provide too little or toomuch solder because of different barrel Systemis complete, offeringeverything needed to build or repair widest selection of solderable straights, elbows, flagsand lugs, in eight sizes from 6 through 4/0 cable, cutting and stripping tools, flux, heat shrinktube and Flagsare ideally suited for buildingor repairing cable solderable flags are a Fusion exclusive, no other sol-der connector program offers flags or has this traditional solder flags, Fusion barrels are unslotted,so no wire is exposed. Barrel can be sealed with heat-shrinktubing for maximum Strengthis twice that of typicalcrimp or compression tests will usually break the cable or connectorbefore breaking the connectors are plated with a solderable tin, essentialfor maximum solder strength and slug programs typically use shiny tin-plated connec-tors, which aren t good for soldering and won t give youlong-term of cable assembly made withFusion solder connectors, cable andheat-shrink tubingAlready soldered atthis endReady to solderat this endCut-away showing true metallurgicalbond between copper connector andcopper wireYOUR BEST CONNECTION! 15 BATTERIES & ACCESSORIESBattery Cables and TerminalsFusion Solder Connectors All clamps, lugs, and fasteners are tin-plated, twice as thick as industry standards All clamps include tin plated 5/16 battery bolts and shoulder outsCable Color Straight Clamp Right Elbow Left Elbow Flag Connector 3/8 Lugs4 & 6OrangeZQC630405NZQC630405P ZQC670405F1 & 2PinkZQC630105NZQC630105PZQC640105NZQC64 0105PZQC651005NZQC651005PZQC660105NZQC66 0105PZQC67010F1/0BlackZQC631005NZQC64100 5PZQC641005NZQC641005PZQC651005NZQC65100 5PZQC661005NZQC661005PZQC671005F2/0Orang eZQC632005NZQC632005PZQC642005NZQC642005 PZQC652005NZQC652005PZQC662005NZQC662005 PZQC672005F3/0PurpleZQC633005NZQC633005P ZQC643005NZQC643005PZQC653005NZQC653005P ZQC663005NZQC663005PZQC673005F3/0YellowZ QC634005NZQC634005PZQC644005NZQC644005PZ QC654005NZQC654005PZQC664005NZQC664005PZ QC674005F Only need one convenience, all necessaryhardware included Clam shells provide positive visual identificationof the product Straight, flag and heavy wall lug connectors, in1 & 2 or 2/0 gauge Description & 6Straight ClampNegativeZQC630401N4 & 6Straight ClampPositiveZQC630401P1 & 2Straight ClampNegativeZQC630101N1 & 2Straight ClampPositiveZQC630101P2/0Straight ClampNegativeZQC632001P2/0Straight ClampPositiveZQC632001P1 & 2Flag ClampNegativeZQC660101N1 & 2Flag ClampPositiveZQC660101P2/0Flag ClampNegativeZQC662001N2/0Flag ClampPositiveZQC662001P4 &63/8 Hvy Wall Lug ZQC670401F1/& 23/8 Hvy Wall Lug ZQC670101F2/03/8 Hvy Wall Lug ZQC672001F Assortment kit containssolder connectorcomponents needed tobuild or repair 1 & 2, 1/0,2/0 gauge battery cables Black and red heat-shrink in kit ensures aprotected solder joint Carrying case, made ofsteel, finished incorrosion-resistantbaked enamel, hashand carrying handle Every service truckshould have onePart No. ZQC9063001Re-Order Part glasses1ZQC630105N1 & 2 gauge negative solder clamp5ZQC630105P1 & 2 gauge positive solder clamp5ZQC631005N1/0 gauge negative solder clamp5ZQC631005P1/0 gauge positive solder clamp5ZQC632005N2/0 gauge negative solder clamp5ZQC632005P2/0 gauge positive solder clamp5ZQC630105F1 & 2 gauge 3/8 HD solder lug5ZQC631005F1/0 gauge 3/8 HD solder lug5ZQC632005F2/0 gauge 3/8 HD solder lug5ZQC557401Fusion Flux, 2 fl. oz. (60ml)1ZQC566210B3/4 double wall heat-shrink, black20ZQC566201R3/4 double wall heat-shrink red20ZQC6363990116 compartment steel drawer1ZQC670050TSquare head bolt, 5/16 -18 x 1-1/8 30ZQC670150TShoulder nut, 5/16 -1830Should you be using Fusion solder connectors?Can you answer yes to any of these questions?1. Is high vibration part of our installation? Do you maintain or repair agricultural, con-struction or over-the-road equipment?2. Do you operate in a corrosive environment? is your equipment exposed to animalwaste products, road slat or battery acid fumes?3. Do you require long term system reliability? Are you a long way from the nearestrepair facility? Does your job depend on having uninterrupted electric power?BEARINGS 16 All this time, I went to my Case IHdealer for all kinds of parts, but Iwent to a bearing house for never realized my Case IH dealerhad OEM quality Timken bearings instock at reasonable prices. And theycarry bearings for ALL makes I even picked up abearing kit for my boat is money in my business. WhenI realized I could get bearings from asource I already know and trust,without sacrificing price, deliverytime or quality, I was convinced. Dennis JelleBarneveld ImplementBarneveld, WIWhat people are saying aboutbearings from Case IH!Get your only at Case IHYour Bearing Source for All-Makes ofEquipmentYour dealer stocks all the bearings you re likely to ever need, and not justfor your Case IH equipment!Offering quality Timken bearings, seals and lube, your dealer is your sourcefor the bearings and all other related parts you need at a competitive price. Perfect Fit Case IH engineered bearings with exact tolerances for lesswear and longer that fit all makes and bearings, taper bearings, roller bearings and wheel for all heavy-duty applications! 17 BEARINGSWheel BearingsInner BearingInner BearingOuter BearingOuter BearingMachine ApplicationOil SealConeCupCupConeTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH385, 395530104R91618023R91618024R1371883R1371 882R91485, 495Adj. Front Axle530104R9161823R91618024R1371883R1371 882R91Cast Front Axle378402R11ST2005AST95420646DAST203458 5, 595Adj. Front AxleStraight370254R91399933C91399934C153 6054R1536053R1Swept Back530104R91618023R91618024R1371883R137 1882R91Cast Front AxleSwept Back378402R11ST2005AST95420646DAST20344W D (585 Prior to S/N 18001)3216594R1A61447625743C1A75210A7521 1685, 695Adj. Front AxleStraight370254R91399933C91399934C153 6054R1536053R1Swept Back530104R91618023R91618024R1371883R137 1882R91Cast Front AxleSwept Back378402R11ST2005AST95420646DAST20344W D (685 Prior to S/N 18001)3216594R1A61447625743C1A75210A7521 1770, 870A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R91885, 895Adj. Front AxleStraight370254R91399933C91399934C153 6054R1536053R1Swept Back530104R91618023R91618024R1371883R137 1882R91Cast Front AxleSwept Back378402R11ST2005AST95420646DAST20344W D (885 Prior to S/N 18001)3216594R1A61447625743C1A75210A7521 1970A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R91985, 995Adj. Front AxleStraight370254R91399933C91399934C153 6054R1536053R1Swept Back530104R91618023R91618024R1371883R137 1882R91Cast Front AxleSwept Back378402R11ST2005AST95420646DAST203410 70A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R911090, 1170A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer1175A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R911190, 1194K623450618023R91618024R1618024R16180 23R91K906568 Dust Seal1270A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer1290, 1294K623450618023R91618024R1618024R16180 23R91K906568 Dust Seal1370A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer1390, 1394K623450618023R91618024R1618024R16180 23R91K906568 Dust Seal1570A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer1594A27130ST2118B17220K19085 K910429 Dust Seal1690A27130ST2118B17220K19085 K910429 Dust Seal18966/8 Bolt Hub, KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R918 Bolt Hub, Long Wheel BaseA61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer2090, 2094A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R9122946/8 Bolt Hub, KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R918 Bolt Hub, Long Wheel BaseA61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer2290A57250 KitST2118130503H560954R1560953R912390, 2394A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer2470A76272 Kit306854C91L31698135649A1A752632590, 2594A61449 InnerA61447625743C1619387R1G15215A61448 Outer7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150,491641C1ST753B29214H130503H130504H7 210, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250,8910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950BEARINGS 18 Wheel BearingsInner BearingInner BearingOuter BearingOuter BearingMachine ApplicationOil SealConeCupCupConeTRACTORS/IH70 Hydrostaticw/Tricycle Axle48541D48539DA618023R91 Cone48548D371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 Cupw/Adj. Axle48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 Cone618024R1 Cup84 Hydrostatic 370254R91399933C91 Cone67328C1536053R1 Cone399934C1 Cup536054R1 Cup86 Hydrostaticw/Tricycle Axle48541D48539DA618023R91 Cone48548D371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 Cupw/Adj. Axle48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D168023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup100 Hydrostatic48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D168023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup186 Hydrostatic48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D168023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup385 530104R91618023R91 Cone 406295R2371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 Cup484Straight Axle 530104R91618023R91 Cone 306295R2371882R9 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 CupSwept Back Axle 530104R91536053R1 Cone406293R2536056R91 Cone536054R1 Cup536057R1 Cup574, 584 530104R91618023R91 Cone406295R2371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 Cup656 FarmallAdj. AxlePrior to S/N 41972 &48451D48539DA618023R91 Cone48548D371882R91 ConeAll Tricycle Axles618024R1 Cup371883R1 Knuckles,48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 ConeAll Hi-Clear Models619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup666Adj. Axle48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 CupTricycle Axle48451D48539DA618023R91 Cone48548D371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R1 Cup684 370254R91399933C91 Cone67328C1536053R1 Cone399934C1 Cup536054R1 Cup686Adj. Axle48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 CupTricycle Axle48451D48539DA618023R91 Cone48548D371882R91 Cone618024R1 Cup371883R Cup706, 756, 76648701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R1 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup784 370254R91399933C91 Cone67328C1536053R1 Cone399934C1 Cup536054R1 Cup806, 826, 85648701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R1 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup884Standard Axle 370254R91 Cone399933C91 -67328C1536053R1 Cone399934C1 Cup536054R1 CupHeavy-Duty Axle 378402R11 RetainerST2005A Cone ST2034 ConeAssemblyST954 Cup20646DA Cup886, 966, 1026, 1066, 1086,48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 Cone1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468,619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup1486, 1566, 1568, 1566, 1568,1586, 3088, 3288, 3488, 3688,5088, 5288, 5488 19 BEARINGSWheel BearingsInner BearingInner BearingOuter BearingOuter BearingMachine ApplicationOil SealConeCupCupConeEQUIPMENT/CASE IHCOMBINES1620 , , Wheels1259522C1491641C1ST753B Cone 130504H Cone29214H Cup130503H Cup2 & Wheels48701D370254R91G15215 Cone48703D618023R91 Cone619387R1 Cup618024R1 Cup1640, 1644, 1660, 16661259522C1491641C1ST753B Cone 130504H Cone29214H Cup130503H Cup1660 Rice, 1666 Rice, 1688 169329C91A61447 Cone169328C1663557R91 Cone625743C1 Cup663558R1 Cup2144, 21661259522C1491641C1ST743B Cone 130504H Cone29214H Cup130503H Cup2166 Rice, 2188 169329C91A61447 Cone169328C1663557R91 Cone625743C1 Cup663558R1 Cup2344, 23661259522C1491641C1ST743B Cone 130504H Cone29214H Cup130503H Cup2366 Rice, 2388 169329C91A61447 Cone169328C1663557R91 Cone625743C1 Cup663558R1 CupCOTTON PICKERS2022 JJC13388 & After,491641C1 ST753B Cone 130504H Cone2044 JJC03300 & After,29214H Cup130503H Cup2055, 2155, 2555Kit No. B93361Case tractor models: 770, 970, 1175, 2090,2290, 2094, 2294, 1896 and 2096 (excludinglong wheel base tractors)Kit No. B93222Case tractor models: 1170, 1270, 1370, 1570,1090, 2390, 2590, 2394 and 2594Kit No. B93362IH and Case IH tractor models: 454, 574, 674,584, 385, 485, 585, 685, 885, 395, 495, 595,695, 895 and 995 with swept back front axlesKit No. B93175Case Uni-Loader skid steer models: 1845,1845S, 1845B and 1845CKit No. B93363 (previously 70238C92)IH and Case IH tractor models: 454, 574, 674,684, Hydro 84, 784, 884, 585, 685, 885, 595,695, 895 and 995 (with straight front axles)Kit No. B93177Case IH Magnum tractor models: 7110, 7120,7130, 7140, 7150, 7210, 7220, 7230, 7240,7250, 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940 and 8950; IHand Case IH combine models: 1440, 1460,1620, 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666, 2144, 2166,2344 and 2366;IH and Case IH cotton picker models: 2022( JJC13388 & After), 2044 ( & After), 2055, 2155, 2555Kit No. B94598Case Uni-Loader skid steer models: 90XT, 95XTKit No. B94597Case Uni-Loader skid steer models: 75XT, 85XTKit No. B93176Case Uni-Loader skid steer models: 1830,1835, 1835B, 1835C and 1840Kit No. 123096A2IH and Case IH chisel plow models: 5500, 5600,5700;Vibra Shank cultivator models: 4500 and 4600Vibra tiller model: 4700Moldboard plow model: 7500Disk harrow models: 3900, 770, 596, late model496 and machines with 6-bolt heavy-duty hubsKit No. 371418R92IH tractor models: 460, 560, 660, 544, 664,2544, 06 Series, 56 Series, 66 Series, 86Series, 30 Series and 50 SeriesKit No. 371417R92IH tractor models: 460, 504, 544, 2504, 2544,606, 2606, 656 and 2656Kit No. 63881C92IH and Case IH disk harrow models: 475, 480,485, 490, 501, 760 and 770;Packer mulcher models: 315 and 415Kit No. 361294R93IH tractor models: H, Super H, M, Super M, MDand Super MDKit No. 361295R92IH tractor models: 300, 350, 400, 450, 560, 660Kit No. 360119R93IH tractor models: A, Super A, AV, C, Super C,100, 130, 140, 200, 230 and 240Kit No. 360118R93IH tractor models: Cub and Cub Lo-Boy Quality Case IH OEM parts Convenience pack with installation instructions Longer life increased reliability Save money 10% savings over single pack price All the parts in one kitWheel Bearing KitsBEARINGS 20 Features Always replace both components for maximum performance Same Timken quality and matched internal geometry in both cup mixing brands can significantly reduce bearing service life OEM approved parts Set numbers correspond with industry numbers that can simplify crossreference to all makesPart No. Application InformationBSET2Cultivators: 4300, 4500, 4800, 4900, 184 and 1840Chisel Plows: 5600, 5700 and 5800Disk Harrows: 3900, 3950, 3950HD, 3900HPPlanters: 56, 58, 66, 87, 90 Series, 601 and 955Drills: 7100, 7200 and 8600BSET3Tractors: 454, 574, 674, 584, 385, 485, 585, 685, 885, 395, 495, 595, 695, 895and 995 with swept back axlesTractors: 504, 544, 2504, 2544, 606, 2606, 656 and 2656Disk Harrows: 475, 480, 485, 490, 501, 760 and 770Packer Mulchers: 315 and 415BSET5Disk Harrows: 475, 480, 485, 490, 501, 760, 770Packer Mulchers: 315, 415Tractors: 454, 574, 674, 584, 85 & 95 SeriesBSET6Chisel Plows: 5500, 5600, 5700Vibra Shank Cultivators: 4500, 4600Vibra Tiller: 4700Moldboard Plow: 7500Disk Harrows: 3850, 3900, 3950, 770, 596, Late model 496, 6-bolt HD HubsTrailing Planter: 955Tractors: Magnum, Maxxum, 85 SeriesBSET14Balers: 8575, 8580, 8585 and 8590Planters: 900, 950 and 955BSET37Tractors: 1170, 1270, 1370, 1570, 1090, 2390, 2590, 2394, 2594BSET45Chisel plows: 5500, 5600, 5700Vibra Shank Cultivators: 4500, 4600Vibra Tiller: 4700Moldboard Plow: 7500Disk Harrows: 3850, 3900, 3950, 770, 596, Late model 496, 6-bolt HD HubsTrailing Planter: 955Tractors: Magnum, Maxxum, 95 SeriesBSET47Skid Steers: 1830, 1835, 1835B, 1835C and 1840Tractors: 454, 574, 674, Hydro 84 ,784, 884, 585, 685, 885, 595, 695, 895 & 995BSET100 Tractors: 770, 970, 1175, 2090, 2290, 2094, 2294,1896 and 2096BSET101 Balers: 3440, 3450, 3640, 3650 and 5420Drills: 510, 5100, 5300 and 8500Conditioners: 468, 568, 1190, 1490 and 1590BSET102 Tractors: 1170, 1270, 1370, 1570, 1090, 2390, 2590, 2394 and 2594BSET103 Skid Steers: 1845, 1845B, 1845C, 75XT, 85XTTractors: Magnum MX Series, Maxxum 5100 & 5200 SeriesBSET104Combines: 1620, 1640, 1644, 1666, 1670, 1680, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2388Manure Spreaders: 530, 540, 550, 555 and 560Rakes: 86, 96 and 97BSET47Skid Steers: 1830, 1835, 1835B, 1835C and 1840Tractors: 454, 574, 674, Hydro 84 ,784, 884, 585, 685, 885, 595, 695, 895 & 995BSET100 Tractors: 770, 970, 1175, 2090, 2290, 2094, 2294,1896 and 2096BSET101 Balers: 3440, 3450, 3640, 3650 and 5420Drills: 510, 5100, 5300 and 8500Conditioners: 468, 568, 1190, 1490 and 1590BSET102 Tractors: 1170, 1270, 1370, 1570, 1090, 2390, 2590, 2394 and 2594BSET103 Skid Steers: 1845, 1845B, 1845C, 75XT, 85XTTractors: Magnum MX Series, Maxxum 5100 & 5200 SeriesBSET104Combines: 1620, 1640, 1644, 1666, 1670, 1680, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2388Manure Spreaders: 530, 540, 550, 555 and 560Rakes: 86, 96 and 97Tapered Roller Bearing Cup and Cone in the Same BoxFor Case IHequipment and virtuallyevery 21 BEARINGSWheel BearingsWide Inner Ring BearingsFeatures: Wide Inner ring extended to one side Self-locking collar R-Seal type provides improved protection againstcontamination and to retain the lubricant Non-relubricatable type Molded nylon retainer Special outside diameter Two seals A B C D OuterWidthWidth Case Part No. inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)BearingCollar1 (40).750 ( )1-1/8 ( )B92667included5/8468390R92468391R113 (47).844 ( )1-7/32 ( )455957R92455958R117 (2).844 ( )1-7/32 ( )564991R92658006R1115/16B92668included12 14366C91455102R21B91456455102R21(25)B926 69included1-1 (62).938 ( )1-13/32 ( )478656R92included1-1/8455960R92557115R1 1B91451557115R111-3/16566634R92557117R11 1-1/4617668R92557995R112419CHAincluded(3 0)B92670included1-1 (72) ( )1-17/32 ( )565672R92455104R111-3/8571588R92517645R 111-7/16256557R92557113R11(35)B92671incl uded1-1 (80) ( )1-23/32 ( )664175R92455112R11(40)96328C11322251C91 700709619included1-5 (85) )( )B92673included1-3/4668719R92582816R111- 15 ( )( ) )( )( )700704263includedBEARINGS 22 A B C D OuterWidthWidth Case Part No. inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)BearingCollar3 (47)( )( ) (52)( )( )1-1 (72)( )( ) A B C D OuterWidthWidth Case Part No. inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)BearingCollar1-1 (80)( )( )1-3 (85)( )( ) (90)( )( ) A B C D E DepthInnerPillowPillowbetween PillowDiameterBlockBlockHolesBlockinch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm)Case Part ( )(127)(96)( )12-11/165-1/24-1/81-13/32B92678( )( )( )( )1-3/163-3/166-3/164-5/81-3/4B92679(81)( )( )( ) A B C D E DepthInnerPillowPillowbetween PillowDiameter BlockBlockHolesBlockinch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm)inch (mm) inch (mm) Case Part ( ) 6-3/4 ( ) 5 (127)1-3/4 ( ) B926801-3/8B926811-7/16B926821-15/164-7/ 1686-3/162-3/16B92683( )( ) )( )Wheel BearingsWide Inner Ring BearingsFeatures: Wide Inner ring extended to one side Self-locking collar R-Seal type provides improved protectionagainst contamination and to retain thelubricant Two seals Molded nylon retainer Spherical outside diameterPillow BlocksFeatures: Cast iron housing Relubricatable Self-locking collar Wide inner ring bearing insertextends to one side 23 BEARINGSWheel Bearings2-Bolt Cast FlangesFeatures: Cast iron housing Relubricatable Self-locking collar Wide inner ring bearing insert extends to one side A B C D E DepthInner2-Bolt2-Boltbetween 2-BoltDiameterFlangeFlangeHolesFlangeinc hinchinchinchinchCase(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm )Part ( )( )( )( )14-7/82-3/43-29/321-9/64B92692( )( )( )(29)1-3/165-9/166-3/164-5/81-3/4B92679( )( )( )( ) A B C D E DepthInner2-Bolt2-Boltbetween 2-BoltDiameter FlangeFlangeHolesFlangeinchinchinchinchi nchCase(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)Part ( )3-5/8 ( ) 5-1/8 ( ) 1-11/32 ( )B926941-3/8B926951-7/16B926961-15/164-7 /1686-3/162-3/16B92683( )( ) )( ) A B C D E DepthInner4-Bolt4-Boltbetween 4-BoltDiameterFlangeFlangeHolesFlangeinc hinchinchinchinchCase(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm )Part ( )( )( )( )13-3/43-3/42-3/41-3/16B92685( )( )( )( )1-3/164-1/44-1/43-1/41-9/32B92686( )( )( )( ) A B C D E DepthInner4-Bolt4-Boltbetween 4-BoltDiameter FlangeFlangeHolesFlangeinchinchinchinchi nchCase(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)Part 4-5/83-5/81-11/32B926871-3/8( )( )( )( )B926881-7/16B926891-15/165-5/85-5/84-3/ 81-11/16B92690( )( )( )( )4-Bolt Cast FlangesFeatures: Cast iron housing Relubricatable Includes wide inner ring bearing insert extendsto one side Self-locking collar includedCAB COMFORT PRODUCTS 24 Multi-Mount SeatsA complete productoffering of seat topsfor replacementapplication on skidsteers, lawn and gar-den and much, muchmore!Featuring: Two choices of deluxe internal suspensionseats Case IH identified gray and standardblack vinyl Two choices of utility seats Case IHidentified gray and standard black vinyl Three choices of super suburban seats black and palomino brown vinyl and blackcloth Five choices of lawn and garden style seats two with multi-mount hole patterns Three optional armrest kits Two seat belt kits 2 inch or 3 inch lap beltsInternal mechanical suspensionseat features: Variable rate suspension adjusts tooperator s weight Operator weight adjust setting from 100 270 pounds Shock absorber for a smoother ride Back angle adjusts from 5 to 15 degrees Adjustable lumbar support Fore/aft slides provide 4 inches of travel Operator present switch Durability tested for over one millioncycles Standard black vinyl Includes slide adjusters and operatorpresent switch Slide mounting pattern is inchesside to side and 11 inches front to back May be used on competitive skid steers,lift trucks and other applications Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches Optional Armrest Kit B94123 Manual holder built-in to back cover Gray vinyl with Case logo Includes slide adjusters and operatorpresent switch Released on XT series skid steers Slide mounting pattern is inchesside to side and 11 inches front to back Fits prior built Case skid steers 1835C,1838, 1840 and 1845C Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inchesInternal Mechanical Suspension SeatsPart No. 308307A1Part No. B94120 25 CAB COMFORT PRODUCTSMulti-Mount SeatsLawn and Garden SeatsPart No. B94121 Black Armrest Kit for B94115/B94116Part No. B94122 Black Armrest Kit for B94119Part No. B94123 Black Armrest Kit for B94120Optional Armrest Kits Deluxe black vinyl seat Multi-mount hole pattern:1.) Center mount hole2.) inches by 7 inches3.) 8 inches by inches4.) inches by 5 inches Overall seat dimensionsHeight: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches Black vinyl seat Two mounting hole inches by 5 inches11 inches by 8 inches Overall seat dimensionsHeight: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches For Cub Cadet applications Deluxe black vinyl seat Two mounting hole inches by 5 inches11 inches by 8 inches Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches For Cub Cadet applications Black vinyl seat Multi-mount hole pattern1.) Center mount hole2.) inches by 7 inches3.) 9 inches by inches4.) inches by inches Overall seat dimensionsHeight: inchesWidth: 19 inchesDepth: inches Black vinyl seat Two mounting hole patterns1.) inches by inches2.) inches by inchesPart No. B94118Part No. B94114Part No. B94342Part No. B94117Multi-Mount Hole Pattern Applications for Lawn and Garden SeatsPart No. B94118Ariens, Bolens, Gehl, Ford, Gravely Gilson, Toro, Snapper, Yazoo, Vermeer, Western,Lawnboy, Dixon, Allis Chalmers, Midwest, MTD, Kut Kwik, Fleischer, Ingersoll, Ellis,National, Wheelhorse, Ditch WitchPart No. B94117Ariens, Bolens, Gilson, Long, Murray, MTD, Gravely, Dixon, Yazoo, Roper, Midwest,Wester, National, Ingersoll, Snapper, Wheelhorse, Fleishcer, Massey, Elis, ToroPart No. B94113CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS 26 Multi-Mount SeatsUtility Seats Black vinyl seat Two mounting hole patterns1.) inches by inches2.) 8 inches by inches Cutout for operator present switch Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: Optional Armrest Kit B94121 Palomino brown vinyl seat Two mounting hole patterns1.) inches by inches2.) 8 inches by inches Cutout for operator present switch Overall seat dimensionsHeight: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches Optional Armrest Kit B94121Part No. B94115Part No. B94116Part No. 308306A1Part No. B94119 Gray vinyl with Case logo Includes side adjusters and operatorpresent switch Released on XT series skid steers Slide mounting pattern is inchesside to side and 11 inches front to back Fits prior built Case skid steers 1835C,1838, 1840 and 1845C Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inches Standard black vinyl Two mounting hole patterns1.) inches by inches2.) 8 inches by inches May be used on multiple competitiveapplications Overall seat dimensions:Height: inchesWidth: inchesDepth: inchesNOTE: Does not include slide adjusters oroperator-present Suburban SeatsSeat Belt Kits for Use with SeatPart No. s B94115 and B94116Part No. B94744 2 Seat belt kit Retractable Includes mounting brackets and hardwarePart No. B94745 3 Seat belt kit Retractable Includes mounting brackets and hardware 27 CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS Behind-the-seat suspensionseat assembly Adjustable angle base(10 increments) Multiple holes for mounting Trapezoid seat backrest Vertical suspension-oilhydraulic shock absorber Weight adjustment(110-265 lbs.) 3-1/2 Suspension stroke Optional armrest kit(Part No. B94797) Applications: Case DavidBrown and all-makes tractors Behind-the-seat suspensionseat assembly Adjustable angle base(10 increments) Multiple holes for mounting Wrap-around style backrest Vertical suspension-oilhydraulic shock absorber Weight adjustment(110-265 lbs.) 3-1/2 Suspension stroke Optional armrest kit(Part No. B94797) Applications: Case DavidBrown and all-makes tractors Behind-the-seat suspensionseat assembly Fixed base with multiple holesfor mounting Six inch fore and aftadjustment Trapezoid seat backrest Vertical suspension-oilhydraulic shock absorber Weight adjustment(110-265 lbs.) 3-1/2 Suspension stroke Optional armrest kit(Part No. B94797) Applications: Case DavidBrown and all-makes tractors Under-the-seat suspensionseat assembly Mechanical suspension withhydraulic shock absorber Rubber bellows bootprotection for suspension Six inch fore and aftadjustment Trapezoid seat backrest 2-3/8 Inch height adjustmentin 3 increments Weight adjustment(110-285 lbs.) 4 Suspension stroke Optional armrest kit(Part No. B94798) Applications: Early IH, CaseDavid Brown, Case IH and all-makes tractorsPart No. B94793Part No. B94794Part No. B94795Part No. B94796Utility SeatsSuspension SeatsAir SuspensionGet a ride like a MAGNUM with a new air suspension seat! Contoured cloth cushions made with seamless fabriform fabric for maximum durability and comfort Adjusts 5 different ways conforms to you for optimum comfort!1. Tilt-up armrest2. Lumbar control for upper and lower back support3. Easy backrest angle adjustment4. Full six inches of fore-aft adjustment5. Powered height/weight controls vary seat height up to 3 inches Air suspension absorbs the shock and evens the ride on roughest terrainApplications:Easily installed on most flat-deck tractors and combines. Comes with its own compres-sor and both male and female electrical connection (requires 12-volt power supply). Mounting bracketsare also available for some No. 131245A1CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS 28 Suspension SeatsMechanical Suspension 4Inch suspension stroke providesoperator isolation from vehicle motion Spring-loaded height adjuster provides3-3/4 in adjustment Seat cushion and backrest angle areadjustable Armrest tilt up Mechanical weight adjuster Also available in cloth coveringApplications:Case and Case International70,90, 94 series and International 06,56,66series tractors Part No. 1990627C1 blackvinyl, Part No. 128889A1 :International 86 and 88series tractors Part No. 128887A1 Seat Assemblies Seamless vinyl and heavy-dutyconstruction provide long-wearingdurability All seats are designed for easyinstallation, ultimate operator comfort,and for the top quality that assures theutmost reliabilityApplications:Replacement seat assem-bly for hydro-suspension on International06,56,66,86 and 88 series tractors. Seattop assembly with fore and aft slides, backand seat tile, and armrest black vinyl PartNo. seat assembly for mechanicalsuspension on International 06, 56, and 66series tractors. Seat top assembly with foreand aft sides, back and seat tilt, and arm-rests black vinyl Part No. seat assembly for Case 70series tractors. Seat top assembly with backtilt and armrest black vinyl Part Cushions Upper backrest Part No. 387177R92 Back cushion Part No. 387174R92 Seat cushion Part No. 400711R2Applications:IH Combines 403, 504, 615,715, 815, 915; Tractors: IH 504, 544, 656,666, 686, 706, 766, 826, 856, 966, 1026,1066, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566,1568, 4166, Hydro 70, 86, 100Part No. 1990627C1 29 CAB COMFORT PRODUCTSSuper Deluxe Air Suspension SeatAssembly New upgraded charcoal gray fabric Molded adjustable armrests Air controlled lumbar support Swivel Bellows cover for airsuspension Retractable seat belts Embroidered Case IH logo Adjustable backrestPart No. B94850 comes as a completeseat assembly to include seat top andair be used as a replacement seatassembly for the air/oil seat used inearly 7100 Magnum n Match SeatsDeluxe Black Vinyl Seat Heavy-duty 50 oz. vinyl material Case IH embossed logo vinyl insert Swing-up adjustable armrest Adjustable backrest Six inch fore and aft slides Two choices of mounting holesDeluxe Black Cloth Seat Durable tuff-weave material Case IH embossed logo vinyl insert Swing-up adjustable armrest Adjustable backrest Six inch fore and aft slides Two choices of mounting holesBasic Black Vinyl Seat Heavy-duty 50 oz. vinyl material Case IH embossed logo Swing-up adjustable armrest Adjustable backrest Six inch fore and aft slides Five choices of mounting holesPart No. B93674Part No. B93675Part No. B93673A choice of three seats and two suspensions gives six differentseat assembly options for the style, type and price Suspension Two inch seat belts standard Double acting shock absorber Adjustable weight and height position Heavy-duty scissors linkage Six inch suspension travel Protective boot cover Safety pull testedPart No. B93676Air Suspension Two inch seat belts standard Easy-ride air suspension Air valve for weight/height adjustment Twelve month warranty on aircompressor Six inch suspension travel Heavy-duty linkage Safety pull testedPart No. B93677Part No. B94850CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS 30 123Option #1 DeluxeCloth Seat (B93675)with Air Suspension(B93677)4Option #4 DeluxeCloth Seat (B93675)with MechanicalSuspension (B93676)5Option #5 DeluxeVinyl Seat (B93674)with MechanicalSuspension (B93676)6Option #6 BasicVinyl Seat (B93673)with MechanicalSuspension (B93676)Option #2 DeluxeVinyl Seat (B93674)with Air Suspension(B93677)Option #3 BasicVinyl Seat (B93673)with Air Suspension(B93677)Options 31 CAB COMFORT PRODUCTSProtective Seat CoversFeaturing Durable fabric protects new seats from dirt and grease Quick and easy installation Fits Magnum tractor, Steiger tractor, and Axial-Flow combine airsuspension seats Designed to fit the form and shape of the seat Tension straps and hooks to prevent wrinkling and bunching Machine washableApplications: Magnum tractors 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150,7210, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250, 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950,MX180, MX200, MX220, MX240, MX270; Steiger tractors 9310,9330, 9350, 9370, 9380, 9390; Axial Flow combines 1640, 1660,1670, 1680, 1644, 1666, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 23662388; Cotton pickers 1822, 1844, 2155, 2555*Will not properly fit narrow version seat Cab Recondition KitsFor 1400/1600 Series CombinesRecondition your combine cab to like-new appearance and performance on Axial-Flow combines! Alloriginal equipment parts. Install a Case IH cab kit and get most items needed including door and pedalseals, door edging, pedal pads, insulator pad and floor mat for easy installationPart , floor11326885C1Insulator1198075C1Insulat or11321935C1Seal, pedal31324844C1Seal, steer pedestal113330108CXTrim , pad3198522C1Strip, door seal4Cab Recondition Kit 1600 Series CombineFloor mat is contoured and textured. Cut andmolded to fit. Insulator has heavy underlaymentmat for sound reduction, mat is 1/2 thick and cut to No. B93459Cab Recondition Kit 1400 Series CombinePart No. B93460InsulatorInsulatorPart , floor1195541C1Insulator1198075C1Insulato r, steer post1198074C1Seal, pedal1196585C1Seal, Steer Pedestal 11324844C1Seal, steer pedestal11330108CXTrim - per , pad3198522C1 Strip, door seal4Part No. B94873CAB COMFORT PRODUCTS 32 Auxiliary Step KitFor 7100/7200 Series MagnumTractors Provides easy access to the windshield and engine compartment Update and retrofit older 7100 and 7200 series Magnum tractors Improved customer convenience All components needed are available in one kit Kit includes:Auxiliary stepStep supportMounting hardwareStrip of tapeInstallation instructionsPart No. 198841A1DON T LET THE HEATPUT YOU DOWNDon t have downtime due to the heat when there is workto be done! Be certain your equipment cab is a comfort-able environment by making sure your air conditioningsystem is operating at maximum Case IH dealer can inspect all parts of your air con-ditioning system for leaks, and charge it properly, so heatwon t stop you. We have the experience, certified train-ing, and technical support to work on your keep downtime to a minimum becausewe stock all the correct air conditioningparts designed for your equipment andhave the capability to service your equip-ment in our shop or at your an air conditioning service appointment now with yourCase IH dealer and don t let the heat put you Replacement Round Baler Belts for All-Makes 33 CROP HARVESTINGBaler PartsRound Baler BeltingWehave a complete line of Baler Belting forCase IH and other brands of balers. Case IHbelting is manufactured by Morrison which isthe largest source for quality belting in NorthAmerica. Made in North America Available for round balers and balethrowers Available in bulk rolls or cut to length Complete line of splicers and clips200 SERIES2-Ply baler belt with rubber cover both sides designedfor general purpose use and lower density TOP3-Ply baler belt. SIPED for faster bale gripping action of belt surface to is tighter formed bales. Designed as a premi-um replacement belt for John Deere 330, 335, 466,375, 546, 385, 456 Silage,556, 430, 435, 466, 530,535 and SERIESTop selling style with Nylon/Polyester construction. 3-Ply premium baler belt for heavy weight bailing opera-tions. Our most popular replacement belt has greaterstrength and fastener holding ability, which gives you agreater value- more bales per MRT SERIESStandard and thicker .3-Gauge, 3-ply premium balerbelt with Mini Rough Top cover. Provides fast balestarts and less slippage of belt. Performs well in difficulthay conditions. Designed as original equipment andreplacement for Ford New Holland 630, 640, 650, 660,and Gehl 1470 and TOP3-Ply Rough Top baler belt designed as original equip-ment and replacement for Hesston 5540 & TOP3-Ply baler belt designed as original equipment andreplacement for Case IH 8440 and Hesston 5500 &5510 and Gehl 1470, 1475, and 1870, CHEVRON3-Ply baler belt designed as original equipment andreplacement for the Hesston 540, 550, 560 & 565,Case IH 8430, 8440, 8450, 8455, 8460 & belting for John Deere 330, 335, 375,430, 435, 530, 535, Hesston 5500, 5510, 5540, 5545,5580, x 470 Belt 3-Ply Rough TopJOHN DEERE 430-435-530-535ZAH77005257 x 525 Belt 3-PlyContinuous ChevronZAH77005317 x 531 Belt 3-PlyContinuous ChevronJOHN DEERE 330-335-375ZAH77004027 x Belt 3-PlyContinuous ChevronZAH77004107 x Belt 3-PlyContinuous ChevronJOHN DEERE 510ZAH24004844 x 484 Belt 2-PlyZAH210048410 x 484 Belt 2-PlyZAH212048612 x Belt 2-PlyGEHL 1850-1860-1865ZAH26005456 x Belt 2-PlyVERMEER 605F-GZAH24005124 x 512 Belt 2-PlyZAH210051210 x 512 Belt 2-PlyPart. HOOKSZAH9000001#4 1/2 4-1/2 Specified hoodfor Case IH 8450, 8460; John Deere330, 335, 375, 430,435, 530, 535;Hesston 550, 560; Gehl 1470, 1870;New Holland 650, 660Excellent replacement hooks for older model balers:IHC 241, 2400; John Deer 410, 510, Hesston 5600,5800; Vermeer 605A, B, C, D, EVISE LACERSZAH90000204 Vise LacerZAH90000217 Vise LacerZAH900002210 Vise Lace Belting cut to length or made from bulk We have lacing and lacers availableFor a complete selection of baler beltingfitting all brands of big roll balers,see your Case IH dealer today!CROP HARVESTING 34 Baler PartsRound Baler BeltingReady-made assemblies with clipper lace Top Case IHNo. BeltsDimensions200S300SMini RoughChevronModelPer Baler(inches)2-Ply3-PlyTop 3-Ply3-Ply214-240094 x 430ZAH2400430ZAH3400430ZAH4400430N/A(205 810092)10 x 430ZAH2100430ZAH3100430ZAH4100430N/APopu lar Belt Modification: (5) 4 x 430 Inside and 2 10 x 430 Outside2400 Dual Springs94 x 424ZAH2400424ZAH3400424ZAH4400424N/A10 x 424ZAH2100424ZAH3100424ZAH4100424N/A3400 (ZA104107) Top1211 x (ZA104712) Bottom411 x Early Model(ZA104107) x (ZA104712) Bottom511 x Newer Models(ZA105003) Top1511 x (ZA104712) Bottom511 x (ZA104107) Top2011 x (ZA104108) Bottom411 x 121ZAH2110121ZAH3110121ZAH4110121N/A3650 Early Models(ZA104107) x (ZA104108) Bottom511 x 121ZAH2110121ZAH3110121ZAH4110121N/A8480 -3650 Newer Models(ZA105003) Top2511 x (ZA104108) Bottom511 x 121ZAH2110121ZAH3110121ZAH4110121N/A8420 (700700802) x 364N/AN/AZAH4480364N/A8430(700709185)67 x 3663 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACE ORZAH7700366(7007013890)67 x 3663 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH7703661843567 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACE ORZAH7704711(700714815)67 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/ENDLESSZAH77047128440(700702917) 94 x 4523 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH6400452Optional Newer Style94 x 4523 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH7400452*DO NOT MIX regular chevron belts with the more aggressive continuous chevron belts. Continuos chevron belts should be installed as a choice of Clipper or Titan Laced Belts(700707162)47 x 5703 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH7700570(700708740) x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACE ORZAH76505728450(700713630)47 x 5703 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH7650573845567 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH7705625(700709999)OR(700713617)67 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH7705621NOTE: Refer to the last 4 digits of the baler serial number to determine proper belt length for the 8460 model Earlier with Serial numbers up to CFH0057417(700707162)67 x 5703 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH7700570(700708740) x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH76505728460 EarlierOR(700713630)67 x 5703 PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH76505738460 with Serial numbers CFH0057418 and up(700709999)87 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH77056258460 NewerOR(700713617)87 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH77056218465 (700709999)87 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/CLIPPER LACEZAH7705625OR(700713617)87 x PLY CONTI. CHEVRON/TITAN LACEZAH7705621CASE IH STARTER FLAPS (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT STYLE AND SIZE)8450-8455ALL MODELS(700711998) x MODELS(700711997) x optimal baler performance, starter flaps should be replaced every 2,500 bales. 35 CROP HARVESTINGBaler PartsFor Case IH Balers and OtherBrandsCase IH Offers a complete line of hay preservative applicators for of preservative is a precision operation with rates of treatmentless than 1% of the weight of the hay being preserved. An applicator thatis engineered to do this job is essential in the successful preservation ofwet hay. Case IH applicators are available in four different sizes: 25 gallon,42 gallon, 55 gallon, and 100 gallon units. The appropriate size is matchedup with the proper installation kit to fit on any of the Case IH hay the application ordering guide to determine which size goes withyour baler. Your Case IH dealer can also fit an applicator on another brandof baler. The units can be ordered with different levels of control systemsto fit your operation. 4Sizes25-Gallon Unit for Case IH Conventional Square or Most Large RoundBalersThe 25-gallon unit will supply a conventional square baler or large baler for a full day ofharvesting. It is available with all three levels of control systems: manual, standard elec-tronic, or Case IH Small In-Line Conventional Square Balers:Part No. B94764 for manual controlPart No. B94766 for standard electronic controlPart No. B94768 for computerized automatic controlFor Case IH Large Round Balers:Part No. B94765 for manual controlPart No. B94767 for standard electronic controlPart No. B94769 for computerized automatic control42-Gallon Unit for Case IH RS Series Round BalersThe new RS series balers use a 42-gallon stainless steel tank option built right into thebaler s right-hand side; concealed by the door and completely out of the way either thestandard electronic cab control of the computerized automatic control Case IH RS Series Round Balers:Part No. B94343 for standard electronic cab controlPart No. B94334 for computerized automatic control55-Gallon Unit for Case IH LargeSquare BalersThe 55-gallon unit fits on the back ofCase IH large square balers whichaccepts a 55-gallon drum of productwithout the need to transfer. Wheninstalled on the baler, it is about theheight of a pickup truck making it easyto slide the drum right into the unit sframe. It is available only with the stan-dard electronic cab Case IH Large Square Balers:Part No. B94770 for 8570 and 8575balersPart No. B94772 for 8585 balersPart No. B94771 8580 and 8590balers100 Gallon Unit for Case IH Large Square BalersLarge square balers with higher baling capacity, need larger tanks. The 100-gallonunit offers carrying capacity for preservative to last even the longest day of is available with either the standard electronic cab control or the computerizedautomatic control Case IH 8570and 8575 Baler:Part No. B94773 for standard electroniccontrolPart No. B94776 for computerized auto-matic controlFor Case IH 8580and 8590 Balers:Part No. B94774 for standard electroniccontrolPart No. B94777 for computerized auto-matic controlFor Case IH 8585balers:Part No. B94775 for standard electroniccontrolPart No. B94778 for computerized auto-matic controlCROP HARVESTING 36 Baler PartsHay Preservative ApplicatorsFlow Meter Only. A totally acid compatibleflow meter for use with a preservative applicatordelivering between 40 and 500 pounds per Automatic the moisture on-the-go and automatically adjuststhe rate of application to match it. The control will start thepump when the moisture of the hay reaches the level youpre-set. When moisture climbs to the second pre-set level,a solenoid valve opens, applying more product. When the moisture hits athird pre-set level, another valve opens applying even more product. Finally,an alarm sounds when the hay hits a fourth level. The automatic control willboth save you product cost and improve the consistency of the high mois-ture hay that you IH applicators can be ordered with one of threedifferent control systems. Depending on your operat-ing needs, select the control system to regulate therate of application for the accuracy you SensorManual Control. A low-cost control. Amanual pressure regulator provides full rateadjustment at the applicator. On-off controlis provided for the cab or fender of the trac-tor. (Not available separately.)Standard Electronic Cab most popular control isa solid-state electronicpump control. The controlis mounted in the cab or onthe fender and applicationrate is quickly and easilyadjusted from the opera-tor s seat. Once set, theelectronic control will holdapplication rate ShownB93782 ShownNozzle holder installed on a Case IH or Hesstonconventional in-line nozzle holder on a Case IH large square nozzle tubes are included with alllarge round baler Holders Engineered for Your Case IH BalerThe heart of a Case IH applicator is the nozzle holder. Working with dyes on different balers, Case IHhas determined the optimum point of application of preservative. Factors of window size, wind driftand baling speed have all been considered in the engineering of these nozzle holders. Each kit con-tains a nozzle holder, a selection of tips to match the baler s capacity, and all the necessary parts andhardware to apply the preservative as precisely as SignalCenterFeatures: Right and left turn signals Tail lights Warning flasher Standard 7-terminal plug to match standardimplement plugs Works on any 12-volt system (truck or tractor) Original equipment-type extended turn signal leverThe Ag Signal Center is for the farmer who is on theroad late at night or early in the morning, as well asanyone who moves equipment on public manufacturers are now equipping mostfarm implements with tail lights, turn signals and warn-ing lights. However, many vehicles pulling these imple-ments are not equipped to accommodate these Ag Signal Center is easily installed on any 12-voltelectrical system and economically meets this need. 37 CROP HARVESTINGBaler PartsHay Preservative Applicator KitsPart ModelDescriptionCASE IHB94764Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94766Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94768Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94765Large Round25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94767Large Round25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94769Large Round25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB947708570, 8575 Large Square55-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947738570, 8575 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947768570, 8575 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Auto controlB947718580, 8590 Large Square55-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947748580, 8590 large Square100-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947778580, 8590 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Auto controlB947728585 Large Square55-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947758585 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB947788585 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94343RS451, RS551, RS56142-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94344RS451, RS551, RS56142-Gal. applicator Auto controlNEW HOLLANDB94784Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94786Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94788Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94790590/595 Large Square55-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94791590/595 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94792590/595 Large Square100-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94785Belt-type Round Baler25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94787Belt-type Round Baler25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94789Belt-type Round Baler25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94949D800/D1000 Lg. Square55-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlJOHN DEEREB94943Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94944Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94945Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94946Large Round25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94947Large Round25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94948Large Round25-Gal. applicator Auto controlVERMEERB94950J, K, L Series Large Round25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94951J, K, L Series Large Round25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94952J, K, L Series Large Round25-Gal. applicator Auto controlUNIVERSAL (ALL OTHERS)B94953Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94954Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94955Conventional Square25-Gal. applicator Auto controlB94765Large Round25-Gal. applicator Manual controlB94767Large Round25-Gal. applicator Std. cab controlB94769Large Round25-Gal. applicator Auto controlAll complete applicator kits specified above include the tank and frame, control andrelated electronics, pump an plumbing equipment, and the nozzle kit and Control Upgrade KitB94779Conventional SquareKit, Upgrade to Auto controlB94780Large Round BalersKit, Upgrade to Auto controlB947818570, 8575 Large SquareKit, Upgrade to Auto controlB947828580, 8590 Large SquareKit, Upgrade to Auto controlB947838585 Large SquareKit, Upgrade to Auto controlAutomatic control upgrade kits are similar to the complete kits, except they do notinclude the tank and PlusCase IH Preservative for Baled HayNow you can before it s dry enough to bale!When sprayed with a Case IHpreservative applicator, Case IHbale preservative lets you baleat moisture up to 30% vs. tra-ditional maximum moisturecontent of 16% 20%.Part No. B93784 15 Gallon PreservativePart No. B93785 55 Gallon PreservativePart No. B94664 200 Gallon PreservativePart No. B94865Lube Minder cycles each timethe unloading auger is Minder Automatic Chain LubricationSystemFor Combines and Round BalersKeep even your toughest high-torque chainsrunning cool and Including All-Makes Benefits Fully adjustable pump for just the right amount of lubrication Increases chain and sprocket life, reduces downtime Increases productivity Easy installationPart No. ModelCASE IH COMBINESB945561600 SeriesB94557 2100 & 2300 SeriesB94558Grain Platform andCorn Head Kit (also requiresPart No. B94556 or B94557)JOHN DEERE COMBINESB94663 All 9000 SeriesCASE IH BALERSB929078420, 8430, 8455, 8460, 8465B929088480B945598435 Silage BalerB94854 RS45, RS551, RS561Part No. ModelNEW HOLLAND BALERSB94801640, 644, 648, 650, 654, 658JOHN DEERE BALERSB94799Round Balers 1995 and older (4 chains)B94800 446, 456, 466, 546, 556 without MegaTooth, andWide Pick-up (4 chains)B94763446, 456, 466, 546, 556 &566 with MegaTooth and456 Silage Special (5 chains)B94802Models 446, 456, 466, 546,556 & 566 with Wide Pick-upand 456 Silage Special(8 chains) 38 CROP HARVESTINGBaler PartsHigh-Moisture Baled Hay TesterThe high moisture hay tester is designed to test wrapped high moisture hay bales(balage) in the range of 35% to 75% moisture. This type of hay is baled at high mois-ture to maintain its protein content. The bales are wrapped with a shrink wrap like film (usually white) to preserve the hay and avoid is a two to three week period of time that the balage goes through a fermen-tation process until it becomes stable. After the bale has stabilized the tester is usedto determine main purpose of the tester is to determine the supplemental feed requirementswhen feeding the balage. The tester aids in this process because there is a % mois-ture relationship to hay : Tests high moisture baled hay,adjustable for bale density, haycutting and hay type Stores test results and displaysaverage Backlit display for night use Built-in calibration button Testing range 35% 75%moisture Extra-rugged 18 probeFULL LINE OF HAY TESTERSPart Tester w/18 probeB505229Hay Tester w/24 probeB505228Hay Tester w/32 probeB50081918 probe onlyB50523024 probe onlyB50082032 probe onlyB94846Hay Tester high moisture w/roll of tapeB94847Balage wrap patch tapePart No. B94846 39 CROP HARVESTINGCombine PartsCutter Bar Rebuild KitsFor 1010/1020 HeadersKits are available with or without the knife so you can selectthe knife of your choice; headed or headless for 1-1/2 or 3 systems, split knives for 3 and the section type best suited toyour are complete and include: guards, hold-down clips, wearplates, and hardware. Kit may not include knife depending onordering System1-1/2 SystemCutterbar kits for 820 headers also Reinforcing Kit 50 Straps/Nuts/Bolts Reinforcing straps for improved strength and durability inhigh-load applications Kit contains enough straps and hardware for a 30 knifeKit Part No. 321849A1Kits with KnifeAssemblyPart Super Sta-Sharp KnifeB92858E15 Knife Knife Knife SystemB92861E20 Knife Knife SystemB92863E25 Knife SystemB92864E30 Knife System1-1/2 Super Sta-Sharp KnifeB94009E15 Knife Knife Knife SystemB94012E20 Knife Knife SystemB94014E25 Knife SystemB94015E30 Knife SystemKits without KnifeAssemblyPart B92919E15 Cut Cut Cut SystemB92922E20 Cut Cut SystemB92924E25 Cut SystemB92925E30 Cut System1-1/2 B92926E15 Cut Cut Cut SystemB92929E20 Cut Cut SystemB92931E25 Cut SystemB92932E30 Cut SystemKits with Sta-Sharp knives also IH Light KitsFor 1000 Series GrainHeadersNow you can add flashingwarning lights to 1000 seriesheaders built prior to 1995!Install a Case IH Light Kit andget all items needed includinghardware for easy installation!Header Light Kit B93448 1010 and 1020 LightsCROP HARVESTING 40 Poly Skid Shoe KitFor Combine HeadersPoly Skid Shoes improve header performance inwet, sticky soils and extend metal shoe life insandy, abrasive Poly material is 60% slicker than steel Prevents dirt build-up so automatic heightcontrol can work as it should Attaches to metal skid shoes Same as factory installed silver poly skidshoesListing for Case IH 820 HeadersWhiteSilverLengthPart SKID SHOE KIT13 B91632B9278915 B91631B9278816 B91628B9278518 B91627B9278420 B91625B92782Poly Steel Combination KitListing for Case IH 1020 Headerswith Silver PolyLengthPart STEEL COMBINATION KIT15 B9417320 B9417525 B9417630 B94177*Includes all items needed for all years produc-tion on 1020 Skid Shoe KitListing for Case IH 1020 Headerswith Silver PolyLengthSilver Part SKID SHOE KIT15 B9343420 B9343225 B9343130 B93430*Includes all items needed for all years produc-tion on 1020 headers. For both 3 and 1-1/2 PartsCase IH Diamond Sta-Sharp SectionsCase IH Sta-Sharp and Super Sta-Sharp sec-tions have special design root serration to pre-vent excessive wear across the top. Completeselection of Sta-Sharp and Super Sta-Sharpsections available. High-carbon 1080 steel Induction hardened for extra-long wear Top-serrated sections have self-sharpeningfeature Available for 3 and 1-1/2 knife systemsCrop DividersHigh Arch Hold-Down Clip Service KitFor 1020 Headers with 1-1/2 Knife SystemCase IH 1-1/2 Knife Systems currently have 100% hold-downclips down the length of the cutter bar. The high arch clip kit nowprovides for a secure method of holding down the knife over thedrive end. Longer service life and improved cutting are the includes: High arch knife clips(2), mounting hardware wearover top of does nothave the requiredthree-holes forproper mounting ofthe knife No. B92983 Complete Assembled Poly point B94154 LH B94155 RHPart 41 CROP HARVESTINGCombine PartsHeader Auger FingersNow available as a service kit. Includes finger, guide, clip, and Numbers B94085 and B94602 also include finger ServiceKits Handy service kit810/820 SERIES HEADERSPart No. B94711Part No. B947121000 SERIES HEADERSPart No. B94710Part No. Bill of MaterialsApplicationB947116 of B93867 (Bulk Part No.)1000 Series HeadersB947126 of B93866 (Bulk Part Series HeadersB947104 of B93868 (Bulk Part Series High-Visibility ReelWobble BoxFor 800 and 1000 SeriesFor minimum downtime and new performance choose the No. 1330048C91 for 810/820 headers.(Does not include pulley.)Part No. 1316987C91 for 1010/1020Headers (Includes pulley)(Prior to 1995 models)Part No. 133157A2 for1010/1020 Headers (Oil bath)(1995 and After)Part No. B94084Part No. B94085Part No. B94601Part No. B94602CROP HARVESTING 42 Combine Parts for Corn Head KitsCorn HeadHandy Packs Handy service packsSKID PAD KITSPart 30 RowsB94845Outer All Row WidthsPOINT KITS DIVIDERPart 30 RowsB94738Outer All Row WidthsDRIVE SPROCKET KITSPart SeriesB94734900 1000 SeriesIDLER SPROCKET KITPart 1000 Series Handy service packs Includes sprockets and hardware For 800, 900, and 1000 seriescorn headsLevel Corn Stalks Ahead of Combine Drive WheelsYou benefit from extended tire life and savings in downtime from less frequent tire changes. Kit includes a pair of stalkstompers and attaching Stomper KitsPart Series Corn HeadB92897800 Series (8 Row) Corn HeadB92898900 1000 Series Corn HeadB92899900 1000 Series (8 Row) Corn HeadB94461Spring for Stalk Stomper 43 CROP HARVESTINGCaseIHLight KitsFor 1000 SeriesCorn HeadersNow you can add flashingwarning lights to 1000series headers built priorto 1995!Install a Case IH Light Kitand get all items needed including hardware for easy installation!Header Light Kit B93713 1000 Series Corn HeadsHeader Light Kit B93476 (8 Row Wide) 1000 Series Corn HeadsCombine Parts for Corn Head KitsStalk Roll KitsFor Case IH 800*/900/1000 Series Corn Heads*Requires row unit new life for your 800/900/1000 series corn Roll AssemblyKit includes: LH and RH Roll Assembly Lower support andhardware Lower support shims Spiral augers Lower stalk roll bearingshieldComplete Roll and Chain AssemblyComplete CornHead Row Units Includes slip clutch Painted Use existing shields anddividers (shields anddividers available asservice part numbers)LOWER STALK ROLL BEARINGSHIELDPart No. B94982 2 Row KitPart No. B94983 4 Row KitPart No. B94984 6 Row KitPart No. B94985 8 Row KitGathering Chain Far greater wear life than imported look-a-likes Regular-duty chain B176279C91 for 800, 900, and 1000series Extended life chain B93074 (with chrome pins) for 800,900, and 1000 series**(Note: Wears up to times longer than regular-duty chain)Part No. B92766A 1 RowKit includes: LH and RH Roll Assembly Spiral augers Lower support shims 2-Gatherer chain drivesprockets Lower stalk roll bearingshield 2-Gatherer chain idlersprockets Drive sprocket attachinghardware 2-Gatherer chainsPart No. B93728 LHPart No. B93729 RHLonger service life is now yours because ofan improved lower bearing. A single, sealed,heavy-duty water pump type bearing nowreplaces the two needle bearings and is no longer required!Part No. B92764A 1 RowCROP HARVESTING 44 Combine Parts for Corn Head KitsStalk Roll Repair Kits Both kits include components to rebuild one row All components are original equipment quality Corn head knives have superior tungsten carbide coating for longer wear Corn head knife hardware is Grade 8 All hardware is includedFrontKit Components:Part No. 1306823C1 Blade (1)Part No. 1306824C1 Blade (1)Part No. 231-5146 Nut (4)Part No. 434-616 Bolt (4)RearKit Components:Part No. 1306079C1 Knife (2)Part No. 231-5146 Nut (4)Part No. 434-616 Bolt (4)Part No. 495-81135 Washer (4)CORN HEAD WEED KNIFE KITS Reduce ear loss High-strength rubber Hardware includedKit Components:Part No. B94550 Steel HoodsPart No. B94838 Poly HoodsPart No. B94550CORN HEAD EAR SAVER KITPart No. B94548Part No. B94549Deluxe Kit 1 RowKit includes: Corn head knives (8) Hardware Gatherer chain drive sprockets (2) Gatherer chain idler sprockets (2) Gatherer chains (2)Part No. B94533 for 900 and 1000 Series Corn Heads andB94541 for 800 Series Corn HeadsStandard Kit 1 RowKit includes: Corn head knives (8) HardwarePart No. B94532 for 900 and 1000 Series Corn HeadsPart No. B94594 for 800 Series Corn Heads 45 CROP HARVESTINGAFS Beacon Receiver KitThe AFS Beacon Receiveris a combination of a beacon receiver for dif-ferential correction and a high-performance GPS receiver. The AFS BeaconReceiver easily connects the Case IH Yield Monitor and other Case IH pre-cision farming AFS Beacon Receiver provides improved accuracy for GPS using thefree differential correction from government operated navigation beaconreference stations located along the coastal areas and major waterways inNorth America. The receiver is a two-channel receiver, which means that itsearches and locks onto the two strongest beacon signals in the differen-tial includes receiver and antenna. Mounting kit must be ordered Universal Receiver KitThe AFS Universal Receiveris the first 12-channel GPS receiver withsub-meter accuracy, featuring a combination of Coast Guard beacon dif-ferential correction and satellite differential correction. It uses L-band tech-nology, the future of satellite-based positioning systems. The UniversalReceiver has a two-line LCD display with keypad that allows for easy con-figuration and diagnostics. The Universal Receiver does require a subscrip-tion code in order to use the satellite differential correction, but this sub-scription code can be loaded via the satellite signal. The Coast Guard bea-con differential signal is free and does not require a antenna and receiver combined weigh less than two pounds, whichmakes for easy portability between combine, tractor, pick-up or antenna has a magnetic mount for removal and includes receiver and antenna. Mounting kit must be ordered No. 280526A2Combine KitsAdvanced Farming SystemsCase IH is pleased to announce the next step in precision farming aUniversal Display that easily moves from use as a yield monitor, to a plantermonitor or a seed monitor, with complete variable rate application control!You don t even have to reconfigure the unit when you move from machineto machine. Just disconnect from your tractor cab and your AFS planter orConcord air seeder, and connect to your Axial-Flow combine as a yieldmonitor. The display automatically knows the function that it is to , Case IH offers Parts Kits to allow you to upgrade your 2100 or 2300series Axial-Flow combine to the latest technology, no matter what yourcurrent configuration. Whether you have a combine that currently has noyield monitor, a combine with a yield monitor only, or a full AFS combine,we have the kits to meet your specific needs. Part No. 293593A3CROP HARVESTING 46 Combine KitsAFSYield MonitorThe AFS Yield Monitor Kit provides you with a tool that continuously measures and displaysyield, moisture, combine speed, grain flow, and acres per hour. It displays and records aver-age yield, average moisture, wet bushels, dry bushels and acres harvested. Field and loadnames are recorded for easy identification in your harvest Monitor Kits are easily upgraded with either the AFS Beacon Receiver Kit or the AFSUniversal Receiver Kit. When equipped with a GPS system, the yield monitor receives positioninformation and provides the mapping functions which allow you to analyze the yield variabilityoccurring in your fields. See the chart below for the appropriate part Monitor for 1600 Series CombinesReceiverBeaconUniversalMountingY ield1 MBModelsReceiverReceiverPackageMonitorDa ta Card1640/1644/1660/1666280526A2293593A33 41013A1233714A7224984A31680/1688280526A2 293593A3341013A1233713A7224984A3Notes:1. Universal Display and Universal Display Plus will not work with 1600 series A 256 Kb data card is included with the above Yield Monitor Kits. When using GPS equipment, youmust use 1 Mb data storage The Yield Monitor Kits shown above include All combines with a horizontal distribution auger require Part No. 241635A1 Horizontal Distribution No. 233713A7 orPart No. 233714A7AFS Field MarkerThe Field Marker can mark field locations up to four sep-arate items. These items can be weeds, wet spots, tileholes, etc. The Yield Monitor will log or save the marksand corresponding GPS data to the memory card. TheAgri-Logic mapping program can then print out GPSmaps of the field locations of the marked weeds, wetspots, etc., in the and software requirements for the FieldMarker:1. You must have GPS equipment installed in order to use the AFSField Version (or higher) program chip in the Yield Memory card for Yield No. 253390A1Poly Drum Guards2-Strand B92774 and 3-Strand B93634 PolyDrum Guards consist of 1/4 thick poly-rubberstrips that are attached to the drum with steel poprivets. Kit comes complete with rivets and drill Service StepNon-skid, folding Service Step Kit includes step, hinges, brackets, and hardware (notfor machines with field tracker).Provides convenient access to windshield for cleaning!Part No. B93470Stone Retarder Drum Service KitFor Combine Feeder DrumsCase IH offers two types of Stone Retarder Drum ServiceKits for Axial-Flow Service StripService Package consists of 1/8 steel weld-ininserts (2 strands). Part No. 112047A2Service Package consists of 1/8 steel weld-ininserts (3 Strands). Part No. B94584 47 CROP HARVESTINGCombine Kits3-Strand Chain KitsBolted Feeder Chain for 1680, 1682, 1688, and 2188SeriesApplicationPart Smooth with Stone Retarder DrumB9352854 Smooth without DrumB9353254 Serrated with Stone Retarder DrumB9352954 Serrated without Drum B9353360 Smooth with Stone Retarder DrumB9353060 Smooth without DrumB9353460 Serrated with Stone Retarder DrumB9353160 Serrated without DrumB93535If the drum is worn, replacement drum available as a regular parts Chain Kit2-Strand Bolted Feeder ChainNumberBoltedApplicationof SlatsPart Serrated 1420, 16208117868A147 Smooth 1620, 1640, 1644, 1660,10117869A11666, 2144, 2166, 2344, 236647 Serrated 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666,10117864A12144, 2166, 2344, 236654 Serrated 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666,9117865A12144, 2166, 2344, 236654 Smooth 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666,12117871A12166, 236654 Serrated 1480, 1680, 16889117866A154 Smooth 1480 1680, 168812117872A160 Serrated 1480, 1680, 168810117867A160 Serrated 2144, 2166, 2344, 236610136438A160 Smooth 2144, 2166, 2344, 236612136439A160 Smooth 218812136440A13-Strand Bolted Feeder ChainNumberBoltedApplicationof SlatsPart Smooth 1680, 1682, 1688, 2188, 238811 LH, 11RH195664A154 Serrated 1680, 1682, 1688, 2188, 238811 LH, 11 RH195666A160 Smooth 1680, 1682, 1688, 2188, 238812 LH, 12 RH195668A160 Serrated 1680, 1682, 1688, 2188, 238812 LH, 12 RH195670A1Bolted Slats (with hardware)Smooth Slat Feeder ChainRepair LinksDescriptionPart Chain 3-Strand ChainB94069/305191A1Slat Outside Chain1989692C1Bolted Feeder ChainsHeavy-duty #557 chain with chrome pins, now available with heavy-duty bolt-on slats. This long lasting feeder chain comes with slats that are IH serrated slats are the same heavy-duty material as smooth Slat Feeder ChainBoltedApplicationPart 20/40/60 Size118268A1(2-Strand)Smooth 80 Size118269A1(2-Strand)Serrated 20/40/60 Size118270A1(2-Strand)Serrated 80 Size118271A1(2-Strand)BoltedApplicationP art RH (3-Strand)196359A1Serrated LH (3-Strand)196360A1Smooth RH (3-Strand)196357A1Smooth LH (3-Strand)196358A1CROP HARVESTING 48 Combine KitsHeavy-Duty Feeder JackshaftFor Late Model 1600 and 2100 SeriesNow you can add extra life to the feeder jackshaft on your machine. Designed especially forthose extra-tough conditions!The heavy-duty assembly includes a new shaft, cast pulley, bearings, and mounting designed for longer life during extreme harvest a feeder jackshaft kit and get the major items needed including hardware. Minor hole drilling isrequired on some models such as the 2188, while welding of brackets may be required on other Kit retrofits to 1992 production (and since) 40, 60, and 80 Size Axial-Flow Trap ReplacementAssembliesFor 1400, 1600 and 2100/2300 SeriesSave time and money on rock trap repairs. Now you can replace thebeater, housing, and door as an for 1998, dump from left side of combine with contouredhandle grip. Opening and closing of rock trap door required less effortthan on previous , if used, are supplied as a regular part No. 242225A2A for 60 Size MachinesPart No. 242226A2A for 80 Size MachinesLong-Wear Feeder FeedplateNow you can extend the life of the feeder feedplate on your Axial-Flowmachine. Made from the same wear-resistant steel as our heavy-dutytransition cones, the heavy-duty feedplate was designed for extremeharvest includes the feedplate, hinge, and hinge Size Part No. 252274A180 Size Part No. 252275A1Simply bolts in place of the removed plate. 49 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsFeeder Silencer KitFor Case IH 1400/1600/2100/2300 SeriesFeeder Silencer Kits provide two distinctadvantages: Quieter feeder operation, particularlywhen the feeder runs empty Reduced wear and longer life of thefeeder chain, lower drum, bottom plate,and chain guidesSilver KitPart 80 SizeB9279660 FeederB9279754 Feeder2-Strand 40/44/60/66 SizeB9346760 FeederB9279854 FeederB9279947 Feeder3-Strand 80 SizeB9363260 FeederB9363154 FeederTransition Cones with VanesSave the hassle of ordering and installing vanes prior to cone installation. Available in 40/60or 80 sizes regular or heavy-duty. Vane kits with hardware also KitsTransition Cone with VanesCones with VanesPart *Regular-duty40/60B93199*Heavy-duty40/60 B93198*Regular-duty80B93200*Heavy-duty80 *Cones with wear resistant ConesHeat-treated cone with stainless SizeB94843Cone80 SizeHeavy-Duty ConesWith stainless steel SizeB94842Cone40/60 SizeVane Kits with HardwarePart Kit40/60B93194Vane Kit80B93195**Vane Kit40/60B93196**Vane Kit80B93447Bolt Kit(20 bolts/20 nuts)**Vane kit with wear resistant Vane KitPart Kit80 SizeHardware Kits Cones40/60 Size Part No. B9455180 Size Part No. B94552CROP HARVESTING 50 Combine KitsRotorsStandard, specialty, or rice rotors come complete with impellers, raspbars, and drive coupler; plus, they are factory balanced and ready rotors can be used in corn, soybeans, wheat, and ediblebeans. Specialty rotors work especially well when the crop is green, viny,or tends to rope . Standard rotors work best for hard-to-thresh rotor skin is three (3) times more resistant to denting. Rotor skin isthicker and stronger to provide more durability and reliability to the Front Cover Door SealNow you can eliminate most of the debris and possible grain loss that can occur at the rotorfront cover door. Additional seals and seal supports make the front cover virtually air includes seal support brackets for each side of the transition cone, a seal support at thelower portion of the rotor door, caulk, seals, and necessary holes must be drilled in the rotor support channel to attach the lower seal Size Part No. 252276A180 Size Part No. 252277A1Seal Material BulkPart No. B94867 Seal Strips Bulk (2) 6 Strips40/60 SizeCombineRotor KitModelDescriptionPart grain256598B40/60Standard grain corn256599B40/60Specialty grain without spike bars256600B40/60Specialty corn without spike bars256601B40/60Specialty rice with spike bars256604B40/60Standard grain chrome shimmed bars256605B40/60Specialty grain chrome alloy bars256606B40/60Standard grain with notched separator bars256607B40/60Specialty rice with spiked352537Bbars, chrome alloy bars80 SizeCombineRotor KitModelDescriptionPart grain256608B80Standard grain corn256609B80Specialty corn256610B80Specialty grain without spike bars256611B80Specialty rice with spike bars256612B80Standard grain with chrome shimmed bars256614B80Specialty grain with chrome alloy bars256616B80Specialty corn with front separator bars256620B(Rochelle)80Standard grain with notched separator bars256623B80Specialty rice with spiked bars, 352424Bchrome alloy barsSpecialtyStandard 51 CROP HARVESTINGPart No. B93733Part No. B94524Part No. 1957445C3EImpeller Kits CompletePart Kit Complete Regular(40/60 size)B93731Impeller Kit Complete Chrome(40/60 Size)B93732Impeller Kit Complete Regular(80 Size)B93733Impeller Kit Complete Chrome(80 Size)Wear Bar KitsPart Bar Kit Regular (40/60 Size)B94525Wear Bar Kit Chrome(40/60 Size)B94526Wear Bar Kit Regular(80 Size)B94527Wear Bar Kit Chrome(80 Size)Impeller Blade KitsPart Blade Kit (40/60 Size)1957445C3EImpeller Blade Kit (80 Size)Heavy-Duty Rotor Drive CouplingNow you can add extra life to your rotor drive for severe harvest conditions. The heavy-duty cou-pling has a bolt plate that distributes the load equally to all six (6) rubber bushings in the cast 140500A1 includes new hub bushings, bolt plate, washers, and bolts. The kit offers you thebest value in a coupler replacement for 1992 and since 256057A1 includes a new drive hub, bolt plate, washers, and bolts. For all years of 256057A1 ShownRotor Cage Vane KitsVane Kits40/60 Size Part No. B9409780 Size Part No. B9409880 Size Part No. 348504A1 Stainless SteelCombine KitsRotor Impeller KitsFor 1400, 1600, 2100 and 2300 Series Axial-Flow CombinesCROP HARVESTING 52 Combine KitsHeavy-Duty Rotor BeltGenuine Case IH Rotor Drive BeltsThe features listed for the Case IH belt are listed for boththe regular-duty and the new heavy-duty. The newheavy-duty Case IH rotor belts have new construc-tion to carry higher loads with less chance of slip-page. The heavy-duty rotor belts are recom-mended for all current and prior models ofAxial-Flow rotor drive belt on the 2300 series com-bines has improved construction to carryhigher loads with less chance of is recommended that the new rotordrive belt design be used on prior mod-els of Axial-Flow combines when rotorbelt replacement is required. Withstandsrepeated slippageImprovedtemperatureresistanceMor e consistentsidewall gripImproved crackresistanceNew rubbercompoundNew top toothconfigurationResists slip-outPart belt40/60244420A1Heavy-duty belt40/60193945C2Regular-duty belt80244422A1Heavy-duty belt80244423A1Heavy-duty belt2388 (only)Note: Torque sensing unit condition and lubrication (251HEP only), initial belt adjustment (pulley alignment, limitswitch settings, belt tension), the care taken to performthese operations and customer operating techniques/cropconditions dramatically impact rotor belt life!Bearing/Bushing KitTorque Sensor Kit Handy service package Bearings, bushings and hardwarePart style 1420 1680 S/N 45689 & BelowB94620Late model Axial-Flow combinesPart No. B94620Rotor Drive Torque Sensor with Hardened PulleyThe rotor torque sensor automatically senses torqueand adjusts belt tension to the load, extends belt lifeand reduces the need for belt rotor belts are improved with greatercapacity, and the torque sensor replacements let youtake full advantage of the latest available with a hardened pulley for increasedpulley Part No. B92767AComplete Unit Part No. B92768ACase IH Rotor Drive BeltDesigned for maximum performance andlong life Outer surface has a special cog designto help dissipate heat. (refer to explod-ed view) In compression area, raw cog designprovides aggressive power transmis-sion, yet resists fatigue, cracking andheat build-up Belt is up to 47% thicker for increasedsidewall contact and maximum grip With raw edge sidewalls, there is nocover to wear through; maximum beltwear life Heavy-duty or regular-duty options 53 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsConcavesIt s Case IH concaves are not line bored as advocated by most will-fits . Case IHoffers a three-radius design that was developed for Axial-Flow combines to providea balanced system for best performance in terms of feeding capacity and crop thresh-ing. Neither of the three radius points are on the rotor center line!CombineModelDescriptionPart SizeConcave Set, small wireB9357140/60 SizeConcave Set, large wireB9357280 SizeConcave Set, small wireB9357380 SizeConcave Set, large wireB93574Concave Extension KitsFor Case IH Axial-Flow CombinesKits include: Front extension (1) 2nd and 3rd positionextension (2) Attaching hardwareKit SelectionCombineModelDescriptionPart SizeExtension Kit (small wire)B9453640/60 SizeExtension Kit (large wire)B9453480 SizeExtension Kit (small wire)B9453780 SizeExtension Kit (large wire)B94535For all 1600, 2100, 2300 series Axial-Flow combinesConcave Adjuster KitFor Axial-Flow Combines Kit includes allcomponents andhardware required Original equipmentcomponents Enhances performance ofconcaves and combines Excellent pre-seasonmaintenance kitKit ComponentsB94355B94354Part Size80 Size1338041C2Support 21338039C2Support LH1 1338040C2Support RH1 1338052C1Bolt1010232-51310Nuts1010177662 C2Eye Bolts22Concave Support Kit For Axial-FlowCombines Heavy-duty solid shafts Improved reliability andadded supports Includes shafts, eye-boltsand hardwareCROP HARVESTING 54 Combine KitsCase IH Rasp Bar KitsInstall a Case IH Rasp Bar Kit and get original equip-ment quality plus all new hardware for easy installation!Standard Features: Constructed from long-wearing nodular iron, then quenched and tempered to a specifiedhardness Rasps formed to shape for optimum threshing performance Specially designed for your combineReplacement GuideBars should normally be replaced when serration is worn down to approximately 3/16 . This is especially true for hard-to-thresh Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 Size with Kicker BarsB93452A80 Size with Kicker BarsB93453ARice Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 Size with Kicker BarsB93423A80 Size with Kicker BarsB93416AChrome Alloy Grain Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 SizeB94841A80 Size348508A1Chrome Rice Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 SizeB9373680 SizeB93737Grain/Corn Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB93656A80 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB93657ASpecialtyApplicationPart Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB93658A80 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB93659ACorn Rotor Rasp Bars*40/60 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB94752A*80 Size without Straight Kicker BarsB94753A* Includes rear straight bars (Rotor 256601B)StandardApplicationPart Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 SizeB9341780 SizeB93418Soybean Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 SizeB9341980 SizeB93420Chrome Rotor Rasp Bars40/60 SizeB9386980 SizeB93870New! EXTENDA-WEAR Rasp Bar KitsCast-Chrome Alloy 18-23% Chrome for wear-resistance 10-50% Heavier than competitors rasp bar Thicker casting for improved toughness and edge is 5/16 thicker plus added thickness incritical areas for improved toughness and wearresistance Reinforced ring around bolt hole for bolt headprotection and improved bar strength (Largerring permits use of impact socket forinstallation) Face (leading edge) angle changed toenhance material flow and reduce rockdamaged to edge Tapered radius in corners to prevent cracks Individual bars (refer to photos for spiked andnon-spiked)Patent applied No. 278821A2SpikedPart No. 278820A2ApplicationPart BARS80 Size without Kickers348508A140/60 Size with Kickers andB94831AStraight Separator Bars80 Size with Kickers andB94833AStraight Separator Bars40/60 Size without KickersB94841ASPIKED BARS80 Size with KickersB94830A40/60 Size with KickersB94832A80 Size without KickersB94839A40/60 Size without KickersB94840A 55 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsUnloading Auger Assembly withEnclosed GearboxFeatures Complete kit includes attaching hardware, chain, sprockets, gearbox,lower support, and vertical auger Fully enclosed gearbox with gears in operating oilBenefits Reduced installation time Same reliable assembly as current production Quieter operation and longer lifeWet or heavy crop conditions can cause extreme loads on the grain tankunloading system of your combine. Case IH offers a conversion kit toupdate your Axial-Flow machine to current production with enclosed oilbath No. B92718 Lower Gearbox KitPart No. B92949 Lower/Upper Gearbox Kit (Also requires horizontal unloading auger)Unloader Spill SaverFor 1600 Series Reduce unloader tube grain loss by up to 60% Saves you money, reduces volunteer cropThe grain saver door is opened by grain flowing from the end of the augerand is closed by spring tension when material flow stops. Boot is includedbut not Chains#550 Conveyor chain with heavy-duty rubber paddles tomove material in all popular part numbers for Case IH heavy-duty roller chains feature a pre-lubed chain that reduces break-in wear and heavy-duty rubber offers a complete selection of elevator chains for all Case IH Chain-Return Part No 1303114C91 for 1420, 1440, 1480, 1460, 1644,1666, 1688, 2144, 2166 and 2188 SeriesElevator Chain-Return Part No. 192736C93 for 1440, 1460, 1480 and LowerS/NUpper GearboxDrive ChainsPart No. B92872CROP HARVESTING 56 Combine KitsCross Flow Fan KitFor 1400*/1600 SeriesBenefits Less sensitive cleaning system adjustments Cleaner grain samples Less horsepower required for the fan Quieter fan operation40/60 Size Part No. 115127A180 Size Part No. 115128A1Horizontal Unloading Auger KitsFor Most Axial-Flow CombinesNow you can conveniently renew components orreplace your existing horizontal auger with a longerunit. It s your least hassle, least cost method ofkeeping your machine operating like new with orig-inal equipment includes new style 20 rivet elbow. Rivet size hasbeen increased from 1/4 to 5/16 . Grease linesand mounting hardware included but not shown. Older machines (mid-production 1640, 1660,1680) can be updated with B92949 gear box kit orby ordering the splined vertical auger and uppergear auger kits with plain or perforated tubes include spill-saver and AssemblyB94091172 Two-piece auger with center couplingB94092*172 Two-piece auger with center coupling and plain tubeB94093*172 Two-piece auger with center coupling, perforated tube and coverB94094208 Two-piece auger with center couplingB94095*208 Two-piece auger with center coupling and plain tubeB94096*208 Two-piece auger with center coupling, perforated tube and coverNOTE: Not for rice applications which utilize one (1) piece augers only.*Includes spill-saver and down-spout. 57 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsHeavy-Duty Center UnloaderCouplingFor 172 and 208 Extended Horizontal Unloader AugersNow you can add extra life to your unloader during extreme harvest conditions. Theheavy-duty center coupling has a heat-treated hex shaft, reinforced drive hub for thedrive auger, reinforcing plate for the driven auger, and a new shear pin to limit 252280A1 Includes a new hex shaft, auger drive hub, auger flight reinforcement plate,and shear Step(Prior to 2100 Series)Makes radiator cleaninga breeze!Provides convenient, secureaccess to radiator for includes: Step Hardware Handrail Installation GuideApplication: 40/60/80Left-Hand ServiceScreen IndexFor 2100 SeriesThe service access left-hand screen indexprovides extra convenience when servic-ing machine components. The index pro-vides a detent to hold the front and rearscreens in Kit for all 2100 series. Index, hardware, and mounting brackets are AssembliesFor Axial-Flow Combines with Cross Flow FanSave time and money during repair by replacing completeassemblies. You get the latest designs, plus an assemblythat is ready to Flow Fan Driven PulleyComplete Cross Flow Driven Pulley Assembly saves youtime and money. Ready to No. B93871Part No. B93415CROP HARVESTING 58 Combine KitsBattery Relocation KitFor 1600 Series CombinesNow you can add convenience to battery replacement and maintenance on 1600 seriesAxial-Flow combines!Install a Case IH battery relocation kit and get all items needed including hardware foreasy installation!Part No. B93451Heavy-Duty Rotary Air ScreenShaftFor Axial-Flow Combines with Rear Mounted ScreenNow you can add extra life to the rotary air screen on your machine. The rotat-ing support shaft is larger in diameter and has heavier bearings to provideimproved support for the Kit includes a shaft, bearings, bearing flanges, and hardware. If reusingthe existing fan assembly, rework of the fan mounting plate is Grain Elevator Wear StripFor Axial-Flow Combines Mounted to clean grain elevator housing Prevents the tailings elevator chain from wearing on the elevator housing Includes wear strip (poly material) and mounting hardware Standard equipment on all 2344 and 2366 combines Kit for all 40/60 size 1600 and 2100 series combines Inexpensive solution to excessive wear on the elevator housingPart No. B94463 59 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsTailings VolumeMonitor KitFor Axial-Flow Combines New tailings volume monitor kit is available toprovide an in the cab indication of the tailingsvolume Standard equipment on 2300 series Axial-Flow combines Mounts in the header height display. Operator is alerted both visually and audibly bymonitor Apotentiometer in the tailings auger is used todetect the amount of tailings volumeBenefits Increased productivity through accurate sieveadjustments Enhanced grain quality by reducing excessivetailings volumePart Monitor Kit255374A1Completing Package 44/66255376A1Completing Package 88123715A1Header Height Display Kit255517A1Chip Package294251A1Kit, Chip ReplacementAir Cleaner KitFor All 2188 Series Combines Same system used on 2388 series combines Engine air filter uses radial seals for improvedsealing and ease of operation Overall filter size has increased by 38% toextend the service intervals The new system contains a double aspirationsystem to extend the service The new system allows for a lower transportheightChip PackagePart No. 255517A1required when theThe Header HeightTailings MonitorDisplay PackageIf you have a Model:installed prior to:Part No. 123715A12144 Without Header Height DisplayJJC0172941Required2144 With Header Height DisplayJJC0172959Already installed2166 Without Header Height DisplayJJC0180613Required2166 With Header Height DisplayJJC0180700Already installed2188 Without Header Height DisplayJJC0192337Required2188 With Header Height DisplayJJC0192485Already installedCROP HARVESTING 60 Combine KitsCleaning System SpeedReduction KitFor Axial-Flow Combines Designed to reduce the cleaning system speed to improve the lifeof components The speed reduction kit will also optimize the operating range ofthe cleaning system to maximize cleaning system performance For any 2166, 2188 and early production 2366 s and 2388 s Not for any 1400, 1600 series, 2144 or 2344 combines Kit includes pulleys, sprockets, chain assemblies, belts andinstallation instructionsPart No. 303187A1 2166/2366 (2366 Prior to S/N 184544)Horizontal Delivery AugerPart No. B94531 2166/2366 (2366 Prior to S/N 184544)Incline Deliver AugerPart No. 303188A1 2188/2388 (2388 Prior to S/N 198068)Bushing Kits for Sieves Complete set of bushings Reduced vibration Increased sieve life1460/1480 Part No. B945531680 Long Sieve Part No. B945541688, 2188, 2388 Part No. B94555Bushing Kit Sieve Complete set of bushings Reduced vibration Increased sieve lifePart of MaterialsApplicationB946254 of 1330323C2Late 1680 to 2388 (Shown)B947072 of 1979383C1Late 1680 to 2388B946244 of 1330324C1Late 1680 to 2388B946232 of 186597C11440 1680 (Short Sieve)B946224 of 627555R91914 Early 1680Bed Auger MountingBlock Kit Handy package for tool box or farm shop Includes auger mounting block and hardwarePart No. B94625Part No. B94626 61 CROP HARVESTINGCombine KitsGrain Seal Kit Reduces grain loss from rear of machine Includes seals for the tip edge of guide axle support (pony) andside of chaffer frame Includes mounting hardwareMost Popular SievesStandard Lengths Older Models Application 40/60Part 1-1/8 Grain1330686C2Chaffer 1-5/8 Corn1330685C2Chaffer Closz Slat 1-5/8 1319092C4Chaffer PetersonB91515Chaffer Rigid Airfoil1346914C2Shoe 1-1/8 Grain1347016C2Shoe 1-5/8 CornStandard Lengths Older Models Application 80Part - Closz Slat 1-5/8 1330687C4Chaffer 1-1/8 Grain1330689C3Chaffer 1-5/8 Corn1319093C6Chaffer 1-5/8 CornB91516Chaffer Rigid Airfoil1346915C3Shoe 1-1/8 Grain1347015C3Shoe 1-5/8 CornExtended Lengths Newer ModelsPart 1-1/8 Grain44/661957315C7Chaffer 1-5/8 Corn44/661957314C7Chaffer 1-5/8 Closz Slat44/661970516C7Chaffer Peterson44/66B92278Chaffer Rigid Air Foil44/661325323C5Shoe 1-1/8 Grain44/661994961C4Shoe 1-5/8 Corn44/661322467C5Chaffer 1-1/8 Grain88138628A1Chaffer 1-5/8 Corn881322673C5Chaffer 1-5/8 Closz Slat881347372C6Chaffer Peterson88B91517Chaffer Rigid Airfoil881322464C6Shoe 1-1/8 Grain881979328C7Shoe 1-5/8 Corn88Part , 2388 with Chaff and Straw Spreaders322897A11688 with Chaff and Straw Spreaders322898A12144, 2166, 2344, 2366 with Straw and Chaff Spreaders322899A11644, 1666 with Straw and Chaff Spreaders324732A12188, 2388 with Straw Spreader324734A11688 with Straw Spreader324735A12144, 2166, 2344, 2366 with Straw Spreader324736A11644, 1666 with Straw SpreaderBearing Kit Tailings Delivery Auger Handy service package Kit includes bearings, seal andhardwarePart (Shown)1600-2300 CombinesB946051400 Series CombinesTailings Delivery AugerHub UpgradeKit Upgrade 1400 series to laterversion Includes hub,bearings, seal andhardwarePart No. B94600CROP HARVESTING 62 Combine KitsComplete Spreader Assemblies(Straw or Chaff)For Axial-Flow CombinesEspecially for spreaders that are badly worn! Includes composite centercone, bat support, bats and attaching pinsPart Spreader Assembly1440 through 2166B94087Straw Spreader Assembly1480 through 2188B94100Chaff Spreader Assembly*1644 through 2166B94101Chaff Spreader Assembly*1688 through 2188*With regular : Not for rice SpreaderStraw SpreaderBat KitsKit includes: Bats HardwareCombine ModelDescriptionPart SizeStrawB9454440/60 SizeChaff (Regular)B9454640/60 SizeChaff (Tall RH)B9474840/60 SizeChaff (Tall LH)B9474980 SizeStrawB9454580 SizeChaff (Regular)B9454780 SizeChaff (Tall RH)B9474680 SizeChaff (Tall LH)B94747Tall Bat Kits with Pulley and Spacer Increased disc speed from 227RPM to 346RPM Spacer, hardware, and 8 drive pulley Six tall batsCombine ModelDescriptionPart SizeChaff/tall bats with pulleyB9486280Chaff/tall bats with pulleyB94864Poly Chaff SpreadersFor 1400 and 1600 SeriesWith Chaff Spreaders, you can spread chaff over a 16-foot area. This getsrid of two rows of chaff bed your plow will have to cut through in the must for minimum or no-till is no need to remove dual chaff spreaders when switching crops. Theserugged dual spreaders work well on both corn and bean chaff spreaders are attached to the original straw spreader with extend-ed shafts (replace original shaft with extended shaft).Part Spreader 40/60B92510Chaff Spreader 1680B92511Chaff Spreader Extension Sieve 1680B92939Chaff Spreader 1644, 1666Part No. B94544Quick Coupler Kit Spreader Handy service kits Includes quick coupler, extension bar, tube, bootand hardware Makes removal of spreader assembly quick andeasy 63 CROP HARVESTINGB94078 Rotor Blade Kitincludes a matched setof two (2) rotor knivesand attaching instructionsare shown on the rearside of the display are 1440through the 2388 Axial-Flow No B94078A Cardof 12 bolts and nuts forreversing blades onlyB94079 Concave Blade Kit is a package oftwo (2) blades. B94080 Concave Blade Kit isa package of one (1) single blade. Only onesingle blade is required per instructions are on the rear side ofthe display card. Applications are 1440through the 2388 Axial-Flow No. B94079A Card of 26 rivets for revers-ing blades onlyTungsten Carbide Hard SurfaceHeat-treated SteelCombine KitsStraw Chopper KitsFor Axial-Flow CombinesA complete straw chopper rotor service kit is offered formachines that require a replacement rotor. The rotor is factorybalanced and comes complete with spacers and attachingdriven pulley nut. Also included are new bearings and bearingflanges for the Size Chopper Kit1440 through 2366B9408280 Size Chopper Kit1480 through 2388B94083 Is a complete service concave for the straw chopper. The kit includesthe concave, new latch pins, and springs. Replacement is quick and sim-ple as you simply release the adjusting pins and slide the old unitout. Compare kit price vs. blade replacement. Speciallyoffered to minimize No. B94083 Chopper Concave Service KitCROP HARVESTING 64 Combine EXTENDA-WEAR KitsProduct Support Kits 27New Extended Wear Product (EXTENDA-WEAR) Support Kits Ideal kits for high-volume operators and/or abrasive crop conditions Application 40-60-80 size Axial-Flow combines All components developed from seasons of testing in some of theworld s most abrasive crop conditionsKit SelectionPart Steel Grain Elevator Kit80 Size AFS321912A1Stainless Steel Grain Elevator Kit80 Size Non-AFS321913A1Stainless Steel Grain Elevator Kit40-60 Size AFS321914A1Stainless Steel Grain Elevator Kit40-60 Size Non-AFS321917A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit80 Size AFS321920A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit80 Size Non-AFS321921A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit40-60 Size AFS321922A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit40-60 Size Non-AFS321923A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit80 Size(Except 249275A1 Incline Delivery Auger)321924A1EXTENDA-WEAR Auger Kit 40-60 Size(Except 249275A1 Incline Delivery Auger)321925A1EXTENDA-WEAR Concave Kit-Hardened80 Size321926A1EXTENDA-WEAR Concave Kit-Hardened40-60 SizeB94843EXTENDA-WEAR Cone-Complete80 SizeB94844EXTENDA-WEAR Cone-Complete40-60 Size348501A1Heavy-Duty Cone-Complete80 SizeB94842Heavy-Duty Cone-Complete40-60 Size348502A1EXTENDA-WEAR Cone Vane Kit80 Size(Stainless Steel Vanes)348504A1EXTENDA-WEAR Complete Rotor Cage Kit80 Size348503A1EXTENDA-WEAR Cage Stainless Steel Vane Kit80 Size348508A1Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Without Kickers)80 SizeB94830Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Spiked With Kickers80 Sizeand Straight Separator BarsB94831Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Non-Spiked With40-60 SizeKickers and Straight Separator BarsB94832Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Spiked With Kickers40-60 SizeB94833Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Non-Spiked With80 SizeKickers and Straight Separator BarsB94839Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Spiked Without Kickers80 SizeB94840Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Spiked Without Kickers40-60 SizeB94841Cast Alloy Rasp Bar Kit Non-Spiked40-60 SizeWithout KickersSpeed Reduction Kit/ Grain Elevator(Not shown) Double sprockets offer standard and slowerspeed to reduce crop damage in elevatorand incline delivery augerPart No. 348509A1Stainless Steel Elevator Kit Complete Stainless Steel Clean Grain Elevator Assembly Kit Fully assembled ready to install Includes an AFS incline delivery auger for AFS models (moisture sensorand associated hardware is sold separately) Includes a non-AFS incline deliveryauger for non-AFS models Stainless steel components forlonger wear life Components developed fromseasons of testing in some of theworld s most abrasive cropconditionsElevator KitsPart No. Description321911A180 Size AFS321912A180 Size Non-AFS321913A140-60 Size AFS321914A140-60 Size Non-AFS 65 CROP HARVESTINGCombine EXTENDA-WEAR KitsAuger KitsNew EXTENDA-WEAR augers are manufacturedfrom sectional flighting (all or a combination ofsectional and helicoid).Helicoid vs. SectionalExample Auger 282176A1Combo 35% Sectional / 65% HelicoidSectionalHelicoidDifference (thickness) .135 Sectional + 39% .066 Sectional +310%Sectional vs. Helicoid FlightingSectionalAdvantages1. No loss from ID to OD. Helicoid willtypically lose 50% or more from ID to ODdue to rolling process. Sectional flightingoffers same thickness from ID to OD toprovide more wear Wear-Resistant Alloy Steel. Sectionalflighting is manufactured in shortsections (1 pitch) with a form press andcannot be rolled on a helicoid formingpress due to the need to roll. Helicoidstyle flighting is manufactured from alower carbon steel. The thicker, morewear-resistant sectional flighting willprovide superior wear resistance andservice Thicker Material. Due to process withsectional flighting, thicker material can beused to provide longer service steel is more expensive than lower car-bon steel. Since the flighting is manufacturedin one pitch section, the manufacturing andassembly price is more Determine wear patterns on existinghelicoid Insert sectional flighting in areas of Offers best combination of price High wear entire length of auger installall sectional flighting (vertical unloadingauger, clean grain auger, incline deliveryauger).2. Localized high-wear areas combinationof helicoid (for price) and sectional (forwear resistant). The auger bed augers,grain tank lower augers, and horizontalunloading augers utilize this combinationfor superior service life at Sectional Flighting Weld pitches of sectional flighting Best value for certain crop applicationsand wear conditionsCombo Sectional and HelicoidFlighting Welded pieces of sectional flighting incombination with continuous length ofhelicoid flighting Best value when only a portion of theauger is subjected to high-wearconditionsAuger KitsPart Size AFS321920A180 Size Non-AFS321921A140-60 Size AFS321922A140-60 Size Non-AFS321923A180 Size Less incline delivery auger321924A140-60 Size Less incline delivery auger Manufactured from sectional flighting ora combo Kit includes auger bed, lower graintank, horizontal unloading, verticalunloading, clean grain, and inclinedelivery HelicoidCROP HARVESTING 66 Transition Cone Heat-treated AR235 wear-resistant steel Up to two (2) times morewear resistant than currentmodel heavy-duty cones Larger diameter T-bolts. Withmore head wear surface forbetter vane retention Heavy-duty 3/16 stainlesssteel vanes. Combination ofthicker vane (50% thicker)and more wear resistant stainless steel provides longer service lifePart No. B94844 40-60 SizePart No. B94843 80 SizeHeavy-Duty Transition Cone AR235 Wear-resistant steel One piece design 3/16 Heavy-duty stainlesssteel vanes combination ofthicker vanes (50% thicker) andmore wear resistant stainlesssteel provides longer service life Larger diameter T-bolts withmore head surface for bettervane retentionPart No. 348501A1 80 SizePart No. B94842 40-60 SizeConcaves Large wire concaves Induction hardening of concave separator bars for moreresistance to wear Longer service life Includes Concaves #1, #2, and #3 Use with standard extensions extensions not included in kitPart No. 321926A1 40-60 SizePart No. 321925A1 80 SizeCombine EXTENDA-WEAR KitsTransition Cone Vane Kits 3/16 Thick vanes(50% thicker thancurrent vanes) Stainless steelvanes Combination ofthicker materialand more wear-resistant materialprovides longerservice life Kit includes stainless steel vanes and hardware (T-bolts and nuts) Current cones with holes to accommodate current 5/16 boltmust be re-reamed to accommodate 3/8 T-bolt Large diameter T-bolts with more head wear surface for bettervane retentionRotor Cage Stainless SteelTransport Vane Kit Increased thickness 3/16 50% thicker Stainless steel material The combination of thicker material and more wear resistancematerial provides longer service lifePart No. 348503A1 (80 Size)Part No. 348502A1 for 80 Size CombinesRotor Cage Kit Wear-resistant AR235 steel forlonger service life Complete with stainless steelvanes and high-strength T-bolts Fully assembled ready to install 80 Size machinesPart No. 348504A1 67 CROP HARVESTINGFront ViewRear ViewComplete Corn Head Kits(Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit)4 Row Part No. 337451A16 Row Part No. 337455A18 Row Part No. 337457A1Combine Poly Hoods & Divider KitsRow Unit Kits and Complete 4, 6, and 8 Row KitsComplete Kit Inner Hood and Divider with Hardware (Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit) Part No. 337463A1Complete Kit Outer (LH) Hood and Divider withHardwarePart No. 337470A1 (Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit)Complete Kit Outer (RH) Hood and Divider withHardwarePart No. 337473A1 (Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit)CROP HARVESTING 68 Combine Poly Hoods & Divider KitsHeavy-Duty Steel Frame Provides strength and durability Replaceable componentsStainless Steel Wear Strip Kit For center hood Reduces wear from back-flow from delivery augerPart No. 346349A1Heavy-Duty Wear Point Protects divider High-strength cast steel Hardware includedPart No. B94737 (Inner)Part No. B94738 (Outer)Outer Hood(Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit)Part No. 318229A1 (LH)Part No. 318230A1 (RH) Each hood and divider is totallyinterchangeable with the current steelassemblies Replaceable heavy-duty cast wearpoint Crowned hood to reduce cropbunching Hoods and dividers are identical tocurrent production assemblies Field tested Kit complete with mounting hardwareDividerPart No. 320083A1 (Inner)Part No. 320084A1 (Outer LH)Part No. 320085A1 (Outer RH) For both 900 and 1000 Series cornheads Complete kits available for 30 rowsand outer kits both LH and RH for allrow widths Durable ear saver kits available Kits available to update and improvethe appearance and value of yourolder Model 900 & 1000 series cornheadsInner Hood(Shown with Optional Ear Saver Kit)Part No. 318231A1 New color-matched high-strengthpolyethylene shell over steel frame High-strength polyethylene shellresistant to cracks, dents, and rustReduced maintenance and paintingrequirements No spot welds to fail Smoother surface than steel forimproved crop flow Steel frame for strength anddurabilityAccessories 69 CROP HARVESTING3 Grain and 12 Grain Moisture Testers3 Grain Moisture Tester Version B91256Gives instant, accurate, direct readouts for corn, wheat, andsoybeans and calibration charts for mostother Grain Moisture Tester Version B93372Canada Version B93373Gives instant, accurate, direct moisturereadings for 12 of the most commonlyproduced and traded grains. The Case IH12 Grain Moisture Tester s lightweight,battery-powered and take it anywhere features make it a very convenient testerin the Tester16 Grain Tester (Shown)Tests high moisture corn upto 40%! Direct digital readoutfor 16 No. B933843 Grain TesterDirect digital readout for threegrains (soybeans, corn, andwheat).Part No. B94076Header Transport WagonsCase IH offers the safe solution for head-er transport and in six models. Eighty-Five Plus SteeringSystem allows the tongue to swing 85 degreeseach direction from 10 lb. extin-guisher and No. B94986Combine Edible Bean Harvesting KitsConcaves for 80 Size MachinesSmooth/Slotted Configuration Slotted concave and slotted extension (not shown) Smooth to reduce crop damage and improve feeding Wear resistant AR235 steel for extended wear lifeComplete Concave and Extension KitPart No. 348505A1 #12 #2 & #31 #12 #2 & #312 Concave Kit Part No. B94828 #12 #2 &#312 Concave Extension KitPart No. B94829 #12 #2 & #312 SideRelated Harvesting PartsBack SideCROP HARVESTING 70 CaseIHSupport Kits and Popular Service ItemsHigh-speed, efficient harvesting of high-quality cotton is yours withoriginal equipment replacement available only from yourCase IH from both sides of the plant withstate-of-the-artdrum componentsCotton Picker PartsThe heart of the cotton picker is the workingparts particularly the spindles and doffers. Onlywhen they are precision-fitted and function prop-erly can the user expect clean picking and agreater yield of quality IH cotton pickers spindles, Dof-Flex doffersand all other parts are designed to do a superiorjob under all crop and field conditions! 71 CROP HARVESTINGCotton Picker PartsSpindle AssembliesConvenient Card of two assembliesPart LH (Bronze Bushing) Spindle Assembly (Carded and priced as two)B937191/2 RH (Bronze Bushing) Spindle Assembly (Carded and priced as two)B937201/2 LH Spindle Assembly(Carded and priced as two)B937211/2 RH Spindle Assembly(Carded and priced as two)For the Large Operator Box of 50 assembliesPart LH (Bronze Bushing) Spindle AssemblyBox of 50 (priced each)B937251/2 RH (Bronze Bushing) Spindle AssemblyBox of 50 (priced each)B937261/2 LH Spindle AssemblyBox of 50 (priced each)B937271/2 RH Spindle AssemblyBox of 50 (priced each)Spindle Nut AssemblyModelPart , 782661418R11Nut, Assembly LH661419R11Nut, Assembly RH1822, 1844, 2022,220330C91Holder, Assembly LH2044, 2055**220331C91Holder, Assembly RH2055*, 21551994865C1Holder, Assembly LH2055, 21551994866C1Holder, Assembly RH*2055 S/N 155370 & Above**2055 S/N 155369 & BelowThe SpindleCase IH Clean Line spindle standard features: Heavy, uniform chrome finish assures longer life without rust orcorrosion Slender taper and three-flute design picks cleaner Last three barbs cut to 30 degrees for more aggressivepicking and improved doffing Excellent breaking (no bend) characteristicsDifferences you can see!1. The spindle on the right has been treated with coppersulfate to show areas where the chrome has worn awayafter 265 hours of use. Case IH spindles have consistentthickness hard chrome for long wear and rust Tooth profile. The Case IH spindle has the last three teethformed at a 30 angle for superior doffing and moreaggressive picking. The Case IH spindle has thicker teeth forlonger wear, plus it has one additional tooth near thebushing. Most competitors use 45 teeth the full length ofthe spindle it s easier to Driven gear. The competitive spindle shown does not havethe correct pitch line on the gear it s easier tomanufacture. End result excessive wear and replacement just got quicker,easier, and more add shims and torque thespindle assembly into placeCase IHCompetitionCROP HARVESTING 72 SpindleModelPart , 600, 782662606R2LH Spindle 9/16 662607R2RH Spindle 9/16 1822, 1844, 2022, 2044,216546C2LH Spindle 1/2 2055, 2155, 2555216547C2RH Spindle 1/2 346039A1*LH Spindle 1/2 346040A1**RH Spindle 1/ 346041A1***LH Spindle 1/2 346042A1***RH Spindle 1/2 *Good Quality**Better Quality***Best QualityCotton Picker PartsSpindle Assembly PartsShieldModelPart , 782661420R1Shield, spindle1822, 1844, 2022, 2044,216554C1Shield, spindle2055, 2155, 2555364607A1*Shield, spindle*platedSpindle Drive GearModelPart , 1844, 2022, 2044,10053RAGear, Long2055, 2155, 255510054RAGear, ShortInner BushingModelPart , 782656788R4Bushing, flanged1822, 1844, 2022,216553C1Bushing, flanged2044, 2055*2055*, 2155, 25551994864C1Bushing, flanged*2055 S/N 155370 & Above**2055 S/N 155369 & BelowPicker Bar AssemblyModelPart SeriesB86824C92LH Bar AssemblyB86825C92RH Bar Assembly2000/2100/2500 SeriesB1982390C2LH Bar AssemblyB1982391C2RH Bar AssemblyOuter BushingModelPart , 78210418RBushing, plain1822, 1844, 2022, 2044, 2055**216552C1Bushing, plain2055*, 2155, 25551994863C1Bushing, plain*2055 S/N 155370 & Above**2055 S/N 155369 & Below 73 CROP HARVESTINGCotton Picker PartsProduct Support KitsMoistener Pad with Holder AssemblyMoistener Stand AssemblySave time by installing a complete moistener stand. Keep a spare rebuild your stand as time permits. Pre-assembled ready to install Genuine Case IH ComponentsModelPart SeriesB1990262C1Stand Assembly, LHB1990263C1Stand Assembly, RHTight-fitting pad is factory assembled for a sure-snug fit to the to save time and or priced very competitive with the sum ofthe components includes: High-strength original equipment quality holder Polyurethane pad for virtually contamination-freepickingPart No. B94339 Merchandising Card PackTwo (2) assemblies per packUse polyurethane pads for virtually contamination-free picking,your best choice when used with Dura-Clean KitPart No. B94528Compressor Plate KitPart No. B94529ModelPart , 782, 1800, 20221339107C2Pad, Black2044, 2055, 2155, 25551338720C2Pad, PolyurethanePad HoldersModelPart , 782, 1800, 2022, 2044, 2055, 2155, 2555214500C2HolderKits include all components and hardware for one includes original equipment pre-season maintenance all plates at once promotes uniform No. B94336 Bulk(Box of 20)CROP HARVESTINGPlant Tunnel Product Support Kit Reduced daily chassis cleaning times due to less accumulation of trash Increased ground clearance due to the higher profile of the plant tunnels For 2055, 2155 and 1997 model 2555 Prior to JJC0156909 machines The plant tunnel kits can be installed in place of the existing plant guard tubes on 4-row widemachines onlyPart No. B94511Complete Plant Lifter Assemblies Fully assembled plant lifter assembly Easy to convert metal style to poly material style; lift plant more upright than previous lifter Poly material is slicker than steel no rusting and no painting required Poly material is lighter but more dent-resistant than steel; lift planter more upright thanprevious lifters for improved performance Use these assemblies to upgrade previous pickers with steel lifter sheets or to replace worn ordamaged current style of liftersPart No. 2359705R92 LHPart No. 2359706R92 RHEngine Trash Shield Product Support Kit Part No. B94512 Engine trash shield (2155 and 2555 Prior to JJC0157159) Part No. B94530 Engine trash shield (2055 only) Reduced accumulation of trash Reduced engine compartment The engine trash shields can be installed on any row configuration machineFront and Rear Outlets for 4-Row Wide 2055, 2155 and 2555 CottonPickersThese outlets feature: Side access doors that make clean-out and service a snap Straight through design improves cotton flow and reduces door chokes Allows better trash flow through the trash outlets Spend more time picking less time cleaning Rear outlet features deeper pockets and larger air nozzle for larger volumes of material Standard on 1998 production 2555 4-row wide machines Kits include all necessary hardwarePart No. 294298A4Part No. B94512Cotton Picker PartsConveyor Outlet Product Support Kit 74 75 CROP HARVESTINGDoffersDura-Clean doffers are white, but that s only part ofthe the picking process, spindles tear tiny particles from the other doffers, Dura-Clean non-contaminating neoprene doffersthrow off a smooth bead-shaped particle (center) that won t catch in thelint, and goes out in the trash during ginning. Traditional rubber doffersshed rough, jagged-edged particles during the picking process, which getcaught in the cotton fibers, contaminating the lint and remaining even afterthe ginning Picker PartsModelPart , 782, 2022, 2044, 2055, 2155, 2555123175A1Large, White Doffer1822, 1844123176A1Small, White DofferDura-CleanPolyurethaneBlack RubberDoff-Flex DoffersLooking for your best buy in a black rubber doffer? Original equipment onolder machines ... Doff-Flex doffers still provide the benefits of close toler-ance hub height (no shims required), gentle action to the crop and spin-dle, plus up to 25% longer wear than competitive , 782, 2022, 2044, 2055, 2155, 2555204710C2Large, Black Doffer1822, 1844216523C2Small, Black DofferDoffer StacksStandard features: White doffers provide virtual contamination-free doffing Black doffers offer lowest cost when contamination is of less concern All doffer stacks are pre-ground and ready to install Assembled with only genuine Case IH componentsApplicationTypePart SeriesBlack, LargeB1982421C12000/2100/2500 SeriesWhite, LargeB123613A11800 SeriesBlack, SmallB1994809C1With the cost of transpor-tation, supplying only hubs oforiginal equipment thicknessand the expense of de-bond-ing the latest strong bondingglues, rebonded doffers areno longer cost effective. Theyare not costeffective toproduce,and theymay not becost effective toyou, the grower, because oflost downtime and reducedpicking not rebond doffers?CROP HARVESTING 76 Especially for operations with low clearance bridges, powerlines, or storage buildings. Now you can lower the basket lidin 30 minutes or less to clear 13 6 overhead obstacles. Withremovable basket inlet hoods, cotton conveyor chutes, quickbasket lift cylinder reposition, six (6) quick-turn locking latches,and basket lowering guides, the operator can lower the bas-ket top hydraulically by nearly 40 or lowering the basket lid requires only one a13/16 wrench for turning the lid locking latches. For transportwith the lid in the lowered position; the conveyor chutes arerepositioned against the basket, the hoods are removed andstored inside the Requirements:1. Kits are for tall basket machines (1150 cu. ft.) extensions are available as a Can be equipped with either long or short Can be used with or without the field installed augercompactor No. 242484A1* for 2055, 2155*Tall basket machine onlyRaised position40 Lowered positionBasket Lid RaisedBasket Lid LoweredEspecially for operations with high yields or long rows. Nowyou can unload less often with up to 36% greater basketcapacity! Basket capacity is increased to 7,500 pound the compactor switch and the augers move cotton tothe rear of the basket. As the basket fills and the augerhydraulic drive pressure increases, the compactor frameautomatically begins to lower at the front. The compactorframe will begin to oscillate up and down as required by theauger drive pressure to fill the when the compactorframe movement becomes continuous, it s time to unload!Simple to use without distractions to the operator. A singleconsole mounted switch provides for on/off automatic con-trol, plus compactor frame manual cycle control. The com-pactor is operable anytime the fan is engaged. The augers willturn automatically when the basket unload conveyor switch isdepressed to clear cotton from above when functions and load protection are controlled bylimiting hydraulic pressure (1500 psi max).Machine Requirements:1. Kits are for tall basket machines (1150 cu. ft.) extensions are available as a Can be equipped with either long or short unloading It is mandatory that machines be equipped with the heavy-duty guide wheel rim kit and Can be used with or without the basket lower Picker PartsField-Installed Basket CompactorPart Kit, Basic2055, 2155B94102Heavy-Duty Guide Wheel Rim Kit*Non-powered Guide Axle249147A1Electrical Kit2155249146A1Electrical Kit2055Purchase locally8-Ply TiresAll machines not equipped*Includes 2 rims, 2 valve stems, and 16 hardened Basket Lid Lower Kit 77 CROP HARVESTINGCotton Picker PartsOther ItemsPoly Skid ShoesPart Number B92972 for 1800 series and later machines. Poly prevents dirt from stick-ing to the metal shoe and provides a replaceable surface for abrasive No. B91660 WhitePart No. B92790 Silver (up to 20% longer wear)Bar LubeCase IH Bar Lube for pickers requiring semi-viscous grease. Available in 35 lb. pails, 120 or 410 Lube cubes for Bartender Systems are also No. 407515R1 35 lb. pailPart No. 407516R1 120 lb. drumPart No. 407517R1 410 lb. drumPart No. B91571 Lube Cube Steel BarsPart No. B91573 Lube Cube Aluminum BarsBar Lube PumpAir drive pump for quickly filling the picker on-board lube No. 1990330C1 requires Part No. 1546136C1 hose and Part No. 218-5065 reducer fitting. Pumps 5+GPM @ 100 PSI. Minimum of 50 PSI required for proper LiftersConvert metal style to poly material. Lifts plant more upright than previous lifter. Polymaterial is slicker than steel no rusting, no painting required. Dent No. B93278Load and quickly and safelyCradle your headerHeavy wall steel beams, combined with user-friendly sup-port brackets, cradle your header for optimum built-in oscillating rear bolsters or tricycle front endsthat encourage your head to as regular duty or heavy duty, either chassis styleis rated at six-ton capacity and may be fitted with the cut-terbar tube length your header requires. The heavy-dutychassis center pole provides added strength in x 10 E Ratedtires on all or optional extendible tongues areavailable. Both are constructed of strong,square tubing and are 12 in length to provideadequate header to tow vehicle clearance. Nooptional length tongues are Plus SteeringEighty-Five Plus steering system allows thetongue to swing 85 degrees each direction fromcenter. Towing precision and shorter turningradius without cramping the tongue. Use lessstorage space in your machinery shed during theoff Attaching HardwareWhile others use through-bolts insertedthrough drilled holes in the bolster, Case IHuses high-strength U-bolts to attach sup-port beams to the bolsters. Twisting of thewagon over un-level terrain can readilyshear-off less costly Loading HeightTransports converted from farm wagons begin life at a disadvantage. The differencebetween support beams correctly positioned vs. those incorrectly positioned may beconsiderable time delay in looking for low soil terrain in which to park the wagon forloading. Incorrectly positioned beams may cause difficulty and delay in attaching theheader to the combine feeder. The Case IH feeder support tube is 20 from ground levelon all Support TubeCutterbar support tube length can readily be changed byadding or removing 3 extension tubes. If you trade headers toa larger size, simply add an extension tube (s).15 Transport WagonsRedefined ValueCROP HARVESTING 78 79 CROP HARVESTINGMODELSCase IH transports are available in four basic configurations. Each will likely remain useableas you change combines and/or headers because of the modular design and options TubeModelWheelbaseHeader 105015 grain / 8 row narrow corn24 25 105515 25 grain / 8 row wide corn27 30 106018 30 grain / 8 row wide corn30 30 HD 106018 30 grain / 8 row wide corn30 AttachmentsLights and Mounting KitAg light kit provides amber flasher lights andred turn signals from ag tow Kit Part No. B92461EMounting Kit Part No. B92976ECombine HarnessCombine harness with seven pin ag con-nector. Engineering approved harness forAxial-Flow Series Part No. B92712E2100 Series Part No. B94335ETie Down StrapsRatchet straps with corner protectors areeasy to use and provide secure tie No. B92977ECombine HitchAttaches to rear structural member for securetowing from Axial-Flowmachines. Not foruse with axle mounted chaff Guide Axle Part No. B92455EPowered Axle Part No. B92454EFeeder Support TubeTrussed, feeder support tubes are availablein 15 or 18 wheelbase lengths. For great-est maneuverability and stability, the 15 wheelbase is generally preferred for head-ers to 25 in Support BracketsCase IH transport support brackets vir-tually read your mind. Not only are notools required, there are no adjustmentsto make! The brackets are automaticallypositioned correctly when swung intoloading position. The header specificsupports are designed for 1000 seriescorn heads, 1020 grain, and 1010 grainheaders. Simply swing the appropriatebrackets into and load!CROP HARVESTING 80 Mower Conditioners/Swather PartsMower Conditioner (Pull-Type)Knife Assemblies8320, 8330 7 and 9 Mower Conditioner(Hesston 1110, 1120)Part Bolted Smooth, Heavy, Chrome7007127757 Bolted, TS Heavy, Chrome7001112159 Bolted, Smooth, Heavy, Chrome7007117679 Bolted, TS, Extra-Heavy, Chrome8340 9 Mower Conditioner (Hesston 1130)Part Bolted TS, Heavy, Chrome8350 12 Mower Conditioner (Hesston 8500)Part Bolted, Smooth, Heavy, Chrome70070958312 Bolted, TS, Extra-Heavy, Chrome8830, 12 and 14 Single Sickle MowerConditioner (Hesston 8200)Part Bolted, TS, Chrome70070962314 Bolted, TS, Chrome8830 12 and 14 Speciality Header Auger Mower Conditioner (Hesston 8200)Part Bolted, Smooth, Heavy, Chrome70070958312 Bolted, TS, Extra-Heavy, ChromePart , Chrome, Extra-Heavy700705300PTop-Serrated, Chrome, Extra-Heavy(Plastic box 10)700705463Double RH700705462Double LH49254Top-Serrated, Chrome, Heavy(Swather application)Double Heat-Treated GuardsSuper Tang GuardApplication:Mower Conditioners/SwathersSwather Hold-Down ClipPart No. 700111204Part No. 142984 (High-Clearance)Mower Conditioner AdjustableHold-Down ClipsPart No. 700117849(8340, 8350, 8380, 8830, 8840)Part No. 700117850(8320, 8330, 8820)Range GuardApplication:Mower ConditionersPart No. 700716292Part No. 700700845 81 CROP HARVESTINGMower Conditioners/Swather PartsRotary Knife KitsFor 8309 Pull-Type, 8850SPR Header MachinesKits include two knives, mounting plate, knife nut, bolt shield and Grade 8 mountinghardware for one (1) 95 Productionand Since (Preferred Knife)Excellent for field conditions withirregular soil surface or in stony conditions as thebevel helps to ride over obstruc-tions. Tends to self sharpen as wearoccurs. Bevel is on bottom, sharp-ened edge is on top of the will remain on as knives areinterchanged between for clockwise700713984rotation rotorsB93516Kit for counter-700713983clockwise rotationKnives Original equip-ment on many machines:Knives have both sharpened edgeson the same side. Sharpened edgelocation will change from top to bot-tom as knives are interchangedbetween for clockwise700712889rotation rotorsB93518Kit for counter-700712888clockwise rotationReplace knives when wear exceeds maximum dimension shown aboveat the tip of mounting kit for standard rotorsB93701Knife kit for standard rotorsB93702*Knife kit for standard rotorsB93703*Knife kit for standard rotors*High pitchReplacement Wear GuidesFor 3204, 3205, 3206, ( 10501& After) and 3309Roll BeltingBelt SizePart SlatBeltingLengthSeries40 150 300 150 300 150 300 150 300 Recessed Slat150 Recessed Slat300 150 300 150 300 & Bolt FastenersBeltBar# ofSizeSizeHolesPart 10ZAH140000140 9ZAH140000241 40 41 9ZAH140000442 9ZAH140000542 Recessed 9ZAH140000644 10ZAH140000748 10ZAH1400008Two steel fasteners per set. Bolts, washers and nuts PRODUCTIONCultivator PartsMAXXI WIDTH SWEEPSRevolutionary Case IH MAXXI WIDTH sweep pene-trates and wears longer! Constant width design helps maintain original cutting width duringthe life of the sweep gives you consistentoverlap Double strength wraparound stemwithstands loads over2500 lbs. Heavy-duty, reinforcedwear tip produces andprotection High-carbon steel for longwear Uniform heat treatmentprocess provides longerwear Lower angle pitch means less tipwear, less draft and moreresidue perfect for today sconservation tilling Full 1 wear point (field cultivatorsweeps) Full 1-1/2 wear point (chisel plowsweeps)The size you buy is what you sweep doesn t narrow with wear,giving you the full width throughout thelife of the Cultivator SweepsSizeThicknessPart Full1/4 Full1/4 Full1/4 Full1/4 Full1/4 Full1/4 LWC1/4 RWC1/4 LWC1/4 RWC1/4 1547104C2Chisel Plow Sweeps (Case IH and Other Brands)HoleStemHoleSizeThicknessPart STEM ANGLE8 1/4 1547105C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 10 1/4 1547106C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 12 1/4 1547107C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 14 1/4 1547108C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 16 1/4 1547109C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 18 1/4 1547110C12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 12 5/16 248517A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 14 5/16 248518A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 16 5/16 248519A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 18 5/16 248520A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 43 1/2 50 STEM ANGLE8 1/4 133765A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 10 1/4 133766A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 12 1/4 133767A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 14 1/4 133768A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 16 1/4 133769A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 18 1/4 133770A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 12 5/16 248523A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 14 5/16 248524A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 16 5/16 248525A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 18 5/16 248526A12-1/4 to 2-1/2 50 1/2 StemSizePart 132179A1Most Brands of Cultivators47 9 132180A1Most Brands of Cultivators47 Heavy-Duty 1 Wear PointMAXXI-VALUE SWEEPSAn earth-shat-tering combina-tion of quality andvalue!Full 5mm Thick 1-3/4 Wide Stem Constant-width design for consistent overlap Patented 3/4-inch wear point tears through any soil High-carbon Earth Metal steel for unmatched strength Top plated for better penetration Clipped inner wing for less soil disturbance Low profile, low crown for today s conservation tillage Designed to fit most major brands of cultivators Wrap-around stem adds strength Full mm, 5% thicker than conventional 3/16 sweepsMaxxi-Value sweeps are designed by the same engineers that designed the originalMaxxi-Width sweep. With many of the same features, the result to you is more sweep foryour money. 82 MAXXI-WEAR SWEEPS Up to two-times the wear of Case IH Maxxi-Width sweep Computer-designed weld bead wing pattern and reinforcednose pattern Consistent robotic application of the weld wear-resistant beads Available ", 9" and " widths Constant width design Fits all Case IH and most other brands of cultivators Case IH recommends grade 8 bolts due to their longer wearingcharacteristicsSizePart x 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 299205A1Designed using computers andhard-faced using robots, this is themost advanced, longest-wearingsweep Case IH has ever made. 83 CROP PRODUCTIONDanish Sweeps Four sizes Totally new design Heavy-duty 1/4 thickmaterial Heavy-duty wear point Designed to fit Case IH s-tineshanks as well as most non-Case IH machines Superior heat-treat process providesup to 60% more wearSizePart x 1/4 1547180C14-1/2 x 1/4 1547181C17 x 1/4 1547182C19 x 1/4 1547183C1All-Makes Application ChartMake/ModelHole SizeHole CentersStem AngleBaker(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesBourgault(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesBush Hog(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesCalkins(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesCase , , (2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 (2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesCockshutt 285, 485(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesCrustbuster(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesDeere CCA, CC10, CC20(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesDMI(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesFlexi-Coil 200, 400 Series(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesFord 208(2) 3/81-3/4 CC 47 degreesFrontier(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesGlenco, , , (2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesHesston degrees(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesHiniker(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesKent(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesKewanee(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesKrause 600/900(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesLandoll(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesMassey Ferguson 160(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesMinneapolis Moline FT200(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesMorris L240, L320(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesOliver 245, 345(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesOliver 285, 385, 485(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesRhino/Thens(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesTaylor(2) 3/81-3/4 CC 47 degreesWill Rich(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesWin Power 1500(2) 7/161-3/4 CC47 degreesWhite Farm Equipment(2) 3/81-3/4 CC47 degreesField Cultivator ApplicationChartMake/ModelHole SizeHole CentersStem AngleAnderson3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesBaker7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesBourgault7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesBrady (prior to 70 71)3/8 1-3/4 CC40 degreesBrady (after 70 71)7/16 1-3/4 CC40 degreesBush Hog3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCalkins3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCase, FC, FCM, FCSW3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCase IH and IH7/16 1-3/4 CC47 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCockshutt 285, 4853/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCrustbuster7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesDeere 1000 Series3/8 1-5/8 CC40 degreesDeere CCA, CC10, CC203/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesDMI7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesFlexi-Coil 200, 40007/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesFord 2083/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesFrontier7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesGlencoe, FC, MFC, FCSW3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesGlencoe (old) 12503/8 1-3/4 CC40 degreesHesston7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesHiniker7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesKent7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesKewanee3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesKrause 600/9003/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesLandoll7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesMassey Ferguson 1603/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesMinneapolis Moline FT2003/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesMorris L240, L3203/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesOliver 245, 3453/8 1-3/4 CC41 degreesOliver 285, 385, 4853/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesRhino/Athens7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesTaylor3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesWIl Rich7/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesWin Power 15007/16 1-3/4 CC47 degreesWhite Farm Equipment3/8 1-3/4 CC47 degreesCase IH heavy-duty Maxxi-Width sweeps have 1-3/4 hole centers. Thenew regular-duty Maxxi-Value sweeps have a combination 1-5/8 1-3/4 centers. Each series has a 7/16 bolt hole to accommodatecultivators with 3/8 shank hole use adapter bolt 810220C1(7/16 head- 3/8 shaft).Cultivator PartsAll-Purpose SweepsStemNo. ofHoleSweepSizeThicknessTypeAngleHolesSp acingPart 3/16Full57 31479005R28 3/16Full57 31479006R28 3/16LH57 31479009R28 3/16RH57 31479010R210 3/16Full57 31479007R210 3/16LH57 31479011R210 3/16RH57 31479012R212 3/16Full57 31479008R2CROP PRODUCTION 84 Cultivator PartsChisel Plow (Wheatland) Sweeps Application ChartHole Hole StemMake/ModelSizeCentersAngleAllis Chalmers 22 -32 7/16 2-1/4 43 Anderson7/16 2-1/4 50 Brandy7/16 2-1/4 50 Case (Some)1/2 2-1/4 47 Case (Later Models)7/16 2-1/4 50 Case IH and IH1/2 2-1/2 43 1 Thick Shank7/16 2-1/4 50 1-1/4 Thick Shank1/2 2-1/4 43 Cockshutt 240, 246, 247, 476, 2497/16 2-1/4 50 Crown1/2 2-1/4 50 DMI1/2 2-1/4 50 Degelmen7/16 2-1/4 50 Edwards7/16 2-14 50 Flexi-Coil (2 x 1 Shank)1/2 2-1/4 50 Ford1/2 2-1/4 47 Ford 1317/16 2-1/4 50 Friggstad7/16 2-1/4 50 Glencoe1/2 2-1/4 47 Glencoe (High-Clearance)7/16 2-1/4 50 Graham (High-Clearance)7/16 2-1/4 50 Gysler1/2 2-1/4 47 Hiniker1/2 2-1/4 50 Ingham7/16 2-1/4 43 Jeoffery 16 7/16 2-1/4 50 Jeoffery 22 32 7/16 2-1/4 43 John Deere7/16 2-1/4 50 John Deere (Some)1/2 2-1/4 47 Kewanee7/16 2-1/4 50 Kilbery7/16 2-1/4 50 Hole Hole StemMake/ModelSizeCentersAngleKrause (Low-Clearance)1/2 2-1/4 47 Krause (High-Clearance)7/16 2-1/4 50 Leon1/2 2-1/4 50 Massey Harris7/16 2-1/4 43 Massey Trash King 7/16 2-1/4 50 Mel-Cam7/16 2-1/4 50 Mel-Cam Cultiweeder7/16 2-1/4 43 Case IH 5800 2-1/2 50 Melrow (Clark)1/2 2-1/4 47 Minneapolis Moline T600, 1500, 18007/16 2-1/4 50 Minn-Toba 120, 1767/16 2-1/4 50 Minn-Toba 3-Point Hitch7/16 2-1/4 43 Mohawk1/2 2-1/4 43 Morris 2207/16 2-1/4 43 Morris MP 912 and Magnum1/2 2-1/4 50 Noble XR-207/16 2-1/4 50 Oliver 247, 248, 347 2-1/4 43 Oliver 500, 35007/16 2-1/4 43 Robin-Nodwell7/16 2-1/4 50 Rogin7/16 2-1/4 50 Roll-O-Cone1/2 2-1/4 50 Roll-O-Flex7/16 2-1/4 50 Schulte 3001/2 2-1/4 50 Sunflower7/16 2-1/4 50 Versatile7/16 2-1/4 50 Victory7/16 2-1/2 50 Wil Rick1/2 2-1/2 43 Wil Rich (Early)7/16 2-1/4 43 Case IH sweeps have a 2-1/4 - 2-1/2 combination hole center with 1/2 bolt holes to accommodated chisel 7/16 hole, use adapter bolt Part number 594243R1 (bolt has 1/2 head and 7/16 shank) 85 CROP PRODUCTIONCultivator PartsShovelsCase IH has a complete line of cultivator sweeps andshovels. The shovels are made of durable high-carbonsteel and have reinforced points for extra wear. They arefactory sharpened and available in spear head, doublepoint, two-piece, single point and other styles. A com-plete line of heavy-duty spikes, chisels, shovels andsweeps made of high-carbon ofHoleBoltsLength Width Thickness HolesSpacing UsedCurvaturePart 2 1/4 231/323/8- No. 3 Plow9-1/2588611 2-1/2 31/32 22-1/47/16 Special Sweep8-1/425702BA12 2 1/4 22-1/47/16 Special Sweep10547188R2Double-Pointed ShovelsNo. ofHoleBoltsLengthWidthThicknessHolesSpac ing UsedStylePart 4-1/2 1/4 22-1/21/2-No. 3 Plow 602595R1321-1/2 3 3/8 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowLH Twisted594545R121-1/2 3 3/8 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowRH Twisted594546R121-1/2 3 1/2 42-1/4 to1/2-No. 3 PlowLH TwistedB952422-1/221-1/2 3 1/2 4 2-1/4 to1/2-No. 3 PlowRH TwistedB952432-1/226- 1/2 3-1/2 1/2 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowLH Twisted812384C326-1/2 3-1/2 1/2 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowRH Twisted812385C326-1/2 4 1/2 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowLH Twisted1995505C126-1/2 4 1/2 52-1/21/2-No. 3 PlowRH Twisted1995506C1No. ofHoleBoltsLengthWidthThicknessHolesSpac ingUsedStylePart 1-3/8 3/16 1 3/8 Special SweepChisel81191C18-1/16 2 5/16 21-3/47/16 No. 3 PlowPencil 594227R1*10-1/8 1-3/4 1/4 21-3/47/16 No. 3 PlowChisel596623R111-1/2 2 5/16 21-3/47/16 No. 3 PlowChisel811799C312 2 5/16 21-3/47/16 No. 3 PlowPencil811889C116-7/8 2 5/8 22-1/21/2 No. 3 PlowChisel601986R117-3/4 2 1 22-1/2Grade 8 CapscrewsChisel193054A1*Single point, not reversibleReversible PointsGauge Wheel2134Part No. 526768R1Rim, Gauge Wheel (2)Part No. 516492R1Tire, 4 x 12Semi-Pneumatic Best QualityPart No. 1132172R1Tire, 4 x 12Semi-Pneumatic Good Quality(Not Shown)Part No. 526769R91Bearing, BallPart No. 1279445C91Wheel Assembly Gauge (Complete)234Part No. 220390A1Tire, Cheveron-TreatedPart No. 526769R91BearingPart No. 220391A1Wheel Assembly(Complete)1Part No. 220389A1Rim, Nylon12131241CROP PRODUCTION 86 Cultivator PartsShanksVibra ShankMachineApplicationPart , 133813293C1183813293C14300813293C1450081 3293C14600, 4700811992C24800, 4900813293C1Vibra TineMachineApplicationPart , 183734553R2365138584C1Shank KitsShank Kits (less Springs and Hardware)These kits replace existing shanks and hardware (except springs).Improve the performance of your field cultivator with these NumberApplicationB913464600, 4700, 4800, 4900 Field Cultivators(Shown)Also fits other brands with 3 horizontal x 4 vertical mounting811868C9145 Vibra Shank/4500 Vibra Shank Field Cultivators (Shown)B941274300 Field CultivatorsShank Kits (with Springs and Hardware)These kits replace existing shanks and hardware. Improve the per-formance of your filed cultivator with these complete NumberApplication813176C92Vibra Chisel ApplicationsB100691A14600, 4700, 4800, 4900 Field fits other brands with 3 horizontal x 4 vertical barsB100693A145 4500 Field Cultivators178957A14300 Field CultivatorsCultivator Spring Assembly Heavy-duty springs with plugs installed Genuine Case IH components Use kit for preseason maintenance topromote uptime during tillage seasonApplication: 45, 4300, 4500, 4600, 4700, 4800and 4900 Field CultivatorsPart No. B94592 without hardwarePart No. B94593 with hardware 87 CROP PRODUCTIONDrill/Planter Parts5000 Series CaseIH Grain DrillsFOR 21 X 7 5100 GRAIN DRILL WITH DOUBLE DISK OPENERS (OTHER SIZES USE AS REQUIRED) d1Drag chains212Seed tube213Feed cup bottom assembly214Feed cup assembly21NOTE: Rotary scrapers are for min-till drills d5Disk opener assembly426Rotary disk scraper assembly (LH & RH)217Outer blade scraper assembly218Inner scraper d1Fertilizer disk opener assembly141464C9282Disk scraper LH1250734C243Disk scraper RH1250735C244Hose clamp14100C145Fertilizer hose141007C146Seed cut-off tire141019C547Brush d8Drum seal57554C119Drum assembly 110Seed drum belt57669C4411Seed sensor (Early Riser)245599C2411Seed sensor (Seed Flow II)245598C24 Roller drive chain As. Cyclo Planter Module & Row UnitFOR 4 ROWS WITH SINGLE HOPPERS (OTHER SIZES USE AS REQUIRED)FOR 4 ROW UNIT GRAIN DRILL WITH SINGLE HOPPER (OTHER SIZES USE AS REQUIRED) d1Press wheel tire90854C142Press wheel bearing140393C9143Press wheel rim149148C184Covering disk assembly1277891C9185Disk opener shoe assembly1277777C146Seed deflector140817C147Opener disk assembly LH90850C9247Opener disk assembly RH90851C9248Firming d9Gauge wheel bushing133966C1410Gauge wheel bearing128558C91411Gauge wheel tire128633C1412Gauge wheel rim128616C28*Gauge wheel tire assembly225349A1413Marker disk assemblyVarious2*Marker disk chainVariousAs. req.*Rotary disc scraper (LH & RH)157680C18*Not illustrated800/900/955 Cyclo Planter Module & Row UnitCROP PRODUCTION 88 Drill/Planter PartsDrum Installation TipsInstallation TipsCheck the diameter of the opener disks. 14 Opener disks that areworn to less than 13-1/2 will no longer open seed trench proper-ly. Also, check double disk openers for wear on the inside. Wornbearing will allow the rear to cutinto the side of the leading the proper tools. Firmingpoints can be checked forwear. Tool Part Maximum allow-able wear is 1/4 NOTE: When replacing either firming point or opener disks, alwaysreplace both for assurance of proper seed placement and Point GaugePoint/Shoe Planter KitPart No. B94595Applications: 800, 900, 955Planters Includes shoe, point, deflectorand mounting hardware All genuine Case IHcomponents Handy package for tool box offarm shopFirming PointPart No. B94735Applications: 800, 900, 955Planters Handy cared two-pack Genuine Case IH pointsPlanter Brush AssemblyPart No. 145156C91EApplications: 800, 900, 955Planters Complete brush assembly Ready to install Genuine Case IH componentsRoller, FeedPart No. B94740Applications: 800, 900, 955Planters Granular chemical Carded product Handy packageHinge KitPart No. B94741Applications: 800, 900, and 955Planters Seed and ChemicalHoppers Carded products Includes all components andhardware in one packagePlanter Insecticide Closed Handling SystemProduct Support Kits1. Check the drum seal to be sure it is pliable and does nothave a flat area where it contacts the firewall. Replace theseal if necessary. Remove excess graphite lubricant from thefirewall and recoat with Case IH Slip Plate No. 1 Dry Graphite(14 oz. Aerosol 407408R1, 1 quart 547596R1).2. Check the seed drum brush for wear. The bristles must be atno wider than 5/8 in width across the bristles. Wheninstalling a new brush, with proper air pressure, rotate thedrum and visually check for oneseed per pocket. Increase brushpressure if more than one seed andreduce if multiple seeds are Use the proper tools. Use a seedgauge to determine the optimumseed No. 132720A1Disk Opener Assembly Selection ChartModelTypePart disk furrow opener603005R92Double disk furrow opener603020R925200Double disk furrow opener60302092Heavy-duty double disk furrow opener90850C925300Single disk furrow opener603005R92Double disk furrow opener1344911C1Heavy-duty double disk furrow opener90850C925400Double disk furrow opener conventional1344911C15500Heavy-duty double disk furrow opener, conventional90850C92Double disk furrow opener, trailing (Min-Til)90851C92Double disk furrow opener, leading (Min-Til)90850C92Toensure safe and convenient handling of insecticide, Case IH offersthe Lock N Load closed handling system for Case IH 800/900/955series planters. Load your planter in minutes Never touch the chemical Returnable chemical containersReinforced lid for Case IH 800/900/955Planter: 107977A1 (Pkg. 2) for Case IH1200 Planter 335977A1 with seal106696A1 valve. Trademark of American Cyanamid CompanyLock N Load 89 CROP PRODUCTIONDrill/Planter PartsPlanter and Grain Drill Disk AssembliesCase IH and All-Makes Applications90850C92 LH open diskassembly for planters, LH open-er disk assembly for min-till drill,heavy-duty drill package forCase IH applications90851C92 RH open diskassembly for planters, RH open-er disk assembly for min-till drill,heavy-duty drill package forCase IH applicationsB500276 Replacement planterdisk assembly for John Deere/White planters (OE Numbers852063)141464C92 Fertilizer openerdisk assembly for planters forCase IH applications1277891C91 Covering diskassembly for planters forCase IH applications603020R92 Grain drill openerdisk assembly for Case IH appli-cationsB1980615C1 Replacementgrain drill disk assembly forTye/White planters (OE Number852628)B1980616C1 Replacementgrain drill disk assembly forGreat Plains1344911C1 Opener diskassembly with heavy-duty huband bearing for Case IH Deutz/AC seed andfertilizer opener (OE Number71510363)133480A1 Opener disk forJohn Deere 750 drillSeed SensorsSeed Flow II Sensor 245598C2 Flow No FlowThis sensor is to be used with the Seed Flow IIMonitor. It will verify seed flow through the seed tubeand indicate any plug-up Sensor 245599C2 Accurate for CornThe Cyclo Sensor was the first sensor developed tocount was designed for use with the Cyclomitor andPerformance Center Monitors, although it can also beused with Early Riser was designed specifically for use with corn and isless accurate when sensing other Sensor 1978894C1 Accurate for All ApplicationsThe patented HI-RATE Sensor is used exclusively withEarly Riser sensor counts large and small seeds is able to discern seed populations from hundredsto hundred of thousands per is the only sensor that offers this performance forEarly Riser Choose OriginalEquipment Sensors?Case IH sensors are perfectlymatched for each planter monitorand applicationOnly Case IH offers the HI-RATEand SEED FLOW II sensors forEarly Riser and Cyclo plantersCase IH sensors compensatefor dust build-up within theseed tube and sensorCase IH sensors are subjected tothe same rigorous testing asoriginal equipment sensors this ensures consistent qualityand performance in the field90850C9290851C92B500276141464C92127 7891C91 603020R92B1980615C1B9180616C11344911C1 136617A1133480A1( )( )(3x15)(3x14)(2x8)(2x14)( )( )(2x14)( )(5x18)Disk1337971C11337971C1*492756R112 63938C1603013R2****133480A1Bearing126801 7C911268017C911268017C911268017C91126801 7C91465004R911268017C911268017C911268017 C911268017C91 N/AFlange90409C190409C190409C190409C1149 170C2602989R1149170C2149170C2149170C2904 09C1N/ARivet447-49447-49447-49447-49447- 4945-48447-49447-49447-49447-49N/ABearin g492709R2492709R2492709R2492709R2492709R 2603012R1492709R2492709R2492709R2492709R 2N/ACapBolt RH326-1028326-1028492750R1413-1028603010 R2106-91020 106-91020106-91020N/ABolt LH28067R128067R1413-1028603011R21978957C 1 1978957C11978957C11978957C1N/A*Disk blade not serviced is not Earth Metal. Bearing Caps and Bolts are not included in assemblies. May use 5/8 -11x1-1/4 capscrew. Be sure to loctite or bolt may PRODUCTION 90 Drill/Planter PartsProduct Support Kits forConcord Air Till Drills and Air SystemPlate Seal Assembly Metering RollsApplications: Systems 1100,2000, 2300, 2400, 3400, 3503Metering Roll Seal KitApplications: Systems 1100,2000, 2300, 2400, 3400, 3503Axle PivotApplication: Drill axle pivot Package includes all originalequipment components All components and hard-ware included in one pack-age Use kit for pre-season main-tenance to promote uptimeduring the seeding seasonSeal Kit Flow ControlPlateApplications: Systems 1100,2000, 2300, 2400, 3503 Kit includes two outer sealsand one inner sealBottom Wiper KitsProduct Meter Part No. B94615Seed Meter Part No. B94616Applications: Bottom productmeter Includes rubber wiper, stripand hardwarePart No. 1027945EBearing KitApplication: Drills using hub1015157 Maintenance kit for Concordpacker wheels All components and hardwareincluded in one packagePart No. B94348AHub AssemblyApplication: 12 Packer wheels Spindle kit includes all original equipment components All components and hardware included in one package Use kit for pre-season maintenance to promote uptime duringseeding seasonPart No. B94349Three (3) Bar Harrow Springs Maintenance KitApplications: 10 And 12 drills Heavy-duty tines Includes tines and attaching hardware Part No. B94684 5 foot (Shown) Part No. B94685 footPart No. B94684Hitch KitApplications: 10 And 12 drills, air double disk drills Replace all worn components for improved performancePart No. B94691Part No. 1030624EPart No. B94350ARub Pad KitApplication: Walk beamassembly Nylatron for longer service life Recommended for abrasivesoil conditions Includes two pads,Part Pad KitApplications: 10 And 12 drills and narrow transportwalking beam assembly Includes two pads, Part No. 1026129Rub Pad KitApplication - Concord air drills(older model drill) Includes four pads, Part No. 1023363Part No. B94689Part No. B94688Part No. B94690Part No. B94618Part No s B94615 & B94616 91 CROP PRODUCTIONDrill/Planter PartsProduct Support Kits for Concord Air Till Drills and Air SystemDepth Stop KitsApplication: 10 And 12 drills 4 Transport stops Part No. 1020439 (Qty. 2) Handy packages for tool box or farm shopsPart No. 1027525EDepth stop kit for wingsIncludes: Part No. 1027526 Black outsidePart No. 1027527 Black insidePart No. B94606Black inside wingPart No. 1027527 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94608 (Shown)Red .50 Part No. 1025805 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94609Orange .62 Part No. 1025806 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94610Yellow .75 Part No. 1025807 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94611 (shown)Green Part No. 1025808 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94612Blue Part No. 1029289 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94613Silver Part No. 1025089 (Qty. 2)Part No. B94614Black Part No. 1027526 (Qty. 2)Part No. 1025810ESix stops (red, orange, yellow,green, blue and silver)Part No. B94608Part No. B94611Part No. B94637Part No. B94634Part No. B94694Part No. 306731A1EPart No. B94607Part No. Conversion Kit Trip ShankApplications: 10 And 12 drills, narrow transport air drills 1 x 2 Shank Less soil disturbance, less draft Utilize sweep Sweep not Conversion Kit Cushion ShankApplications: Drills with sweeps 1-1/4 x 2 Shank Less soil disturbance, less draft Utilize sweep Sweep not Conversion Kit Cushion ShanksApplications: Drills withAnderson openers 1-1/4 x 2 Shank Less soil disturbance, less draft Utilize Anderson openers Opener not includedLow Disturbance ( ) Seed Boot Assembly Boot plus installed deflector Larger hardware for improved performanceDeflector Kit SeedBootApplication: seed bootassembly Components to replacedefectors Handy package for tool boxor farm shopShank Packages for Concord Air Till Drills and Air SystemsPart No. Conversion Kit TripShank Use with Anderson bootsonly if replacing all shanks Can be used with only if replacing allshanks 1 x 2 Shank Tighter shank radius Sweep not includedCushion Shank Housing PackageApplications: Any drill with cushion shanks Upgrade housing Tighter tolerances Enhanced performancePart No. B94728Part No. B94674CROP PRODUCTION 92 Drill/Planter PartsBearing Kits for Concord Air Till Drills and Air SystemCaster Wheel Bearing KitApplications: Heavy-duty mainframes onConcord drills 44+ ft. All components to replace bearings in casterwheel Genuine Case IH componentsCaster Wheel Bearing KitApplication: All wings and mainframes onConcord drills under 44 ft. All components to replace bearings in casterwheel Genuine Case IH componentsCart Axle Bearing KitApplication: Concord Carts 2000, 2300, 2400,3400, 3503 Genuine Case IH components Kit includes bearings, seals, cap and hardwarePart No. B94632Part No. B94631Part No. B94630Bearing KitApplication: Concord Air system drive line Cart maintenance kit promotes uptime serviceduring seeding season Genuine Case IH componentsBearing Kit Disk LevelersApplication: Disk levelers disk assembly PartNumber 1030418 Components necessary to replace bearing inDisk Assembly Part No. 1030418 Handy package for tool box or farm shopDrill Bearing KitsApplications: Case IH grain drills using openerdisk assembly Part Number 603020R92 (510,5100, 5200, 620, 6200) Components necessary to replace bearing indisk assembly Part Number 603020R92 Handy package for tool box or farm shopPart No. B94353 with Bolts (Not Shown)Part No. B94629Part No. B94619 w/BoltsPart No. B94352 w/RivetsFor Case IH Grain Drills 93 CROP PRODUCTIONThe exclusive steel for-mula makes Earth Metaldisk blades up to 60%tougher than ordinaryrolled steel blades. Andthey wear up to 20%longer than the bestconventional blades andup to 60% longer thanmany low-quality imported means you save money by re-blading less often. And less breakagemeans you save on downtime, Repair PartsEarth Metal Disk Blades for All Brands of HarrowsThe Earth Metal Story. What makes EARTH METAL so tough?These photomicrographs tell the Earth Metal the internal grain structure of Earth Metal blades isnon-directional, they have equal strength in all directions. The use of specialadditives in Earth Metal keeps slide inclusions on globular form, virtually elim-inating directional amounts of sulfur become elongated stringerswhen the steel is straight rolled. Although these blades are relatively strongacross the grain, splits read out following the paths of the sulfide , this type of blade tends to fracture easily under Axle KitFor 496/501/770/780/3900 Series HarrowsUpgrade your harrow axles for better than new performance! New 8-boltwheels and heavy-duty hub assemblies, inch spindles, triple lip hubseals with wear rings and taper roller a complete axle assembly and get most items needed One (1) axle tube Two (2) hub assemblies with spindles Two (2) wheels Two (2) valve stemsWheel Hub Load Capacity ComparisonsNew 8-bolt hub 6000 6-bolt heavy-duty hubs 4990 6-bolt light-duty hubs 3520 Axle Kit Number 223097A1 Two (2) required for 501 and 770/780 harrowsTwo (2) or four (4) required for 496 and 3900harrowsFor wing and main axles. Tires not included. Recommended tiresize 11L or x 15. Check machine for ply rating PRODUCTION 94 Harrow Repair bolt (main gangs)42Arbor bolt (wing gangs)43Furrow Filler washer24Washer25Bumper washer46Blades807spacing spool508Bearing spool229Bearing2210Bearin guard2211Spacer2212Bearing spool2213Nut washer814Nut815Lock strip816 Scraper assembly80For 24 7 harrow with 7-1/2 blade spacing other sizes, use as requiredBearing SupportKitsApplication: IH and Case IH tandemdisk harrows. Genuine Case IH components necessaryto replace the bearing Complete with hardware Four kits available:Part No. B94716 with ST491A BearingPart No. B94732 with FD209RA BearingPart No. B94720 with ST491A Bearing andBearing GuardPart No. B94717 with FD209RA Bearing andBearing GuardMost CaseIH Tandem Disk HarrowsWheel and HubSpindle AssemblyPart No. B91354 (Shown)Six bolt hub assembly comes complete with spindle,bearings, seals, hub caps and wheel models 470, 475, 480, 485, 490, 496, 501,760 and No. B91353For many Case IH chisel plows and forage harvestermodels, 496 (late models) and 3900 No. 224225A1For Case IH harrows with 8-bolt Standard nylon retailer allows forflexing in tough disc Sawtooth grip (STG) seal retentionsystem for the ultimate in seal 20% Thicker heavy-duty steel cap formaximum strength, rigidity and 70% Closer clearance of the metal capto the inner ring for greaterprotection of the rubber seal 27% More lip interference with a 60%thicker outboard lip and 15% thickerinboard lips to ensure the highestresistance to contamination a complete line of American-made bearings for the most popular brandsof harrows and tillage No. B94716Part No. B94720 95 CROP PRODUCTIONHarrow Repair PartsBlades for IH, Case IH and All-Makes HarrowsThicknessCenter HoleCenter HoleSolidNotchedTypeMmGaugeConcavityType SizePart BLADE SIZE 16 1-19/64 1-11/64 1-35/64 BLADE SIZE 18 1-11/64 Sq. 482987R21-19/64 MER 1-35/64 1-11/64 DISK BLADE SIZE 20 1-35/64 1-19/64 DISK BLADE SIZE 22 1-19/64 1-35/64 1-35/64 PRODUCTION 96 Harrow Repair PartsBlades for IH, Case IH and All-Makes HarrowsThicknessCenter HoleCenter HoleSolidNotchedTypeMmGaugeConcavityType SizePart BLADE SIZE 22 MER 1-35/64 1-35/64 DS31-11/64 1-19/64 1-51/64 BLADE 24 1-51/64 2-3/64 1-19/64 1-35/64 1-51/64 BLADE SIZE 26 2-3/64 BLADE SIZE 28 BLADE SIZE 32 998861R1 97 CROP PRODUCTIONPlow PartsDiamond-Finish Moldboards and ShimsDiamond-Finish moldboards and shins are hard and smooth for maximum solid steel moldboard with an impact core is manufactured by a uniqueprocess which produces a though, break-resistant, long-wear moldboards and shins have a surface hardness, of 62-65RC for increasedwear-resistance. At this hardness, moldboards will develop a quick land polishand continue to scour acre after acre. Don t try this with conventional smooth surface to further promote quick scouring and soil moldboards and shins are designed for the Case IH high-speed HSCXSuper Chief bottoms and new a moldboard for all soil and plowing both the XT and XW Earth Metal Design and HardwareRounded-Corner Diamond-Shaped Holes (RCDS) New design eliminates sharp corners and reduces potential for breakage of shins andmoldboards Bolts have RCDS heads to maximize holding moldboard and shin in acreafter acre Special Grade 8 bolts for strength and long wear Bolts and nuts are in dimensions for moldboards, shins, shares, landslides and pads(Customers can remove and replace all parts with one 11/167 wrench)Part & Qty. Req dDiamond-Finish Products179323A1179324A1179314A1Moldboar d RH23179315A1Moldboard LH23179318A1Shin RH11179319A1Shin LH11179323A1Bolt 7/16 14 x 179324A1Bolt 7/16 14 x 429-1077/16 Grade 8 Nut Value-Priced Shins131972C259055C3179320A1Shin RH11179321A1Shin LH11131972C27/16 x 1-3/16 Bolt 59055C37/16 x 45/64 Bolt 429-1077/16 Grade 8 Nut Diamond-Finish ShinsDiamond-Finish shins have a harder sur-face for longer wear, the ability to scour insticky soils and a ductile impact core toperform in rocky conditions. Standardequipment on production ShinsThese value-priced shins are not recom-mended for sticky soils or very PRODUCTION 98 Plow PartsCase IH Super Chief BottomsThe extra support in Super Chief bottoms and shares provides a reserve ofstrength whenever there s special stress. These bottoms are built to take theabuses of a wider cut and deeper plowing behind today s high-horsepower Super chief bottoms are quick penetrating and light in draft. They have heavy cast frogs, replace-able shins and 4-bolt share mountings. They also have exceptional scouring ability. You get improvedscouring throughout their long adjustment is a special feature on all Super Chief plow bottoms. You can tilt each bottom forwardas they share point wear, maintaining fast penetration and suck, plus, you get extended share life. Byturning an eccentric bolt you can lilt the point down as much as a half Plow Bottoms/Super Chief Bottoms HSRight HandLeft HandSize (Inches)Size (Inches) Diamond Finish 1179315A1Moldboard (LH) Diamond Finish2179319A1Shin (Left) Diamond Finish2179318A1Shin (Right) Diamond Finish3224130C2Frog-Right31284103C2Frog- LeftConversion Bottom FrogToconvert most John Deere Bottoms to Case IH Super Chief configuration3a1980512C2 Right1980513C2 LeftToconvert most Massey Ferguson Bottoms to Case IH Super Chief configuration3b1980945C2 Right1980946C2 LeftToconvert most Massey Ferguson Bottoms to Case IH Super Chief configuration3c97815C2 Right97813C2 Left4132002C1Brace moldboard to frog, RH 16 and 18 inch withhardened steel moldboard41284102C1Brace moldboard to frog5 Shares6 LandsidesMoldboard Plow Bottoms/Super Chief Bottoms HSCU Right HandLeft HandSize (Inches)Size (Inches) Right1491633R1Moldboard Left2491631R1Shin Right2491630R1Shin Left3224130C2Frog Right31284103C2Frog Left4522318R2Brace moldboard to frog RH4464596R2Brace moldboard to frog LH5 Shares6 Landsides CROP PRODUCTIONPlow PartsPlow SharesPremium Upset Shares(Heavy-Duty)Also called thick-point shares, theseshares have extra-thickness throughoutthe entire front portion for addedstrength. These shares are 9/16 inchthick at the point. They re ideal for rockconditions and extremely abrasive Suck SharesDesigned for more aggressive action,giving quicker entry and more stableplowing depths in hard ground. Not rec-ommended for extremely rocky SharesHeavy-duty economy share for normalsoil conditions. Reinforcing rib providesextra strength and longer user can be sure the share has beenengineered to do the job effectively. Justan example: Case IH upset, or thickpoint shares, have extra material at thefront to eliminate breakage in rocky competitive shares said to be upset do not have an appreciableamount of additional material in TreatedAll Case IH shares are uniformly heat-treated. Some cheap substitute shareshave no heat treatment at all. Many oth-ers, advertised as heat-treated, are notuniformly heat-treated. As a result, softspots develop and the shares wear morequickly in those Case IH shares fit on IH or Case IHbottoms. Might fits don t matchCase IH hole patterns, can t be IH gives the user a choice ofthree different basic types of shares a choice that s not available to some-one using substitute three basic types are:Quality SteelCase IH shares are made from thefinest high-carbon steel, carefullycontrolled at the steel the deep suck and the upset shares come in hard surfaced are 4-bolt shares to give extra-solid mounting for longer are interchangeable and fit on any Super Chief Chief Plow SharesTrashboards for IH and Case IH PlowsTrashboards leave fields cleanerby turning under trash and TrashboardsMade from heat-treated springsteel, these trashboards take andkeep a high polish in most types of soil. The exclusive lock-on design pre-vents the trashboard from brackets for all trashboards are for IH and Case IH plow bottoms. Use corresponding trash-boards and attaching brackets from TrashboardsFlexi-plate plastic trashboards for Case IH moldboard plows scour wereothers plug. Made of high-density polyethylene, they feature a for normal soil conditions, plastic trashboards are theanswer to scouring problems. There smooth surface resists dirt andmud. The plastic is it literally kicks the dirt off when in , they won t rust and pit when not in use. They stay smoothand shares are furnished without bolts. Most sizes available in Parts: Part Number 463988R41 Bolt with nut(3 used per share)Part Number 309670A1 Bolt with nut(1 used per share)Part Number P39881989 Share Bolt Kit(3 of 463988R41 and 1 of 309670A1)4-Bolt SharesShare TypeFull Cut (inches)UpsetDeep SuckRibbedRegular Edge12141618Hard Surface12141618 SteelPlasticAttachingPlow BottomTrashboardTrashboardBracketRight Hand464719R3476811R1484688R1Left Hand467817R3483682R1484687R1 99 CROP PRODUCTION 100 Plow PartsLandslidesMoldboard Plow Bottoms for Super Chief and TF (Terra Flo) BottomsPart HardwareFront Two piece for Case IH bottoms1980672C2 RH LandsideBolt (2) 7/16-14 x Grade 8 Special1980671C2 LH LandsideBolt 7/16-14 x 2 Grade 8 Special59058C2 RH Wear PadNut (2) 7/16-14 Grade 81980947C2 LH Wear PadFor Massey Ferguson & John Deere Converted Plows1980514C RH Landside1980515C2 LH Landside59058C2 RH Wear Pad1980947C2 LH Wear PadRear RT and LT (For rear bottoms on most types of plows)526777R3 RH LandsideBolt (2) 7/16 x 1-1/2 Plow Grade 8464594R2 LH LandsideNut (2) 7/16-14 Grade 859058C2 RH Wear PadWasher 15/32 x 1-1/2 x 11 LH Wear PadLandsides for Super Chief Bottom (Special Equipment)Adjustable wide landsides(recommended for some two-way plows) Landside Adjustable Wide LH1543322R1Rear Landside Adjustable Wide RH1543692R1Front Landside Adjustable Wide LH543693R1Front Landside Adjustable Wide LH2543325R1Brace Landside RH543324R1Brace Landside LH3490435R1Clip Landsided (3)4543323R1Block PivotColter BladesThis ripple-edge colter blade provides an importantimprovement in plowing. It is made of high quality EarthMetal steel for longer life and extra seasons of ripple-edge blades will work with either yoke orsingle arm-type hubsRipple Edge BladesThe ripple edge colter blade has been a significant improvement in tests in trash have shown its superiority over standard flat type coltersin most conditions. Made of high-quality steel for longer life and extra sea-sons of service, it improves the plowing operation by providing these impor-tant advantages. Serrated CuttingThe ripple edge has a cutting action like a fine serrated knife. Eachripple of the blade bites deep into the soil, cutting trash and soil moreefficiently and quickly than flat blades. Because rotation is positive, thecutting action is forward, not downward like flat blades. This allows adeeper cut and reduces wear on the plow share. Self-SharpeningA sharpening action takes place as the edge of the blade wears,providing a more efficient cutting tool. Plain Colter BladesCase IH also carries a full line of plain colter blades. The plain bladescut clean furrow walls where trash is No.(Inches)Thickness(Plain)(Ripple) (4 holes) 4mm478436R1 (8 holes) quieter and smoother with Case IH mufflers! 101 EXHAUST SYSTEMSExhaust SystemsCase IH Mufflers Aluminized steelconstruction Heavy-duty designs Proper fit-up, backpressure and noisereduction High-heat black paintCase IH ExhaustTubes, Stack &Accessories Heavy-dutyaluminized stacksand accessories Quality black paintedstacks Mirror finish chromestacks Extra-strengthexhaust clampsThe Case IH Advantage Complete exhaust product coverage All-makes parts Competitive pricingMade of aluminized steel, Case IH mufflerslast longer than will-fits and providesuperior heat and rust welded head and shell seamsprevent gas leakage in sizes and perforation patternsprovide original equipment trap protects against malfunc-tioning rain and flanged inlet makesinstallation quieter and smoother with Case IH mufflers!Salt Spray TestAfter the two mufflers were heat tested,both mufflers were subjected to a SaltSpray Test which exposes the productsto a five percent salt fog for 96 hours. Thisis a standard ASTM (American Society ofTesting Materials) test for the purpose ofdetermining a product s ability to with-stand surface rust aluminized steel in the Case IH muf-fler resisted severe rusting and experi-enced only minor surface oxidation DesignTwo agricultural mufflers which visually look similar, thecompetitive muffler on the left, Case IH on the TestThe end seams on the competitive muffler on the left arepressed together. The Case IH muffler design on the rightis crimped at both ends to provide increased productstrength and extended product MufflerEach muffler was heat cycled to 1000 degrees fahrenheitfor eight hours. This heat test simulates a muffler underfield working conditions. The average exhaust systemtemperatures of gas and diesel applications range from800 to 1400 IH MufflerThe aluminized steel used in the Case IH muffler will holdits strength characteristics up to 1300 degrees and resistoxidation longer than unprotected MufflerCase IH MufflerCase IH MufflerThe Case IH QualityDifferenceInternal DesignThe cut-away pictures on theright show the internal ele-ments of the Case IH features indicate thatthe muffler has been designedfor use with a specific than a straight throughwide open design, the internalcomponents have beenstrategically located. The holesizes and configuration of theperforated hole pattern have been designed to minimize sound levels, while creat-ing optimum engine back pressure to help achieve maximum fuel steel used throughout to resist rustingFully crimped seams to provide increased productstrength and extended product lifeCustom internal design to meet the engine backpressure specifications to help achieve maximum fueleconomyCustom designed perforation patterns to meet Case IHsound deadening requirementsCompetitive MufflerThe Case IH quality difference goes beyond prices of competitive mufflers may be cheaper, butthe Case IH value-added creates extended savings. 102 EXHAUST SYSTEMS 103 EXHAUST SYSTEMSAccuseal Clamps New clamp technology Creates a ton of force Pre-assembled hardware Provides leakproof joint Fast, easy to install7200 MagnumStack Wrap Made of 20-gauge polishedstainless steel Clamps and bolts included 60 High Will not discolor due to heat Easy to mountPart No. ZNL365202QMuffler AccessoriesSizeGuillotineStandard(inches )Zinc PlatedU-Bolt1-1/2 ZNL90927K1-3/4 ZNL90928K1-7/8 ZNL90914K2ZNL89541KZNL90929K2-1/8 ZNL90930K2-1/4ZNL89542KZNL90915K2-1/2ZNL 89543KZNL90916K2-3/4ZNL89544K 3ZNL89545K 3-1/4ZNL89546K 3-1/2ZNL89547K 4ZNL89548K 4-7/16ZNL90090A 4-1/2ZNL90092A 5ZNL89549K 6ZNL89550K Rain Caps Aluminum paint finish Long lasting Heavy-duty QuietSizeInchesPart 3/8 U-bolt UnfinishedSize(inches)AluminizedStainles s2ZNL90869AZNL900016A*2-1/4ZNL90870AZNL9 00017A*2-1/2ZNL90871AZNL900018A*2-3/4ZNL 90872AZNL900019A*3ZNL90873AZNL900003A3-1 /2ZNL90874AZNL900004A4ZNL90875A *409 Stainless steel band with metrichardware 104 EXHAUST SYSTEMSMuffler All-Makes Cross ReferenceCase IHOEM Cadet106337C41132283R1385307R11132274R13 85308R11132284R1393840R1393840R14506801Z NL48113UDavid Brown91437360720R92914083ZNL3154T921351Z NL3154TK910539C365966R1K96422365966R91Er ickson34110ZNL49120B34112ZNL86177MFiat-A llis7312707ZNL17256TCase IHOEM Harvester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ntern ational Hough108435H45ZNL86521M652499C3ZNL15308T Case IHOEM IH84738C284738C2A135881ZNL22704TA139471Z NL14663TA142751ZNL22705TA147044ZNL22152T A147046ZNL22153TA147100ZNL15572TA15163ZN L22706TA160176ZNL22707TA172785A172785A17 3180A173180A173648A173648A184157A184157A 20494ZNL6375TA21464ZNL86178MA23476ZNL861 78MA24103ZNL22151TA24105ZNL22151TA24314Z NL86178MA29991A29991A39022A39022A39561A3 9561A59765ZNL10777TA64990A64990A66780ZNL 22150TD120870D120870D47767ZNL10817TD6400 8ZNLD64008F18685ZNL86177MG13032365966R91 G45239ZNL86178MG45264ZNL86178MG45287ZNL8 045TG45703365966R91G45727ZNL8045TG45728Z NL5908TO6705ABZNL22151TR27575R27575R4188 9R41889T42286ZNL22151TJohn Deere420-23149ZNL12417T420-26436ZNL12417 TAA2214RZNL11675TAH11014ZNL5757TAH11054H ZNL86178MAM625TZNL2454TAN11834ZNL5757TAP 26196HZNL4839TAP26767HZNL4839TAR26640ZNL 6292TAR30189ZNL8618TAR30190ZNL8618TAR411 71MZNL19135TAR86602ZNL18902TAR86604ZNL17 205TAR89594ZNL17205TAT75038ZNL17205TAR89 595ZNL19135TAT10646TZNL86177MAT16380TZNL 8045TAT19157ZNL9270TAT21689ZNL9707TAT216 90ZNL9707TAT83613ZNL17476TRE20224ZNL1890 1TCase IHOEM Ferguson32289AZNL3938T181867M91ZNL5908T1 82609M91ZNL4648T184207M91ZNL5651T505545M 92ZNL9178T539523M92ZNL14217T539525M91ZNL 14214T578090M92ZNL14222T767994M91ZNL3938 TMelroe (Bobcat)651473FZNL17410T6519594ZNL12417T 6541298ZNL12740T6555524ZNL13626T6559320Z NL16828T6560310ZNL16988T6560324ZNL16986T 6562191ZNL16825TMinneapolis Moline10A12633ZNL5853T10A17881ZNL7874T10 A23891ZNL9771T10A7889ZNL4859T10A8693ZNL4 859TKE846ZNL5853TOliver7AA452A403551R110 0694AZNL9947T103417A403551R1104764398511 R1155623AZNL9947T155980A398511R1164079AZ NL9947TK452ZNL2366TL452ZNL2366TVersatile 606T123AZNL86135MWhite161383AZNL9496T164 961AZNL10019T673066AZNL9710T30-3364178ZN L19150T 105 EXHAUST SYSTEMSCustom & Chrome StacksCustom StacksDiameterLength Slotted (inches)(inches)BlackChromeBlackChrome22 8-3/4D70514 84755C1 2-1/231 R42388 37-1/2 A172152 44 L104036322 527703R1 Straight Top3-1/831 ZNL646112QMaxxum Stack4-3/1627 A180204 38 A181267 4-1/269 ZNL645633510 Leg x 14 Leg45-191 Elbow SlottedDiameterLength Slotted (inches)(inches)BlackChromeBlackChrome31 2 ZNL89143A 36ZNL89036AZNL89036CZNL89050AZNL89050C48 ZNL89037CZNL89051AZNL89051C3-1/224 ZNL89052A 36ZNL89041AZNL89041CZNL89053AZNL89053C48 ZNL89042C ZNL89054C418 ZNL89145A 36ZNL89044AZNL89044CZNL89056AZNL89056C48 ZNL89045C ZNL89057C518 ZNL89146A 36 ZNL89059A 48 ZNL89060A 636 ZNL89223A DiameterLength Slotted (inches)(inches)AluminizedChromeAluminiz edChrome2-1/218 ZNL89206A 36 ZNL89208A 324 ZNL89006CZNL89212A 36 ZNL89020AZNL89020C48 ZNL89021A 60 ZNL89213A 3-1/224 ZNL89022A 36 ZNL89011CZNL89023AZNL89023C418 ZNL89216A 36 ZNL89014CZNL89026AZNL89026C4-1/227-1/2 ZNL90552A 518 ZNL89218A 36 ZNL89029A 48 ZNL89030A 636 ZNL89219A DiameterLength Slotted (inches)(inches)AluminizedChromeAluminiz edChrome418 ZNL89921A 36 ZNL89991A 4-1/226 ZNL90553A 518 ZNL89922A 36 ZNL89993A 48 ZNL89994A Stacks with high heat black paint, chrome and aluminized 106 Use Case IH Quality Filters and Extend theLife of Your Equipment!Get the filter designed to protect your equipment whether it s your cab, fuel system,engine oil, or hydraulic oil!Why use Case IH filters on your Case IH equipment?Case IH filters may look like many other filterson the market. But inside, they include fea-tures that make them tougher, stronger, andbetter for your equipment. Like extra-heavy fil-ter element paper, metal center tubes andend caps in place of plastic or paper, leak-stopping coil springs to keep filter elements inplace and rugged outer canisters. Case IH fil-ters also trap smaller shavings, slivers andparticles than most will-fits. They offer yousuperior and superior IH filters are specially built to absorboff-road shocks and vibration and meet rigidquality specifications established at Case engineers and technicians routinely torturetest parts to assure that everything Case IHproduces or approves meet rigorous stan-dards of quality. If they say no, the part justdoesn t go into Case IH equipment!These filters are designed to fit your equip-ment exactly with just the right threads,gasket sealing area, bypass settings, operat-ing pressure and more. So you get heavy-duty, perfect-fit protection and avoidexpensive, hard-to-see hidden problemsthat can ruin your up onFILTERStoday!Custom-designed filtration media Synthetic Cellulose Blends Stacked disk Optimized filtration performance in capacity(life), efficiency (cleanliness), and restrictionto flow Minimizes progressive wear Reduces bearing and ring wear Excellent sludge removal Filters oil sooner during cold startsTomeet the performance demands of today s tough off-road environments, your Case IHequipment is generating more usable horsepower than ever before. Tighter tolerances, high-er temperatures, and severe duty cycles are driving the requirement for high quality filtrationand increased durability without sacrificing filter the costs for repairing equipment breakdowns are normally high, they are often minus-cule compared to those associated with lost harvests or missed project completion t jeopardize productivity by using will-fit filtration. Case IH lube filters are designedspecifically for your Case IH equipment, they are guaranteed to ensure peak performancewhile providing maximum protection for your Filtration SystemsPatented combination full-flow/bypass filtration productsGuaranteed to meet Case IH specificationsUltra Filters withCase IH Ultra filters with MicroLoc Media are the next generation filtration designed specifically to deliver optimum efficiency without loss of fil-ter life. Over the last 5 years, extensive laboratory research and thousands of hours of field tests have been dedicated to developing the MicroLocMedia. The individual components of Case IH Ultra filters have been designed for high-performance and durability through countless severe-duty tests. These efforts have resulted in a premium filtration product line that provides an outstanding competitive difference and superior sys-tem protection designed specifically for your Case IH IH Ultra filters with MicroLoc offer the following advantages:Media Polymeric composition Multi-layered design Continuous fiber High efficiency Hot oil stability Moisture tolerance Self bonded Uniform fiber diameter New standard offiltrationIts unique composition consists of multiple layersof bonded synthetic material. Each layer is madefrom continuous polymeric fibers of various diame-ters selected to provide superior filtration, durabili-ty and filter life not available in traditional using Case IH Ultra filters with MicroLoc Media,your engine systems will receive the best filtration per-formance available today. Your filters will remove thesmall, high-wear-causing particles from the minutethey are installed until the minute they are filter manufacturers may claim to provide supe-rior protection, but there is nothing that protects yourequipment like Case IH Ultra filtration with MicroLoc! 107 FILTERSFILTERS 108 Fuel Filtration SystemsFew things will impact your harvest, orwork in place quicker than a poor qualityfuel filter. Fine filtration, long life, and effi-cient water removal are vital to keepingyour equipment in the field and on the , there are other filters on the markettoday that will fit your engine, but only oneline that is designed specifically for yourCase IH equipment. Case IH fuel filters areguaranteed to provide maximum protec-tion for your engine s high performanceinjectors and fuel pump systems. Demandthe best protection for your Case IH equip-ment genuine Case IH fuel filtration! Patented self-venting drain valve onfuel/water separators StrataPore proprietary media Higher efficiency without loss ofcapacity Better injection protection Dramatically improved waterremoval of both free andemulsified water Increased service lifeCoolant and Filtration ProductsOver 70% of all engine repair costs are cooling system related. Coolant prod-ucts available through Case IH are fully formulated to eliminate the need forsupplemental coolant additive (SCA) pre-charging. They are designed specif-ically for your equipment to prevent scaling, foaming, and corrosion, whileproviding liner pitting protection not found in universal low silicate Case IH coolant filters and liquid coolant products provide the protectionthat your equipment demands. Your Case IH dealer offers a broad range ofcooling system products designed to maximize the performance of formulated antifreeze products that are userfriendly and reduce maintenance costs Compleat EG and PG Premixed and concentrate Universal low silicate products for automotive All sizes from 1 gallon to 275 gallon totesMultiple supplemental coolant additive options DCA4 and DCA2 chemistries Liquid or filter chemical additives Extended service coolantsBroad range of coolant analysis services On-site testing with 3-way test strip Monitor laboratory analysis programComplete line of cleaners Restore (alkaline) Restore Plus (acidic) 109 FILTERSAir Filtration SystemsYour Case IH vehicle is equipped with an air cleaner housing with elements, integral precleanerand intake ducting. All perform a certain function. For example, the intake ducts deliver airto the precleaner which takes out 75% to 94% of the heavy course dustbefore reaching the primary element in the air cleaner housing. This dustreaching the primary element has a far greater chance of entering yourengine if you are not using Case IH IH brand filters offer the following advantages: Designed and supplied as complete system Exact replacement each and every time you service Highest efficiency product available Continuous element media quality control testing for: Efficiency Wet and dry strength Burst strength Pleatloc media spacing for improved loading/field life Deeper end covers for more effective potting of media Urethane seals and molded in place gaskets Advanced Radialseal designsFor optimum performance and engine protection, useonly Case IH brand. A will-fit may be just that, will fit, butwill it perform and protect your investment like an original Case IH brand?Why take the chance?Hydraulic Filtration SystemsIn the early 80s, Case IH was one of the first users of high performance synthetic media in thehydraulic and transmission filters used on construction equipment. This new media provided maximum protection against wear, longer filter life and lowest pressure drop osynthetic media is even more important. That is why Case IH brand filters are exclusively synthetic. Case IH brand filters deliver the optimum balance of efficiency, capacity and pressure IH brand filters offer the following advantages: Lower pressure drop Customized efficiency for application Complete system design, head and filter Exact replacement each and every time serviced Maximized dirt holding capacity (longer service life) Greater temperature operating range Compatibility with new synthetic and environmentally-friendly oils Premier o-ring seal Continuous element quality control testingMulti-pass Pressure fatigue Pressure drip Vibration Baffle torque Burst element collapse Element cleanlinessWhen it comes to protecting yourinvestment, don t jeopardize yourequipment by using just any filter. Replace with Case IH brand fordesigned 110 Case IH Filter Maintenance KitsCase IH provides an easy maintenance tool for your agricultural equipment in one carton with our custom-designed Maintenance Kit program. All the filters you need to service your vehicle are packedas one part number. Over 600 kit numbers are available, or you can design your own kit with two or more different products.**Due to packaging and protection issues, heavy-duty air filters, heads and housing are notincluded in Maintenance Case IH All-Makes?The Case IH All-Makes Filter Program offers a comprehensive line ofair, coolant, fuel, hydraulic and lube filtration products for all vehicleapplications. Over 5,000 products to satisfy most applications OEM affiliation Not a jobber or will-fit manufacturer Meets or exceeds all OEM specifications All products designed for specific applications and needs Dedicated resources for research and development to provideadvanced and innovative filtration productFilter Kit Cross Reference ListKit Part (2)A184774A77544A184773MK11282W5A44081A4 1745MK11283W5A75294A41745MK11284W5A14669 6A41745MK11308W5A44081(2)A44068A77544MK1 1323W5A184775(2)A184774528493R3A77544A18 4773MK11416W5A77537J903640A77544J930942M K11417W5J919562J930942A77544J903640MK119 40W53136046R931967094C1(2)A77544MK11941W 51329020C21967094C1(2)A77544MK11942W5J93 2217J903640528493R3MK11943W5J932217J9036 40A77544Kit Part KitMK11952W5A20822A21141A7627A57228MK119 54W528-3628-25A77544MK11955W51-218728-35 A7754490-1158T1MK11956W590-7101T190-3941 T1A77544MK11957W51-23351-2334A77544Turn the page to find the specific kit for your model! 111 FILTERSFilter Kit Application ChartModelKit Part AND CASE IH TRACTORSMX180, MX200, MX220MK11417W5QuadtracMK11956W5770MK1128 4W5870MK11284W5930 Comfort KingMK11952W5970Prior to Engine S/N 10020008MK11284W5Engine S/N 10020008 & AfterMK11283W51070MK11283W51896MK11225W5 2096MK11225W52290, 2294MK11308W52390, 2394MK11308W52590, 2594MK11308W53220MK11940W53230MK11940W53 294MK11308W53394, 3594MK11308W54210MK11940W54230, 4240MK11941W54490, 4494MK11308W54690, 4694MK11308W55120MK11232W55130, 5140MK11225W55220MK11232W55240MK11225W55 250MK11225W57110, 7120Prior to Engine S/N 44500128MK11416W5Engine S/N 44500128 & AfterMK11417W57130, 7140, 7150Prior to Engine S/N 44500595MK11416W5Engine S/N 44500595 & AfterMK11417W57210, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250MK11417W58910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950MK11417W59110, 9130MK11416W5Engine S/N 44500128 & AfterMK11417W59150Prior to JCB0003600with Cat. 3306 EngineMK11954W5with Cummins JCB0003600 & AfterMK11956W59170, 9180Prior to JCB0003600with Cat 3406 EngineMK11957W5with Cummins JCB0003600 & AfterMK11956W59190MK11955W59210, 9230, 9240MK11417W59250, 9260MK11956W59270, 9280MK11956W59310, 9330MK11417W59350, 9370, 9380MK11956W5IH TRACTORS70 Hydro (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*86 Hydro (Diesel - D-312)MK11281W5MK11323W5*100 Hydro (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*186 Hydro (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*666 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5**Includes hydraulic filterModelKit Part TRACTORS CONT D966 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*986 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*1066 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*1086 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*1486, 1566 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*1586 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*3388, 3588, 3788 (Diesel)MK11281W53488, 3688 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*4166, 4186 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*4366 (Diesel)MK11281W55088, 5288, 5488 (Diesel)MK11281W56388, 6588, 6788 (Diesel)MK11281W57288, 7488 (Diesel)MK11281W5STEIGER TRACTORSSERIES III MODEL TRACTORSST-280 with Cummins EngineMK11955W5PTA251MK11955W5PTA280 with Cummins EngineMK11955W5PTA296, PTA297, PTA310MK11955W5ST450 with Cummins EngineMK11955W5ST470MK11955W5SERIES IV MODEL TRACTORSCM225, CM250MK11954W5CM280, CM325MK11955W5KM225MK11955W5KM360MK11955 W5KS280, KS325, KS360MK11955W5CR & KR RANGE POWERSHIFT SERIES MODELTRACTORSCR1225, CR1280MK11954W5KR1225, KR1280MK11955W5CP & KP PANTHER 1000 SERIES MODELSTRACTORSwith Cummins EngineMK11955W51000 POWERSHIFT SERIES MODEL TRACTORSPumaMK11416W5Panther/Lion with Cummins 855 Engine MK11955W5CA & CU INDUSTRIAL SERIES MODELTRACTORSwith Cummins EngineMK11955W5POWER IRRIGATION UNITS4390, 4390TMK11232W56590, 6590T, 6590TAMK11225W56830T, 6830TA, 6831T, 6831TAMK11417W5SKID STEERS75XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XTMK11948W51740 Diesel (Engine S/N 2718940 & After)MK11951W51835 DieselMK11951W51835B DieselMK11951W51840MK11232W51845 DieselMK11951W51845B DieselMK11951W51845C Prior to S/N JAF0066000MK11232W5ModelKit Part AND CASE IH EQUPMENTCOMBINES815, 915 with D-DT414 Diesel EngineMK11281W51440, 1460, 1470, 1480 (Diesel)MK11281W5MK11323W5*1620Prior to JJC0032630 MK11940W5with D358 JJC00032630 & After MK11225W5with 6T-590 Engine1640Prior to JJC0034705 MK11281W5with D466 EngineMK11323W5* JJC0034705 & AfterMK11942W5with 6TA-590 Engine1644MK11943W51660Prior to JJC0038346MK11281W5with DT-466B EngineMK11323W5* JJC0038346 & After with 6TA-830 EnginePrior to Engine S/N 44489287MK11944W5Engine S/N 44489287 & AfterMK11945W51666MK11945W51670 HillsidePrior to JJC0080540MK11281W5MK11323W5* JJC0080540 & AfterMK11944W51680Prior to JJC0045689 MK11281W5with DT-466C EngineMK11323W5* JJC0045689 & After with 6TA-830 EnginePrior to Engine S/N 44500595MK11944W5Engine S/N 44500595 & AfterMK11945W51688MK11945W52144MK11946W5 2166MK11945W52188MK11945W52344MK11946W52 366MK11945W52388MK11945W5COTTON HARVESTERS1800MK11225W5COTTON PICKERS1822 ( JJC0012691 & After)MK11225W51844 ( JJC0002462 & After)MK11416W52022MK11225W52044, 2055MK11417W52155MK11417W52555MK11417W5W INDROWERS6000, 6500 (Diesel)MK11232W58840 with 4T-390 Case EngineMK11232W58850MK11225W5FILTERS 112 Filter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic584 orLube (w/ZF Axle)1398080R2Lube (Longer)13044506R93*Fuel (2-Stage)23218794R91** orFuel (Bosch)-Twin23044506R93**Fuel (CAV)-Twin11967094C1Fuel (Spin-On)193413C1Hydraulic Kit1529854R2+Air11265510C1++Air (outer)13115569R2++Air (inner)*Prior to Engine S/N 318210**Engine S/N 318210 & After+Prior to S/N 2025++S/N 2025 & After585, 685 orLube (w/ZF Axle)1398080R2Lube (Longer)21967094C1*Fuel (Bosch)13218794R91**Fuel (Bosch)-Twin11967094C1**Fuel (Bosch)-Twin23044506R93**Fuel (CAV)-Twin193413C1Hydraulic Kit1529854R2Air11265510C1Air (outer)-58513115569R2Air (inner)-58513125342R2Air (outer)-68513125255R1Air (inner)-6851A77544Water Filter Kit* 18001 & After**Prior to 18001UTILITY TRACTORSUTILITY TRACTORS684 orLube (w/ZF Axle)1398080R2Lube (Longer)23044506R93*Fuel (2-Stage)23218794R91** orFuel (Bosch)-Twin23044506R93**Fuel (CAV)-Twin11967094C1Fuel (Spin-On)193413C1Hydraulic Kit1529854R2+Air21265510C1++Air13115569R 2++Air w/Safety Attch.(Prior to S/N 8143)13125342R2+++Air (outer) w/safety13125255R1+++Air (inner) w/safety*Prior to Engine S/N 667679**Engine S/N 667679 & After+Prior to S/N 3709++S/N 3709 & After+++Coopers, S/N 8143 & After784 orLube (w/ZF Axle)1398080R2Lube (Longer)13218794R91* orFuel11967094C1*Fuel (Bosch)23044506R93*/**Fuel (Bosch)-Long193413C1Hydraulic Kit1529854R2+Air11265510C1++Air13115569R 2++Air w/Safety Attch.(Prior to S/N 8001)13125342R2+++Air (outer) w/safety13125255R1+++Air (inner) w/safety*Engine S/N 120521 & After**Prior to Engine S/N 120521+Prior to S/N 1503++S/N 1503 & After+++Coopers, S/N 8001 & (Bosch)-Long23044506R93Fuel (CAV)193413C1Hydraulic Kit11265510C1**Air (outer)13115569R2**Air (inner)13125342R2* orAir (outer)13125255R1*Air (inner) w/safety*w/o Air Inlet Duct**w/Air Inlet Duct (Prior to S/N 8001) ** orLube1398080R2**Lube (Longer)11329020C2* orLube1398080R2*Lube (Longer)13218794R91++ andFuel (Bosch)-Twin11967094C1++Fuel (Bosch)-Twin23044506R93++Fuel (CAV)21967094C1+Fuel (Spin-On)193413C1Hydraulic Kit13125342R2Air (outer)13125255R1Air (inner)1A77544Water Filter Kit* 18384 & After**Prior to 18384+ 18001 & After++Prior to 180013220, orLube1398080R2Lube (Longer)21967094C1Fuel193413C1Hydraulic Kit13125342R2Air (outer)-323013125255R1Air (inner)-323011265510C1Air (outer)-322013115569R2Air (inner)-32201A77544Water Filter Kit4210, 4230, * orLube1398080R2*Lube (Longer)11329020C2** orLube\1398080R2**Lube (Longer)21967094C1Fuel193413C1Hydraulic Kit13125342R2Air (outer)13125255R1Air (inner)1A77544Water Filter Kit*Model 4210**Models 4230 and 4240 113 FILTERSMX80C, MX90C, (in-line)11976934C5Hydraulic1222421A1Air (outer)1222422A1Air (inner)1253210A1Cab AirMX100, MX110, MX120, orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1J931062Fuel1D139225Fuel (in-line)11976934C5Hydraulic1187471A1Air (outer)1187472A1Air (inner)1248124A1Cab AirMAXXUM TRACTORSMAXXUM TRACTORSMX150, orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1J931062Fuel1D139225Fuel (in-line)1177356A1Hydraulic1187471A1Air (outer)1187472A1Air (inner)1248124A1Cab orLube 1J934429Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062Fuel (single)11976934C5Hydraulic1D56453Air (outer)1N8153Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air11331180C2Cab Recirculating5130, orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062Fuel (single)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)11976934C5Hydraulic1D56453Air (outer)1N8153Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air11331180C2Cab Recirculating*Model 5140 (new units) orLube1J934429Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062Fuel (single)11976934C5Hydraulic1D56453Air (outer)1N8153Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air11331180C2Cab Recirculating5230, orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062Fuel (single)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)11976934C5Hydraulic1D56453Air (outer)1N8153Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air11331180C2Cab Recirculating* Model 5240 (new units) orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062Fuel (single)11976934C5Hydraulic1A47032Air (outer)1A47033Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air11331180C2Cab RecirculatingFilter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, HydraulicCustomized Maintenance InspectionsEveryone agrees that routine inspections by trained technicians are essential to good not only need to be routine, they need to be consistent with the needs of the equipment and Maintenance Inspectionprograms are based upon prearranged inspections at intervalsconsistent with your needs. A professional and systematic approach to equipment service can: Reduce costly downtime Schedule repair maintenance Extend the service life of your equipment Increase machine productivityFILTERS 114 MX180, MX200, orFuel Kit1J925274Fuel (Primary)1J930942Fuel (Secondary)1194199A1Fuel (In-line)1277311A1Hydraulic1294292A1Air (outer)1294293A1Air (inner)1259288A1Cab Air1293615A1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter KitMX240, Fuel Kit1194199A1Fuel (In-line)1277311A1Hydraulic1294292A1Air (outer)1294293A1Air (inner)1259288A1Cab Air1293615A1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter KitFilter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, HydraulicMAGNUM TRACTORSMAGNUM TRACTORS7110, *Lube1J919562**Lube1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1 +Trans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*-Prior to Engine S/N 44500128**-Engine S/N 44500128 & After+After Transmission S/N AJB00449157130, 7140, *Lube1J919562**Lube1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1 +Trans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*-Prior to Engine S/N 44500128**-Engine S/N 44500128 & After+After Transmission S/N AJB00449157210, orFuel Kit1J903042Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)1194199A1**Fuel (in-line)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1Tr ans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*-Prior to JJA0064978** JJA0064978 & After7230, 7240, orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)1194199A1**Fuel (in-line)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1Tr ans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*-Prior to JJA0064978** JJA0064978 & After8910, orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1194199A1Fuel (In-line)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1Tr ans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)2240883A1Cab Air1240886A1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit8930, 8940, orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1194199A1Fuel (In-line)11971728C1Hydraulic11346028C1Tr ans. (Aux.)1A171255Air (Outer)1A171256Air (Inner)2240883A1Cab Air1240886A1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit 115 FILTERSFilter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic9110, *Lube1J919562**Lube1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (Primary)1J903640Fuel (Secondary)150-2689T91Hydraulic Kit11346028C1+ + (tank)-Suction1L102959+Hyd. (tank)-Air (outer)190-6444T1Air (inner)260-3846T2Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to Engine S/N 44500128**Engine S/N 44500128 & After+Prior to JCB00036009150Prior to w/Cat 330611-2187Lube w/Cummins190-1158T1Lube Bypass16-1374Fuel (primary) w/Cat 3306128-25Fuel (secondary) w/Cat 3306128-35Fuel w/Cummins f/Cougar190-3941T1Fuel w/Cummins150-2689T91Hydraulic Kit1196955A1Hy. (tank)-Suction11346028C1Transmission190- 4233S1Air (outer)-11 Cleaner190-4234T1Air (inner)-11 Cleaner190-6017S1Air (outer)-14 Cleaner190-6018T1Air (inner)-14 Cleaner260-3846T2Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit1J318318Water Coolant (precharged) JCB0003600 & (tank)-Suction11346028C1Transmission190- 6017S1Air (outer)190-6018T1Air (inner)260-3846T2Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit1J318318Water Coolant (precharged)9170, 9180 Prior to w/Cat 340611-2187Lube w/Cummins190-1158T1Lube Bypass11-2334Fuel w/Cat 3406128-35Fuel w/Cummins250-1911T91Hydraulic Kit1196955A1Hyd. (tank)-Suction1L102959Hyd. (tank)-Air (outer)190-4204T1Air (inner)260-3846T2Cab Recirculating160-4452T2*Cab Air (inlet)160-1981T1**Cab Air (inlet)1A77544Water Filter Kit190-7707T1Water Coolant (precharged)*Prior to S/N 17900650**S/N 17900650 & After9170, 9180 JCB0003600 & orHydraulic1N9025Hydraulic1196955A1Hyd. (tank)-Suction190-4203S1Air (outer)190-4204T1Air (inner)260-3846T2Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit190-7707T1Water Coolant (precharged) Bypass128-35Fuel118-498Hydraulic1196955A 1Hyd. (tank)-Suction11-3984T1Transmission11-38 98S1Air (outer)11-3899Air (inner)154-304T1Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit9210, 9230, orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225Fuel (in-line)11346028C1 orHydraulic1N9025Hydraulic1196955A1Hyd. (tank)-Suction190-6443T1Air (outer)190-6444T1Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air (inlet), , 9230, 9240 (Continued) *Cab Recirculating260-3846T2**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1+Cab Recirculating160-3846T2+Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to JCB0028400** JCB0028400 to JEE0031849+ JEE031850 & After4WD TRACTORS4WD TRACTORSFILTERS 116 Filter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic9250, orHydraulic1N9025Hydraulic1196955A1Hyd. (tank)-Suction1627975C3Air (outer)1627976C1Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air (inlet), *Cab Recirculating260-3846T2**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1+Cab Recirculating160-3846T2+Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit 1J318318Water Coolant (precharged)*Prior to JCB0028400** JCB0028400 to JEE0031849+ JEE031850 & After9270, orHydraulic1N9025Hydraulic1196955A1Hyd. (tank)-Suction190-4203S1++Air (outer)190-4204T1++Air (inner)1132151A1***Air (outer)1132149A1***Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air (inlet), *Cab Recirculating260-3846T2**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1**Cab Recirculating160-6706T1+Cab Recirculating160-3846T2+Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit1J318318Water Coolant (precharged)*Prior to JCB0028400** JCB0028400 to JEE0031849*** JEE0033501 & After+ JEE031850 & After++Prior to JEE00335019310, orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)1194199A1**Fuel (in-line)1N9025Hydraulic1196955A1Hydraul ic (tank)190-6443T1*Air (outer)190-6444T1*Air (inner)1113988A1**Air (outer)1113989A1**Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air160-3846T2 (RH)Cab Recirculating160-6706T1 (LH)Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to JEE0036501** JEE036501 & (outer)1132149A1Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air160-3846T2 (RH)Cab Recirculating160-6706T1 (LH)Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit1J318318Water Coolant (precharged)9370, 9380, (tank)1132151A1*Air (outer)1132149A1*Air (inner)190-8300T1**Air (outer)190-8301T1**Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air160-3846T2 (RH)Cab Recirculating160-6706T1 (LH)Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit190-7707T1Water Coolant (precharged)f/Models 9370 and 9380)*Prior to JEE0036501** JEE0036501 & Axle Lube1254353A1*Main (tank)-Suction190-8300T1Air (outer)190-8301T1Air (inner)160-4452T2Cab Air160-3846T2 (RH)Cab Recirculating160-6706T1 (LH)Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit* JEE0069453 & After4WD TRACTORS (Cont d)4WD TRACTORS (Cont d) 117 FILTERS75XT, orLube1J934429Lube (premium)1J931062Fuel1D139225Fuel (in-line)1222759A1Hydraulic (charge)1N9025Hydraulic (return)1222425A1Air (outer)1222429A1Air (inner)90XT, orLube1J934429Lube (premium)1J931062Fuel1D139225Fuel (in-line)1244913A1Hydraulic1222759A1Hydr aulic (charge)1N9025Hydraulic (return)1222421A1Air (outer)1222422A1Air (inner)1818 (Gas and Diesel)Qty. Filter No. Description1D62845 orLube** (95mm long)1H436531*Lube** (70mm long)1L79756Fuel (Gas)11959599C2 Fuel (Diesel)11959529C1 Fuel (Diesel-Inj Pump)1D126921Hydraulic1D82571Air*On later units** Gas1825 (Gas and Diesel) (Gas)11959198C1Lube (Diesel)1L79756Fuel (Gas)11972256C1Fuel (Gas-Carb.)11959599C2Fuel (Diesel) (in-line)1D122562Hydraulic1D82571Air1830 (Gas) *Lube1D59949Fuel1D61950Hydraulic Kit1D48198Air*Use N13323 Adapter if filter doesnot fit1835 (Gas and Diesel)Qty. Filter (gas)1D53499Fuel (gas)-Tank Kit (diesel)1D61950 forHydraulicD64076 Filter1D71352 forHydraulicD69097 Filter1A42274Air1835B (Gas and Diesel) (Gas)1A151281Fuel Kit (Diesel)1D126922Hydraulic1A42274Air1835C (Gas and Diesel) *Fuel Kit (Gas)1L79756**Fuel (Gas)11959802C1Fuel (Diesel)1D126922Hydraulic1S236468Air (outer)1D82775Air (inner)*Prior to JAF0037367** JAF0037367 & (outer)1133721A1Air (inner) orLube1J934429Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062*Fuel (single)1D126922Hydraulic1A173290Air (outer)1A173291Air (inner)* JAF0066450 & After(Emissions Certified Engine)1845 (Gas and Diesel) (gas)1A151281Fuel Kit (diesel)1D61950 forHydraulicD64067 Filter1D71352 forHydraulicD69097 Filter1A42274Air1845S (Gas) (gas)1A151281Fuel Kit (diesel)1D61950 forHydraulicD64067 Filter1D71352 forHydraulicD69097 Filter1A42274Air1845B (Gas and Diesel) (Gas)1A151281Fuel Kit (Diesel) orLube1J934429Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1J931062*Fuel (single)1D126922Hydraulic1A173290Air (outer)1A173291Air (inner)* JAF0066000 & After(Emissions Cert. Engine)Filter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, HydraulicSKID STEERSSKID STEERSFILTERS 118 1440 with 400 (final)1A184773Fuel (primary)1405501C1*Fuel (tank)1A184776**Fuel (tank)1528493R3Hydraulic1S231996Air (outer)1N6660Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to S/N 1501**S/N 1501 & After1460 with 400 (final)1A184773Fuel (primary)1405501C1*Fuel (tank)1A184776**Fuel (tank)1528493R3Hydraulic1932391C2Air (outer)1932390C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to S/N 1501**S/N 1501 & AfterCOMBINESCOMBINES1480 with 400 (final)1A184773Fuel (primary)1A184776Fuel (tank)1528493R3Hydraulic170203C2PTO Spin-On1932391C2Air (outer)1932390C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit1640 with CDC orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1J903640Fuel1A184776Fuel (tank)11329214C1**+Hydraulic Kit1528493R3*Hydraulic Tank1932391C2Air (outer)1932390C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air*Prior to JJC0097190** JJC097190 & After1644 with CDC orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1J903640Fuel1A184776Fuel (tank)11329214C1+ Hydraulic Kit1A171255Air (outer)1A171256Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit1660 with CDC *Lube1J919562**Lube1J903640Fuel1A184776F uel (tank)1528493R3Hydraulic1932391C2Air (outer)1932390C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to S/N 44489287**S/N 44489287 & After1666 with CDC (tank)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1627975C3*Air (outer)1627976C1*Air (inner)1132151A1**Air (outer)1132149A1**Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to S/N JJC0106005**S/N JJC0106005 & After1680 with CDC *Lube1J919562**Lube1J903640Fuel1A184776F uel (tank)1528493R3Hydraulic170203C2PTO Spin-On1932391C2Air (outer)1932390C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to Engine S/N 44500595**Engine S/N 44500595 & After1688 with CDC (tank)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1627975C3*Air (outer)1627976C1*Air (inner)1132151A1**Air (outer)1132149A1**Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit*Prior to S/N JJC0120460**S/N JJC0120460 & After2144 with CDC orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1J903640Fuel1A184776Fuel (tank)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1132151A1Air (outer)1132149A1Air (inner)1144305A1Cab Air1123488A1Oil Cooler (in-line)2166 with CDC (tank)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1132149A1Air (inner)1123488A1Oil Cooler (in-line)1144305A1Cab Air1A77544Water Filter KitFilter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic+1329214C1 Kit contains two (2) A177605 ele-ments, two (2) 123010C3 seal rings, two (2)93196C1 round gaskets 119 FILTERS2188 with CDC (tank)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit170203C2PTO Spin-On1132151A1Air (outer)1132149A1Air (inner)1144305A1Cab Air1123488A1Oil Cooler (in-line)1A77544Water Filter Kit2344 with CDC orLube1J934430Lube (premium)190-3941T1Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1243968A1Air (outer)1243969A1Air (inner)1247752A1Cab Air2366 with CDC (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1243968A1Air (outer)1243969A1Air (inner)1247752A1Cab Air1A77544Water Filter Kit2388 with CDC (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1294721A1PTO1243968A1Air (outer)1243969A1Air (inner)1247752A1Cab Air1A77544Water Filter KitFilter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, HydraulicCOMBINES (Cont d)COMBINES (Cont d)COTTON PICKERSCOTTON PICKERS782 with D-358 (outer)1529852R5Air (inner)1144305A1Cab Air1120486A2Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment1A77544Water Filter Kit1822/1844 with 400 Series EngineModel 1822 Prior to JJC0012691Model 1844 Prior to (primary)1A184774Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit11282387C2Hydraulic (Spin-on)167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit1822 with CDC JJC0012691 & orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225Fuel (in-line)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating1844 with CDC JJC0002462 & *Lube1J919562**Lube1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1*Hydraulic Kit167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating1A77544Water Filter Kit187006C92Quick Fill Attachment*Prior to Eng. S/N 44500128**Eng. S/N 44500128 & After2022 with CDC orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment+1329214C1 Kit contains two (2) A177605 ele-ments, two (2) 123010C3 seal rings, two (2)93196C1 round gasketsFILTERS 120 2044 with CDC orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment1A77544Water Filter Kit2055 with CDC orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225*Fuel (in-line)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1A171255Air (outer)1A171256Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1109240C1Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment1A77544Water Filter Kit* JJC0155439 & AfterCOTTON PICKERSCOTTON PICKERS(Cont d)(Cont d)Filter Application ChartAir, Coolant, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic2155 with CDC orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225Fuel (In-line)11329214C1Hydraulic Kit1A171255Air (outer)1A171256Air (inner)1144305A1Cab Air1120486A2Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment1A77544Water Filter Kit2555 with CDC orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)1D139225Fuel (In-line)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit1A171255Air (outer)1A171256Air (inner)1252640A1Cab Air1120486A2Cab Recirculating187006C92Quick Fill Attachment1A77544Water Filter KitCOTTON HARCOTTON HARVESTERSVESTERS1400 with D-358 (outer)1529852R5Air (inner)1143481C2Cab Air1183661C1Cab Recirculating1800 with 400 Series orLube1J934430Lube (premium)1A77470 orFuel Kit1J930942Fuel (primary)1J903640Fuel (secondary)11329214C1+Hydraulic Kit11272346C1Hydraulic (in-line)167974C4Air (outer)167975C1Air (inner) 1109240C1Cab Recirculating+1329214C1 Kit contains two (2) A177605 ele-ments, two (2) 123010C3 seal rings, two (2)93196C1 round gasketsDon t get left in the your equipment with Genuine Case IH filters and lubricants. 121 FILTERSThe Case IH Total PackageAll Your Lube, Filter and Fluid Analysis Needs in a Single Stop!The Case IH filters you ve read abouthere are one-third of the preventivemaintenance all-star team. Their teammates are Case IH lubricants and SYSTEMGARD fluid analysis. Make yourCase IH dealer your single source forpreventive maintenance!Case IH Filters and LubricantsIf Case IH lubricants are your equipment s lifeblood, Case IH filters arejust as vital to your lubricant systems. Each Case IH filter is consis-tently efficient and meets or exceeds OEM requirements. Case IH fil-ters trap the most damaging particles and provide maximum protec-tion against abrasives and contaminants in your vital systems whichcould lead to engine wear. Case IH offers you the broadest range ofOEM filter elements and accessories available from a single source:your authorized Case IH dealer. You ll find filters for all your enginesystems including oil, hydraulic, fuel, coolant, and air. Each filter isbacked by one of the strongest warranties in the Fluid AnalysisKeep your equipment up and running with the industry s most thor-ough fluid analysis. This unique early warning system determinesand monitors your fluid s condition to prevent unexpected down-time. Plus, the new Systemgard report format uses easy-to-readsignals to instantly advise you of your fluid s condition. It s the smart way to reduce downtime, prevent prematurecomponent failure and extend equipment life Schedule your downtime instead of giving in to costly surprisesPerformer or Pretender?Your equipment & CHAINS 122 Buy your nuts and THEPOUNDSave money and time. By thepound is the easy and mostconvenient way to purchaseall your popular types andsizes of hardware whether itbe capscrews, plow bolts,carriage bolts, nuts or wash-ers. Buy in bulk and THE PIECEFor odd sizes or specialty items when you onlyneed a limited Your HardwareCase IH offers a line of heavy-duty bins to inventory hardware in yourshop. Have the right size at the right place. Also ask your dealerabout special priced assortments. Heavy-duty bins complete withthe most popular size of nuts and bolts. All hardware offered byCase IH is: Manufactured to industry specifications Strict testing to ensure consistent quality Plated unless plain is required by engineering specifications Over 85% of all hardware is made in North America Most sizes and grades availableComparativeSAE Grade &Diameter RangeTensile StrengthStrength of 1/2 TypicalHeadTypical Materialin inchesLength in InchesLbs. per Sq. InchDia. Bolts thru 3/4Up to 674,00010,500Carriage boltsLow Carbon1/4 thru 3/4Over 660,000Machine boltsSteel7/8 thru 1-1/2All60,000Hex head capscrews51/4 thru 1All120,00017,050Carriage boltsMedium Carbon1-1/8 thru 1-1/2All105,000Hex head capscrewsSteelMid-strength bolts81/4 thru 1-1/2All150,00021,300High-strength hexAlloy Steelhead capscrews, rim bolts,specially designed high-strength boltsNOTE: In addition to the grade markings, Grade 5 and stronger grades must be marked with a manufacturer re Your Hardware Headquarters 123 HARDWARE & CHAINSCarriage BoltsPlow Bolts Grade 5 Grade 8UN Coarse Thread/Zinc PlatedNuts Hex, Inch andMetricNuts Hex SlottedNuts Hex MachineScrewLock Nuts Prevailing Torque (All Metal)Spring LockWashers InchRoll Pins Carbon SteelNut Hex JamSerrated, Case IH Hardened (Whizlock)Flat WashersExtended Prong Cotter PinsYou ll find what you need at your Case IH dealer!Hex Head Capscrews InchHex Head Capscrews MetricHARDWARE & CHAINS 124 Roller ChainsSuperior Design Superior QualityHeavy Walled Bushings(Up to 25% heavier)Higher horsepower capacity transmithigher load without failure. Deeper carburizedcase gives longer life. Greater bushing rigidityimproves resistance to tight joints (kinking).Unique High-TemperatureFactory PrelubeChain receives special factoryprocess to insurelube fills everyjoint. Lube staysput during high speed,long runs. Specialadditives minimizeoil sling-off when chains heat up. Prelubealso helps prevent rust during Preload AfterAssemblyAssembled chain receives high tensileload while simultaneously joints are flexedover multiple sets of sprockets. Chainsare assembled preloaded and cut to length in one continu-ous automated operation. Early break-in chain wear iseliminated chain stretch is TreatingComputer con-trolled continuousbatch furnaces allow greater case depthand exacting control of surface key to longer wear in the for Consistent QualityRoller Chain SizesNo. of LinksChain NumberPitchper PITCH ROLLER CHAINSingle Strand *. * Strand PITCH ROLLER * pitch roller chain is twice the pitch of cor-responding single pitch * Denotes heavy Chain on Worn Sprocket1. Tooth has total chainload. Chain must articulateunder load causing Chain jerks and causes shockload as tooth No. 1 releasesand tooth No. 2 picks up theloadNOTE: New chain on new sprocket causes tooth loadto be equal around sprocket. The load for each link isreduced as it articulates around the HINT:For longer chain life, install new sprockets with new SpecificationsMinimum Inside LinkTradeDimensions ( inches )Mfg. WeightWorking LoadSizeLengthWidthper 100 ft. (lbs.)Limit (lbs.)GRADE 43 HIGH TEST CHAIN1 ,6005 ,9003 ,4001 ,2005 ,5003/4 ,200GRADE 70 BINDING CHAIN1 ,1505 ,7003 ,0001 ,300Binder Chain AssembliesUsed by farmers, contractors, oil field crews, high-way crews, truckersSizeLengthWorking LoadCase IH(inches)(feet)Limit (Lbs.)Part 43 HIGH TEST CLEVIS3/8 14 5,400ZJC6382163/8 16 5,400ZJC6382173/8 20 5,400ZJC6382193/8 25 5,400ZJC638220GRADE 43 HIGH TEST WELDED3/8 16 5,400ZJC6382403/8 20 5,400ZJC638241GRADE 70 CLEVIS5/16 16 4,700ZJC6382825/16 20 4,700ZJC6382845/16 25 4,700ZJC6382793/8 16 6,600ZJC6382923/8 20 6,600ZJC638294GRADE 70 WELDED5/16 16 4,700ZJC6382645/16 25 4,700ZJC638260Note: Only Grade 70 meets California Highway PatrolRequirements for load : Working load limit is not to be exceeded. 125 HITCH PARTSLinkage Parts and Hitch PinsHitch PinsBig Orange Heavy-Duty Forged Hitch PinsDiameterSolid HandleWire HandleUsable Length(Inches)Part No.(Inches)7/16 ZJC1190A3-1/21/2 ZJC1195A3-1/25/8 ZJC1200A3-3/43/4ZJC1206MZJC1205A47/8ZJC1 211MZJC1210A4-1/41ZJC1216MZJC1215A4-3/45 /8ZJC1219MZJC1218A63/4ZJC1221MZJC1220A6- 1/47/8ZJC1226MZJC1225A6-1/21ZJC1231MZJC1 230A6-3/41-1/8ZJC1241MZJC1240A71-1/4ZJC1 251MZJC1250A71-3/8ZJC1261M 71-1/2ZJC1271M 8Red Head Forged Hitch PinsUsableDiameterLength(inches)Part No.(inches)1/2B5040503-5/85/8B5040525-1/ 23/4B5040546-1/27/8B5040556-1/21B5040567 -1/21-1/8B5040578-1/21-1/4B5040588-1/21- 1/2B5040598-1/2Hitch Pin 1-5/8 14 407207R1611/64 3-1/4 7/8 1978738C173/32 2-5/16 5/8 407209R1811/64 3-3/4 3/4 407210R199/64 2-15/16 3/4 407211R1111/8 2-9/16 7/16 407212R1191/4 4-3/8 3/4 407213R1Linch PinsPinPart B5001691 & 21/4 B5001701 & 27/16 B5001711, 2 & 37/16 & 21/4 Bag of 2B50041303/16 Bag of 2Top Links & Ends Forged (Medium-Duty)PinThreadPart No. Category HolesDiameter Body AdjustmentB50021905/8 3/4 7-1/2 10-3/4 16-3/8 B50022013/4 1-1/8 16 20-1/2 29 B5002211 & 23/4 & 1 1-1/8 16 30-3/4 31 B50022221 1-1/8 16 21 33 B50022331-1/4 1-3/8 19 25-1/2 36-1/2 Heavy-duty top links and ends are also 1 PieceNo. of HolePinPart WidthB500235120 73/4 7/8 1 2-1/2 B500236126 113/4 7/8 1 2-1/2 B500237226 113/4 1-1/8 1-1/4 3 B500238232 133/4 1-1/8 1-1/4 3 BushingsPart to 23/4 1 2 TopB5001912 to 31 1-1/4 2 TopB5001921 to 27/8 1-1/8 1-3/4 LowerB5001932 to 31-1/8 1-7/16 1-3/4 LowerB5001942 to 31-1/8 1-7/16 2-1/2 LowerTop Link PinsUsablePart B50018221 B50018305/8 2-3/4 B50018413/4 2-3/4 B50018513/4 3-7/8 B50018613/4 4-3/4 B50018721 3-9/16 B50018821 4-5/16 B50018931-1/4 4-7/16 HITCH PARTS 126 Linkage Parts and Hitch PinsHitch PinsLift Arm PinsPinThreadOverallPart 5/8 4 B50019617/8 7/8 5-5/16 B50019717/8 7/8 5-1/2 B5001981 XL7/8 7/8 6-1/4 B5001991 XL7/8 7/8 6-1/2 B5002001 to 1-1/8 7/8 115-1/4 B5002011 to 2 XL1-1/8 7/8 6-5/16 B50406021-1/8 1-1/8 6-1/4 B50020221-1/8 1-1/8 6-1/4 B5002032 to 31-7/16 1-1/8 5-7/8 B50406131-7/16 1-3/8 5-7/8 Quick HitchesRed PaintBlack PaintPart Adjustable3/4 7/8 Category I6069B91365B9247132-3/4 14-7/8 1 1-1/8 Category II150125B91368B9247438-1/4 18-7/8 1-1/4 1-7/16 IIIIIIStandard- Category III190180B91367B9247332-3/4 18-7/8 1-1/4 1-1/8 /IIIIII- NCategory III Narrow1901751-7/16 B91601B9247638-1/4 18-7/8 1 /1-14 1-7/16 II or IIIIIIII or III Tractor190189B91366B9247232-3/4 14/7/8 1-1/4 1-7/16 IIIIICategory II w/ Category III Pin180154B500790B9247732-3/4 or14-7/8 or1-1/41-7/16 IIIII or IIIConvertible19020038-1/4 18-7/8 B91699B9247538-1/4 18-7/8 1-1/4:1-7/16 IIIIIICategory III Claw225200B93064B9306546-1/8 27 1-3/4 2 IV IVStandard Category IV300300Category I IVCategory II IIIExtra-duty HitchesA simple solution for attaching your 3 point implements, makingyour life a little bit easier and a lot more productive!Features: Standard or extra heavy-duty construction to ASAEspecifications Painted red or black Quick release over center handles Hardened alloy, zinc plated attaching pinsMaking tractor-implement hook-up safe and Hammerstrap is easily bolted onto: All Magnum tractor straight drawbar (Part No. B94466) Case 1270, 1370, 1570, 2390, 2394, 2590, 2594 and 3594 series tractors(Part No. B95202A) Magnum and Maxxum tractors with offset drawbar (Part No. B94730A) John Deere Category 2 (Part No. B94731A)*John Deere tractor models with 1-1/4" drawpins 4240, 4440, 4050, 4450,4255, 4455, 4520, 4620, 5010, 5020, 4630, 6030, 7020, 7520, 8430, 8630and 7000 series. All Auto-Pins built to ASAE Specifications Low-profile of the Auto-Pin allows for greater PTO clearance Unique handle design restrains the drawpin from turning Drawpin can be rotated 180 degrees, doubling the draw pin wear life Functions as a normal drawbar clevis Works with most single tongue ring implement hitches, however works bestwith the three-in-one implement hitch When backing up, to an implement, the drawpin can be used as an alignmentpoint when it is in the up positionHYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic CylindersCase Offers A Line Of HydraulicCylinders Under the DURAFITPrivate LabelDURAFIT2500psi cylinders have many of the same features as3000psi cylinders. Product offering includes: Standard 8 stroke tie-rod cylinders Additional popular tie-rod cylinders in 2 5 sizes Rephasing cylinders in 2-1/2 4-1/2 sizes Accessories and repair kits Service partsASAE 8-Inch Stroke Tie-Rod CylindersBore xRodPin-to-Pin CenterShipClevis PinMax. Rated Col. LoadPart SizeDiameterRetracted x ExtendedWeight (lbs.)DiameterLoad on Full Extension x 8 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 201 Full PSI7854ZZC6423812-1/2 x 8 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 221 Full PSI12272ZZC6423823 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 281 Full PSI17672ZZC6423833-1/2 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 361 Full PSI24053ZZC6423844 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 431 Full PSI31416ZZC6424005 x 8 1-1/2 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 711 Full PSI49088NOTE: All 2 through 4 bore cylinders with 8 stroke are designed with the rod threaded to accommodate a stroke control collar per ASAE ASAE Tie-Rod CylindersBore xRodPin-to-Pin CenterShipClevis PinMax. Rated Col. LoadPart SizeDiameterRetracted x ExtendedWeight (lbs.)DiameterLoad on Full Extension x 10 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 30-1/4 211 Full PSI7854ZZC6423862 x 12 1-1/8 22-1/4 x 34-1/4 221 Full PSI7854ZZC6423872 x 16 1-1/8 26-1/4 x 42-1/4 251 Full PSI7854ZZC64238821/2 x 10 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 30-1/4 231 Full PSI12272ZZC6423892-1/2 x 12 1-1/8 22-1/4 x 34-1/4 241 Full PSI12272ZZC6423902-1/2 x 16 1-1/8 26-1/4 x 42-1/4 281 Full PSI12272ZZC6423911-1/2 x 24 1-1/4 34-1/4 x 58-1/4 351 *212510435ZZC6423923 x 10 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 30-1/4 301 Full PSI17672ZZC6423933 x 12 1-1/4 22-1/4 x 34-1/4 321 Full PSI17672ZZC6423943 x 16 1-1/4 26 1/4 x 42-1/4 361 Full PSI17672ZZC6423953 x 24 1-1/2 34-1/4 x 58-1/4 481 Full PSI17672ZZC6423963-1/2 x 16 1-1/4 26-1/4 x 42-1/4 461 *206019840ZZC6423973-1/2 x 24 1-1/2 34-1/4 x 58-1/4 591 *225021645ZZC6423984 x 16 1-1/4 26-1/4 x 42-1/4 531 *158019840ZZC6423994 x 24 1-1/2 34-1/4 x 58-1/4 681 *172021645*Indicates cylinder column strength is Cap & Clevis iron c/w drilled oil passages, offer-ing increase bearing surface for high-shock and side-load Wiper. Metal-encased Nitrile, preventing contaminants fromentering Shaft (on ASAE cylinders). Toaccept optionalmechanical stroke control, on 8 stroke ASAE cylinders only. (Note:Not applicable to 5 bore cylinders.)Rod Clevis. Ductile iron c/w 360 thread contact area and positiveset screw locking device able to withstand continuous high loads with-out wear or meet ASAE (American Society of AgriculturalEngineers) specifications. These specifications establish commonmounting ( pin-to-pin dimensions) and clearance dimensions ( cap/rod clevis throat width and pin diameters) for cylinders andtrailing type agricultural implements. This criteria is only applicable to8 stoke PSI non ASAE cylinders are designed per ASAErequirements, however, they are not classified ASAE due to their vary-ing pin-to pin PSI Working PressureCylindersProduct FeaturesPins & Retainers. High-tensile steel, zinc plated toprevent corrosion, c/w hair pin ported NPT for greater flexibility of assembly. Unless otherwise stated, cylindersassembled with ports torqued, self-locking piston nut holds piston in place under iron, precision-machined providing a malleable bearing surface for extended cylinder Seal. 90 Durometer o-ring with anti-extrusion back-up washers provide positive sealingunder high-load steel with rolled threads to prevent failure under Shaft. High-tensile steel, hard chrome-plated shaft provides extended cylinder life inharsh applications. Rolled threads on shank and clevis end for higher strength and improved skive and burnished heavy all-steel tubing for extended seal and cylinder Seal. 90 Durometer o-ring with anti-extrusion back-up washer to prevent leakage underhigh-pressure and cycle Seal. 90 Durometer o-ring with anti-extrusion back-up washer providing long-wearing positive seal. 127 HYDRAULIC PARTS 128 Hydraulic Cylinders3000 PSI WorkingPressureProduct FeaturesPins & steel, zinc-platedto prevent corrosion, c/w cotter pin ORB for greater flexibility ofassembly and positive sealing. Unless otherwise stat-ed, cylinders assembled with ports , torqued, self-locking pistonnut holds piston in place under high-cycle Wear Glass-filled nylon wearring incorporated in piston to provide side load bear-ing area, preventing scoring of cylinder iron, precision-machined providing amalleable bearing surface for extended cylinder Fiberglass-filled teflon piston sealc/w o-ring expander provides a positive piston sealwith minimal friction, extending seal operation underhigh-pressure steel with rolled threads toprevent failure under Shaft. High-tensile steel, hard chrome-plated shaft provides extended cylinder life in harshapplications. Rolled threads on shank and clevis endfor higher-strength and improved skive and burnished heavy-wall steel tubing for extended seal and cylinder Port. Precision-machined and finishedbypass port to ensure positive rephasing of cylinderswith minimal settle back and consistent rephas<None>ing Wear Ring. 33% Glass-filled nylon wear ringincorporated in severe cylinder side loading condi-tions to extend cylinder life. (Note: Optional on TPseries.)Tube Seal. 90 Durometer o-ring with anti-extrusionback-up washer to prevent leakage under high-pres-sure and cycle Seal. Polyurethane U-cup providing long-wear-ing, positive Cap & Clevis Cap. Ductile iron c/w drilled oilpassages, offering increased bearing surface forhigh-shock and side-load Wiper. Heavy-duty metal encased Nitrile, pre-venting contaminants from entering Shaft (on ASAE Cylinder). Toacceptoptional mechanical stroke control. (Note: Not appli-cable to ASAE 5 bore cylinders.)Rod Clevis. Ductile iron c/w 360 thread contactarea and positive set screw locking device able towithstand continuous high-loads without wear Stroke Control Assembly1a. Valve Body Precision machined with flexible3/4-16 coupler for ease of assembly to baseend port of cylinder Spool Valve Stainless steel to eliminate corro-sion, nylatron piston for extended Push Rod Provides positive actuation of spoolvalve and eliminates the need for additionalhydraulic tubing and fittings.(Note: push rod length is proportional to cylinderstroke.)4a. Actuator Ductile iron, allowing for infinite con-trol of cylinder Cylinder SystemsSynchronized operation of two or morehydraulic cylinders in unbalanced load condi-tions can be attained by plumbing volumetricallymatched cylinders (see specific cylinder boreand shaft diameters on accompanying TPSeries chart) adjacent to each other where thedisplaced fluid produces equal, simultaneous,actuation of each cylinder in the system. As thevolumes of each cylinder cannot economically,be identically matched, a bypass port is provid-ed that upon full extension (or retraction) ametered amount of fluid bypasses the piston seal to the next adjacent cylinder in the indexes all cylinders of the the system to the same position, then upon retraction (exten-sion) positive sealing is engaged and synchronized operation continues (to ensure optimumperformance all entrapped air must be purged from these rephasing cylinder systems).ASAE Rephasing CylindersBore xRodPin-to-Pin CenterShipClevis PinMax. Rated Col. LoadPart SizeDiameterRetracted x ExtendedWeight (lbs.)DiameterLoad on Full Extension x 8 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 221 Full PSI14726ZZC6424022-3/4 x 8 1-1/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 251 Full PSI17819ZZC6424033 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-14 281 Full PSI21206ZZC6424043-1/4 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 321 Full PSI24887ZZC6424053-1/2 x 8 1-1/4 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 361 Full PSI28863ZZC6424063-3/4 x 8 1-3/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 421 Full PSI33134ZZC6424074 x 8 1-3/8 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 441 Full PSI37699ZZC6424084-1/4 x 8 1-1/2 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 501 Full PSI42559ZZC6424094-1/2 x 8 1-1/2 20-1/4 x 28-1/4 521 Full PSI47713NOTE: All 2-1/2 through 4-1/2 bore cylinders with 8 stroke are designed with the rod threaded to accommodate a stroke control collar per Stroke Control (Applicable to Rephasing Cylinders)A Hydraulic Stroke Control Assembly mounted on a rephasing cylinder can provide an infinitely variable strokeadjustment for that cylinder. When used in conjunction with the master cylinder of a rephasing system, it providesconsistent positive stroke control of the entire system.(Note: The hydraulic stroke control assembly is designed to mount on 8 stroke ASAE modification to push rod length is required for mounting on all other cylinder strokesizes).RodWeightPart (lbs.)Used onZZC6424311-1/8 32-3/4 3 Bore SeriesZZC6424301-1/4 33-1/4 3-1/2 Bore SeriesZZC6424291-3/8 3-1/23-3/4 4 Bore SeriesZZC6424281-1/2 44-1/4 4-1/2 Bore Series 129 HYDRAULIC PARTS2-Stage Adjustable (lbs.) DescriptionZZC642420 1-1/8 3Each adjustable strokeZZC642422 1-1/4 3control providesZZC642423 1-3/8 3-1/2 approximately 2-1/4 ZZC642424 1-1/2 4of stroke adjustment3-Stage Adjustable StrokeControlsRodShip (lbs.)ZZC6424211-1/8 2-1/2Stroke Controls Spacer (lbs.) DescriptionZZC642425 1-1/8 42 Pair 1 WideZZC642426 1-1/4 41 Pair 1-1/4 WideZZC642427 1-1/2 41 Pair 1-1/2 WIde1 Pair 1-3/4 Wide5-Stainless SteelRetaining RingsHydraulic CylindersAccessoriesBreathers for Single ActingApplicationsPart NPTZZC6424351/2 NPTRod ClevisPart UNFRod Clevis 1-1/8ZZC6424361-1/4-12 UNFRod Clevis 1/4ZZC6424371-1/2-12 UNFRod Clevis 1-1/2Port AdapterPart ORB- 1/2 NPTPin KitsPart onZZC642432(2) 1 Dia. x 3-3/8 LGPackage of (2) Clevis Pins c/w (4) Hair Pin RetainersAll 2 4 Bore CylindersZZC642433(1) 1 Dia. x 3-7/8 LG &Package of (2) Clevis pins c/w (4) Cotter Pin RetainersAll 4-1/4 Bore Cylinders(1) 1 Dia. x 4-1/2 LGZZC642434 Package of (2) Hair Pin Retainers 2500 PSI CylindersBoreRodPart 1-1/8 Up to 30 strokeZZC6424432-1/2 1-1/8 Up to 16 strokeZZC6424443 1-1/4 Up to 20 strokeZZC6424453-1/2 1-1/4 Up to 16 strokeZZC6424463-1/2 1-1/2 18 stroke and upZZC6424474 1-1/4 Up to 16 strokeZZC6424484 1-1/2 18 to 24 stokeZZC6424495 1-1/2 Up to 10 strokeNote: 2500 PSI cylinder repair kits can be used in previous seriescylinders with corresponding bore and shaft diameters. 3000 PSI CylindersBoreRodPart 1-1/8 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424512-3/4 1-1/8 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424523 1-1/4 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424533-1/4 1-1/4 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424543-1/2 1-1/4 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424553-3/4 1-3/8 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424564 1-3/8 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424574-1/4 1-1/2 Rephasing cyl. repair kitZZC6424584-1/2 1-1/2 Rephasing cyl. repair kitRepair KitsHYDRAULIC PARTS 130 Dimensions for 2500 PSI; 3000 PSI RephasingBore2 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 3-1/4 3-1/2 3-3/4 4 4-1/4 4/12 4-3/4 5 A10-1/410-1/410-1/410-1/410-1/410-1/410- 1/410-1/410-1/210-1/212-1/412-1/4B2-1/82 -1/82-1/82-1/82-1/82-1/82-1/82-1/82-1/82 -1/82-1/82-1/8B14-1/83-15/163-15/163-15/ 163-15/163-15/163-/343-3/4444-1/84-1/8C2 -1/162-1/162-1/162-1/162-1/162-1/162-1/1 62-1/162-1/162-1/162-1/142-1/14D2-7/82-7 /82-3/42-3/42-3/42-3/42-3/42-3/42-3/42-3 /42-7/82-7/8E2-3/43-1/83-3/43-3/44-1/24- 1/25-1/85-1/85-1/45-1 CYLINDERSAasae-812-1/42-1/42-1/42-1/42-1 /42-1/42-1/42-1/42-1/42-1/42-1/42-1/4Aas ae-1615-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/ 215-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/215-1/2B1a sae-86-1/86-1/85-15/165-15/165-15/165-15 /165-7/85-3/45-3/45-3/44-1/84-1/8B1asae- 169-3/89-3/89-3/169-3/169-3/169-3/169-1/ 89997-3/87-3/8Kasae-81-1/641-1/641-1/641 -1/641-1/641-1/641-1/641-1/641-1/641-1/6 41-1/641-1/64Kasae-161-17/641-17/641-17/ 641-17/641-17/641-17/641-17/641-17/641-1 7/641-17/641-17/641-17/64NOTE: Dimensions are in Clevis Threads ar UNF PTL= NPTF Ports PTH= 3/4-16 UNF ORB Ports PTP= 3/4-16 UNF ORB PortsHydraulic CylindersDimensional DataCylinder Column LoadColumns strength loading normally affects longer stroke cylinders should not be operated beyond these limits as thecylinder rod may buckle or bend causing limitation applies to compressive loading only. For applica-tions that fall outside the noted parameters, contact your Case IHdealer directly for further assistance. 131 HYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic CylindersRepair Parts List2500 PSI Double-Acting Hydraulic CylindersCylinder Part 2-1/2"3"3-1/2"4"5 11Clevis Cap 1 PinAllZZC492805ZZC492807ZZC492810ZZC4928 20ZZC492830ZZC4928401Clevis Cap PinAll ZZC492815ZZC482916ZZC482930ZZC48291821Ro d Cap8 ASAEZZC492806ZZC492808ZZC492812ZZC492822 ZZC492832ZZC4928424 to 16ZZC492806ZZC492808ZZC492812ZZC492822ZZ C492832 24 ZZC492809ZZC492814ZZC492824ZZC492824 31PistonALlZZC492548ZZC492529ZZC492520ZZ C492528ZZC492527ZZC49476341Rod8 ASAEZZC492699ZZC492699ZZC492700ZZC492700 ZZC492700ZZC49482010ZZC492852ZZC492852ZZ C492869 12ZZC492853ZZC492853ZZC492870 16ZZC492855ZZC492855ZZC492873ZZC492873ZZ C492873 24 ZZC492644ZZC492631ZZC492631ZZC492631 51Tube8 ASEAZZC491608ZZC491668ZZC491738ZZC491798 ZZC467398ZZC43727110ZZC491610ZZC491670ZZ C491740 12ZZC491612ZZC491672ZZC491742 16ZZC491616ZZC491676ZZC491746ZZC491806ZZ C467316 24 ZZC491684ZZC491754ZZC491814ZZC497324 64Tie-Rod8 ASAEZZC492218ZZC492218ZZC492278ZZC492338 ZZC492338ZZC49232110ZZC492220ZZC492220ZZ C492280 12ZZC492222ZZC492222ZZC492282 16ZZC492226ZZC492226ZZC492286ZZC492346ZZ C492346 24 ZZC492644ZZC492294ZZC492631ZZC492631 7 & 82Pin 1 DiameterAllZZC642432ZZC642432ZZC642432ZZ C642432ZZC642432ZZC642432171Rod Clevis 1 PinAllZZC642435ZZC642435ZZC642436ZZC6424 36ZZC642436ZZC642437291Seal KitRod 1-1/4 ZZC642444ZZC642445ZZC642447 1-3/8 1-1/2 ZZC642446ZZC642448ZZC642449Included in Seal Back-up241Rod Back-up402O-Ring Back-upHYDRAULIC PARTS 132 Hydraulic CylindersRepair Parts ListIncluded in Seal U Cup121O-Ring Ring151Wear Ring402O-RingRephasing Double-Acting Hydraulic CylindersCylinder Part "2-3/4 3"3-1/4"11Clevis Cap1 Pin8 ASAEZZC492674ZZC492660ZZC492675ZZC492662 21Rod Cap8 ASAEZZC492673ZZC492661ZZC492670ZZC492664 31Piston8 ASAEZZC494726ZZC494727ZZC494719ZZC494737 41Rod8 ASAEZZC492699ZZC492699ZZC492700ZZC492700 51Tube Weldment8 ASAEZZC464263ZZC464264ZZC44265ZZC4642666 4Tie-Rod8 ASAEZZC492218ZZC492278ZZC492278ZZC492338 7 & 81Pin (2) 1 Diameter8 ASAEZZC642432ZZC642432ZZC642432ZZC642432 171Rod Clevis 1 Pin8 ASAEZZC642435ZZC642435ZZC642436ZZC642436 291Seal KitRod 1-1/4 ZZC642452ZZC6424531-3/8 1-1/2 Cylinder Part "3-3/4 4"4-1/4"4-1/2 11Clevis Cap 1 Pin8 ASAEZZC492676ZZC492678ZZC492680ZZC492706 ZZC49270821Rod Cap8 ASAEZZC492677ZZC492679ZZC492685ZZC492703 ZZC49270531Piston8 ASAEZZC494738ZZC494732ZZC494730ZZC494739 ZZC49474041Rod8 ASAEZZC492700ZZC492800ZZC492800ZZC492698 ZZC49269851Tube Weldment8 ASAEZZC464267ZZC464268ZZC464269ZZC464270 ZZC46427164Tie-Rod8 ASAEZZC492338ZZC492338ZZC492338ZZC492338 ZZC4923387 & 81Pin (2) 1 Diameter8 ASAEZZC642432ZZC642432ZZC642432ZZC642433 ZZC642433171Rod Clevis 1 Pin8 ASAEZZC642436ZZC642436ZZC642436ZZC642437 ZZC642437291Seal KitRod 1-1/4ZZC642454 1-3/8 ZZC642455ZZC642456 1-1/2 ZZC642457ZZC642458 133 HYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic Cylinder Part Numbers (Prior RedLion/Monarch TR Series no longer available)Stroke8 ASAE2 ZZC6423802-1/2 ZZC6423813 ZZC6423823-1/2 ZZC6423834 ZZC6423845 ZZC642400Repair Parts List for Prior Red Lion/Monarch TR 2-1/2"3"3-1/2"4"5 31PistonAllZZC492548ZZC492529ZZC492520ZZ C492528ZZC492527 51Cylinder Tube8 ASAEZZC491608ZZC491668ZZC491738ZZC491798 ZZC467308 64Tie Rod8 ASAEZZC492218ZZC492218ZZC492278ZZC492278 ZZC492338 291Seal Kit8 ASAEZZC642442ZZC642443ZZC642444ZZC642445 ZZC642447ZZC63747010ZZC492900ZZC492902ZZ C492910ZZC492910ZZC492971ZZC63747012->16 ZZC492900ZZC492902ZZC492906ZZC492910ZZC4 92971ZZC63748018->20ZZC492900ZZC492902ZZ C492906ZZC492910ZZC492973ZZC63748024ZZC4 92900ZZC492902ZZC499206ZZC492912ZZC49297 3ZZC637480Cylinder Seal KitsWhen servicing cylinders, please note that all sealswill not be required for service. Follow diagram andchart below for seal location and reference purpos-es. Remaining seals may be discarded after serviceis Lion/Monarch TR Series 2500 PSI 3000 PSI - 2500 PSI - PistonItem Back-up142142Piston Ring141O-Ring Expander121Wear Ring151Piston, Shank O-RIng161Clevis CapO-Ring101101101O-RIng Back-up401401401Rod CapO-Ring101101101O-Ring Back-up401401401Rod U Cup111Rod O-Ring111111Rod Back-up241241Wiper131131131Tie Rod NutTorquesPiston NutTorqueRod Clevis Set ScrewTorqueNut 3/8-16 UNC30 ft . 3/4-16 UNF Locknut130 ft. 3/8-1620 ft. 1/2-13 UNC80 1-1/4 UNS Locknut300 ft. 5/8-11 UNC140 ft. lbsNut 1-1/8-12 UNF Locknut350 ft. 5/8-18 UNF 160 ft. 1-1/4-12 UNF Locknut525 ft. 3/4-18 UNF250 ft. 1-1/2-12 UNF Locknut750 ft. CylindersRepair Parts ListHYDRAULIC PARTS 134 CASE IH 3000 SERIES TIE-RODHYDRAULIC CYLINDERSareheavy-duty, hard working additionsto your equipment. The use ofheavy cross section ductile and grayiron end caps, coupled with high tensilestrength tie-rods designed for a 3000 psicylinder assured field reliability. Addthese strengths to features such as: Skive burnished tube boxes State-of-the-art sealing devices Hard chrome rods with rolled thread Adjustable rod clevis Self-locking piston nuts Skive burnished bore gives seals a longer life Self-locking piston nut keeps piton from loosening O-ring seal between piston and rod to insure a seal on both sides of thepiston Hard chromed plated rod with rolled thread to better resist stripping Static O-ring with urethane back up for a positive seal on the rear head Ductile iron rod levis built heavy for long wear Set screw locking device for a positive lock of clevis Ductile iron rear head clevis built heavy for higher pressure and longerwear Canned urethane rod wiper to keep dirt out for long wear Urethane U-cup rod seal with O-ring expander to assure a positive sealagainst leaking and long wear Rephasing plugCase IH has hard-working, long-life tie-rod cylinders to compliment some ofthe finest agricultural equipment in the Stroke ControlThis device is infinitely variable depending on where the stop is place on therod. The HSC is available in bore sizes 4 , 3-1/2 , and 2-1/2 . It can be usedin single cylinder applications and as a master cylinder in a series SERIES PSI CYLINDERRodPart (HSC)2-1/281-1/492577C91 (HSC)3-1/281-1/492578C91 (HSC)481-3/892579C91581-1/4STOP COLLARSCylinder RodPart (inches)Description145254C11-1/4Double12 67060C11-3/8 DoubleDouble1-1/2-16 StrokeDouble1285840C11-1/2-4 x 8Single1282266C11-1/2-4 x 8Double85122C11-3/4Double85123C11-3/4Tri plePIN & CLIPSBore &CylinderPinClipStrokePart x 81282202C911266752C1 or1970957C11266753C12-1/2 x 81282203C911266752C1 or1970957C11266753C13 x 81282204C911266752C1 or1970957C11266753C13-1/2 x 81282205C911266753C11970957C13-1/2 x 161282206C911266754C11970957C14 x 81282207C921266753C11970957C14 x 161282208C921266754C11970957C1Case IH 3000 Series PSI CylindersHydraulic Seal KitsYour Case IH dealer offers high-quality seals manufactured to resistnon-mineral oils, alcohols, brake fluids or fire resistant fluids. They redesigned to eliminate leakage and prevent contaminants from enteringthe hydraulic system and engineered to today s severe operating con-ditions and high hydraulic seal kits provide you all seals, o-rings and wipers nec-essary to repair a a given hydraulic cylinder, pump or PARTSCylinderCylinderSizePart Kit2 x 81282202C91149806C1145217C2145233C179974 C22-1/2 x 81282203C91145231C1145221C3145233C179975 C22-1/2 X 8B90993145500C1145221C3145233C179975C23 X 81282204C91145231C1145225C2145233C179976 C23-1/2 X 81282205C91145231C1145422C2145233C184919 C23-1/2 X 8 (HSC)92577C91145500C1145422C2145233C1849 19C23-1/2 X161282206C911263346C11272761C114524C179 978C24 X 81282207C921282366C1149930C21282366C1 79979C34 X 8 (HSC)92578C91149953C1149930C2145233C1801 17C24 X 161282208C9280560C1149930C280558C180557C 25 X 892579C911286383C11286382C21286384C1 85125C2 135 HYDRAULIC PARTSISO Couplers and TipsBring tractors up to industry standards and hydraulic compatibility with quick connect (ISO) implements from one tractor to another will be much and without the need for expen-sive adapters. Easy and simply punch to connect and pull to Male tips are completely interchangeable with couplers on the following tractors: Allis Chalmers built since early 1950 Case built since 1975 Deutz Fiat Ford Kubota Massey Ferguson Minneapolis Moline Oliver Steiger Versatile White IH Tractors with gold couplers Farmall 66, 86 and 88 series andsome early production 50 seriesupdated with IH ISO retrofit kit John Deere current series plus oldermodels updated with Deere s ISOretrofit kitMale CouplersThread size7/8 14 UNF isASAEStandard(shielded tip).Dust Cap with A177478. Part No. 1272399C2Special Case IHthread size 7/8 UNS for mount-ing on imple-ment hydrauliclines (not shielded).Mates with No. A28541Female CouplersSpecialCase IH cou-pling used ontractors builtprior to with No. A28542Used in Case IH production 4WDTraction KingsS/N 8762940and after. Hascouple-under-pressure with No. A1491361/2 NPTF. Use with male No. 1994568C1ASAE to1272399C2 butis shielded andhas 1/2 14 NPTFthread size. Mateswith No. 1272770C21/2 NPT John Deere cone No. B913061/2 NPT IH on style No. B91308ASAE Standard. Shielded and has3/4 16 straight thread size. Mateswith No. 1285718C23/4 ORB John Deere cone No. B91307Special Case IH coupling used onMagnum tractors. WIll mate with ASAER366 male No. 93328C3Special Case IH coupling used onMagnum tractors. Will mate with ASAER366 male No. 1342102C3Used in Case IHproductionsince mate with anASAE standard maletip. Has couple-under-pressure with No. A177478Special Case IH coupling used onMaxxum No. 1272400C17/8 -14. Use with male No. 1282338C91Coupler Conversion(Retrofit) KitAll 66, 86, and 88 series IH trac-tors are fitted with a couplerbody that accepts the retrofitkit. Simply remove the old-typebody and insert the ISO femalecoupler into the existing kit contains two femalecouplers, two dust covers, nec-essary hardware, and completeinstallation No. 1272964C94Lever Actuated Hydraulic CouplersCouple and uncouple under pressure without oil mess. With control lever vertical, female coupler is open, flow closed. Insert malecoupler, move lever to horizontal and hydraulic lines are securely coupled. Built in with 3/4 O-ring Boss Thread544786R95Female lever actuated coupler assembly131843C1Male tip for lever actuated coupler assembly64757C1Dust cover for female lever actuated coupler assembly1980457C1Gold adapter coupling connects the IH gold break-away femalecoupler to the IH casting type break-away female couplerHYDRAULIC PARTS 136 Adapter Selection ChartHow to Select Your Case IH Adapter1. Follow down the vertical column on the left until you find the male tip on your Proceed horizontally along the row of adapters until it intersects with the column underthe female body on the back of your Example: The proper adapter to hook up an implement with an old style Case IH male tipto a Pioneer style female body would be Case IH Adapter DeereJohn TipNO ADAPTERREQUIREDNOTAVAILABLENOTAVAILABLEN OTAVAILABLENOTAVAILABLENOTAVAILABLENO ADAPTERREQUIREDNO ADAPTERREQUIREDNO BodyInt. HarvesterCase Corp. (old)PioneerFEMALE BODYMALE TIPSB5050591980457C1A160888A160879A16088 0InternationalHarvesterB505058B505160NO ADAPTERREQUIREDNOTAVAILABLEA160885Case Corp. (old)NOTAVAILABLENO ADAPTERREQUIREDNO ADAPTERREQUIREDA1608881980457C1Pioneer 137 HYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic Adapters37 (JIC) Flared TubeAdjustable Straight Thread 90 BPart 3/8-243/8-24218-51021/47/16-201/47/16218 -51031/49/163/89/16218-52835/161/21/41/2 218-51275/161/2-205/161/2218-51045/161/2 3/89/16218-52845/161/21/23/4218-56255/16 7/85/87/8218-52743/89/161/49/16218-52783 /89/165/161/2218-53353/89/16-183/89/1621 8-51053/89/161/23/4218-51283/89/165/87/8 218-52811/23/43/89/16218-52801/23/4-161/ 23/4218-51061/23/45/87/8218-51211/23/43/ 41-1/16218-51205/87/81/23/4218-51175/87/ 85/87/8218-51075/87/83/41-1/16218-51195/ 8 7/81-3 BPart 3/81-1/16218-51653/41-1/161/23/4218-5282 3/41-1/165/87/8218-51233/41-1/16-123/41- 1/16218-51083/41-1/167/81-3/16218-52773/ 41-1/1611-5/16218-51183/41-1/161-1/41-5/ 8218-56017/8 3/41-3/16218-51007/81-3/16-127/81-3/1621 8-51091 5/81-5/16218-516411-5/163/41-1/16218-512 411-5/167/81-3/16533566R111-5/167/81-3/1 6218-511511-5/16-1211-5/16218-51101 1-1/41-5/8218-52751-1/41-5/811-5/16218-5 1161-141-5/8-121-1/41-5/8218-51121-1/2 11-7/8218-5121-1/2 1-1/41-7/8218-52761-1/21-7/8-121-1/21-7/ 8218-511337 (JIC) Flared TubeConnectorsStraight Male Thread with ASize BPart (long)1/25/81218-50601/23/41-1/4218-5070 1/211-1/2218-50715/83/81218-53605/81/212 18-50665/87/8-141218-50625/83/41-1/4218- 5063All dimensions are in ASize BPart 218-508611-5/8-121-7/8218-508611-5/16-12 1-1/2218-50691-1/43/41-7/8218-50381-1/41 1-7/8218-50391-1/41-1/22-1/8218-50411-1/ 41-5/8-121-7/8218-50721-1/21-1/42-1/8218 -50491-1/21-78-122-1/8218-50741-1/222-3/ 4218-503722-1/2-122-3/4218-5076All 37 threads are NF. Tube size related to 37 pipe threads are NPTF. Tube size related to 37 end. All 37 (JIC) threads are PARTS 138 Adjustable Straight Thread BPart dimensions are in AdaptersAll 37 (JIC) threads are NF. For use with O-ring (JIC) Flared TubeAdjustable Straight Thread 45 Elbows(With Nut, Washer and O-ring) BPart 7/8288830C15/83/45/83 BPart 3/4 218-514711-5/16-1211-5/16218-514011-5/16 11-5/1694111091 1-1/4 218-55251-1/41-5/8-121-1/41-5/8218-51411 -1/21-7/8-121-1/21-7/8218-5142All dimensions are in threads are pipe threads ar NPTF Tube size related to 37 37 (JIC) threads are NF. 139 HYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic AdaptersMale Pipe FixedFemale Pipe Swivel Elbows 90 SwivelThread AThread BPart (restrictor)1/21/4218-9221/2-143/8-18218 -9231/2-141/2-14218-9271/21/2293351R911/ 2-143/4218-9201/23/4B907123/41/2291572R9 13/43/4297581R913/4-143/4-14218-92913/4B 907111-11-1/23/4-14218-93211B907061-11-1 /21-11-1/2218-9312-11-1/22-11-1/2ZJM358A ll dimensions are in Swivel PipeAdjustable Straight Thread 90 ElbowsFor use with o-ring seals. Includes nut, washer, and AThread BPart dimensions are in Pipe SwivelAdaptersMale Pipe ThreadAll pipes are AThread BPart ( )1/43/8122947H13/8-181/4-18218-9073/81/4 B907043/8-183/8-18218-9023/83/8218-1417 (restrictor)3/8-181/2-1499970R11/2-143/8 -18218-985HYDRAULIC PARTSHydraulic HoseDRYSEAL PIPE orThreadThreadsThreadThreadDash (in)per (in) (in) (in)21/82713/3223/6441/41835/6415/3263/8 1843/6419/3281/21427/323/4123/4141-1/166 1/6416111-1/21-5/161-11/64SAE SCREW THREADS 37 FLARED FITTINGS (JIC) orThreadThreadsThreadThreadDash (in)per (in) (in) (in)25/16245/1617/6433/8243/821/6447/162 07/1625/6451/2201/229/6483/4163/411/1610 7/8147/813/16121-1/16121-1/1631/32141-3/ 16121-3/161-7/64161-5/16121-5/161-15/642 01-5/8121-5/81-35/64241-7/81217/81-51/64 322-1/2122-1/22-27/64Thread TypesThere are basically two thread systems used in is the dryseal pipe thread, the other is the SAE standards screw Life Factor Affecting Hydraulic HoseHydraulic hose assemblies have a finite life that is dependent upon the actu-al field service conditions that each assembly is subjected to. Major variablesthat affect hose life include the Working Pressure. The hydraulic system pressure should notexceed the rated working pressure of the Burst Pressure. Unless otherwise specified, the minimumburst pressure should not be four times the rated hose working Temperatures. Hoses should not be subjected to internal orexternal temperatures higher than their rated temperatures! Bend Radius. Hose should never be installed or flexed at lessthan its minimum bend Compatibility. Hoses must be compatible with the fluid its hoses are designed for specific applications andshould only be used as prescribed!Safety AwarenessFactorsFluid InjectionFluids under pressure that are released as a fine stream caneasily penetrate skin and enter a human body. Should fluidinjection occur, contact your doctor or medical facility at once!Fire and Explosion Dangers from HydraulicFluidAll hydraulic fluids, except those comprised primarily of water,are flammable when exposed to the proper conditions. Careshould be taken to eliminate all possible ignition sources fromcontact with escaping fluids, fluid spray or mist, resulting fromhydraulic system : Hose Assembly that hose assemblies be inspected on a daily SCREW THREADS 45 FLARED FITTING (SAE) orThreadThreadsThreadThreadDash (in)per (in) (in) (in)25/16245/1617/6433/8243/821/6447/162 07/1625/6451/2201/229/6465/8185/81/283/4 163/411/16107/8147/813/16121-1/16121-1/1 631/32SAE SCREW THREADS O-RING BOSS STRAIGHT THREADNominalTread SizeThread sizeNo. ThreadsMale Threador Dash No.(inches)per (inches)47/16207/1651/2201/269/16189/168 3/4163/4107/8147/8121-1/16121-1/16161-5/ 16121-5/16 140 Dash SIzeThread SizeTorque(inches)Newton (m)Swivel Nut(ft. lbs.)-049/16-1814-1610-12-061/16-1624-27 18-20-0813/16-1643-4732-35-101-1460-6846 -50-121-3/16-1290-9565-70-161-7/16-12125 -13592-100-201-11/16-12170-190125-140-24 2-12200-225150-165O-Ring Face Seal Adapter 141 HYDRAULIC PARTSPrepackages Hydraulic Hose and Fittings1/4 1 Wire Rated 1/4 M. PipePart 2 Wire Rated 1/4 M. PipePart 1 Wire Rated 3/8 M. PipePart 1 Wire Rated 3/4 - 16 M. OrbPart 2 Wire Rated 3/8 M. PipePart 2 Wire Rated 1/2 M. PipePart 2 Wire Rated 3/4 16 M. OrbPart 1 Wire Rated 1/2 M. PipePart Hose Grips Easy hook-up and disconnect Color coded identification of hydraulic lines Two hydraulic hose grips in each package Six part numbers represent three different colors (red, black, orgray) and two thread types (3/4 O-ring boss or 1/2 pipe thread)Part with 3/4 O-ringBoss Thread236879A1Black with 3/4 O-ringBoss Thread236880A1Gray with 3/4 O-ringBoss ThreadPart with 1/2 Pipe Thread236882A1Black with 1/2 Pipe Thread236883A1Gray with 1/2 Pipe ThreadCase IH LogoMolded In HandleTwo Thread Types:3/4 O-Ring Boss1/2 Pipe ThreadThree color choices: Red Black GrayHydraulic TipsSold SeparatelyAssembly Instructions:1. Remove male end from hydraulic Separate grip, remove Screw machined core onto hydraulic hose end using a leak Screw male hydraulic tip onto core using a leak Snap grip halves onto core making sure to cover all Install Phillips screws into each PRODUCTS 142 High-Intensity Discharge LightingA Bigger, Brighter IlluminatedField for Greater Efficiency andConvenienceOne of the many advancements in technolo-gy introduced with the release of the new MXSeries Magnum tractors is High-IntensityDischarge (HID) lighting. This unique optiongives Magnum the most effective lighting sys-tem in the industry, allowing operators to workwell into the , the lighting system of the MX Magnumis available for all of your equipment. CaseCorporation introduces HID lighting with fourtimes the light and ten times the life of con-ventional halogen lights. This self-contained,free-standing unit is easily mounted to replaceyour standard HID lighting, agricultural equipment keeps workingthrough the night in daylight Halogen LightingNo Filament to BreakHID lighting is designed and constructed toprovide superior shock and vibration resist-ance. Since HID bulbs have no filaments,breakage from shock and vibration is elimi-nated. This feature makes HID lighting per-fect for rugged off-road applications such asforklifts, cranes, construction and agricultur-al Output-Less PowerHalogen lamps produce approximately 25lumens per watt. HID provides 100 lumensper watt that s four times the light for thesame power! Plus, the entire illuminated areais not only brighter, but is larger as well. And,HID develops daylight color impression, soitems are more visible and easier to Intensity Discharge LightingEliminates DowntimeThanks to their long service life, HID lampsrarely need replacement. This saves on main-tenance and service time a big economicplus, especially in continuous-duty to Ten Times the Service LifeWith a service life of approximately 5000hours, HID lighting offers ten times the life oftoday s conventional halogen lamps. Formany applications, an HID lamp lasts the lifeof the vehicle. Lamp replacement due towear becomes a thing of the LIGHTING SYSTEMS326601A112 Volt, 35 Watt Flood331445A112 Volt, 35 Watt Trap331446A124 Volt, 35 Watt Flood331447A124 Volt, 35 Watt TrapHID REPLACEMENT BEAMS338048A112-24 Volt, 35 Watt Flood338049A112-24 Volt, 35 Watt TrapHIDHIR(High-IntensityIncandescentHal ogen(Halogen Infrared)Discharge)Light Output (lumens)900 lm1250 lm1700 lm3500 lmRated Life(hours)1200 orange/yellowEnergy Efficiency(effective use of15%25%35%80%avail. energy)Key FeaturesReadily availableBrighter, whiter lightReclaims energy4-5 times the lightMany voltages, (than incandescent)normallyoutput of halogensizes, etc. availableReadily availablelost to heatExtremely long lifeLowest costMore efficientWhiter light(10 times that(than incandescent)(than halogen)of halogen)Premium costDramatic resistanceto shock andvibration (no filament to break) 143 LIGHTING PRODUCTSLampsWhat beam pattern do I want?Flood PatternThis light illuminates an area approximately 50 wide for a distance of 30 . Used to light imple-ment, bucket, or work area. Should be positionedhigh, such as near the top of the cab to provideoptimum spread of PatternThis light illuminates an area approximately 10 wide for a distance of 1000 . Intensely bright shaftof light. Primarily used to sight objects at a PatternThis light is used for driving equipment betweenfields, on the road to home, or anywhere low orhigh illumination is PatternThis light illuminates an area approximately 25 wide for a distance of 1000 . Mainly used as driv-ing lamp to light area ahead of machine as it ismoving forward. Can be used in conjunction withflood lamps to highlight portion of implement orwork Beam PatternsThe sealed beam is totally sealed against dirt andmoisture. The burner is securely attached to thereflector for optimum performance and reliabilitywhen subjected to shock and sealed beam lamps are rated at 400hours life (800 hours 24 volt) vs. 200 hours for themost composite halogen lamps on the market!BeamPart Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7376250Narrow Flood 12V 50W4 AmpZAA7376350Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7376450Spot12V 50W4 AmpREPLACEMENT SEALED BEAMSZAA7240850Wide Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7257350Narrow Flood 12V 50W4 AmpZAA7280150Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7380450Spot12V 50W4 AmpBeamPart Wide Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7400150 Narrow Flood 12V 50W4 AmpZAA7190250 Spot12V 50W4 AmpZAA7191550 Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7510950 Flood-Late Nite 24V 70W4 AmpZAA7523750 Hi-Lo Driving12V 35/60W 3/5 AmpREPLACEMENT SEALED BEAMSZAA7101750 Wide Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7179150 Narrow Flood 12V 50W4 AmpZAA7179250 Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7179450 Spot12V 50W4 AmpZAA7525150 Hi-Lo Driving12V 35/60W 3/5 AmpAll lamps easily mounted with vertical orhorizontal rotation, two wire hook-up, onewire to B+, the other to groundRectangular 3 x 5Rectangular 4 x 6Round HalogenBeamPart Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7346950Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7347050Spot12V 50W4 AmpREPLACEMENT SEALED BEAMS*ZAA7051050Wide Flood12V 50W4 AmpZAA7072950Trap12V 50W4 AmpZAA7277450Spot12V 50W4 Amp*Will replace any 4-1/2 (Par 36) incandes-cent or halogen sealed beam 144 Warning LightsDouble Flash & SmartStrobe Low ProfileDouble FlashPart or 1265 doubleSmartStrobe Part doubleMedium ProfileDouble FlashPart or 1265 doubleSmartStrobe Part doubleHigh ProfileDouble FlashPart or 1265 doubleSmartStrobe Part doubleCommon FeaturesMeets SAE J1318 Class I, IIor IIIReverse polarity protectedVoltage spike and surgeprotectedField-replaceable flash tubeRugged die cast aluminumbaseLow ProfileQuad FlashPart JoulesFPMZAT6840A12-2412 or 1665 quadMedium ProfileQuad FlashPart JoulesFPMZAT6860A12-2412 or 1665 quadHigh ProfileQuad FlashPart JoulesFPMZAT6880A12-2412 or 1665 quadCommon FeaturesIntegral internal, external or1 pipe mountingMagnetic mounting availableAvailable in amber, blue,clear, green and redMade in by ECCO Temp range -22 F to +122 F(-30 C to +50 C)Quad FlashLow ProfileSuper-DutyPart doubleMedium ProfileSuper-DutyPart doubleLow/High ProfilePart FPMZAT6550A12-48762 double/80 quadZAT6570A12-48762 double/(Not Shown)80 quadSuper-Duty & Strobe LightsLIGHTING PRODUCTS 145 Warning LightsStrobe LightsMaterial HandlingPart singleCost EffectivePart Joules singleZAT640011A115AC280 singleCost EffectivePart Joules FPMZAT6400AMG singleCommon FeaturesEconomical light will cover alllow-intensity applicationsPolycarbonate lensFiberglass filled nylon baseReverse polarity protectedVoltage spike protectedTemp. range -22 F to +122 F(-30 C to +50 C)Applications: Personal carriers Forklifts Scissorlifts ManliftsDirectional Strobe Head4 Round Flush-MountedPart No. ZAT9804ADirectional Strobe HeadOval Flush-MountedPart No. ZAT9805AMedium Profile360 Strobe HeadPart No. ZAT9840AHigh Profile360 Strobe HeadPart No. ZAT9860A2-Head Power SupplyPart No. ZAT9200Volts-DC 12-244-Head Power SupplyPart No. ZAT9400Volts 12-24Remote Head Strobe LightsLIGHTING PRODUCTS 146 Warning LightsRotating & Flashing LightsRotating HalogenPart HalogenPart Two Sealed BeamPart IncandescentPart FeaturesSelf-lubricating heavy-duty motor and gearassemblyEMI/RFI noise suppressionTwist-off lens for easy maintenanceLens O-ring seal protects againstdust and moistureAvailable in amber, blue, clear,green and redManufactured in the by ECCO Temp. range -22 F to +122 F(-30 C to + 50 C)Applications: Refuse trucks Utility vehicles Municipal vehicles Trailers Emergency vehicles Construction vehicles Delivery vehicles BusesE-Mark BeaconsFlush Mount Rotating BeaconPart Rotating BeaconPart MountQuick-Connect RotatingBeacon KitPart No. ZATA5850AKQuick-Connect Wire KitPart No. ZAT5850WKCommon FeaturesEfficient design combining belt dive withstainless steel bearings for longer lifeTwist-off lens can be quickly secured with asingle screwECE Regulation 65 approvedMeets current EMC Regulation 89/336/EECTemp. range -22 F to +122 F(-30 C to + 50 C)Applications: Wide-load vehicles Tow behind vehicles Agricultural equipmentLIGHTING PRODUCTS 147 15 Mini Light BarsPart Mini Light BarsPart Mini Light BarsPart Municipal BarPart rearPermanent400 front55 Wrecker BarPart rearPermanent400 frontCommon FeaturesSelf-lubricating heavy-duty motor and gearassemblyEMI/RFI noise suppressionLens and base designed to form seal againstdust and moistureField replaceable 55 watt halogen bulbPolycarbonate lens and baseAvailable in amber, blue, clear, green, and redManufactured in by ECCO Temp. range -22 F to +122 F(-30 C to + 50 C)Applications: Construction vehicles Utility vehicles Delivery vehicles Emergency vehicles City fleets County fleetsWarning LightsRotating Mini Light BarsRotating Light BarsCablePart TypeLengthZAT301512Incandescent15 ZAT3015H12Halogen15 ZAT303512Incandescent35 ZAT3035H12Halogen35 Safety Director Common Features15 or 35 Cable allows for varied mountingLens designed for efficient light distributionDay/night switch for easy intensity adjustmentRugged extruded aluminum housingLED display on control box replicated flash pattern inside vehicleEight individual lamps for easy bulb replacementControl box and L bracket mounting kit includedManufactured in by ECCO Temp. range -22 F to +122 F (-30 C to + 50 C)Applications: Street sweepers Highway construction vehicles Emergency vehicles Buses Utility trucks Tow trucksLIGHTING PRODUCTS 148 Back-Up AlarmsSmart Alarm Heavy NoiseSAEPart TypeZATSA91487-11212-24A-DSAEPart TypeZATSA91787-11212-24A-DSAEPart TypeZATSA92097-11212-24A-CSAEPart TypeZATSA94087-11212-24A-DSAEPart TypeZATSA90182-10712-24B-DZATSA93182-102 12-48C-DSAEPart TypeZATSA95082-10212-24C-DZATSA95177-971 2-48C-ECommon FeaturesAutomatically adjusts maintaining a minimum of five dB (A) above noise level up tomaximum rated outputEnds confusion on which alarm to chooseReduces irritation and excessive noise complaintsSealed in epoxy against dust, moisture and vibrationMade in by ECCO Patent #4,603,317Extreme temp. range -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)Common FeaturesSealed in epoxy against dust, moisture and vibrationSteam cleanable and pressure washableConforms to SAE J994 criteriaMeets OSHA, Bureau of Mines, GSA K-Spec and all state regulationsVoltage spike and surge protectionWorks on positive or negative ground systemsMade in by ECCO Patent #5,315,288Extreme temp. range -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)Medium-DutyRubber-Tired NoiseLight-DutyOver the NoiseSAEPart TypeZAT872 REVO112 or 97 12-36A or CZAT87611212-36ASAEPart TypeZAT840 REVO112 or 97 12-36A or CZAT85011212-36ASAEPart TypeZAT767 REVO112 or 97 12-36A or CZAT78711212-36ASAEPart TypeZAT45011212-36ABack-Up Heavy NoiseApplications: Crawlers Rear-engine equipment Off-road trucks All construction, mine and quarry equipmentLIGHTING PRODUCTS 149 Back-Up AlarmsBack-Up AlarmsMedium-DutyRubber-Tired Medium NoisePart TypeZAT6109712-36CZAT63010712-36BPart TypeZAT4109712-36CPart TypeZAT5058712-24DZAT5109712CZAT5209712- 24CZAT53010212-24Exceeds CZAT57510712-24BZAT5808712-80DZAT5859712 -48CApplications: Rubber-tired equipment Trucks and all buses Lift trucks Skid steers Refuse trucksApplications: Electric lift trucks Delivery vans Automobiles & RV s Light trucks & busesLight-DutyOver the NoiseCommon FeaturesSealed in epoxy against dust, moisture and vibrationSteam cleanableReverse polarity protectedVoltage spike and surge protectedMade in by ECCO Extreme temp. range -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C)Dual TonePart Dual Tone12-24Dual TonePart Dual Tone12-24Multiple FunctionPart Back-Up12-24102 Dual ToneZATTF630107 Back-Up12-24105 Dual Tone/Fast PulseMultiple FunctionPart Back-Up12-24105 Dual Tone/Fast PulseMini-SeriesPart Alert Part , Single Contact BayonetZATEC315612V, Wedge BaseApplications: Manlifts Engine over temp. Low pressure Outrigger deployment Boom pivot Gen-set malfunctionWarning AlarmsLIGHTING PRODUCTSLUBRICANTS 150 Your Equipment s LifebloodSturdy Protection for your Equipment!Lubricants do much, much more than justprevent friction. They are your equipment slifeblood; they help you take care of yourmachinery s s why you need Case IH quality in yourlubricants, the same way you need that qual-ity in your equipment. Case IH lubricants arespecifically designed for Case IH machinery(although Case IH oils are good for any brandmachine - refer to page 159), and especiallyfor heavy-duty off-road use. That s key,becauseCase IHequipment uses 90% of itshorsepower capacity (trucks, by contrast, use60%, and cars use just 30% of their availablehorsepower).Oil, relatively speaking, costs a few bucks;your equipment could easily cost $50,000 to$100,000 or more. You re much better offreplacing the oil and using quality oil. Don tsave a few pennies by settling for lesser qual-ity lubrication. You ll risk profit-eating down-time and expensive repairs. It costs you verylittle more to use the best; it could cost yougreatly not quality and in depth, the Case IHline oflubricants is second to none in the IHequipment deserves andyourCase IHdealer is as good a businessfriend as you could ask for. Where other deal-ers will simply ring up a sale, your Case IHdealer will take the time to determine what fitsyour specific needs best, in new and usedequipment, value-priced parts, and repairsand maintenance, to keep you up and run-ning. See your Case IHdealer today anddon t forget to ask about hoses, grease guns,and other related accessories!Use the Use Quality Case IH Lubricants 151 LUBRICANTSNo. 1 is a premium, high-performance engine oil specifically designedand tested to provide maximum protection, performance, and longlife in heavy-duty, high-temperature operation of Case IH construction,agricultural, and other off-highway diesel-powered superior protection against wear and corrosion and helpskeep engines exceptionally clean, minimizing deposits and maintainingexcellent soot cold-weather starting and operating Ultra and low temperature Hy-Tran Ultra are, quite simply, the finesthydraulic/transmission fluids wemake. They will enhance your brakeand clutch capabilities while helpingreduce brake chatter, clutch slippageand wear, and final drive wear. Thebasic difference between the two isthat Hy-Tran Ultra fluid is designedfor use in an ambient temperaturerange of -30 C (-20 F) to 50 C(120 F). Low temperature Hy-TranUltra fluid is designed to work opti-mally all the way down to -40 C(-40 F), yet does not need to bedrained in the designed to provide betterwater tolerance and filtration efficiency than typical anti-wearhydraulic oils. Water tolerance is critical for preventing additivedrop-out, filter plugging and sluggish to provide the stable viscosity essential to maintaining opti-mum machine performance and long wear protection for hydraulic components, drive train gearand other transmission frictional characteristics provide smooth operation of wetbrakes and clutches. Special non-zinc additives ensure a thermallyand hydraulically stable product, keep the system free of deposits,and prevent the creation of corrosive the frictional requirements ofCaterpillar TO-2 and Allison C-3, aswell as all performance requirementsof the former Case IH MS1206 andInternational Harvester B-6 Ultra (MS1209)A Unique All-Weather Hydraulic/Transmission FluidNo. 1 Engine OilOur Best Diesel Engine OilAvailable in CanadaPart Size139029A21 5 55 Low TemperatureSAEPart Size10W407357R45 performance requirements of API Service Classification CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF, CE, CD II, CD,or CC; Cummins 20076, Mack EO/K-2; Mack EO-Mt; JASO CD; MAN 270 and CaterpillarSeries 3. Also meets Caterpillar TO-2 and Allison C-3 and C-4 performance OnlyLUBRICANTS 152 Auto Supreme motor oil provides protection and performance for all seasons,eliminating the need for seasonal oil grade changes. It also provides fast warm-up and fuel efficiency for light-application engines. It s formulated with base oilsand additives to provide superior performance and protection. Reduces friction and provides quick, easy starting with instant Ash Engine OilFor LPG, Natural Gas and Similar EnginesA superior quality product blended for optimum performance and service life. LowAsh is specifically designed for heavy-duty service in agricultural, industrial, truck,passenger car, and construction equipment. Provides high levels of dispersants (detergents) formulated to minimizemetallic ash deposits, lengthening valve and spark plug lifeSaePart Size10W407345R35 Supreme Motor OilSaePart Size5W30372255A11 EP Gear LubeFor High-Speed/Low-Torque and Low-Speed/High-Torque ApplicationsThis premium extreme-pressure gear lubricant provides superior foam and oxi-dation stability and reduces the risk of corrosion and deposits that can causecostly damage to your equipment. It s formulated to stand up to high-tempera-ture conditions. Uniquely prevents objectionable deposits and corrosion in gear cases, bearingrollers, races and thrust washers Exceeds API GL-5 and MIL-L-2105D requirementsSAEPart Size80W90139039A11 in Canada 153 LUBRICANTSHTO Additive/HTO PremixA Supplement to Extend Component LifeHTO is designed to provide additional anti-wear, oxidation and corrosion-inhibitingproperties. It extends component life in specific Case IH skid steer SizeB175081 Picker ProductsHi-Speed Spindle Cleaner Heavy-Duty Spindle DetergentThis is the best protection possible for picker bar components and cotton pick-er pressurized moisteners. It s specially developed for use in Case IH cottonpickers. Reduces stain and wrapping Moistens and cleans cotton picker spindles Cleans dirt and plant sap from spindlesPart SizeB91241V5 Premix contains HTO Additive and is specifically formulated for heavyequipment. HTO Premix is SAE 10W30 oil with extra anti-wear additive forservice fill in hydrostatic transmissions on Case IH skid Spindle CleanerA water-based spindle cleaner specifically formulated to keep spindles clean,slick and trouble-free. Helps preserve fiber quality Cleans up moisture system and revents scumin tank Mixes with hard or soft water Promotes better picker performance Indefinite shelf life it never jells Non-stainingPart Size368847A11 Size298053A11 in CanadaLUBRICANTS 154 Case IH Cotton Picker Bar Lube Premium ProtectionThis premium soft, channel-resistant grease is designed for all applications,including high-load cotton picker spindle assemblies. It provides superior wearprotection and oxidation stability. Will not corrode bronze bushings Additives that inhibit rust, corrosion, andoxidation protect these critical, high-valuecomponents during off-season storage as wellas during daily operationPart Size407515R135 IH Slip-Plate No. 1 and No. 3Graphite LubricantCase IH slip-plate graphite lubricants can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled onto anymetal or wood surface to reduce sliding friction. Use it as a lubricant on chainsand sprockets, hitches, overhead door tracks, winches, and hinges. Use Slip-Plate for seed drum seal wearing ring and marker alternator of cyclo , as a surface conditioner on gravity boxes, hoppers, chutes, moldboards,planters and markers, forage boxes and wagon IH Slip-Plate Lubricants are the most effective products made to preventhang-up of high-moisture grain in hoppers and gravity boxes. Protects metalagainst rust and Size407408R114 oz. Aerosol No. 3547596R11 No. 11131916R11 No. 1Cotton Picker ProductsDURAFIT Cotton Picker Spindle Grease Standard ProtectionThis soft, challel-resistant grease lubricates and penetrates in low temperature /high-speed or normal-temperature/low-load applications. Provides adequate lurication for day-to-daysperations of cotton picker spindle assemblies For optimum protection, and especially for idlestorage periods, premium Case IH Bar Lube isrecommendedPart SizeB50041835 in Canada 155 LUBRICANTSGreaseWeoffer two Case IH extreme-pressure greases designed for specific off-road servicethat exceed the specifications of typical products used within the Size132096A1Tube132098A135 Size132095A1TubeMulti-Purpose Grease (251H EP) General-PurposeANLGI No. 2 lithium soap, an extreme-pressuregrease for wheel bearings, universal joints, splineshafts, water pump bearings, chassis, and gen-eral Grease (251H EP-M) Extreme-DutyA specially formulated product that meets therequirements for severe wear and IH Seed Flow LubricantCase IH Seed Flow Lubricant makes seed flow smoothly in planter hoppers and lubri-cates planter mechanisms. Developed for Cyclo Planters, this graphite lubricant canbe used in other planters as well. Convenient shaker can provide a light covering overbottom of hopper and its working parts. Fill hopper halfway and shake another lightcovering. Fill the hopper and give a final light covering over the can contains enough lubricant to treat 42 bushels of seed corn. Pointed tip bottleis recommended for lubricating the mechanisms on the ASM Size407486R11 Kg. Shaker Can358379A11 Kg. Pointed Tip BottleAvailable in CanadaLUBRICANTS 156 Part No. B505076Standard lever action grease gun with pipe and blue painted with Case IH imprinted No. B505077Variable stroke lever action grease gun with pipe andcoupler, electrostatic blue painted with black plastichandle grip, and Case IH imprinted on No. B505082Heavy-duty barrel pump with standard discharge painted. Dispenses approximately 3/4 pint perstroke. Fits 15-55 gallon drums with 2 bung Guns and AccessoriesPart No. B505078Standard pistol gripgrease gun with pipeand coupler. Each gunis electrostatic bluepainted with theCase IH imprint-ed on the No. B505079Variable stroke pistolgrip grease gun. Eachgun comes with pipeand coupler, and iselectrostatic bluepainted with ablack plastichandle grip. Allhandles have a Case No. B505081Air-operated pistol gripgrease gun with pipeand coupler. Singleshot air input rangefrom No. B505080Suction gun with 12 flexible hose. Electrostatic No. 999677R91Heavy-duty lever action grease gun made by construction, comes with pipe and No. B500648Heavy-duty pistol grip grease gun madeby Lincoln. Blue painted. Each guncomes with a pipe and Fitting Tools19337K - For Straight Drive Fittings19338K - For Angle Drive FittingsParts and Accessories forGrease GunsB505083 12 Flexible Rubber HoseB505084 18 Flexible Rubber HoseB505085 Standard CouplerB505086 Heavy-Duty CouplerB505087 Grease Gun HolderB505088 Grease Injector NeedleB505089 1/8 Pipe Thread AssortmentB505090 1/4 -28 Tapered AssortmentB505091 Metric Assortment(not shown)D28957 12 Flexible Hose999811R1 18 Flexible HoseD28958 Grease Gun Coupler324108R91 Button Head Fitting Coupler37290D Button Head Fitting 157 LUBRICANTSGrease FittingsDrive Type StraightAll dimensions are in 219-4133 Type AngledAll dimensions are in inchesHoleOverallShankHexAngleSizeLength LengthSize( )Part Shank Male StraightWith Ball CheckAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart . . . Shank Male Angled With Ball CheckAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexAngleSizeLeng thLengthSize( )Part (w/o Ball Check)(No. 10-32 NF-2A)All dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart Pressure ReliefAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart Breather ValveAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart ElbowsAll dimensions are in inchesMale ThreadFemaleThreadOverallAngleSizeSizeLe ngth( )Part 90219-4161/4-PTF1 ShankWithout Ball CheckAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexAngleSizeLeng thLengthSize( )Part 219-21 219-4011 219-221 219-66LUBRICANTS 158 Threaded Shank Male Angled With Ball CheckAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexAngleSizeLeng thLengthSize( )Part . . . . Shank Female Straight With Ball CheckAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart Shank StraightWith Protective CapAll dimensions are in inchesThreadOverallShankHexSizeLengthLen gthSizePart FittingsGrease Gun Accessories 4-Way Grease Fitting ToolPart No. B505461 (Large)Designed for 1/8 NPT fittings. Tap repairs1/8 NPT threads. Wrench removes 7/16 and 3/8 hex fittings and plugs. Wrenchinstalls new fittings. 1/8 NPT Easy-out removes broken No. B505462 (Small)For most popular 1/4 -28 and 6mm fit-tings. Tap repairs 1/4 -28 threads. Wrenchremoves 5/16 and 3/8 hex fittings andplugs. Wrench installs new fittings. 1/4 -28 easy-out removes broken MeasuresPart No. B5054694-Quart deluxe measure with rigid top with angled spout for easypouring. Rolled edge, easy grip handle withcalibrated fill No. B5054704-Quart deluxe measure with flexible top with rolled edge. Easy griphandle and calibrated fill Galvanized SteelFunnelsPart No. B5054672-Quart utility banded top galvanized steelfunnel. Measures 7-3/4 high with with a8-3/8 No. B5054688-Quart regular tractor galvanized steel fun-nel. Measures 11-1/2 high with a 9-1/2 Filler PumpPart No. B505463Designed to easily load bulk or combina-tion grease guns. Complete with all partsnecessary to transfer grease from bulk pailsto the grease gun without mess or simple female loader fitting is furnished toadapt the filler opening to the loading portsof the grease gun filler. For 25-50 gal-lon with 1/8 pump and 12 drum Action DispenserPart No. B505464For transfer of transmission, differentialand heavier oils. Includes 48 hose withnozzle, 18 pump and drum cover for 25-60 gallon and MeasuresPart No. B50553924-Ounce galvanized utility funnel with flex-ible No. B5055405-Quart galvanized funnel with offset No. B5055414-Quart painted measure with Finish OilersPart No. B5054655-Ounce pistol oiler with 6 rigid non-detachable spout. Drawn steel epoxy finish resists No. B505466One-pint handled oiler with 9 flexiblespout. Heavy-duty, drawn steel bodywith durable epoxy finish to resist Spout 5 GallonPart No. B504088Free-flo spout handles those hard-to-pour five gallon bucket containers of oil,cleaning fluids, and other bulk products,filling the need for pouring fluid in thosedifficult, hard-to-reach places. Sealed cap Flexibility No spillage Visibility Low material contaminationNO FUSSNO MUSSNO MESS 159 LUBRICANTS1No. 1 Engine Oil2Hy-Tran Ultra3Low Temp Hy-Tran Ultra4135H EP Gear Lube5251H EP Grease6251H EP-Moly Grease7Trans-XHDApplication Notes: Use the viscosity grade recommended by the manu-facturer for the particular model and climatic conditions. For ambienttemperature extremes use Case IH No. 1 Engine Oil SAE 0W-30 (-45 C to+10 C) or SAE 20W-50 (0 C to +50 C). For intermediate ambient temper-atures other No. 1 Engine Oil viscosities are available. Some olderengines are designed to operate with single grade (SAE30) oil. Use CaseIH Low Ash Engine Oil in gasoline or gas engines requiring API SD,SE, SF.**Hy-Tran Ultra is designed for a minimum operating temperature of -20 temperature Hy-Tran Ultra is good to -40 F. Hy-Tran Ultra is notdesigned for use on high-offset hypoid gears. Do not use Hy-Tran Ultra inplace of DOT 3 Hydraulic Brake Fluid or Massey-Ferguson Special BrakeSystem Versatile Powershift Transmission Oil or Case Drives, Axles**,Steering Gear,Engine Transmission and Planetaries, andPower SteeringGreasedGreased PivotsCrankcaseHydraulicWet BrakesReservoirBearingsand LInksALLIS CHALMERS, DEUTZ-ALLIS, AGCOAPI CH-41Power Fluid 821; Power Fluid 821; SAE 20W20Power Fluid 821; Lithium or EP LithiumMoly Lithium Grease6SAE 20W20 Engine OilEngine Oil2SAE 20W20 Engine OilGrease5API GL-42or GL-5 Gear Oil4API GL-42or GL-5 Gear Oil4JOHN DEEREAPI CH-41Type 303; HyGard J-20A/C2Type 303; HyGard J-20A/C2Type 303; HyGard Lithium or EP LithiumMoly Lithium Grease6or J-20B/D3; Quatrol2or J-20B/D3; Quatrol;J-20A/C2orGrease5API GL-42or GL-5 Gear Oil4J-20B/D3; Quatrol2FORD/VERSATILE NEW HOLLANDFord M2C121;Ford M2C134 VersatileFord M2C1342Ford M2C134 or M2C412Lithium or EP LithiumLithium or EP LithiumAPI CH-41Hygear 23M2; Dexron II7GL-5 Gear Oil4Grease5Grease5HESSTON FIATAPI CH-41Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F2Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F2Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F2Lithium Grease5Lithium Grease5,6KUBOTAAPI CH-41Kubota Transdraulic FluidKubota Transdraulic Fluid2Kubota Transdraulic Fluid2Lithium Grease5Lithium Grease5,6ISO VG 32 Hydraulic2GL-5 Gear Oil4Dexron II7or ISO VG 32Hydraulic2LONGAPI CH-41Tractor Hydraulic Fluid2Tractor Hydraulic Fluid2Tractor Hydraulic Fluid2Lithium Grease5Lithium Grease5,6GL-5 Gear Oil4LANDINI, MASSEY-FERGUSON, AGCOAPI CH-41Permatran III2Permatran III or GL-4 Gear Oil2MF Permatran III2;Lithium Grease5Lithium Grease5,6Dexron II7or GL-4 Gear Oil2MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE, OLIVER, WHITEAPI CH-41Dexron II7; White Dexron II7; GL-5 Gear Oil4Dexron II7; GL-5 Gear Oil4;Lithium Grease5Lithium Grease5,6Universal Fluid2; White Universal Fluid2White Universal Fluid2GL-5 Gear Oil4 All-Makes Lubricant Chart Agricultural EquipmentThe text below is the manufacturer s specified lubricant. The footnotes represent Case IH lubricants that can be used in that 160 What is Systemgard?A trend based fluid analysis program that reveals abnormal wear rates,contamination, leakage and other destructive conditions BEFOREmajor damage contamination that gradually accumulates in used oil revealsexactly what is happening in your engine or hydraulic system. Itindicates whether everything is functioning properly, or if a problemis developing that requires prompt attention to prevent a costlybreakdown. The Systemgard ounce of prevention helps controlyour equipment operating prevention worth the effort?You bet! Your Case IH equipment is the finest available in the indus-try and is designed to meet your operational needs for many yearsto come. Chances are you did your homework before deciding tomake your equipment investment with Case IH. It would be foolishnot to protect that investment with an effective preventative main-tenance Systemgard Lubricant Analysis Service is the key to maximizingyour preventative maintenance efforts. Regular use of Systemgardanalysis alerts you to minor problems that can be fixed during sched-uled maintenance. This will prevent breakdowns which never happenat opportune times. Though breakdown repairs frequently involvehigh labor and material costs, they are often minuscule compared tothose associated with lost harvests or missed project of a time when your business was most reliant upon yourequipment and imagine the impact of losing that equipment unex-pectedly. Is prevention worth the effort? What do you think?What makes Systemgard unique?The Case IH Systemgard program is a trend based lubricant analy-sis that identifies problems early in their development. Each testreport provides severity codes and recommended troubleshootingrecommendations. Severe findings are communicated immediate-ly via phone or fax. Competitive analysis programs work great fordetecting when components have failed. Of course, it doesn t takea genius to realize that a component has failed when pieces of it arein the oil sump! At that point, an oil analysis is of minimal use. It scertainly too late to take any preventative Trend based Tests for over 20 metals Tracks component wear metals Reports contaminant levels Details vital oil additive levels Precise numerical values given Easy-to-read report format Flagged problem areas Troubleshooting recommendations Problem diagnostics Immediate notificationBenefits Reduced emergency repairs Reduced equipment downtime Predictive maintenance Reduced major repairs Increased equipment productivity Optimized maintenance procedures Reduced maintenance overhead costs Reduced repetitive repairs Evaluated contaminant add rates Simplified repair efforts Minimized lost harvests or project delaysSystemgard sample kits:Tests and report costs are included in purchase Lube Oil Analysis KitM20904B Hydraulic Oil Analysis KitCC2546W5 Lube Oil Analysis Kit with TubingCC2547W5 Hydraulic Oil Analysis Kit with sample bottle with appropriate information form for each sample with the supplied mailing 161 LUBRICANTSFleetguard Monitor Analysis PackagesAvailable through your Case IH DealerFleetguardFleetguardPart Number Analysis PackageTests Included (chart codes)Part Number Analysis PackageTests Included (chart codes)CC 2525Engine Oil AnalysisA, B, CCC 2630Diesel Fuel Go/No-Go AnalysisO, PCC 2528Engine Oil Analysis/Pre-paid MailerA, B, CCC 2631Diesel Fuel Quality AnalysisJ, K, L, QCC 2543Correct Oil Drain AnalysisA, B, C, D, ECC 2632Winter Diesel Fuel Spec. AnalysisA, D, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, QCC 2544Engine Failure AnalysisA, B, C, D, E, F*CC2633Summer Diesel Fuel Spec. AnalysisA, D, I, J, K, L, O, QCC 2527Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid AnalysisA, B, D, F*CC2700Cooling System AnalysisR, S, T, U, V, W*Test G is run when fluid opacity prevents use of test System Analysis/Pre-paid MailerR, S, T, U, V, WMonitor Oil/Hydraulic TestsChart CodeTestFeaturesBenefitsAElementalUniver sal test identifies the type and quantity of dirt and coolantDetermines metal particle content, alerting you towear occurringAnalysiscontamination, misapplied lubricant, wear particles and oil pistons, liners, cams, valves and other engine, transmission and(Spectroscopy)Measures particles up to 10 microns in parts per quality test identifies coolant contamination, oxidation,Signals air/fuel ratio problems which can lead to poor fuel economySpectroscopynitration, fuel soot and water percentage. Can be used to compareand reduced air cleaner efficiency. Warns of oil thickening,new and used oil heat transfer and reductions in detects coolant for percentage of raw fuel fuel system malfunctions such as fuel line leaks, wornChromatographyrings and injector or pump quality test determines thickness from 40 C to 100 you assess lubricant suitability by indicatingthinning from mult-grade additive breakdown, potential solvent contamination or thickeningdue to BaseMeasures reserve-alkalinity in oil to determine its ability to neutralizeHelps you avoid future acid damage and corrosion by identifyingNumbersulfuric acid from fuel oil which is no longer suitable for continued use. Also helpful(TBN)in specifying CountMeasures and reports size of particles in 6 ranges from 5 micronsKeeps you advised of oil cleanliness and filtration 40 ReadingDetermines the ratio of iron particles over and under 15 micronsWarns you when the level of iron particles over 15 microns. IndicatesFerrographyin onset of catastrophic component identifies foreign particles by type, size and diagnostic tool in failure and disassembly analysis. IndicatesAnalyticalthe wear likely to have caused engine failures. Also helps makeFerrographydecision during Diesel Fuel Tests**Chart CodeTestFeaturesBenefitsISulfur %Identifies percentage of sulfur in diesel make decisions regarding the level of base number in the lubricantto provide adequate protection. Valuable in oil and fuel GravityDensity test to determine fuel volatility, grade and calculated it possible to compare actual fuel specifications with anysupplier s spec 5 boiling ranges necessary to calculate the cetane of dangerous and damaging gasoline contamination andhelps verify levels of kerosene added during PointDetermines volatility of determine the ignition quality of fuel and identifies gasolinecontamination. Valuable in fuel PointDetermines temperature at which wax crystals will form duringAvoids filter weather PointReports temperature at which fuel will gel during cold engine operation problems caused by fuel %Measures water content as low as 10 parts per potential engine leaks and fuel TestMeasures microbe whether microbe levels demand addition of biocidesand/or tank CetaneProvides cetane rating (requires API Gravity and Distillation).Identifies ignition quality of fuel and gasoline in fuel specification.**Diesel fuel only gasoline tests not availableMonitor-C Coolant TestsChart CodeTestFeaturesBenefitsR%Antifreeze andHighly accurate antifreeze percentage you follow OEM antifreeze concentration recommendationsFreeze Point ( F)and avoid summer boil over, winter freezing and antifreeze the level of chemicals available to combat liner you of potential pitting problemsand required LevelChecks acid/base you when acidity/alkalinity reaches levels that can lead todamaging , Accurate (parts per million) test for dissolved minerals inHelps you follow OEM recommendations for make-up water byChlorides &make-up water. (This test is not run on used coolant).notifying you when corrosion and scale causing chemicals are atSulfatesexcessive ProductsSpectroscopic test for iron, copper, lead and corrosion in your cooling LevelAccurate spectroscopic measurement of silicate gel plugging of the cooling system caused by too much 162 The Case IH Total PackageAll Your Lube, Filter and Fluid Analysis Needs in a Single Stop!The Case IH lubricants you ve readabout here are one-third of the preven-tive maintenance all-star team. Their teammates are Case IH filters and SYSTEMGARD fluid analysis. Make yourCase IH dealer your single source forpreventive maintenance!Case IH Filters and LubricantsIf Case IH lubricants are your equipment s lifeblood, Case IH filters arejust as vital to your lubricant systems. Each Case IH filter is consis-tently efficient and meets or exceeds OEM requirements. Case IH fil-ters trap the most damaging particles and provide maximum protec-tion against abrasives and contaminants in your vital systems whichcould lead to engine wear. Case IH offers you the broadest range ofOEM filter elements and accessories available from a single source:your authorized Case IH dealer. You ll find filters for all your enginesystems including oil, hydraulic, fuel, coolant, and air. Each filter isbacked by one of the strongest warranties in the Fluid AnalysisKeep your equipment up and running with the industry s most thor-ough fluid analysis. This unique early warning system determinesand monitors your fluid s condition to prevent unexpected down-time. Plus, the new Systemgard report format uses easy-to-readsignals to instantly advise you of your fluid s condition. It s the smart way to reduce downtime, prevent prematurecomponent failure and extend equipment life Schedule your downtime instead of giving in to costly surprisesPerformer or Pretender?Your equipment ITEMSCleaning ProductsGasket RemoverRemoves form-in-place chemical gaskets,baked-on cut gaskets, gasket cements,dried oil, grease and paint from any type ofmetal in minutes. Strips carbon depositsfrom valves, heads and pistons. Reducesexcessive scraping and potential damageto flange surfaces. Safe for use on all typesof metals. Not for use on plastic tile,linoleum or synthetic No. B505510Container Size 12 and Choke CleanerCase IH Carburetor and Choke Cleanerwill remove deposited gum, grease andgasoline residue from carburetors, chokelinkages, and external metal engine ensure faster starts, smoother idleand maximum power from your cleans and degreases metal parts ofall Applications: Carburetors Choke mechanisms PCV valvesPart No. ZRG017CBRCContainer Size 17 Parts CleanerCase IH Brake Parts Cleaner is a non-chlo-rinated formula specially designed to com-pletely clean all metal brake parts ofgrease, oil, and brake fluid Applications: Brakes Tools Equipment partsPart No. ZRG017BRCContainer Size 17 Cure Primer NCleans parts and speeds the cure of anaer-obic products. For use with Lock N Seal242, Pipe Sealant with Teflon, Threadlock262 and 271, Retaining Compound 609,Gasket Eliminator 515 and 504. Alwaysuse on parts when temperature is below50 Applications: In cool temperatures below 50 F To speed cure so equipment can bereturned to service quickly To increase gap filling capability ongasketing and retaining applicationsPart No. B500637Container Size oz. aerosolNatural Blue Cleaner andDegreaserBiodegradable, all-purpose, industrial-strength, concentrated cleaner and de-greaser. Can be economically diluted withwater. Natural blue is formulated for wipedown, pressure spraying and immersioncleaning processes at room temperatureor heated. Pine scented, non flammableand non spray bottle is a 1:1 dilutionready-to-use spray. 1-Gallon is full strengthready for Blue Applications: Removes grease, grime, oil, cuttingfluids, mildew, animal fat Cleans engine parts, exhaust hoodsand drilling rigsPart No. B505517Container Size 15 No, B505518Container Size 1 Engine DegreaserCuts oil, grease, sludge and dirt. Spray on,wait 10 minutes and rinse off. Removescaked-on grease. Water Applications: Engine parts Farm and construction equipment Concrete floorsPart No. B505512Container Size 15 CleanerCase IH Glass Cleaner will clean, shine,and polish all glass and plastic a clear, water resistant and streakfree No. ZRG018GLCContainer Size 18 CleanerFast evaporating cleaner quickly removesoil and grease from metal parts and sur-faces. Will not cause Applications: Use as a final wash before assembly Improves gasket, sealant and paintadhesionPart No. B505511Container Size oz. 163 MAINTENANCE ITEMS 164 Cleaning ProductsHand CleanersHand WipesConvenient, pre-moistened ready-to-use perforated towels. Norinsing required. Clean hands anywhere!Use Case Hand Wipes on the job to safely remove the toughestgrease, grime, resins, printers ink, paint, glue, gasketing and tilecements. Each 10" x 12" heavy-duty towel has a "gritty" side fordeep cleaning the toughest dirt and grime plus a "smooth" sidefor general-purpose cleaning of tools and work No. B505475Container Size 70 countHeavy-Duty Hand CleanerA general-purpose waterless hand cleaner that removes grease,grime and/or tar. Scrubbing power of pumice removes ground No. B500010Container Size 1 Citrus Hand CleanerA biodegradable, all-natural citrus hand cleaner in a smooth orpumice formula. Contains no petroleum distillates. Natural orangeoil cleans more safely and effectively than Hand CleanerIn addition to aloe and lanolin, antiseptic ingredients prevent der-matitis on sensitive skin. This is a smooth cream No. B500008Container Size 1 Hand CleanerEnvironmentally-friendly hand cleaner formulated to removepaint, urethanes and other tough soils. Contains no harsh No. B500768Container Size 16 and BracketsPart No. B505452Part No. B500118Push-Type Dispenser1 gal. Wall BracketSmooth FormulaPart No. B504325Container Size No. B504327Container Size 1 FormulaPart No. B500765Container Size No. B505477Container Size 15 No. B500767Container Size 1 ConcentratePart No. B500012Container Size 14 No. B500011Container Size lb. 165 MAINTENANCE ITEMSCleaning/Electrical ProductsShop TowelsElectrical ProductsDielectric Tune-Up GreaseProvides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects equip-ment from corrosion, salt, and dirt. High dielectric strength. Goodthermal oxidation and chemical Applications: Ignition systems, spark plug connections, disconnect junctions,electrical assemblies and terminals, cable connectors andbattery terminalsPart No. B505516Container Size .33 oz. tubeElectrical Contact and Parts CleanerFast-evaporating cleaner removes oil, grease and other contami-nants from electrical parts and mechanical Applications: Switches, relays, motor controls, connectors and sensorsPart No. B505513Container Size 11 oz. aerosolBattery CleanerCase IH Battery Cleaner is an amazingly easy way to remove corro-sion from all battery parts. Use to neutralize acid and dissolve corro-sion from terminals, cables, hold-downs and boxes. Recommendedfor all tractors, harvesters, forage, industrial and construction equip-ment color change indicates when cleaning is complete. No guess-work No. B505514Container Size 12 oz. aerosolBattery SaverCase IH Battery Protector provides a protective coating that preventsthe formation of damaging corrosion. It also seals battery, hold-downand carrier surfaces, protecting them from corrosion by acidic dirt and other contaminates from interfering with the flow ofpower. Prolongs battery, cable and clamp No. B505515Container Size 12 oz. aerosolElectrical TapePart No. 996205R3Container Size rollShop TowelsHeavy-duty paper shop towels. Economical replacement forrented shop rags. Boxed towels stay clean and handy and areconvenient for tractor cabs or on the service tech's tool No. ZSP75130Part No. ZSP75240Container Size:Container Size:55 towel roll 30 roll/case85 towel box 24 boxes/casePart No. ZSP75190Container Size:200 towel box 8 boxes/caseHand WipesConvenient, pre-moistened ready-to-use perforated towels. No rins-ing required. Clean hands anywhere!Use Case IH Hand Wipes on the job to safely remove the toughestgrease, grime, resins, printers ink, paint, glue, gasketing and tile 10" x 12" heavy-duty towel has a "gritty" side for deep cleaning thetoughest dirt and grime plus a "smooth" side for general-purpose clean-ing of tools and work No. B505475Container Size 70 countMAINTENANCE ITEMSLubricants & PenetrantsLubricantsChain and Cable LubeFor use on construction andagricultural equipment. Protectsagainst rust and corrosion. Fastpenetrating action. Reduceschain wear. Resists high tem-perature breakdown. Heavy vis-cosity reduces life of chain No. B505500Container Size 12 LubricantA high-performance lubricantthat keeps parts free fromseizure due to high heat or cor-rosive atmospheres. Reducesgalling of press fitted Applications: Exhaust fasteners Turbo charger fasteners Wheel nutsPart No. B17507Container Size 1 lb. brush canPart No. B505504Container Size 12 oz. aerosolHeavy-Duty SiliconeLubricantSuperior lubricant that weather-proofs and protects. Works onmetals, rubber and Applications: Lawnmowers Snow shovels Wood drawers Sliding doors and windowsPart No. B505503Container Size 11 Lithium GreaseCase IH White Grease is anaerosolized lithium complexgrease which is exceptionallyresistant to water and evapora-tion. Provides good lubricationand reduces friction. Spraysinto hard-to-reach places andstays. Stops rust and corro-sion. Normal heat and cold willnot Applications: Slides, hinges and latches Chains Rollers and bearings Gears and winchesPart No. ZRG012WGCContainer Size 12 Bearing GreaseEP Grease. Acid, salt and alkaliresistant. Water will not effect itor wash it out. Resists No. B505497Container Size 1 Assembly PasteG-n Metal Assembly Paste is amulti-purpose, heavy-duty lubri-cating paste containing a blendof molybdenum disulfide andwhite solid lubricants in a min-eral oil. It will lubricate beyondthe yield point of most metals,reducing wear and helping toprevent seizing, galling andexcessive No. 384646R1Container Size oz. tubePenetrantsIndustrial-Strength RustPenetrantFrees frozen nuts and boltsquickly. Protects against rustand corrosion. Penetrates andlubricates. For use on con-struction equipment, farmequipment and No. B505501Container Size 12 oz. aerosolPenetrating OilLoosens rusted parts. Preventscorrosion on rusted tools andparts. Dries out wet engineparts. Stops binding No. B505502Container Size 12 oz. aerosolGraphite ProductsSlip-Plate No. 1 and No. 3 Graphite LubricantCase IH Slip-Plate Graphite Lubricants can be sprayed, brushed orrolled onto any metal or wood surface to reduce sliding friction. Use itas a lubricant on chains and sprockets, hitches, over-head doortracks, winches and hinges. Use Slip-Plate for seed drum seal wear-ing ring and marker alternator of Cyclo planters. Also, as a surfaceconditioner on gravity boxes, hoppers, chutes, moldboards, plantersand markers, forage boxes and wagon IH Slip-Plate Lubricants are the most effective products made toprevent hang-up of high-moisture grain in hoppers and gravity metal against rust and No. 1131916R1Part No. 407408R1Container Size 1 Size 14 oz. aerosolPart No. 547596R1Container Size 1 Flow LubricantCase IH Seed Flow Lubricant makes seed flow smoothly in planter hop-pers and lubricates planter mechanisms. Developed for Cyclo planters,this graphite lubricant can be used in other planters as well. Convenientshaker can provides a light covering over bottom of hopper and itsworking parts. Fill hopper halfway and shake another light covering. Fillthe hopper and give a final light covering over the top. One can con-tains enough lubricant to treat 42 bushels of seed tip bottle is recommended for lubricating the mechanisms onthe ASM No. 407486R1Part No. 358379A1Container Size 1 lb. Shaker BottleContainer Size 1 Tip Bottle 166 167 MAINTENANCE ITEMSFunctional FluidsStarting Fluids & Fuel ConditionersPremium Starting FluidFull 60% ether content. For gasoline and diesel engines. Savesstarter and battery. Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corro-sion inhibitor. For trucks, tractors and constructions for use with pre-heat manifolds or glow No. ZAD3Part No. ZAD4Container Size 8 Size 11 FluidShort, thread-mount container fits skid steers with low No. 310992A1Container Size 11 Fuel AdditiveA fuel additive especially formulated for use with low-sulfur dieselfuels. This additive will increase the lubricity of diesel fuels andprolong injector pump life. One 16 oz. can treats 60 No. ZRG016LSCPart No. ZRG032LSCContainer Size 16 Size 32 Fuel Anti-GelCase IH Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel is a special blend of additivesdesigned to reduce fuel problems related to cold also help maintain fuel system and injector cleanliness, andprevent fuel oxidation or system No. ZRG015GELCContainer Size 15 oz. Other ProductsCase IH Belt DressingCase IH Belt Dressing is designed to soften and lubricate belts,reducing slippage and improving the transfer of No. ZRG011BELCContainer Size 12 Brake FluidDOT 3 450 F Brake Fluid for drum and disc No. B505499Container Size 12 ProductsRadiator Anti-Rust and Water Pump LubricantRadiator Anti-Rust and Water Pump Lubricant helps retard rust andcorrosion by forming a protective film on interior surfaces of the radi-ator and water jackets. Helps prevent overheating and leaks due torust and corrosion. It also lubricates sealed-type water No. B505507Container Size 12 FlushRadiator Flush helps remove loose rust, scale and sludge fromthe radiator and cooling system. Harmless to all metal and rub-ber parts when used as directed. May be added directly to sys-tems containing No. ZRG012RADCContainer Size 12 Stop LeakHelps seal small leaks quickly. Helps prevent new leaks. Stayssafely in suspension until a leak No. B505508Container Size 12 ITEMS 168 Adhesives & SealantsAdhesivesSuper Bonder Gel Instant AdhesiveAn instant adhesive gel that bonds most materialsinstantly. Will not run or drip onto adjacent be used on overhead or vertical surfaces. Gelformulation outperforms other super glues becauseit bonds both porous and non-porous materials rubber, plastic, metal, cork, leather, wood is in 15 90 seconds and full strength in24 hours. Temperature resistant from -65 F to180 Applications: Weatherstripping Name plates Trim Rubber pads InsulationPart No. B500071Container Size 3 gram tubePlanter Seed Drum AdhesiveA black, single component, gel instant adhesive, toughened with elastomers for impact,peel and moisture resistance. Resists thermal shock and can be used in temperatures upto 223 Applications: For most rubber, metal or plastic substrates Humid or damp environments For planter seed drumsPart No. B94331Container Size 20 gram tubeWeather Strip AdhesiveFast-drying, neoprene-based adhesive for bonding rubber, insulation, weather-stripping andother porous materials. Sets to a tack-free surface in 3 to 4 minutes. Allows repositioning ofparts after initial contact. Withstands the effects of freezing Applications: Replacing and maintaining weather-stripping on windows, doors, trucks, cars, and offroad equipmentPart No. B505523Container Size 5 oz. tubeEpoxy Mixer CupsA pre-measured, fast-curing, two-part epoxyin its own easy-to-use mixing cup. Will bondand patch a very wide variety of use on wood, concrete, metal, plastics,glass and ceramic. Ideal for parts with largegaps. Parts fixture in five minutes, with fullcure in 24 Applications: Bond name plates Bond shift handles to levers Repair broken trim, knobs, and parts Bond insulationPart No. B17581Container Size can of 10 cupsElectrical TapePart No. 996205R3Container Size roll 169 MAINTENANCE ITEMSAdhesives & SealantsGasketing AnaerobicGasket Eliminator 504A single component instant-sealing, gel-like material intended foruse in place of a wide variety of preformed, precut gaskets. Fillsgaps up to .030". Allows immediate assembly and use, and hasexcellent solvent Applications: As specified in Case service manuals to seal flangedassembliesPart No. B17428Part No. B17504Container Size 50 ml tubeContainer Size 300 ml cartridgeGasket Eliminator 510A high-temperature sealant specially engineered for making ordressing gaskets in rigid assemblies. Able to withstand tempera-tures to 400 F (204 C), fills gaps to " ( ) and permitsclamping loads to be maintained for strong, leakproof Applications: Sealing rigid, flat machined metal surfacesPart No. B93691Part No. B93692Container Size 6ml tubeContainer Size 300 ml cartridgeGasket Eliminator 515Flexible, gasketing material for use on rigid machined flanges withless than .015" gap. OEM approved. Eliminates precut, preformed,paper and rubber cut gaskets. Flexes with flanges that move Applications: Water pumps Thermostat housing Transmission pan Transmission case cover Transaxle casings O-ring replacementPart No. B17501Part No. B17555Container Size 6 ml tubeContainer Size 50 ml tubePart No. B17556Container Size 300 ml tubeGasket Eliminator 518Ideal for on-the-spot and emergency repairs, or when a conven-tional gasket is out of stock. Seals to 300 F (149 C), fills gaps "( ). Can be used on a variety of metal surfaces includ-ing aluminum. Forms a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that will nottear or decay. Parts will disassemble easily even after extendedservice, and old gasket material can be removed in minutes with asimple putty Applications: Sealing flexible metal assembliesPart No. B93653Part No. B93654Container Size 6ml tubeContainer Size 50 ml tubePart No. B93655Container Size 300 ml cartForm-A-Gasket #3A brushable gasket dressing and sealant that holds gaskets inplace. Dries slowly to a pliable film. Sealer for close fitting to gasoline and other solvents. Suitable for continuoustemperatures to 400 Applications: Gasket coating or sealing close fitting parts Water pump gaskets, oil pan gaskets, timing gear covers andcoolant hose connectionsPart N. M20458Container Size 1 pint brush top canForm-A-Gasket #2Reliable paste-like gasket sealant/dressing/coating. Sets moreslowly to a pliable film best suited for non-rigid, vibrating assem-blies. Use to 400 F. Resistant to gasoline and other Applications: Coating cut gaskets to improve sealing and hold in placePart No. B505520Container Size 3 oz. tubeMAINTENANCE ITEMS 170 Adhesives & SealantsRTVHigh-Tack Spray-A-GasketSpray-on adhesive sealant that holdsgasket in place during assembly. Suitableto 500 F. Seals and bonds rubber, cork,paper, felt, metal and asbestos quickly to a very tacky Applications: Bonds and seals most types of cutgasketsPart No. B505522Container Size 9 oz. aerosolAxle Sealant KitAn adhesive and primer, formed-in-placegasket system for rear axle transmissionjoint on the 5100 series and 580K Applications: Axle housing on P100 transmissiononlyPart No. ZPX18274Container Size 50 ml adhesive6 oz. activatorQuick Cure Primer NCleans parts and speeds the cure of anaer-obic products. For use with Lock N Seal242, Pipe Sealant with Teflon, Threadlock262 and 271, Retaining Compound 609,Gasket Eliminator 515 and 504. Alwaysuse on parts when temperature is below50 Applications: In cool temperatures below 50 F To speed cure so equipment can bereturned to service quickly To increase gap filling capability ongasketing and retaining applicationsPart No. B500637Container Size oz aerosol canInstant GasketMakes high-performance gaskets in oneminute. Equipment can be returned toservice immediately. Blowout resistant andoutperforms precut gaskets. Temperatureresistant to 600 No. B505521Container Size 4 oz. aerosol canBlack RTV SiliconeRTV silicone adhesive/sealant suited for awide variety of gasketing and sealinguses. Fills gaps ". Cures into a flex-ible sealant that will not harden or crackover Applications: Engine covers, front wheel assistcovers, sheet metal covers, caulkjoints, seal electrical boxes, sealelectrical terminals, bond insulationsPart No. B94328Container Size 3 oz. tubePart No. ZPX28416Container oz. canClear RTV SiliconeAn all-purpose RTV adhesive and sealantfor a variety of gasketing, bonding andsealing jobs. Clear formulation makes itparticularly suited for jobs that require aneat, cosmetic Applications: Windshield frames Lights Cab panelsPart No. B94329Container Size 53 oz. tubePart No. ZPX28718Container Size oz. canPart No. B17576Container Size 11oz. cartridgeHigh-Temp Red RTVA high-temperature RTV silicone suitedfor form in place gasket applications sub-jected to temperatures up to 600 Applications: Use where RTV silicone is specified inhigh-temperature or heavy-dutyapplicationsPart No. B94327Container Size 3 oz. tubePart No. ZPX28418Container Size oz. canUltra-Blue RTV SiliconeA high-performance RTV silicone well suit-ed for a wide variety of gasketing uses. It isthree times more oil resistant than otherRTV' Applications: Use where a non-corrosive rtv isrequired and where maximum hot oilresistance is desiredPart No. B94330Container Size 3 oz. tubePart No. ZPX28719Container Size oz. can 171 MAINTENANCE ITEMSAdhesives & SealantsSealants & ThreadLock and Seal 242ThreadlockerThis blue, general-purpose threadlock locksand seals threads. Use on nuts, bolts, andscrews. Ensures that parts do not loosenprematurely due to shock and strength allows easy Applications: Lock and seal hydraulic pump screws Lock and seal park brake bolts Lock and seal transmission case coverbolts Lock seat bracket bolts Retain axle seals Retain planet pin end coversPart No. B17577Container Size 6 ml tubePart No. B17578Container Size 10 ml bottlePart No. B17422Container Size 50 ml bottleLock and Seal 243 ThreadlockerA removable-strength, general-purposethread-locking adhesive especially well suit-ed for fasteners between _" and _" diameter(6 to 20mm). Applied to threaded compo-nents before assembly, blue 243 has con-trolled lubricity for accurate clamp can be separated using hand Applications: Machine tools, presses, pumps,compressors, mounting bolts, gearboxes and where specified in Caseservice manualsPart No. B94486Container Size 6 ml tubezThreadlock 262A high-strength adhesive to lock and seallarge threads where lubricity for controlledtorque tension is required. Is applied to fas-teners 3/8" to 1" in size before will not weaken the adhesive may require heating parts to 450 Applications: Lock and seal high-strength bolts asspecified in service manuals All fasteners that must withstand heavyshock, vibration or extreme chemical orenvironmental conditionsPart No. B17579Container Size 6 ml tubePart No. B17580Container Size 50 ml bottleLock and Seal 271 ThreadlockerA high-strength adhesive to lock and sealthreads when maximum locking strength isrequired. Designed for large fasteners andpermanent assemblies. Heat parts to 450 Fto Applications: Lock and seal PTO return spring boltlock and seal tractor roller cap screws Lock wheel studsPart No. B17500Container Size 6 ml tubePart No. B17423Container Size 50 ml bottleLock and Seal 277 ThreadlockerA high-strength adhesive for locking andsealing large bolts and studs 1 or larger indiameter. Heat may be required to weakenbond before parts can be Applications: Frame brackets, suspension fasteners,shock absorber mounts, wheel studsPart No. B17427Container Size 50 ml bottleWick and Lock 290 SealantA low-viscosity thread-locking liquid, green290 wicks along the threads of pre-assem-bled fasteners to secure them in place. Foruse on small preassembled fasteners (up to1/2 ). Localized heating and hand tools arerequired for Applications: Set screws Adjustment screws Pre-assembled fasteners Electrical connectors CarburetorsPart No. B17424Container Size 50 ml bottleThread Sealant with TeflonA high-performance thread sealant that sealsthreaded metal fittings instantly. Lubricatesfor easy assembly and cures to lock againstvibration loosening. Outperforms Teflon tape,will not Applications: Tapered pipe threads, pipe plugs, fuelline fittings, hydraulic fittings, air linefittings, brake and power steering fittingsPart No. B17503Container Size 6 ml tubePart No. B17425Container Size 50 ml tubeMAINTENANCE ITEMS 172 Adhesives & SealantsRetaining CompoundsRetaining Compound 609A high-strength sealant that retains and seals cylindrical assem-blies. Increases the holding strength of press fits and retains slipfits. For use on bearings, bushings, sleeves, keyways and Applications: Clutch hub to piston carrier, engine block heaters, engineplug hubs, oil seals, bushings, bearings, ring gear bolts anddifferential lock pinPart No. B17069Container Size 50 ml bottleRetaining Compound 635An extra high-strength sealant that retains and seals cylindricalassemblies. Use on parts where maximum shear strength Applications: Bearings and sleevesPart No. B17197Container Size 50 ml bottleRetaining Compound 620A high-temperature sealant that retains and seals cylindricalassemblies. Use of parts where high-temperature resistance of upto 450 F is Applications: Cylinder liners and valve sleevesPart No. A150328Container Size 50 ml bottleRetaining Compound 680A high-strength, room-temperature curing adhesive used to joinfitted cylindrical parts. It fixtures in 10 minutes and provides sheerstrength of 4000 psi in 24 hours. Capable of filling diametricalgap distances up to " ( ).Suggested Applications: Gears, wheels, pulleys, cams, collars, flywheels, sprocketsand rotors to shaftsPart No. B504147Container Size 50 ml bottle 173 MAINTENANCE ITEMSImplement JacksTopwind JacksAmerican made,BULLDOG jacks arethe industry leader forquality, reliability t be fooled by cheap imitations!RETAINING RING SWIVEL A FRAME MOUNT2,000 TravelPart No. B500052(Shown)5,000 TravelPart No. B500058TUBULAR SWIVEL MOUNT2,000 Travel with pinand chainPart No. B500053 (Shown)2,000 lb. 15 Travel with pinand chainPart No. B5000545,000 Travel with pinand chainPart No. B5000595,000 TravelPart No. B500374RETAINING RING SWIVELBOLT-ON RETAINING RINGSWIVEL MARINE STYLE 2,000 TravelPart No. B500056TUBULAR SWIVEL MOUNT2,000 TravelPart No. B500057 (Shown)2,000 lb. 15 TravelPart No. B5000555,000 lb. 15 TravelPart No. B5000601,000 TravelPart No. B500070Sidewind JacksMAINTENANCE ITEMS 174 Implement JacksSquare Jacks7,000 TravelWith drop legPart No. B5051557,000 TravelWith drop legPart No. B5051567,000 TravelPart No. B505251*7,000 TravelPart No. B505252*WELD-ONTUBE MOUNT*NOTE: Tube mount B505253 not ,000 lb. Static / 10,000 lb. Lift Nine handle turns per inch of travel, provides easy cranking Bronze bushings on cross shaft ensure easy cranking Heat-treated gears are pinned to shafts for strength and permanentalignment Square tubing permits direct mounting, almost anywhere Constructed from heavy-wall, square steel tubing Drop leg has five-hole spacing to allow maximum compressive strength Spring return provides easy self-return of drop leg Non-spring return jacks also availablePart No. B505158See your Case IH dealer for the correct jack to meet your need. 175 MAINTENANCE ITEMSPressure WashersYour Case IH dealer offers a complete line of pressure Cold Water MachinesBelt-Drive Cold Water MachinesHot Water MachinesElectric Cold Water Pressure Washers1250 PSIStandard Features: UL and CUL listed Built-in low pressuredetergent injector Totally enclosed fancooled electric motor Lightweight high-impacthousing Triplex axial piston pump 35-Ft. power cord with GFCI Adjustable pressure Rated to 140 incoming water temp. One year limited warrantyStandard Accessories 23-Ft. steel wire-braided pressure hose Variable high/low pressure nozzle with adjustable 0 -60 spraypattern Professional grade trigger gun with safety lock-off 2-Piece insulated 36 wand1500 PSIStandard Features: UL and CUL listed Direct drive pumps with triplex crankshaftceramic plungers Forged brass manifold Thermal relief valve Built-in adjustable detergent injection 35 Power cord with GFCI Hose wrap and gun/wand holder (oncart mount models) Adjustable pressure Rated to 140 incomingwater temp. One year limited warrantyStandard Accessories: 25-Ft. steel wire-braided pressure hose Variable high/low pressurenozzle with adjustable 0 -60 spray pattern Professional grade trigger gunwith safety lock-off 2-Piece insulated 36 wandModel 1250EHModel 1500ECModel DirectHand CarryAxialAluminum 36 CarryCrankshaftBrass67 lbs. 176 Pressure WashersGasoline Cold Water Pressure WashersExclusive Features: Heavy-duty bearings Extra-strength cart Re-buildable pump Oil change capability Patented flange assembly preventsengine overheatingStandard Features: Direct drive triplex axial piston pumps Built-in low pressure detergent Powder-coated steel frame andshroud Removable handle Hose wrap and quick-releasegun/wand holder One year limited warrantyStandard Accessories: 30-Ft. steel wire-braided pressurehose Variable high/low pressure nozzlewith adjustable 0 -60 spray pattern Trigger gun with safety lock-off 2-Piece insulated 36 wand1750 & 2000 PlateAxialBrass66 PlateAxialBrass66 PlateAxialBrass74 PlateAxialBrass74 PlateCrankshaftBrass85 PlateCrankshaftBrass85 PlateCrankshaftBrass123 PlateCrankshaftBrass123 1750GVModel 2000GVStandard Features: Pumps with triplex crankshaft ceramic plungers Forged brass manifolds OHV engines equipped with low oil protection (exceptModel 2000GD) Built-in low-pressure detergent injection Heavy-duty baseplate In-line water strainer Thermal relief valve pump protection Adjustable pressure Powder-coated steel frames Hose wrap and quick-release gun and wand holder Pneumatic tires One year limited warrantyStandard Accessories 50-Ft. steel wire-braided pressure hose Quick-connect nozzles (15 , 25 , detergent) Professional grade trigger gun with safety lock-off 2-Piece insulated 36 wand2000 to 3000 PSIModel 2000GDModel 2400GDModel 2700GDModel 3000GDMAINTENANCE ITEMS 177 PAINTSPart. NoSizeDescriptionALUMINUM996356NSprayIH 1111B990506R1QuartIH 1111BB17691NSprayHi-TempBLACK GLOSS (MS-50) 1981-1988B17680NSprayIron/GradB17681Quar tIron/GardB504291QuartHydro/GardB17682Ga llonIron/GardB504292GallonHydro/GardB933 865 GallonIron/GardBLACK NON-GLARE (MS-45)1988 TO CURRENT990121NSprayIron/Gard113129R1Quar tIron/GardB504289QuartHydro/GardB90886Ga llonIron/GardB504290GallonHydro/GardB933 875 GallonIron/GardDESERT SUNSET (MS-6) PRIOR TO 1973B17650NSprayIron/GardB17651QuartIron /GardB17652GallonIron/GardGRAYB13017Quar t LC RED-GLOSS (MS-3) 1981 TO CURRENTB17566NSprayIron/GardB17564QuartI ron/GardB504295QuartHydro/GardB17562Gall onIron/GardB504296GallonHydro/GardB50443 85 GallonIron/GardB5044245 GallonHydro/GardPart. NoSizeDescriptionRED-IH 2150, 1969-1981991012NSprayIron/Gard991010R2Qu artIron/GardB90882GallonIron/Gard131532R 15 GallonIron/GardRED-POWER (MS-2) 1974-1985B17670NSprayIron/GardB17671Quar tIron/GardB17672GallonIron/GardSILVER (MS-19)B17567NSprayIron/GardB17565QuartI ron/GardB17563GallonIron/GardWHITE-IH 935 1969-1981991115NSprayIron/Gard991116R1Qu artIron/GardB90888GallonIron/GardWHITE POWER (MS-7) 1974-1985B17655NSprayIron/GardB17656Quar tIron/GardB17657GallonIron/GardTILCOAT11 32221NAerosolTilcoat991049R2QuartTilcoat 1131548R2GallonTilcoatCase IH high-performance enamels are specially for-mulated to resist sun and weather, fight corrosion andkeep a high-gloss finish. Your choice of exact-matchcolors to keep your equipment looking like new. Nowavailable in water soluble formula!MORE MORE BENEFITSwith CASE IH PAINTSHIGH-GLOSS FINISH AND ORIGINAL a bright original equipment coating in col-ors that are manufactured to match the factory MORE high-solid formulasprovides coverage up to 600 square feet per use less and spend less time in applicationLASTING tough, long-lasting high-performance maintenance coating to keep your equip-ment in top service condition. Specially formulated tofight new fast-dry acrylic paints pro-vide one hour dry time, allow quick recoat and mini-mize overall application Enamel Factory-match finish Fast-dry formulas assure minimum downtime Exact color match to Case IH engineeringstandards Superior gloss and colorIron/Gard Primers Provides maximum-corrosion resistance Excellent adhesion and flexibility Fast-dry and sandableHydro/Gard Enamel VOC compliant Spray as supplied no reduction necessary Case IH engineering approved Excellent qualityTilcoatStop off-season rust problems with moisture-sealingtilcoat. Perfect for plow bottoms, shares, sweeps anddisk blades Scours easily, dries fast to waxy finish Lead free, available in quarts and gallons for largejobsCase IH EnamelsCase IH enamels don t just cover up problems theyfight corrosion, increase resale value, and match factoryfinish exactly!PAINTS 178 Case IH EnamelsPrimersPrime all bare metal with one of the rustinhibiting CASE IH PRIMERS for best corro-sion resistance, uniform finish and long-term NoSizeDescriptionGRAY (MS-43)B91253NSprayIron/GardB91254QuartI ron/GardB91255GallonIron/GardRED-OXIDE (MS-43)1131655NSprayIron/Gard991078R1Qua rtIron/GardB90892GallonIron/GardYELLOW11 31660R1SprayIron/Gard991076R1QuartIron/G ard991077R1GallonIron/GardThinnersSpecia l solvent blend for fast reduction ofacrylic or alkyd enamel paints. For all-tem-perature conditions. The perfect match forCase IH Enamel GallonB1773350 Gallon DrumSpecialty PaintsHouse and Barn PaintPart. NoSizeDescriptionB500047GallonRed LatexB5000485 GallonRed LatexB500050GallonOil Barn RedB5000515 GallonOil Barn RedB500045GallonWhite LatexB5000465 GallonWhite LatexB500043GallonOil Barn WhiteB5000445 GallonOil Barn WhiteB500037GallonZinc Dust Warm GrayB500038GallonSelf Priming White EnamelB500040GallonSemi-Gloss White LatexB500041GallonAluminum, Heavy-DutyB500042GallonWhite, Dairy EnamelB500049GallonOil Exterior PrimerSAFETY PAINTB504078SprayWhiteTOUCH-UP PAINTB93217Case BrownB93212Case IH BlackB93211Case IH RedB93213Case SilverB93215Graphite GrayB93216IH RedB93214Power TanAg Enamels for EquipmentPart. NoSizeColorALLIS CHALMERSB505031SprayOrangeB505032WhiteOr angeB505033GallonOrangeFORDB505020SprayB lueB505021QuartBlueB505022GallonBlueB505 023SprayGrayB505024QuartGrayHESSTONB5050 40SprayRedB505041QuartRedJOHN DEEREB505025SprayGreenB505026QuartGreenB 505027GallonGreenB505028SprayAg YellowB505029Quart Ag YellowB505030GallonAg YellowKUBOTAB505034SprayOrangeB505035Qua rtOrangePart. NoSizeColorMASSEY FERGUSONB505042SprayRedB505043QuartRedB5 05044GallonRedB505045SpraySliverB505046Q uartSilverB505047GallonSilverB505048Spra yDark GrayB505049QuartDark GrayNEW HOLLANDB505036SprayRedB505037QuartRedB50 5038SprayYellowB505039QUartYellow 179 RADIOSAudio SystemsHeavy-Duty Radios and CassettesFeatures: 7-Channel NOAA weatherband reception Special voltage protection to prevent light bulb failures Heavy-duty design specifically for agricultural reliability User-friendly controls Big buttons Oversized display panel High-sensitivity tuners to pull-in distant stations Plug in wiring to all current Case IH agricultural equipment Hi-visibility radio display LED display backlighting Latest plug-in adapters includedElectronically-Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio with Weatherbandand Auto-Reverse Cassette Player 50 Watts stereo power Quartz clock Dolby noise reduction and metal tape capability 20 Stations preset Independent bass and treble controls One button seek and tuning functions Full backlit illuminationPart No. ZAE3001Electronically-Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio with Weatherbandand Auto-Stop Cassette Player 14 Watts stereo power Quartz clock 20 Stations presets Tone control One button seek and tuning functions Full backlit illuminationPart No. ZAE2001Electronically-Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio with Weatherband 50 Watts stereo power Quartz clock 20 Station presets Independent bass and treble controls One button seek and tuning functions Full backlit illuminationPart No. ZAE1001Manually-Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio with Auto-Stop Cassette Player 14 Watts stereopower Manual tuning withslide rule dial Tone and balancecontrols 4-Way balance controls Locking fast-forwardand push button eject FM local-distant controlSee the specially designed user-friendly audio systems at your Case IH dealer. He hasheavy-duty audio for agricultural equipmentas well as heavy-truck plus a complete line ofaudio for light-truck and passenger Purpose PromotionalRadios and CassettesFeatures: Full-color display packaging for fast sales Popular features with and without built-in cassette Plug-in wiring compatibleElectronically-Tuned AM/FM Stereo Radio 14 Watts stereo power Quartz clock 18 Stations presets Seek, scan and pres-ent scan tuning Tone control 4-Way balance control Full backlit illuminationPart No. ZAE51Part No. ZAE3000HDCompact Disc Changer 10Disc UniversalFeatures: 10-Disc magazine and wiredcontroller included Do-it-yourself installation,plug-in antenna interface and3 wires to connect to vehicle Entire CD system playsthrough the existing stereospeaker system Wireless remote controlincludedPart No. ZAE825CDRemote Control 10-Disc CD Changer Remote mount changer 8X Oversampling digital filter Twin 1-bit digital/analog converters Anti-shock CD mechanism Horizontal, vertical or 45 degree mounting Compact size: inches by 3 5/8 inches inches Includes dash mounted control unit with backlitLCD display of disc, track and disc search,high-speed audible cue and review search plusother functionsRADIOS 180 Heavy-Duty Lightweight Fender/Cowl MountAM/FM Mono Radio 20 Watt mono AM/FM radio Built-in 5 x 7 weatherproof speaker Stereo headphone jack Dual polarity for 6 or 12 volt positive or negativeground tractors Hinged radio cover Chassis size: W x H x W AM/FM band selector Local-distance selector Power-on indicator Manual tuningHeavy-Duty Fender/Cowl Mount AM/FMStereo Cassette PlayerRadio Manual tuning with slide rule dial Tone and balance controls 4-Way balance control Locking fast-forward and push-button eject FM local distant controlHousing All molded hi-impact housing Weatherproof hinged front lid Flexible antenna Plays through stereo headphones included 14 Watts stereo power Chassis size: W x D x H 12 volt negative ground onlyHeavy-Duty Fender Mount AM/FM StereoCassette PlayerRadio Manual tuning with slide rule dial Tone and balance controls 4-Way balance control Locking fast-forward and push-button eject FM local distant controlHousing Built-in dual 4 speakers All-steel housing Flexible antenna Chassis size: W 10 x H x D Headphone jack (headphones not included) 12-Volt negative ground onlyPart No. ZAE1000LTRPart No. ZAE31CMPart No. ZAE31TRATwo-Way RadioFeatures: 14 Channel LCD display 38 Privacy codes Up to two mile range Family radio service (FRS) Menu key functions CTCSS, SCAN, beep tone, keylock Signal strength indicator Last channel recall Operates on 3 AA rechargeable batteries (included) Battery charger included Easy-to-use, no license required UHF FM transceiver Up/down channel select key Monitor key Back-lit LCD Transmission indicator light Low battery alert Auto power save conserves battery life Belt clipWorld s Smallest 2-Way Mini Built Tough!Vox the super-portable, high-quality two-way radio that fits in thepalm of your hand. At the job site, on the farm, anywhere you go. Instantcommunications with just the touch of a up to two miles awayand unlike cellular phones, there s no air time charges or monthly fees. Allthis and they re built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Comes com-plete with battery charger, AC adapter and rechargeable No. ZAEFR214B2-Way Mini Radio (Cobalt Blue w/Black Trim)Part No. ZAEFR214Y2-Way Mini Radio (Construction Yellow w/Black Trim)Size: 2-1/8 W x 3-1/4 H x 1-1/8 D (Antenna 2-1/2 H)Audio SystemsHeavy-Duty Fender/Cowl Mount Sound SystemsFeatures: Simple 4-bolt mounting system 1-Piece system, no separate radio and speakers to install Built-in flexible antenna Fully weatherproof Only two wires to connect Heavy-duty constructionNo LicenseRequired! 181 RADIOSSpeaker Systems All speakers feature deluxe metal-mesh grilles Special molded high-temperature ABS grille stays flat without warpage All speaker packages include all hardware and wiring for complete installation Popular sizes for upgrading existing factory speakers or for first time installations Two speakers included in each packageHeavy-Duty Dual Mount 5-1/4 Enclosure Speakers 100 Watts max input power 5 Polypropylene micawoofer cone Mylar cone whizzer 10 oz. Barrium-ferritemagnet Aluminum voice coil Foam roll edge 90-18,000 Hz response 89dB Sensitivity 4ohm Rated Punched metal mesh grilles Wedge enclosures can be mounted on a flat surface Grilles detach for flush mounting Fully weatherproof speaker for outdoor installationsHeavy-Duty StereoHeadphonesFully padded deluxe 1/4 jack stereo headphoneswith individual level controls and adjustable headbandUse with ZAE31TRA or ZAE1000LTRDeluxe 5 Integral GrilleDual-Cone Speakers 60 Watts max input power 5 Weatherproofwoofer cone 1 Mylar cone whizzer 4-oz. Barrium-ferritemagnet Integral roll edge 120-15,000 Hzresponse 89dB Sensitivity 4ohm Rated Punched metal mesh grilles permanently attached Shallow 1 1/4 mounting depthPart No. ZAE1000HDSPart No. ZAE30HDSPart No. ZAEHP1High-End Stereo Speaker Systems with Top Features andImpressive PerformanceREMAN PARTS 182 When you install a remanufactured Case IHpart, you know it s as good as the original (if not better). You know it has been remanu-factured by experts according to a definiteprescribed procedure, not in a back shop bysemi-experienced operators who are apt tomiss essential steps as every step of the remanufacturing process,craftsmen make sure each component willwork properly and give like-new service. Noroom is allowed for a borderline item. Afterdisassembly, all individual parts are strippedof all paint, grease, and carbon. This allowsfor closer inspection of all and CleaningEvery salvaged assembly is washed with a jetwater spray and cleaning solution so that itcan be worked on efficiently. Then it s com-pletely disassembled. During this disassem-bly, each component is thoroughly are reassembled on an assembly line tomaintain uniform quality. Parts are inspectedas they are assembled. Units are thoroughlytested to make sure they meet or exceed rig-orous Case IH Reman Promise:Case IH Reman represents an industry-leading, wideand deep product offering with superior dealer andcompany stocking levels for maximum effective avail-ability. Case IH Reman product is offered at the rightprice at the expected quality level, backed up withcompelling warranty coverage and dealer Reman Reman PARTSDrive Train PartsCase IH Remanufactured Pressure Platesand Clutch DiscsDriven Assembly FeaturesRemanufactured to Case IH engineering specifications. Case IHdriven assemblies are compatible with new OE service assem-blies. Competitive rebuilt assemblies are often not to Case IHdesign specifications which results in assemblies not beingcompatible with Case IH OE service Tear down and component inspection. It is especially criticalto disassemble the clutch damper section on Case IH driven platesbecause the damper springs and related wear items are not acces-sible otherwise. 100% Inspection and replacement means you cancount on a reliable, long lasting unit. Many competitors re-usethese components without quality ceramic buttons. Case IH remanufactured driven platesuse only approved OE quality ceramic buttons, which result in OE-like engagement characteristics and OE non-asbestos OEM-style friction washers. 100% New non-asbestos OEM-style friction washers result in smoother engage-ment characteristics that minimizes clutch chatter. All asbestos fric-tion washers are removed for your and requalifieddamper springs. Over90% of all remanufac-tured Case IH drivenassemblies contain newdamper springs and neoprenesilencers. This means a more consistent clutch engagement and aquieter clutch during on OEM inspection fixtures that duplicate installed con-ditions. Case IH driven plate assemblies are 100% inspected onOEM-style inspection fixtures that duplicate the tractor flywheel andinput shaft. This insures that the driven plate will release withCase IH remanufactured pressure plate or a new Case IH pressureplate. Competitive rebuilt driven plates often are not compatiblewith Case IH OE service Differences on Cover AssembliesHow important is the surface finish on agricultural pressureplates?The quality of the pressure plate friction surface can be very impor-tant. The smoothness and flatness of the pressure plate surfacedetermines how well the pressure plate will wear in with the wear dictates clutch life. The less wear in the longer theclutch will last. If the peaks and valleys are high enough on the pres-sure plate friction surface, the wear in of the mating parts mayrequire another clutch adjustment. Why take changes with clutch field adjustments? Use Case IHremanufactured product with the best surface finish available inthe agricultural clutch the clutch pressure plate surface finish is so important, then whydoes the competition s surfaced finish look more uniform thanCase IH s product? The answer lies in how Case IH obtains the sur-face finish that is so superior to our competition:Case IH uses a two-step grinding process that virtually elimi-nates flatness first grinding operation removes all grooves and checkmarksfrom the remanufactured pressure plate. The second grinding oper-ation removes the peaks and valleys that result from the first grind. If lever height is pre-set at the factory, why are the adjustingscrew heights uneven?Adjusting screw variation in the un-installed state is normal withdry type tractor clutches. This does not mean that the clutch hasnot been pre-set at the factory. Here s why:The factory performs the lever adjustments on a precision fixture that simulatesthe clutch in the installed position. The levers are depressed and released to seat mating parts and then the tips of the levers are adjusted to OEM specifiedheights within very close tolerances. This is the final step in the assemblyprocess and is performed 100% of the only way to accurately compare lever heights is in the installed position alterseating the parts. The levers on an un-installed clutch will travel upward untilsomething stops them mechanically which has nothing to do with how theclutch operates once it s installed. Even after installation, lever heights may varydue to variations in the disc thickness or an unground or improperly ground in the adjusting screw relative to the lever does notmean that the clutch was not pre-set from the IH remanufactured pressure plates are the flat-test pressure plates in the industry because of our two-step grinding process. 183 REMAN PARTS 184 Drive Train PartsCase IH Remanufactured Pressure Plates and ClutchDiscsPowerful DifferencesWhat s the difference between remanufacturing andrebuilding?Believe it or not, there is a difference and the difference can affectthe quality of the parts you buy. Clutch remanufacturing differsfrom clutch rebuilding in the following significant ways:Remanufacturing is a process that the word itself very closely describes. Theremanufacturing process involves the complete tear down of the clutch component parts of the core are inspected and reworked to an as new condition or scrapped as required. The components are then re-assembledto OEM specifications using new parts where is a process that short circuits the remanufacturing clutches go through a process where only easily removed wear itemsare replaced. Clutch rebuilders use a term called dry cleaning which meansthat the core is repaired to a cosmetically acceptable state using very fewnew parts and is not restored to OEM to Case IH engineering Case IH pressure plate will be compatible with new Case IHOE service-driven plates as well as our remanufactured driven plateassemblies. Competitive remanufactured pressure plates oftencannot be used with new Case IH service Tear down and component takechances! With 100% of the component parts inspected, you won tbe taking the chance that some small component failure will takeyour customer s tractor out of critical parts are carefully examined using the latestin measuring and gauging 100% inspec-tion of component parts and all performance characteristicschecked with state-of-the-art gauges, you have the confidencethat our remanufactured pressure plates will perform in the PTO install a pressure plate with a worn PTOhub and turn right around and have to replace the PTO IH remanufactured clutches always include new PTO pivot blocks eliminate clutch IH isthe only remanufacturer that consistently welds the pivot blockson their remanufactured pressure plates. Welding the pivot blockseliminates any pivot block movement that can result in erraticrelease. This means fewer comebacks for clutch pressure plates are finished to asmooth, flat finish. This superior finish means a more consistentpedal feel and fewer clutch pedal New adjusting adjusting screws areheat-treated to OE specifications. You won t see premature leverwear or early throw out bearing failures due to improperly heat-treated or used adjusting pressure plate drive lug windows eliminatechatter and re-machining the back plate drive lugwindows back to OE specifications, even pressure plate release matched levers for even lever allows us to control the installed lever height to a finer degreeresulting in smoother clutch springs matched to re-ground pressure platesfor consistent assembly plate plate loadtranslates to longer clutch life. Dynamically balanced balancing elimi-nates vibration during Plate load performed on all cover assembliesto insure OEM preformance Plate Assembly Features 185 REMAN PARTSPressureClutchModelPlatesDiscsTRACT ORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IHA, AV, Super A, Super AVB, BNC, Super CM, MD Prior to S/N 294708Super M-TA6 SeriesSuper W6-TA100, 130, 140200, 230, 240300, 330, 340, 350385395400 IH430 Series Diesel S/N 8297801-8656925450, 454460, 464470 Diesel474, 484485, 495504530 Series Diesel S/N 8297801-8656925544, 560570 Diesel574, 584585, 595606, 656660, 664, 666674, 684685686695706730756, 766 Diesel770 Mechanical Shift770 Power Shift784, 786806, 826830856870 Mechanical Shift870 Power Shift884885886895966, 9869951030 S/N 8329959 & After1066PressureClutchModelPlatesDiscsT RACTORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IH CONT D1070 Mechanical Shift10861090 Mechanical Shift1170, 11751206, 12561456, 1466, 1468, 14861566, 1568, 158630883220, 32303288, 3388, 3588, 3688, 37884100, 41564166, 41864366, 4386, 4586, 47866388, 6588, 6788STEIGER TRACTORSSeries I and IISeries I and II Cougar, Tiger and PantherSeries III - BC, C, P, WildcatSeries IV - CM, KM, SMSeries PT, PTAEQUIPMENT/IHCOMBINES203, 205SPRAYERS660, 770, 780*AssemblyNOTE: Where reman is not available Case offers new assemblies atcompetitive prices. Drive Train PartsCase IH Remanufactured Pressure Plates and ClutchDiscs Application ChartLower your cost of repair! Reman clutchesoffer like new OE-quality at significantsavings for Steiger and Case IH 4WD tractors!Clutch AssemblyDisk**********Lower your cost of repair! Reman clutchesoffer like new OE-quality at significantsavings for Steiger and Case IH 4WD tractors!****REMAN PARTS 186 Introducing the Mechanical Diode one-way clutch. In addition tobeing used in military helicopters and race car dragsters, it s also innew torque amplifiers that upgrade 06, 26, 56, 66, 68, 86 and 88Series International Harvester new torque amplifier is available only from Case Corporation andCase IH IH is building breakthrough technology of the 90 s and beyondinto tractors built in the 1960 s and 1970 s. Most older model IH 06,26, 56, 68, 86 and 88 Series tractors can benefit from MechanicalDiode torque Mechanical Diode, or MD, is made up of spring-loaded strutsmounted into a pocket plate, and a connecting notch plate. As thenotch plate moves in the overrun mode, none of the struts areengaged. However, when the MD is rotated in the opposite direc-tion, struts engage which lock up the clutch. The MD has beeninstalled into several high-torque applications like dragsters, heli-copters, and all-terrain vehicles, in addition to numerous automo-tive vehicles. The MD has been proven to be the best one-wayclutch design in a variety of industry Train PartsTorque Amplifiers MechanicalDiode For 06, 26, 56, 66, 68 86 and 88 Series IH TractorsThe Mechanical Diode, introduced to the world in 1995,revolutionized the one-way clutch market. It eliminated theconstant wear to the working surfaces during overrun. Let s take a vigorous testing program is always under way at Case IH to deter-mine the reliability of every component in the remanufactured torqueamplifier. This hydraulic test fixture places thousands of cycles on theMD and standard equipped torque this on-going cycle of tests, Case IH can confidently pro-duce the finest remanufactured torque amplifier careful packaging to prevent damage during shipping, the torqueamplifier is released for IH has introduced a remarkable enhancement to the remanu-factured torque amplifier with the introduction of the and improve your tractor s performancewith quality Case IH Torque Amplifiers. You can beconfident that by using only Case IHRemanufactured Torque Amplifiers, you will achievethe best possible performance and can t find a better value than a genuine Case IH remanufacturedtorque a Case IH remanufactured torque amplifier: Saves installation time Saves big money Assures you of genuine Case IH design and quality control Restores original performance Full parts and labor* warrantyA Case IH remanufactured torque amplifier assembly can go a longway toward restoring original performance to your tractor. It mayeven increase load carrying capacity. That s because the Case IHtorque amplifier design has been improved over the years andthose improvements have been incorporated on today s units. Theresult is positive lockup and greater strength for full-time, heavy-duty operation.*Labor when Case IH units are thoroughly tested and specially packaged. This isanother Case IH plus!It s time to repair your torque amplifier when you experiencedelayed shifting, clunking, or the hydraulic warning light stays on. Let our factory-trained service technicians install one today. MechanicalModelStandardDiodeTRACTORS/IHA , AV, Super A, Super AV706, 756, 766, 786806, 826, 856, 866, 886966, 9861066, 10861206, 12561456, 1466, 1468, 14861566, 1568, 15863088, 32883388, 3588368837886388, 6588, 6788 187 REMAN PARTSDrive Train PartsTorque Amplifiers MechanicalDiode You can only get this technology in a genuine Case IH remanufactured MD Torque Amplifier. In addi-tion to adding value to your tractor, the MD torque amplifier improves reliability and inclusion of the MD alone should convince you to use only Case IH remanufactured torque ampli-fiers. But if you need even more convincing, take a look at the following ComparisonsWecollected several torque amplifiers from different rebuild compa-nies and compared them to ours. Taking a look at the pilotend of the shaft, a definite wear point, you cansee that the competition uses a knurledsurface. This knurling process builds upthe end of the shaft in order to achieve amarginal press fit during , if the end of the shaft has worn beyond the pointwhere knurling can be effective, a sleeve is putin place. The competitive re-builder doesnot return the shaft to the IH takes a different material is added to the pilot end ofthe shaft to build it up. This isa strong, durable method toadd material to the , a lathe is used toreturn the shaft diameter to the origi-nal specifications. This shaft, when rein-stalled, will fit properly in place providing long reliable upgrade to the shaft isdone at the lathe. Larger seal ringgrooves are cut into the shaft to accom-modate improved teflon seal teflon rings are the latest in tech-nology. They re more durable, and result in better sealing andless wear to the shaft or the sleeve it fits is the competitive shaft. Theyare still using cast iron seal rings whichresult in wear to mating KnurledCase IHMachinedWeldedCompetitive SleeveCase IHCompetitiveOld-Style Ring GrooveLarger Ring GrooveCompetitor using Old-Style RingsPlus, as you can seehere, the cast iron ringsproduce wear on thesleeve. The result will bepre-mature leakage inthis IH engineers changed thespecifications for the carrier bear-ing to one which is larger than theoriginal. The new bearing hasgreater capacity and will result inlonger IHCompetitor using Old-Style IH bearingsCase IH re-surfacedHere, the competitors re-usedan International Harvesterbearing we discontinuedyears ago. A common com-petitive an addition-al friction plate, the competi-tion machines away a portionof the wear surface. Thisweakens the back plate andpresents less metal to dissi-pate heat. This clutch packmay suffer from warped com-ponents if few other points of com-parison can be found in theclutch pack assembly. This isa comparison of the clutchbacking plate. Wear occurson this surface, so Case IHre-surfaces this area to pro-vide a smooth, even surfacefor the clutch plate addition, the dissimilarclutch materials used by thecompetitor provides noimprovement in PARTS 188 Case IH remanufactured powershift transmissions for Fargo 4WD tractors are now available. With Case IH reman transmissions, you ll reduce downtime and cost plus, you will receive: High-performance, high-quality transmissions that equal orexceed original equipment Every transmission is dyno-tested to OEM specifications Replacement components that equal or exceed originalequipment Units are upgraded to the current specificationsCase IH reman transmissions are fully disassembled, cleaned andassembled under OEM-approved conditions to insure the best per-formance possible. Load and performance testing prior to shipmenttakes out the guess work. When you install a Case IH transmission,you know you are ready for the toughest field , 9130, 9150, 9170, 91809210, 9230, 9240, 9250, 9260, 9270, 92809310, 9330, 9350, 9370, 9380, 9390Standard reman units will include: removal of allpaint and foreign material, replacement of allseals, gaskets, charging pumps and filters. Eachcomponent will be repainted and have a functionaltest Train PartsReman TransmissionsCase IH Reman Combine Drive Train ComponentsFeatures and Benefits All critical tolernces returned to OE-specifications Replacement equals original equipment performancespecifications Performance and durability upgrades are included duringremanufacturing Reduced downtime Increases shop through-put3-Speed TransmissionTransmission BrakeRotor DriveFinal DriveCorn Head Gear DriveRotor DriveFinalCorn JJC0098060 & After, 1666, 16882144-After S/N JJC01731502166-After S/N JJC01820252188-After S/N JJC0193725234423662388CORN HEADS1030, 1040COTTON PICKERS2555Application Chart 189 REMAN PARTSElectricalReman Alternators, Starters, Generators and GaugesCase IH Reman ElectricalGenerating Megavolt QualityRemanufacturedAlternatorsRemanufa ctured by Employee OwnersCompletely disassembled and cleanedAll parts are inspected, tested and replaced as neededNew heavy-duty industrial grade regulators, diodetrios, rectifiers, stators, and rotorsBearings, brushes, and critical wear items replaced100%New replacement of fatigued copper windings androtor slip rings under the minimum specificationsReassembled on an assembly line to maintain highqualityEach alternator is computer tested at six RPM levelsIf you want to start Megavolt QualityRemanufacturedStartersRemanufactu red by Employee OwnersCompletely disassembled and cleanedAll parts are inspected, tested, and replaced as neededBearings, brushes, and critical wear items replaced100%Heavy-duty industrial grade replacement armatures,field coils, and solenoids100% Replacement with new or remanufactureddrives and solenoidsReassembled on an assembly line to maintain highqualityEach starter is completely load tested including RPMlevel and current consumptionCan you afford not tobe right the first time?REMAN PARTS 190 ElectricalReman Alternators, Starters, Generators and GaugesApplication ChartAlternators/ModelGeneratorsStarters GaugesTRACTORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IH4 and 6 Series9 and Super 970 Hydro86 Hydro100130 Farmall140 Farmall184186 Hydro200 Farmall230 Farmall240, 300330340, 350385, 395400, 404424, 444430, 470430, 431, 440 IH444450, 454, 460, 464474485, 495504 Int l/Farmall530, 570530, 531, 531C IH544560, 574606, 656, 660630666, 674, 686685695700 Diesel706770756766, 7868068268308568708858869009309669709869 90, 996Alternators/ModelGeneratorsStartersGa ugesTRACTORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IH99510261030, 1070, 1090106610861170, 11751190, 11941200TK1206 Farmall1210, 1212125612701290, 129413701390, 13941410, 14121456D11466, 1468147014861490, 14941566, 1568157015861690189620902094, 209622902294239023942400, 2400A2424, 244424702500, 2500A2504, 2544259025942606, 265626702706, 27562806, 2826, 285628703088, 3288, 33883220, 3230C3294, 3394, 3594C34883588, 3688, 378841004156 191 REMAN PARTSElectricalReman Alternators, Starters, Generators and GaugesApplication ChartAlternators/ModelGeneratorsStarters GaugesTRACTORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IH4166, 41864210, 4220, 4230, 4240436643864490449445684586, 47864690469448904894, 49945088, 5288, 548851205130, 514052205230, 5240, 52506388, 6588, 67887100, 7120, 7130, 7140, 71507210, 7220, 7230, 7240, 725072887388, 7588, 77888910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 89509110, 91309150, 9170, 91809210, 9230, 9240, 92509260, 9270, 92809310, 9330, 9350, 9370, 9380ABSuper CCub Farmall, Cub Lo-BoyCub 154 Lo-BoyCub 185 Lo-BoyH, HC and HV FarmallM, M-TA Super FarmallM, MD, MV FarmallMX80C, MX90C, MX100CMX100, MX110, MX120, MX135MX150, MX170Super A and AV FarmallSuper BSuper H FarmallSuper HV FarmallSuper M FarmallQuadtracW-4 SuperW4W-6 SuperW6W6-TA SuperAlternators/ModelGeneratorsStarters GaugesTRACTORS/CASE, CASE IH AND IHWD-9WDR-9 SuperWR-9SIRRIGATION POWER UNITS4390, 4390T6590, 6590T, 6590TA6591T, 6591TA6830T, 6830T6831T, 6831TASKID STEERS75XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT173717401835, 1835B1835C1840, 1845, 1845B, 1845C1845SEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES91, 93, 101151, 181205303315, 403453503615, 715800 Case815, 9151000 Case1420, 14401460, 1470, 148014821620, 16401644166016661670168016882144, 2166, 21882344, 2366, 2388COTTON HARVESTERS9514001800COTTON PICKERS414416, 420, 422612616, 622 Alternators/ModelGeneratorsStartersGauge sEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOTTON PICKERS7821822, 18442022, 2044, 20552155, 2555GRAIN DRILLS5100, 6200, 7100, 7200PLANTERS92, 400, 500, 800, 900WINDROWERS210, 230275, 3754000, 5000, 55006000, 65008840, 8850REMAN PARTS 192 ElectricalReman Alternators, Starters, Generators and GaugesApplication Chart 193 REMAN PARTSCompleteEnginesConnectingCylinderOi lBasicShortWaterModels(CDC only)RodsHeadsPumpsEnginesBlocksTurbocha rgersPumpsTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IHMX100MX110MX120MX135MX150MX170MX180MX2 00MX220MX240MX270385, 685395, 6957708708858959709951070109011701175120 0TK1270137014701570189620902094209622902 2942390239424702590259426703294339435944 4904494469046945120513051405220Engines and Engine PartsApplication Chart ConnectingCrankshaft &CylinderOilOilBasicShortWaterModelsRods BearingsHeadsCoolersPumpsEnginesBlocksTu rbochargersPumpsTRACTORS/IH70 Hydro84 Hydro86 Hydro100 Hydro186 Hydro454460464484504544560574584REMAN PARTS 194 CompleteEnginesConnectingCylinderOilBasi cShortWaterModels(CDC only)RodsHeadsPumpsEnginesBlocksTurbocha rgersPumpsTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH523052405250711071207130714071507210 (non-emission)7210 (emission)7220 (non-emission)7220 (emission)7230 (non-emission)7230 (emission)7240 (non-emission)7240 (emission)7250 (non-emission)7250 (emission)8910 (emission cert.)8920 (emission cert.)8930 (emission cert.)8940 (emission cert.)8950 (emission cert.)9110 (non-emission)9130 (non-emission)9210 (non-emission)9230 (non-emission)9240 (non-emission)9310 (non-emission)9310 (emission)9330 (non-emission)9330 (emission)Engines and Engine PartsApplication Chart 195 REMAN PARTSConnectingCrankshaft &CylinderOilOilBasicShortWaterModelsRods BearingsHeadsCoolersPumpsEnginesBlocksTu rbochargersPumpsTRACTORS/IH6066566606646 6667468468670675676678478680682685688696 6986102610661086120612561456146614861566 1586308832883388348835883688378841004156 4166418643664386456845864786508852885488 63886588678872887488 Engines and Engine PartsApplication Chart REMAN PARTS 196 Engines and Engine PartsCamshaft RegrindingCamshaft bearings and surfaces are checked; and camshafts that donot meet specs are that pass this test are ground to the original configurationto assure that the completed engine will have proper valve lift and Glo ProcessAll crankshafts, camshafts and cylinder heads are checked forcracks not visible to the naked eye with a Magna Glo machine. Thismachine magnetizes the head, and then the head is washed with aphosphorous solution. The solution runs into any cracks, revealingthem. Without this process, the cracks could go undetected and bea springboard for premature reakdown. Most competitors use aless sophisticated method of detection; some skip the process Engine TestingNow comes the proof of the will the engine operateefficiently? To answer this question, each basic engine is motored ona test stand. The engine is filled with oil and coolant and driven at fulloperating speed to check oil pressure, oil circulation, cylinder com-pression, and other phases of engine operation. This test also lubri-cates the engine completely, giving it rust protection during a remanufactured Case IH engine has gone through this test-ing procedure, you have a finished product that s second to engine that will give like-new performance under actual operatingconditions. But Case IH doesn t stop there. The latest in packaging techniques is used to make sure your enginereaches you in the same condition it leaves the RemanufacturingCenter. Plastic plugs and tape cover all openings. protective greaseis added to the mounting bosses and threaded studs. Finally, theengine is placed on a special skid for easy &CylinderOilOilBasicShortWaterModels(CDC Only)RodsBearingsHeadsCoolersPumpsEngine sBlocksTurbochargersPumpsSKID STEERS75XT (emission)85XT (non-emission)85XT (emission)90XT95XT174018351835B1840 (non-emission)1840 (emission)1845B1845C (non-emission)1845C (emission)1845SEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES101105151181315403453503615715 8159151440146014701480 Application Chart 197 REMAN PARTSCompleteEnginesConnectingCrankshaft &CylinderOilOilBasicShortWaterModels(CDC Only)RodsBearingsHeadsCoolersPumpsEngine sBlocksTurbochargersPumpsEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES1620 (6T-590)1640 (6TA-590)16441660 (6TA-830)16661670 (6T-830)1680 (6TA-830)16882144 (non-emission)2166 (non-emission)2188 (non-emission)2344 (emission cert.)2366 (emission cert.)2388 (emission cert.)COTTON HARVESTERS951800COTTON PICKERS2142204144164204226166227821822 (D-466)1844 (6TA-830)2022204420552155 (non-emission)WINDROWERS2753755000550060 0065008820883088408850886088708880 Engines and Engine PartsApplication ChartREMAN PARTS 198 Fuel PartsApplication ChartInjectionInjectionModelsNozzlesPump sTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IHMX100MX110MX120MX135MX150MX170MX180MX2 00MX220MX240MX27018962090209420962290229 4239425942670329433943594512051305140711 0712071307140715072107220723072407250891 0892089308940895091109130921092309240931 09330TRACTORS/IH70 Hydro84 Hydro86 Hydro100 HydroInjectionInjectionModelsNozzlesPump sTRACTORS/IH CONTINUED186 Hydro45446448454456057458465666466667468 4686706756766786806826886966986102610661 0861456146614861566158630883288338834883 5883688378841864366438645684586478650885 288548863886588678872887488InjectionInje ctionModelsNozzlesPumpsSKID STEERS85XT90XT95XT18401845CEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES453715815915144014601470148016 2016401644166016661670168016882144216621 88234423662388COTTON HARVESTERS1800COTTON PICKERS182218442022204420552155WINDROWER S275375600065008820883088408850886088708 880 ModelsMotors Pumps ValvesTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH73077083087093097010301070109011701270 157018962090, 209420962290, 22942390, 2394259432944490, 44944690, 46944890, 4894, 49947110, 7120, 7130,7140, 71507210, 7220, 7230,7240, 72508910, 8920, 8930,8940, 8950TRACTORS/IH70 Hydro86 Hydro100 Hydro186330, 340444460560660, 666, 686756786ModelsMotors Pumps ValvesTRACTORS/IH886966, 9861066, 10861466, 1468, 14861566, 1568, 158630883288, 3488, 3688,37884166, 41864366, 43865088, 5288, 54886388, 6588, 6788SKID STEERS1825, 1825B183018351835B1835C18451845B1845C184 5SEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES303315403453503615, 715, 815, 9151420, 1440, 1460,1470, 14801620, 16401644166016661670, 168016881682ModelsMotors Pumps ValvesEQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOTTON HARVESTERS9514001800COTTON PICKERS616, 6227821822, 18442022, 2044, 20552155, 2555LOADERS COMPACT4120, 4125PLANTERS400, 500800, 900SPRAYERS660, 770, 780WINDROWERS2753756000, 6500 199 REMAN PARTSHydraulic PartsRemanufactured Pumps, Valves andMotorsWhat makes Case IH RemanufacturedPumps, Valves and Motors the Best All pumps, valves and motors are completelydisassembled; parts cleaned and thoroughly inspected allparts must meet Case IH rigid standards All worn, damaged or questionable parts are discarded and replaced All pumps, valves and motors are reassembled in the cleanest, controlled environmentpossible All pumps, valves and motors are fully tested to meet Case IH maximum specifications All replacement parts are genuine, Case IH produced to meet Case IH rigid standards All o-rings, gaskets and seals are replaced with newApplication Chart Remember:Buy the Case IH!REMAN PARTS 200 Hydraulic PartsRemanufactured Air Conditioning Compressor ModelListingTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH77087010701090117012701370147014901570 16902090, 20942290, 22942390, 23942594267032943394, 3594TRACTORS/IH186200706756766806, 856886966, 98610261066, 10861206, 12561466, 1468, 14861566, 1568, 15863288, 3488, 3688, 37884100, 41564166, 418643004366, 43864568, 4586, 47865088, 5288, 54886388, 6588, 67887288, 7488EQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IHCOMBINES303403503615, 715, 815, 9151420, 1440, 1460, 1470, 14801620, 1640166016661670, 168016881682COTTON PICKERS7821822, 1844WINDROWERS4000, 5000, 5500 201 SAFETY PRODUCTSSafety ProductsFire ExtinguishersABC Fire ExtinguishersDesigned and engineered to the highest-quality standards,these specially-formulated ammonium phosphate-base drychemical extinguishers may be effectively used to combatClass A and Class B fires as well as having a Class C list-ing allowing use in the presence of energized Fire ExtinguishersWater is the fire-fighting agent in this attractive stainless-steel, stored-pressure extinguisher. The cooling, soakingand penetrating 30-45 foot stream and 50 second dis-charge time makes it a very effective and inexperiencedoperator-friendly extinguisher for use on Class A Down Straps2-Inch Wide Heavy-Duty RatchetAssembliesSeries 10,000 Load Huggers Series 5,000 Load Huggers 1-Inch Wide Utility-Duty RatchetAssembliesSeries 1,000 Load Huggers Vehicle Recovery StrapSeries 1,000 Load Huggers Light weight Flexible, durable Easy to use; easyto store Shock absorbing Strong, durable nylon Safer than chain or wire ropes Removes vehicles stuck in snow, mud, sand, orditches No dangers hooks or metal partsEmergency Warning Triangle Highly-reflective emergency warning triangle designedto meet FM55 125 as required by motor safetyregulations MC-23 `Easy to assemble legs, simply lift up and snaptogether Set of three triangles with convenient storagecasePart No. 549433C91Reflectors Universal ApplicationPart Stick-On Reflector Red (round)358577C13 Stick-On Reflector Amber (round)175311C1Rectangular Red174732C1Rectangular AmberSlow-Moving Vehicle EmblemsThis unique safety device is a must for all equip-ment used on public roads. The universalmounting bracket permits attachment of aslow moving vehicle emblem on almost allequipment. Fluorescent yellow/orange tri-angle with dark red reflective SAE No. A59450 SMV with BracketPart No. D123347 SMV without BracketPart No. 311858A1 SMV Decal with AdhesiveBackSTEERING/BRAKE PARTS 202 Steering ArmsDon t knock this knock-off!There are several companies selling might-fit steering arms for IHequipment. They claim to be able to use these arms on spindle assem-bly splines that are worn as much as .030 undersize. They don texplain how to gauge this or what is safety factor might be involvedusing splines worn IH engineering has examined several of these pars and the rec-ommended assembly procedure for these might-fit parts. These arethe results:Might-FitMaterialCase IHDuctile Iron (Low Grade)TypeDuctile Iron (Normalized Ductile)Non Heat-TreatedProcessHeat-Treated ( More Durable)(Shorter Life)DesignFeaturesTapered TeethTooth Type22 Helix (More Tooth Contact)(Less Tooth Contact)StrengthLower Tensile StrengthTensil Strength147-153% GreaterLower Yield StrengthYield Strength166% GreaterLower Fatigue StrengthFatigue Strength145-161% GreaterMight-Fit Poor tooth fit and lower gradeductile iron Arm not heat-treated Shallow spindle heat-treatCase IH Better tooth fit and contact 50% Stronger Normalized ductile iron Deep heat-treated arm andspindle Might-Fit Recommendation1. Remove and discard the Drive the steering arm over theworn spindle until nut andwasher can be With a large pipe wrench,tighten the nut and draw thesteering arm down until itbottoms out below the snapring groove where the spindleflares out. Torque nut to 450-600 lbs. striking the armseveral times with a Re-tighten the nuts after acouple hours of use or 4-6miles on hard-surface road andperiodically IH ResponseThe snap ring positively positions the arm. Without the snap ring in place, the splines will arm will loosen, wear and move. We have improved our design and now use a machined shoulderto positively position the properly fitted parts driving the parts on would be factory spec for torque on the arm is 400 ft. lbs. The pounding is to overcome the interface in theirtapered splines. This pounding is potentially damaging because it is transmitted directly to the can cause binnelling and bearing failure. It could also split the arm or cause a crack which couldfail in use!With original equipment parts installed, these steps are unnecessary. The might-fit manufacturer is try-ing to compensate for poor fit and wear. Constant checking and tightening will be required with theseparts. 203 STEERING/BRAKE PARTSFront End PartsMachine Tie Rod Ends Steering Arms ApplicationLHRHTie Rod TubeLHRHSpindlesHubsTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH385w/Adj. Straight Axle65079C91527658R9167529C167524C167525 C1405840R12406294R213116406R43116407R431 16408R1Drawbar Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21395w/Adj. Straight Axle3116406R43116407R43116408R167524C167 525C1405840R12406294R21( )w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05836R1405840R12406294R21485w/Adj. Straight Axle65079C91527658R9167529C167524C167525 C1405840R12-406294R213116406R43116407R43 116408R1Drawbar Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R2165082C91527658R 91527659R2495w/Adj. Straight Axle3116406R43116407R43116408R167524C167 525C1405840R12406294R21( )w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434C91378401R21585w/Adj. Straight Axle65079C91527658R9167529C167524C167525 C1405840R1267527C923116406R43116407R4311 6408R1(Std. Clearance)65082C91537658R91527659R252729 2R92(High Clearance)w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21( )w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434C91378401R21595w/ Adj. Straight Axle52 to 82 Track3116406R43116407R43116408R167524C16 7525C1405840R1267527C92(High)(High)( )3125172R1527292R92(low)( )52 to 77 Track1332805C23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434C91378401R21685, 695w/Adj. Straight Axle52 to 77 Track3125171R2 or3116407R43125172R13121263R13121264R131 21261R9167527C921332805C2(High Spindle)3121270R91(Low Spindle)w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434R91378401R21770, 870w/53-73 ThreadA59656A44762A59657A57322A57323A176 152A57336w/60-88 ThreadA143028A44762A59567A57322A57323A17 6152A57366885, 895w/Adj. Straight Axle52-77 Track3125171R23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92( )w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 058347R1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434C91378401R21970w/53-73 ThreadA59656A44762A59657A57322A57323A176 152A57336w/60-88 ThreadA143028A44762A59657A57322A57323A17 6152A57336995w/Adj. Straight3125171R23116407R43125172R131212 63R13121264R13121261R9267527C9252-77 Track( )w/Adj. Swept Back Axle3129380R23116407R43129379R1405836R14 05837R1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Cast Axle379326R91379327R9170689C1378399R1378 400R11213434C91378401R211070w/53-73 ThreadA59656A44762A59657A57322A57323A176 152A57336w/60-88 ThreadA143028A44762A59657A57322A57323A17 6152A57336STEERING/BRAKE PARTS 204 Front End PartsMachine Tie Rod Ends Steering Arms ApplicationLHRHTie Rod TubeLHRHSpindlesHubsTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH1090, 1170 w/60-88 ThreadA43374A43376A137101A61405A61404A16 2068A66759(w/Lube Joints)1175 S/N 8736747 & AfterA143028A44762A59659A57322A57323A176 152A573361190, 1194K262853K262853K943953K200597K942525 K9101761270A43374A43376A137101A61405A614 04A162068A667591290K262853K262853K200339 Standard Clearance: K910176K200597K942525High Clearance:K913924K9120851294K262853K2628 53K200339K200597K942525 K9101761370A43374A43376A137101A61405A614 04A162068A667591390K262853K262853K200339 Standard Clearance: K190176K200597K942525High Clearance:K913924K9120851394K262853K2628 53K200339-Prior to S/N 11503201: K910176RodK200597K942525K208035-S/N 11503201 & AfterTubeK208038K2080371570A43374A43376A 137101A61405A61404A162068A667591896, 2096Standard Wheel BaseA132876A160199A160166A160125A160124A 167024A51157108 Wheel BaseA143876A160197A149033A147122A147121A 161274A667592090, 2094, 2290, 2294Standard Wheel BaseA143876A160199A160166A160125A160124A 167024A51157110 Wheel BaseA142876A160197A149033A147122A147121A 161274A667592390, 2394, 2590, 2594A143876A160197A149033A147122A147121A 161274A66759TRACTORS/IH70 Hydrow/50-74 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1405459R14 05460R171785C2395310R11w/56-80 Tread359984R93384006R92383917R1405459R14 05460R171785C2395310R1184 Hydrow/52 80 Tread3116406R4 or3116407R43116408R167524C167525C167526C 9167527C9265079C91527658R9167529C1(High- Spindle)3121261R91(High-Spindle)w/52-77 Tread3125171R23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C9286 Hydrow/50-74 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1405459R14 05460R171785C2395310R11w/56-80 Tread359984R93384006R92383917R1405459R 405460R171785C2395310R11100 Hydrow/50-74 or 52-76 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1531248R25 31249R271785C21323559C1w/56-80 or 58-82 Tread359984R93384006R92383917R1531248R25 31249R271785C21323559C1186 Hydrow/50-74 or 52-76 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1531248R25 31249R271785C21323559C1w/56-80 or 58-82 Tread359984R93384006R92383917R1531248R25 31249R271785C21323559C1385w/48-80 Tread3116406R43116407R43116408R1405836R1 405837R1405840R12406294R21w/ 52-80 Tread65079C91527658R9167529C167524C16752 5C1405840R12406294R21400 Farmall (Hi-Clear)359984R93359981R92359980R1 450 Farmall (Hi-Clear)359984R93359981R92359980R1 460359984R93359981R92359980R1 464 w/48-80 Tread65077C91356540R91527659R2 536061R2536058R1147465079C91527658R91529 496R2 405840R12406294R21(Low Spindle)484w/52-80 Thread65079C91527658R9167529C167524C1675 25C1405840R12406294R21(Utility Tr.)w/48-80 Tread3116406R43116407R43116408R1405836R1 405837R1405840R12406294R21560 Farmall359984R93384006R92359980R1 57465082C91527658R91527659R2405836R14058 37R1405840R12406294R21(56-70 Tread)584w/Adj. Straight Axle65079C91527658R9167529C167524C167525 C1405840R12406294R21w/Swept Back Axle65082C91527658R91527659R2405836R1405 837R1405840R12406294R21664379552R9237955 1R92379550R1379642R1379643R1406267R92391 823R11 205 STEERING/BRAKE PARTSFront End PartsMachine Tie Rod Ends Steering Arms ApplicationLHRHTie Rod TubeLHRHSpindlesHubsTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH666w/50-74 Thread65079C91 or527658R913116408R1 or67524C167525C167526C9167527C9267529C1( High Spindle)w/52-77 Tread3125171R23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92(High Spindle)67465079C91527658R9167529C167524 C167525C167526C9167527C92(w/1-25/32 Brg.)(w/67526C91)527292R92406294R21(w/1- 3/8 Brg.)(w/527292R92)684w/52-80 Tread65079C91527658R913116408R167524C167 525C167526C9167527C92or 67529C1(High Spindle)w/52-77 Tread3125171R23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92(High Spindle)686, 706 Farmallw/50-74 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1405459R14 05460R171785C2395310R11w/56-80 Tread359984R93384006R92383917R1405459R14 05460R171785C2395310R11766w/50-74 or 52-76 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1531248R25 31249R271785C21323559C1w/56-80 Thread &359984R93384006R92383917R1531248R253124 9R271785C21323559C1Hi-Clear Models784w/52-80 Tread65079C91527658R913116408R167524C167 525C167525C9167527C92or 67529C1(High Spindle)w/52-77 Tread3125171R23116407R33125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92(High Spindle)786w/50-74 or 52-76 Thread384441R93384440R92384439R1Prior to S/N 1935:71785C21323559C1531248R2531249R2S/N 9135 & After:148418C1148419C1w/56-80 or 58 -82 Thread &359984R93384006R92383917R1Prior to S/N 1935:71785C21323559C1Hi-Clear Models531248R2531249R2S/N 9135 & After:148418C1148419C1806 Farmallw/50-74 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1383914R13 83914R1383912R92 (LH)1323559C1383913R92 (RH)w/56-80 Tread &359984R93384006R92383917R1383914R138391 4R1383912R92 (LH)1323559C1Hi-Clear Models383912R92 (RH)884w/52-80 Tread65079C91527658R9167529C167524C16752 5C167526C9167527C92(High Spindle)w/52-77 Tread3125171R23116407R43125172R13121263R 13121264R13121261R9167527C92(High Spindle)886w/50-74 or 52-76 Tread384441R93384440R92384439R1Prior to S/N 17425:71785C21323559C1531248R2531249R2S/ N 17425 & After:148418C1148419C1w/56 -80 or 58-82 Tread &359984R93384006R92383917R1Prior to S/N 17425:71785C21323559C1Hi-Clear Models531248R2 531249R2S/N 17425 & After:148418C1148419C1966, 1066, 1466, 1468384441R93384440R92384439R1531248R253 1249R271785C21323559C1w/50-74 or 52-76 TreadReplace tie rod ends and tubes Eliminates loose steering, improves handling response Get perfect-fit parts designed specifically for your equipmentSTEERING/BRAKE PARTS 206 Steering PartsSteering Knuckle AssembliesOther than brake parts, it is hard to imagine any parts more critical to the safe, controlled operation of yourequipment than steering components. Without detailed engineering analysis, it is often difficult to see thequality cutaway pictures clearly show the extra attention that goes into making a safe steering are three critical components in a steering knuckle assembly: (A) the pivot pin, (B) the knuckle and(C) the Knuckle AssembliesCase IH Attention to DetailThe heat-treat on the Case IH pivot pin shows much greater depth. Theheat-treat ends before the end of pin. This allows the weld to be madeon non-heat-treated material producing a much stronger weld. Ourcompetitor continues to heat-treat the length of the pin. They then weldin a heat-treated area which can generate cracks in the weld Spline17 SplineCase IHCase IHCase IHHeat-TreatGroundGround bearing areas for (A) Pivot Pin(C) Spindle(B)KnuckleCase IHPivot PinCompetitorBoron SteelMaterialCommon 1045 steel(Higher-strength)(Lower-quality)24 SplinesSplines17 Splines-tapered(50% Stronger)(50% less contact)Case IHKnuckleCompetitorYes (Longer-life)Deep-heat treatedSurface heat-treat(Susceptible to bendingbending, wear and fatigue)230 KSITensile-strength103 KSI207 KSIYield-strength80 KSI89 KSIFatigue-strength39 KSICase IHSpindleCompetitorBoron steelMaterialCommon 1045(Higher-strength)(Lower-quality)Grou nd (Longer bearing life)Bearing areaMachined (High-bearing wear)Darker area shows greater heat-treat heat-treat ends before through shallower heat-treat. 207 STEERING/BRAKE PARTSReplacement Brake DiscsFor IH EquipmentNewly developed AS1137 friction discs for ball ramp brakes arenow available for select applications. These friction discs were for-mulated to measure up to the rigorous service requirements of the util-ity and construction market and to provide dependable performances dur-ing their entire service life. Manufactured with quality in the Thoroughly tested during more than two years of development Proven in various applications and exhaustive field evaluations Utilize a totally new, non-asbestos formulation Provide long-lasting performance in utility/construction and other severe service environmentsModelDisc AssemblyShoe/Band AssemblyTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH385, 395, 485, 495, 585, 595,114622C2(2) 685, 695, 885, 895, 995700, 730 Series,1975466C2 (4) 800, 830 Series900, 930, 930CK(All Series), 940770Prior to S/N86824161975466C2 (4) w/Bonded LiningS/N 8682416 & After1975469C2 (4) w/Bonded Lining870, 970Prior to S/N 86750011975466C2 (4) S/N 8675001 & After1975469C2 (4) 10301975466C2 (6) 10701975469C2 (4) 1175 S/N 8715247 & After1975469C2 (4) w/Bonded Lining12701981269C2 (6) MiddleA63199(6)A63198(2)13701981269C2 (6) MiddleA63299(6)A63198 (2) Steel15701981269C2 (8) MiddleA63199 (8)A63198 (2) Steel)23901981269C2 (6) MiddleA63198 (2)A63199 (6) Steel2394Prior to Transmission1981269C2 (6) S/N 16260432MiddleA63198 (2)A63199 (6) SteelTransmission1981269C2 (8)S/N 16260432 & AfterMiddle A63198(2)A63199(8) Steel2470, 2670A77070 (5) Steel 1981268C1 (4)Friction2590, 2594, 3394, 35941981269C2 (8) MiddleA63198 (2)A63199(8) Steel28701975471C2 (2) ModelDisc AssemblyShoe/Band AssemblyTRACTORS/CASE AND CASE IH4490, 494, 4690, 4894,1975471C2 (2) 4694, 4890, 4894TRACTORS/IHCubPrior to S/N 173601 350967R22(2)S/N 173601 & After 358753R22(2)Cub Lo-Boy, Cub 154 Lo-Boy, 358753R22(2)184 w/ Creeper Drive,184 w/o Creeper Drive,Cub 185 Lo-BoyA, AV 1342796C1(2)Super A and AVPrior to S/N 339642 1342796C1 (2)S/N 339642 & After 358660R22B, Bn 1342796C1C 351624R92(2)Super C1975456C3 (4) H, HVPrior to S/N 3913581975451C3 (4)58344DCX (2)S/N 391356 & After1975457C3 (4) Super H and HV1975457C3 (4) M, MVPrior to S/N 2942261975452C3 (2)58345DCX (2)S/N 294226 & After1963810C2 (4) Super M and M-TA1963810C2(4) MD, MDVPrior to S/N 2855051975452C3 (4)58345DCX (2)S/N 285505 & After3963810C1 (4) Super MD and M-TAD1963810C1 (4) 70 Hydrostatic,1975463C2 (2) 86 HydrostaticMiddle391446R91 (2)Actuating84 Hydrostatic114622C2 (2)1971050C1 Band forpark brake100 Hydrostatic, 706, 756, 1975468C1 (4) 766, 806, 826, 856, 996, 1026Regular-duty394463R91 (4)Heavy-duty100, 130, 140 358660R22 (2)186 Hydrostatic120235C94 (2) Package200, 230, 2401975456C3 (4) 3001975457C3 (4) 330, 340 - Gas1975456C3 (4) 340 Diesel, 460, 504, 6061975460C3 (4) 3501975457C3 (4) 354, 364, 384, 424, 4441975464C2 (4) THEY RE HERE!STEERING/BRAKE PARTS 208 Brake PartsModelDisc AssemblyShoe/Band AssemblyTRACTORS/IH385, 454 Int l, 464s, 474, 484,114622C2 (2)1971050C1 Band for574, 584, 674, 684, 784, 884park brake400, 4501963810C2 (4) 4041975456C3 (4) 544 Farmall1975462C3 (4) 5601975446C3 (4) 656, 664, 666, 6861975463C3 (2) 6601975446C3 (4) 786, 886, 986, 1086, 3088,120235C94 (2) 3288, 3388, 3488, 3588, 3688Plate Kit3788, 4386/4586 (S/N 1501& After), 6388, 6588, 678810661975458C2 (4) Regular-dutyf/Hydrostatic Drive394463R91 (4)Heavy-duty f/Gear &Hydrostatic Drive1206, 1256394463R91 (4) 1456, 1466, 14681975472C1 (4) 1566, 1568, 158667402C2 (2) Friction5088, 5288, 5488,139189C1 (2) 7288, 7488120486C1 (8)120488C2 (8)EQUIPMENT/IH AND CASE IH COMBINES715, 8151963810C2 (4) 9151975446C3 (2) 1420Prior to S/N 55011963810C2 (4) S/N 5501 & After1963810C2 (6) 1440Prior to S/N 300011963810C2 (4) S/N 30001 & After1963810C2 (6) 1460Prior to S/N 320011975446C3 (6) S/N 32001 & After1963810C2 (6) 1480Prior to S/N 340011975446C3 (6) S/N 34001 & After1963811C2 (6) 1620, 16401963810C3 (3) 1660Prior to S/N JJC00383461963811C2 (4) S/N JJC0038346 & After1349008C2 (6) 16801963811C2 (6) 209 TIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS Your King Kong tires filled with Poly SoftSuper Fill are working fantastically well. Wehave never had any flats or downtime and theride is smoother than on air-filled tires. Mark Wilder, NoantumContractors, Brighton, TyrlynerThe flat tire problem has been by usingour skid steer tires and other super-severe oper-ational tubeless tires with & Benefits Reduces downtime Tyrlyner is designed to seal aroundpenetrating objects and immediately heal over punctures,forming an air tight barrier even while the equipment operates Extra protection Better than steel belted tires becauseTyrlyner protects not only the area right underneath the tread,but also protects the shoulder area, where flats may occur Year round use Tyrlyner does not build up heat (normalrecommended inflation air pressures can be used)) Factory installed only Tyrlyner will seal punctures created by 1/4 objects Smoother operation Tyrlyner does not affect the ride of theequipment Warranted for the entire life of the casing tire can beretreaded with Tyrlyner Tyrlyner is compatible with calcium chloride The weight of the Tyrlyner is not excessively heavy; therefore,there is none of the wear-and-tear problems with the machineor operator associated with foam-filled tiresGalaxy Poly Soft-Super Fill It to ta lly eliminatesdow ntime due to flats,while giving a ride sosoft you w ould thinkyou re o n Cloud 9Cloud 9!Features &Benefits Absolutelyeliminatesdowntime due toflats! 100% flat-proof Eliminates severe rock hard ride problems which causemachinery damage and theoperator to have backaches Totally eliminates the need to put air into the tire. The tire willalways be pressurized to the correct air pressure for the life ofthe tire and the fill. Having the correct air pressure allows thetire to continuously operate at maximum performance levelsOver the last severalyears,CaseIH customershave used approximately10,000 skid steer tireswith TyrlynerTIRE PROTECTION PRODUCTS 210 Linseal/OKO Branded Tire SealantFor All Case IH Product ApplicationsParts AvailabilityLinseal/OKO Tire Sealant offered by Case IH:Part No. 1033093 1 Litre bottle (32 fluid oz.) (12 per case)Part No. 1033092 25 Litre drum ( gal)Part No. B94170 Applicator pump for 25 litre drumTire Sealant Application Chart25 Litre Drum and Applicator Pum p with 25litre drum and applicator pum p, place pum pinside 25 litre drum . Position valve of tire at 8o clock and re m o ve valve core. Deflate tire .Place pum p onto valve of tire and pum p tiresealant into tire . Five (5) strokes of pum p willapply one litre (32 fl. oz.) of Litre Bottles Pull cap fro m to p of 1 litre bottleand pull out applicator hose and valve tire valve at 8 o clock and use tool pro-vided to re m o ve valve core. Deflate tire . Placeapplicator hose on bottle over valve and squeezesealant into tire .Our tire sealant is the first product of it stype to eliminate fiber content. Recycled tirfragments and curing agents form a rubberplug at the puncture hole. Our tire sealantwill seal the largest hole over any Seals 3/8 inch hole in tread area Non-flammable Contains rust inhibitors, will not rust rims Seals rim and bead leaks Permanent repair Seals tube and tubeless tires (for tube tires it isbest to use a brand-new tube) Chemically unique-no fiber content recycledtire fragments and curing agents seal largerholes Valve tool and spout incorporated into bottledesign for easy application to tire Sealant is water soluble easier than otherbrands to clean upBenefits Virtually eliminates downtime caused by flattires Saves money on expensive call-out charges Operators keep working, do not notice flat tires Not harmful to the environmentDRIVE WHEEL6-3040 & & x x 15115 x 1220 x 1230 x 1240 x 12530 x 1540 x 1550 x 1550 x 1550 x 1530 x x x x x x 16120 x 20160 x 26215 x 26270 products are approved for all Case IH appli-cations and offer protection for tires used in: factories public works farming sanitation recreational vehicles Lawn and garden care mining equipment 211 TIRESWE DARE YOU TO COM PWE DARE YOU TO COM PARE!ARE!Beefy Baby Competition Ply rating 88Number of plys (tread) 46Number of plys (sidewall)426/32 Tread depth (in.)23 Tread bar width (in) Shoulder bar width (in) lbs. Tire weight e in and meet th e fa m ily!The Galaxy Fam ily of Application Specific Skid Steer Tire sGalaxy Tire s Offe re d by CaseIHYour C ase IH dealer the tire so u rc e fo r a ll makes of skid steers!Beefy BabyHippoKing KongHulk &Bulky HulkWhether your skidsteers operate in thewet sloppy condi-tions of a marsh, thehard concrete ofroad construction orthe hazard filled envi-ronm ent of a junkyard, Galaxy offersthe ruggedness andperformance you dexpect from theworld leader in skidsteer do skid steer tire s wear? Tire wear is a function of weight per square inch The more rubber on the ground, the lessweight per square inch, the longer the tire willwear Galaxy, having the widest tread bar com binedwith the deepest tread yields the longestwear Tread com pound, of course, is also the secretweapon to long wear measured on a head-to-head basis. Galaxy consistently gives the longestwear when com pared to the com petitionTIRES 212 Galaxy Tire sWorld Leader In Skid Steer Tire sGalaxy revolutionized the skid steer industry w hen it introduced the Beefy Baby. With an extra wide lug and super deep tread, the BeefyBaby has set the standard by which all skid steer tires are G alaxy s Super Sidewall and Rim Shield Protector, the Beefy Baby has been proven to reduce downtime and protect againstexpensive wheel dam age. Its special wear resistant com pound specif-ically designed for skid steers makes it one of the longest lasting tiresavailable on the market Beefy Baby is offered in both the standard skid steer sizes as wellas G alaxy s tradem arked H ippo sizes. The H ippo tires are super-wide versions of the standard tire and are designed to be used wheregreater flotation, improved traction, increased carrying capacity orenhanced lateral stability is required. The H ippo sizes have the sam as the standard sizes they replace, so machine geom etry andgearing are unaffected. For these reasons the H ippo has been select-ed by Case as the standard tire for many of the new larger skid 1996, Galaxy introduced its line of K ing Kong L-4 skid steer tire has had a tread depth almost twice that of its com petitors. TheKing Kong is the toughest skid steer tire in the world. Its rock mine com -pound and 3 1/2 tread bar width makes it ideal for use in steel mills,underground m ines, scrap yards or any severe service applicationwhere extra protection is 1998 G alaxy introduced the Hulk L-5 tires having 44/32 of treaddepth and its wide profile equivalent, the B ulky Hulk. The H ulk hasa unique tread pattern that allow s it to be used in severe applicationswhile still providing superior self cleaning characteristics w hich enablethe tire to operate in soft soil conditions where the K ing Kong may notbe appropriate. With 44/32nds of tread depth the H ulk and the B ulkyHulk are the ultimate all purpose skid steer tires. They are great in supersevere conditions like rough concrete surfaces or in deep 1999, Galaxy improved on the Beefy Baby by changing to a harder,more w ear resistant tread com pound. The new generation of BeefyBaby tires is called Beefy Baby II to reflect the new level of performancethey has been able to provide such an extensive range of purposebuilt skid steer tires by dedicating itself to this very special and uniquemarket. Today, skid steer tires account for more than 30% of Galaxy stotal tire sales and m ore than 50% of its research and developm entbudget. W hile other manufacturers m ay say they are skid steer spe-cialists, only Galaxy has the single minded focus and commitment to theskid steer market necessary to be the world leader in skid steer are a lot of copy cats, look-a-likes and wannabes on the markettoday, but there is only one original,Galaxy. The Case/Galaxy Family of Skid Steer Tires Beefy Baby II King Kong L-4 Hulk L-5 Bulky Hulk L-5, Hippo, Military Boggie for rubber track systemQuality S e lls B uy G alaxy! Beefy Baby II in action. King Kong ready to go. Hippo tires pushing a grader blade 213 TIRESGalaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sGalaxy tires offer you the best tire for all situations. Whether your skid steers operate in the wet, sloppyconditions of a marsh, the hard concrete of road construction or the hazard filled environm ent of a junkyard or recycling facility, your CaseIH dealership has the right tire for you at the low est cost per Baby II, Hippo, King Kong, Hulk, Bulky Hulk and PolySoft-S up erFill. CaseIH offers a tire for yourskid steer application. Beefy Baby II Super Sidewall R-4 Tubeless Beefy Baby II tires are the mostdurable and versatile skid steer tires inthe galaxy. Our Beefy Baby II tireshave been proven to be the lowestcost per hour tires in the the beefiest and best skid steer tires in the world by users,dealers, renters, and OEMS. Galaxy s Beefy Baby is the standard by whichall other skid steer tires are tires are made of a new wearresistant (harder) compound, BeefyBaby II. The new Beefy Baby II pro-vides 2 to 3 times the life of its wannabe competitors and 5 to 6times the life of its cheapie competi-tors when used on rough asphalt andconcrete washer board type Carrying RecommendedRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Inflation Pressure Inflation SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) (lbs) (psi) Pressure* (mph)27/850x15 6 38 18 2270 50 35 8 62 24 4140 60 45 10 85 26 5610 65 40 14 111 27 8540 80 35 14 150 30 10060 70 30 5*Recommended inflation pressure for Galaxy tires used on popular Case skid steers. Hippo Super Wide Super Sidewall R-4 TubelessTalk about flotation! Our Super Wide Super Sidewall Hippo tires are thefirst newly designed pneumatic tiressince skid steers were to perform in soft and wetsoil conditions that would be impossi-ble with other tires. Galaxy s Hippo tire is ideal for use in parks, cemeter-ies, compost yards, golf courses, nurs-eries, beaches, and swamps or any-where extra flotation is needed. At nor-mal air pressures, the Hippo cancarry 25% more load. At 50% reducedair pressures, the Hippo provides85% more footprint area than the 10 or 12 x tires it is Hippo is now the standard tireused on the new larger 60 to 100 , as well as the new tire usedon various 45 to 60 foot boom Hippo is now constructed withGalaxy s XHD long wearing Carrying RecommendedRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Inflation Pressure Inflation SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) (lbs) (psi) Pressure* (mph) 10 71 24 5250 60 45 533 12 96 26 6720 60 35 5*Recommended inflation pressure for Galaxy tires used on popular Case skid : To replace , use To replace , use 33 skid steer tires fit CaseIH,Caterpillar, John Deere, Bobcat,Daewoo, Hydra Mac, New Holland,JCB, Gehl, Mustang, Thomas andother Super Severe Mine Service L-4 King Kong is the mightiest skid steertire in the world. It is purpose built toperform in demolition sites, scrapyards, recycling operations, mines,steel mills, quarries, glass factories,etc. Made to withstand rough concretesurfaces, the King Kong has40/32nds tread depth, and inchwide lug. When filled with Poly SoftSuper Fill, it provides 100% flat protec-tion with the exact same ride charac-teristics of an air-filled tire and it does itat a cost of pennies per hour! Max. Carrying RecommendedRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Inflation Pressure Inflation SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) (lbs) (psi) Pressure* (mph) 8 77 40 4140 60 45 10 115 40 5610 65 40 5*Recommended inflation pressure for Galaxy tires used on popular Case skid steers. King Kong L-4 40/32 TubelessTIRES 214 Galaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire s Hulk and Bulky Hulk L-5 44/32 TubelessSuper Severe Service Great on Rough Concrete or in Heavy MudsGalaxy s newest member of the skidsteer family, the Hulk , has a brandnew tread pattern that allows it tooperate in severe applications whileproviding superior self-cleaning actionneeded for use in soft soil where the King Kong may not be 44/32nds tread depth and amuch higher solid to void ratio than thetraditional skid steer tires, the Hulk will provide extended service in all con-ditions. The Hulk is available in asuper wide version, called BulkyHulk , for those operations that requiregreater carrying capacity or Carrying RecommendedRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Inflation Pressure Inflation SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) (lbs) (psi) Pressure* (mph) 10 78 44 4720 75 45 12 110 44 6320 80 40 533 14 124 44 7350 70 35 5*Recommended inflation pressure for Galaxy tires used on popular Case skid steers. Military Boggie Tubeless Tires - for Rubber Track SystemGalaxy has developed special 600x16military tread tires for the Boggie wheels of a rubber track systemdesigned for larger Case skid 10 PR, tubeless, and with a spe-cial rock mine compound, these tireswere developed from the ground up forthis specific application. No other600x16 military will work. Only Galaxy s Military Boggie is uniquely made forthis equipment and is the only Carrying RecommendedRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Inflation Pressure Inflation SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) (lbs) (psi) Pressure* (mph)600x16 10 29 16 1500 50 50 5*Recommended inflation pressure for Galaxy tires used on popular Case skid Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR Design (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph)6x14 TL 4 E 20 26 26 660 28 257x14 TL 4 E 24 26 815 26 25600x16 6 E 28 28 965 40 25650x16 6 E 28 24 1080 40 257x16 4 E 23 21 965 25 25750x16 8 E 44 31 1540 47 258x16 4 E 32 21 1070 24 6 E 55 36 1390 30 6 C 122 50 2540 16 25Super Tractor R-1Tread Design ATread Design BTread Design CTread Design DTread Design ERear Tractor R-1Bias Ply R-1 rear tires for front tractors and combines. Also for use as front tires on front wheelassist tractors. All tires are Tube-Type unless noted with a (TL) next to the size. 215 TIRESTread Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR Design (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph) 8 E 40 40 36 1740 47 TL 8 E 71 42 1930 40 TL 8 E 71 42 2200 36 6 A 49 25 1610 34 6 A 65 26 1870 30 4 A 71 44 1650 18 TL 4 A 79 44 1650 18 6 A 76 44 2090 26 TL 10 A 86 44 2910 44 10 A 86 44 2910 16 TL 4 A 86 46 1870 16 8 A 92 46 2830 32 8 A 114 47 3080 28 TL 6 A 144 48 3000 20 8 A 137 48 3520 26 8 A 161 50 53 4080 24 8 E 149 49 3640 26 10 E 195 50 4540 28 10 E 213 52 5200 26 12 E 223 52 6000 32 12 B 286 54 7150 24 8 B 65 49 2040 46 6 B 92 43 2200 26 4 B 94 44 1980 16 6 B 104 45 2540 24 4 B 106 46 2200 14 6 B 116 46 2830 22 6 B 136 47 3200 20 8 B 140 47 3740 26 10 E 185 54 4680 28 4 E 51 38 1230 26 6 E 71 49 2040 30 6 E 146 49 3300 20 TL 10 E 150 49 4300 32 6 D 180 50 3740 18 8 D 183 50 4400 24 25Galaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sSuper Tractor R-1 ContinuedTread Design ATread Design BTread Design CTread Design DTread Design ERear Tractor R-1Bias Ply R-1 rear tires for front tractors and combines. Also for use as front tires on front wheelassist tractors. All tires are Tube-Type unless noted with a (TL) next to the 216 Galaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sSuper Tractor R-1 ContinuedTread Design ATread Design BTread Design CTread Design DTread Design ERear Tractor R-1Bias Ply R-1 rear tires for front tractors and combines. Also for use as front tires on front wheelassist tractors. All tires are Tube-Type unless noted with a (TL) next to the Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR Design (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph) 14 D 221 50 6000 40 8 D 211 52 61 4800 20 12 D 234 52 61 6150 30 6 E 66 42 1820 34 6 E 78 44 2200 28 6 E 104 49 2680 24 12 E 448 55 8800 24 8 E 223 45 62 4680 24 8 C 228 46 65 5080 20 10 E 435 55 71 7400 20 6 E 93 41 2340 28 6 E 121 45 2830 24 10 E 131 45 3860 40 6 E 147 49 3200 22 TL 4 E 106 41 2090 18 6 E 133 47 2910 24 10 E 145 47 3960 40 6 E 167 49 3300 22 8 E 174 49 3740 28 12 E 185 49 4940 44 8 E 175 47 4300 26 6 E 163 42 3520 20 8 E 165 42 4080 26 8 D 216 49 4940 24 8 C 261 52 5360 20 12 C 271 52 7150 32 8 C 342 56 6150 18 25 217 TIRESGalaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sDiamond Tread R-3These tires are for use on GrasslandsTractors, Combines and Compactors. TT = Tube Type; TL = TubelessRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph) TL 12 11 93 23 5200 44 TL 8 16 114 28 2910 20 TL 4 7 45 32 38 1230 22 TT 6 13 110 27 3000 20 TT 6 15 130 28 3420 18 TL 6 16 200 35 3960 16 TT 12 16 220 35 6000 32 TL 12 16 232 35 6000 32 TL 12 20 260 35 7150 24 TL 16 20 292 35 8550 32 2528Lx26 TL 12 25 380 40 7400 20 24Super Soft R-3 TubelessHeavy-duty block tread R-3 tires pro-vide tough resistance to stubble dam-age, as well as superior traction. Forrough mowing tractor balers,swathers, air seeders, etc. Carryingcapacity and PSI indicated are forself-propelled tractors and towed machines with intermittentroad use weights can be increased67% with additional 4 Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph) 6 14 121 25 2580 18 10 14 127 25 3340 28 6 18 166 32 3040 12 10 18 180 32 4330 22 10 18 185 32 5270 22 14 18 190 32 8685 34 103-Rib (F-2) and 4-rib (F-2M) front tractor tires. All tires are Tube Type except sizesRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph)500x15 4 3 12 13 715 44 6 27 24 1430 44 2511Lx15 8 8 50 28 2090 44 25550x16 6 4 20 15 28 1050 56 25600x16 6 4 23 24 29 1140 52 25650x16 6 22 24 1230 48 25750x16 6 36 24 1480 44 25750x16 8 39 24 1710 56 25900x16 10 6 51 20 34 2200 56 251000x16 8 8 53 30 2340 44 251100x16 8 10 74 32 38 2600 40 F-2M 12 11 95 33 3860 52 F-2M 10 14 153 47 4080 40 25750x18 8 42 26 1870 56 25750x20 6 44 28 1710 44 25Front Tractor F-2 3 Rib and 4 RibTIRES 218 Galaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sFarm Implement I-111Lx15 Premium Heavy-Duty Super Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Cpty. (lbs) (psi) (mph) TL 8 8 35 11 2400 44 2511Lx14 TL 8 8 40 12 2470 36 2527/950x15 TL 8 7 30 10 1980 60 2527/950x15 TL 12 7 40 10 2150 75 TL 8 8 26 11 2470 44 TT 8 8 24 11 30 2470 44 FI (DOT) TL 8 8 35 11 30 3000 60 FI (DOT) TL 12 8 40 11 30 3500 75 5011Lx15 TL 8 8 33 12 2540 36 2511Lx15 TT 8 8 33 12 2540 36 2511Lx15 HD TL 8 8 43 12 2540 36 2511Lx15 HD TT 8 8 40 12 2540 36 2511Lx15 HD TL 12 8 47 12 3200 52 2511Lx15 HD TT 12 8 45 12 3200 52 2511Lx15 FI (DOT) TL 8 8 48 16 3556 60 5011Lx15 FI (DOT) TL 12 8 52 16 4500 90 TL 10 10 45 12 3420 44 TL 14 10 50 12 3960 56 2531/1350x15 TL 8 10 55 12 31 2600 56 2531/1350x15 TL 12 10 70 12 31 3520 75 25750x16 TT 8 34 8 31 2340 48 25900x16 TT 10 6 51 20 34 3300 52 TL 8 11 65 13 3860 32 TL 12 11 70 13 4680 44 TL 8 14 80 14 4400 28 TL 10 14 88 14 5200 36 TL 12 14 92 14 5680 40 TL 14 14 100 14 6400 38 TL 12 16 115 16 6600 36 TL 10 18 128 18 6600 28 TL 14 18 148 18 7850 36 TL 18 18 155 18 8800 45 TL 24 18 160 18 11000 60 25900x24 TT 10 8 62 10 3960 48 TL 10 10 88 12 4680 40 TT 14 10 103 12 6000 56 25TT=Tube Type; TL=TubelessIdeal for wagons and otherimplem ents, including Prem iumHeavy-D uty (HD) tires and HighSpeed (FI) tires which are spe-cially made to handle over-the-road transport of implem ents atintermittent high speeds. We D are You to Compare our HDtires with the com petition. Justlay the tires flat and step on thesidewall this is what you calldoing the S tep Test ! 219 TIRESGalaxy Tire s Application Specific Tire sTraction Implement I-3Rim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Capcity (lbs) (psi) (mph) 6 10 51 22 2540 28 14 10 60 22 3960 56 6 11 85 24 3520 24 6 14 103 24 3960 24 10 14 112 24 5200 3 10 18 162 32 6600 28 12 18 177 32 7150 32 16 18 185 32 8550 40 25750x18 TT 6 35 17 2040 36 25Traction tread for self-propelled implements or free-rolling wheels in muddy Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Capcity (lbs) (psi) (mph) I-1 8 9 43 8 28 2760 45 I-1 10 9 39 14 3420 56 R-1 10 9 38 32 3000 56 I-1 10 9 56 14 4300 49 R-1 10 9 52 32 3850 49 I-1 16 11 73 12 35 6150 62 25 AS Farmer R-1European Implement I-1European Implement I-1 and R-1 AS Farmer Tractor F-1Designed for enhanced steering and maneuverability. Ideal for the front steering wheels of trac-tors used to harvest sugar beets, sugar cane, rice and potatoesRim Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Capacity (lbs) (psi) (mph)600x16 TT 6 4 18 NA 30 1140 52 25950x24 TL 12 8 79 NA 3740 68 TT 10 10 120 NA 4300 48 TL 10 11 131 NA 4300 48 25Radial Packer Tires for Air Seeder MachinesThis radial tire was designed by the engineers that designed the air seeding machines. Made togo over the road at 50 mph carrying 1500 lbs. without compromising infield Wgt. Depth Inflated SLR Carrying Air Press. SpeedSize PR (in) (lbs) (in/32) OD/SW (in) Capacity (lbs) (psi) (mph)26/650R15 TL 4 5 23 9 20 10TIRES 220 Galaxy Tire sTire S ize Part N umber Cross ReferenceCaseTire Size Tire Description Options Part STEER27 (6PR) Beefy Baby II ZTT271527/.850x15 (6PR) Beefy Baby II Liner (8PR) Beefy Baby II (8PR) Beefy Baby II Liner (8PR) Beefy Baby II Polysoft (10PR) Beefy Baby II (10PR) Beefy Baby II Liner (10PR) Beefy Baby II Polysoft (14PR) Beefy Baby II (14PR) Beefy Baby II Liner (14PR) Beefy Baby (14PR) Beefy Baby Liner (10PR) Hippo (FatfootII) (10PR) Hippo (FatfootII) Liner (10PR) Hippo (FatfootII) Assembly 238580A133 (12PR) Hippo (Fatfoot II) 244567A133 (12PR) Hippo (Fatfoot II) Liner ZTT336FATL33 (12PR) Hippo (Fatfoot II) Assembly 238583A133 (10PR) Might Slim Jim ZTT3310M33 (10PR) Might Slim Jim Liner ZTT3310MTL33 (10PR) Might Slim Jim Polysoft (8PR) King Kong (non-steel) (8PR) King Kong (non-steel) Liner (8PR) King Kong (non-steel) Polysoft (10PR) King Kong (non-steel) (10PR) King Kong (non-steel) Liner (10PR) King Kong (non-steel) Polysoft (10PR) Hulk (10PR) Hulk Liner (10PR) Hulk Polysoft (12PR) Hulk (12PR) Hulk Liner (12PR) Hulk Polysoft ZTT1216HSF33 (14PR) Bulky Hulk ZTT336BH33 (14PR) Bulky Hulk Liner ZTT336BHTL33 (14PR) Bulky Hulk Polysoft (10PR) Boggie Wheel (10PR) Boggie Wheel Liner (10PR) Boggie Wheel Polysoft ZTT60BOGSFSUPERSOFT R-3 (6PR) Super Soft R-3 (10PR) Super Soft R-3 (10PR) Super Soft R-3 (14PR) Super Soft R-3 ZTT225161DIAMOND TREAD R-3 (10PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (12PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (8PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (6PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (6PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (12PR) Diamond Tread R-3 (12PR) Diamond Tread R-3 ZTT232612RREAR (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (4PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 ZTT124366CaseTire Size Tire Description Options Part (4PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (10PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (6PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (10PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (12PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (8PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 (12PR) Rear Super Tractor R-1 ZTT243212FRONT FARM550x16 (6PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT550166F600x16 (6PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT600166F750x16 (6PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT750166F750x16 (8PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT750168F1000x16 (8PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT10001681100x16 (8PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT11001681100x16 (12PR) Front Tractor F-2 (12PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT146161750x18 (8PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT75018750x20 (6PR) Front Tractor F-2 ZTT5020RIB IMPLEMENT I-1670x15 (6PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT670156760x15 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT9515811Lx14 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT1114811Lx15 (12PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT11151211Lx15 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 (10PR) Rib Implement I-1 (14PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT1251514600x16 (6PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT600166R750x16 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 (8PR) Rib Implement I-1 (12PR) Rib Implement I-1 (14PR) Rib Implement I-1 (12PR) Rib Implement I-1 (14PR) Rib Implement I-1 (18PR) Rib Implement I-1 ZTT215618Note: Poly Soft option includes tire, wheel, trim assembly. 221 TIRESGalaxy Tire sGalaxy Tire and W heel, Limited WarrantyEvery agricultural, off-the-road and material handling tire manufac-tured by Galaxy Tire and bearing the Galaxy or Constellation nam eis warranted against defects in workm anship and materials for theoriginal usable tread depth (original tread depth less 2/32), limitedto 60 m onths from date of manufacture on agricultural tires (36months on off-the-road and material handling tires).If an exam ination by Galaxy Tire show s that any such tire becam e un-serviceable as a result of a w orkm anship or material-related condi-tion, it will, at the option of Galaxy Tire, either be repaired at no chargeor replaced charging the custom er for tread wear, pro-rated by mul-tiplying the original purchase price of the tire by the percentage ofusable tread depth* that has been w orn from the tire. Costs ofmounting, filling and any other service charges or applicable taxes arepayable by the custom Galaxy branded tire will be replaced at no charge (excludingmounting and service charges) if a defect in workmanship ormaterials is found within the first 25% of tread warranty information, the selling dealer should call directly to:Galaxy Tire &Wheel, er ServiceMalden, MAToll Free 1-888-537-8473What is not covered. Tires purchased as seconds, mark downs or used; Tires exhibiting field or road hazards including cuts, punctures,impact breaks and stubble dam age; Failures due to improper mounting procedures; Failures due to overloading or use at speeds in excess of themaximum recom m ended speed; Tires that have been run under inflated or over inflated; Tires mounted on rims which are not recom m ended by the Tire&Rim Association; Uneven or rapid wear due to mechanical irregularity of thevehicle; Damage resulting from fire, accidents, chem ical corrosion orvandalism ; Weather cracking or ozone dam age on tires more than fouryears old; Tires that have been used in applications other than theapplication for which the tire was designed; Incidental or consequential dam ages.*Usable tread depth divided by original tread depth equals percentageof Tire shall not be liable for any other war-ranty or representation of any kind, expressed orimplied, without Galaxy s prior written P oly Soft-Super Fill Limite d Warran tyNo Flat Warranty Galaxy guarantees that tires filled with Poly Soft-Super Fill will not go flat due to cuts or punctures. In the event thata tire filled with Galaxy Poly Soft-S up er Fill fails as a result of cutsand/or punctures, Galaxy will issue a credit equal to the cost of thetire AN D the cost of the fill, pro-rated for the rem aining originalusable tread depth of the tire. This w arranty is subject to the fol-low ing terms and conditions:Tires must be properly filled using suitable equipment tire manufacturer s rated load and speeds must not tire must be pressurized to the correct final pressure specified by the Tire &Rim Association or in the GalaxyEngineering Data tire must be free of manufacturing defects. Tires thatas a result of a defect in workmanship or materials are nocovered unless such tires are Galaxy tires as outlined beloCuts that would be non-repairable in a pneumatic tire notcovered under this to Bum per W arranty G alaxy tires (as outlined below )filled with Galaxy Poly Soft-S up er Fill are warranted against failurescaused by defects in w orkm anship or materials. Tires that areabused, misapplied or cut beyond repair are excluded. In the eventthat a G alaxy tire (as outlined below ), filled w ith G alaxy Poly Soft-Super Fill is adjustable under this provision of the Warranty, Galaxywill issue a credit equal to the value of the tire AN D the fill. Theam ount of the credit will be pro-rated based on the rem aining orig-inal usable tread depth on the tire. The tires covered under this B um p er to Bumper Warranty are: Galaxy skid steer tires including the Beefy Baby, King Kong,Hippo, Hulk and Bulky Hulk Galaxy super trencher tiresRetread Warranty Galaxy warrants that tires filled with Poly Soft-Super Fill can be retreaded two times without any deterioration inthe performance characteristics of the Poly Soft-S up er Fill. If thePoly Soft-S up er Fill fails as a result of the retreading process,Galaxy w ill reimburse the dealer for the cost of the fill as outlinedbelow. In order to qualify under this provision of the w arranty, thefollow ing conditions must be met: The tire must be retreaded using a pre-cure process where themaximum cure tem perature does not exceed 250 fahrenheit The tire must not be excessively worn or dam aged in any otherway that would prevent the tire from being retreadedFirst Retread 100% of the value of the FillSecond Retread 67% of the value of the FillTIRES 222 Galaxy Tire sGalaxy Tire and W heel, Limited s Covered Under this Policy Galaxy Beefy Baby, King Kong and Hulk skid steer tires ( through ) Galaxy H ippo and Bulky H ulk skid steer tires (sizes31 and 33 ) Galaxy Super Hi Lift Giraffe L-2 and L-3 telescopic handlertires (sizes 1300x24 and 1400x24) and ConditionsA. Eligibility Tires must have been originally sold as first class tires coveredunder Galaxy s Limited Warranty against defects in workm an-ship and materials Tires must have been manufactured after June 30, 1998 Tires deem ed non-retreadable due to dam age or improperrepair are not eligible for this warranty Tires m ay not have been run overloaded, under inflated orused in an application for which they were not designed Tires must not be more than four years old Tires must have at least 4/32nds of tread depth rem aining asmeasured at the centerline of the tireB. Term s of Warra n tyGalaxy warrants that tires covered under this policy will be ableto be retreaded a minimum of two times. In the event a tire cov-ered under this policy will not accept the first or second retreaddue to an adjustable condition, it is eligible for the applicablecasing value show n below. All casing credits w ill be giventow ards the purchase of com parable new Galaxy brand Casing Values1 Retread 2nd RetreadTire Size and Type Casing Value Casing Beefy Baby R-4 $ $ Beefy Baby R-4 $ $ Beefy Baby R-4 $ $ Beefy Baby R-4 $ $ King Kong L-4 $ $ King Kong L-4 $ $ Hippo R-4 $ $ Hippo R-4 $ $ Hulk L-5 $ $ Hulk L-5 $ $ Bulky Hulk L-5 $ $ Retreading System sThis Limited W arranty is only applicable if tires are retreadedusing the follow ing retreading system s: Bandag, Hawkinson,Hercules, Oliver or and ExclusionsAll obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, vehi-cle use or any other incidental or consequential dam ages arehereby excluded. In order to collect under this policy, the cus-tom er must sign a written statem ent certifying that the tire metthe above terms and conditions of this w arranty and that thetire could not be retreaded due to an adjustable reserves the right to request that the tire be made avail-able for inspection by a G alaxy representative prior to issuingany credit under this policy. 223 TIRESAirB oss Tire sNow Available from CaseThe new AirBoss ALTRAKKA III flotation tire boasts 30% more wearable tread rubberand 12% stronger colum ns for additional strength and durability than the successfulALTRAKKA II. The Transition Bridge tread sm oothes the ride at low biting edges provide excellent traction while hollow rubber segm entscushion the ride for man and machine. Designed for today s larger and morepowerful vehicles, ALTRAKKA III segm ents install onto existing AirBoss with all AirBoss tires, convenient bolt-o n segm ents make service easy whiletough steel wheels resist denting. Again, AirBoss is R einventing The Wheel. The new AirBoss Sem iSolid boasts 45% m ore w earable tread rubber than the suc-cessful General Purpose/Industrial. The massive tread design provides even m orewear and resistance to dam age in severe applications. Suitable for mixed on/off con-crete usage, the Sem iSolid is ideal for all smooth floor applications. Sem iSolid seg-ments can be installed on existing AirBoss wheels. As with all AirBoss tires, conven-ient bolt-o n seg m ents m ake service easy w hile tough steel wheels resist , AirBoss is R einventing The Wheel. 30% More WearableTread Rubber12% StrongerColumns Cushioning Hollow Rubber Segments Transition Bridge Tread for a Smoother Ride45% More Wearable Rubber Tread DepthSizes 224 AirB oss Tire sPerform ance BenefitsAbsolutely Flat-ProofAirBoss tires cannot go flat resulting incom plete elimination of downtime causedby none. If a segm ent is severely dam -aged, it can be replaced at the operator sconvenience. Not when a flat pneum atic in a wide variety of sites and situa-tions giving flotation, traction and shockabsorption with no flat tire downtimeCost ReductionNo flats, no flat tire downtime and none ofthe associated expenses. Easier on themachine for less wear and tear than otheralternatives to flat pneum atic to 30% improvement over pneum aticsor solids depending upon the AirBosstread productivity due to better trac-tion, better stability and the elimination offlat tire WeightCompared to foam -filled or solid tires upto 497 pounds less weight per tire. Easieron the drive train and fuel consum greater than air-filled tires due tothe low er section height and the fact thatthe tip line of a AirBoss tire is closer to theoutside edge of the steel wheel thanpneum atic tires which tip around the cen-ter ApprovedBy Case Engineering. Machine w arrantyunaffected. Other alternatives to flat pneu-matic tires may not be anship and m aterials. Defectivesegm ents replaced no-charge in first 10%tread w ear. Pro-rated thereafter. WearSuperior to typical pneum atic or foam -filled tires. Compare the tread depth andthe am ount of rubber in an AirBoss treadagainst the com all flat-proof tires, AirBoss most closelyresem bles pneum atic tire ride. Easy onman and machine w ith an importantimprovement no repetitive bounce aswith air-filled AirBoss tire is best for thejob?The m ost important thing you can doto m aximize AirBoss tire performanceand custom er satisfaction is to selectthe proper AirBoss tire for the applica-tion and Sem iSolidsizes, where applicable, should beconsidered first for all applications. Themore robust and thicker tread depthwill provide better wear in smooth floorand m ore severe service is equal to pneum atic and ALTRAKKA IIIsizes should be used if additional flota-tion and traction are should the wheel lug nutsbe re-torqued?Wheel lug nuts should be torqued toCase specification for solid discwheels. Shortly after initial use, the lugnut torque should be checked and re-torqued, if replacement made easyThe rim should be cleaned after therem oval of any worn out segm ents. Forease w hen replacing m ultiple seg-ments, the last three segm ents shouldbe fitted onto the rim together, thentightened to the proper torque. Refer tothe Segm ent Replacem ent sectionfor additional details including torquerequirem I rotate the tires?In som e application unequal wear maybe experienced between the front andback tires. Rotating skid steer loadertires from front to back will equalize thewear and extend the life of the about rim denting?Current AirBoss w heels are designedto w ithstand the rigors of off-roadusage, AirBoss rims are manufacturedfrom 60,000 psi high-strength, low -alloy steel,. Compare this to conven-tional rims which are m anufacturedfrom 30,000 psi, C1010 , which w ould put a conven-tional tire out of service, will be taken instride by an AirBoss tire. If extrem eabuse does dent an AirBoss w heel,your machine can be used until repairscan be conveniently is a segment worn out?The w orn out appearance of AirBosstires is different than conventional legally worn out at 2mm treaddepth, many continue to use the tire untilthe top of the segm ent is worn this point, the segm ent should bereplaced even though it may appear thatthere is usable rubber in other the tire beyond this point cancause the top of the segm ent to becom epartially or com pletely rem oved w hichmay result in unnecessary dam age tothe adjacent exposed segm TipsYou can do more with your AirB oss tire s. Here are som e service tipswhich will maximize th e perform ance and simplify th e servicing ofAirB oss segm ented tire s:The AirB oss tire is re vo lutionary in design, delivering per-fo rm a nce advantages with minimal service require d . 225 TIRESAirB oss Tire sService replacing a single segment, should it matchexisting segments?The simple answ er is no. New segm ents will wear to the heightof adjacent segm ents. However, in som e applications, excessivedifferences in tread depths can result in a poor ride. If no spareused segm ents are on hand, contact AirBoss Custom er Servicefor damage or tearingRemember, dam age that would have destroyed an entire com -petitive tire m ay only result in the replacem ent of one AirBosssegm tires can w ithstand cuts, tears and abrasions w hichcould ruin com petitive tires. Such wear is normal in som e appli-cations with segm ent replacem ent required only when the mostsevere dam age has segm ents form an interdependent support system .Severely dam aged segm ents should be replaced to maintain thissystem .Segm ent InstallationEnsure that the w asher contact area of the inner rim and the outside cir-cum ference of the rim(segm ent contact area) are thoroughly clean. Attachsegm ents using washers and lock up rim to prevent rolling. Loosely install all but three segm ents. Pushthe segm ents to maximize the space rem aining for the final three segm the final 2 or 3 segm ents as one unit, carefully working the segm entsinto place. Once the studs are aligned with the holes, you may need to tapthe segm ents into place. Once the studs are aligned with the holes, you mayneed to tap the segm ents to catch the nuts. Tighten row #1 around tire, then#2, and so m ended torque for segm ent attaching nuts:All sizes except ft. lbs. 25-27 ft. in. lbs. 300-325 in. Install all segments before tightening nuts. Note that it is best to install the last 2 or 3 segments as a Tighten all 4 nuts of one segment3. Tighten nuts counter-clockwise around the Steer Loader Fitm e n t C h a rtLeft RightModel Application Size Mounting Description Assembly Assembly SegmentCASE1818, 1825, 1825B Dirt Inset ALTRAKKA 141304A1B 141304A1A 141306A11835C, 1838, 1840 Dirt & Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKAI III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A11845C Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID 346277A1A 346277A1B 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A175XT Dirt & Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 332780A1B 332780A1A 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 190059A1B 190059A1A 346263A185XT, 90XT, 95XT Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 332787A1B 332787A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 346269A1BOBCAT542B, 543, 543B, 553 Dirt Inset ALTRAKKA 141304A1B 141304A1A 141306A1231TIRES 226 AirB oss Tire sSkid Steer Loader Fitm e n t C h a rtLeft RightModel Application Size Mounting Description Assembly Assembly SegmentBOBCAT700 Series Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A1800 Series Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 346269A1900 Series Dirt Outset ALTRAKKA ZASA14000A ZASA14000B ZSLA141CATERPILLAR216, 226, 228 Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID ZAXA752008 ZAXA75200A 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100B ZARA10100A 346263A1236, 246, 248 Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID 346277A1A 346277A1B 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A1DAEWOO601 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A11760XL, 801 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1B 346269A1DEERE230, 240 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75602A ZAXA75602B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10103A ZARA10103B 346263A1250, 260, 270 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA82103A ZAXA82103B 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA12305A ZARA12305B 346269A1570, 575 Dirt Inset ALTRAKKA 141304A1B 141304A1A 141306A14475, 5575 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75100A ZAXA75100B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A1675 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 356263A16675, 7775 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75600A ZAXA75600B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A18875 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 346269A1GEHL2000 Series, 3000 Series Dirt Inset ALTRAKKA 141304A1B 141304A1A 141306A14635, 4835 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75203A ZAXA75203B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10103A ZARA10103B 346263A14000 Series Models except Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A4635, 4835 Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A15000 Series, 6000 Series Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA82000A ZAXA82000B 346266ASmooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA12200A ZARA12200B 346269A1HYDRA-MAC1300 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A11450 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A11600, 1700D, 1850, 2250 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A1HYUNDAI600 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A1 227 TIRESAirB oss Tire sSkid Steer Loader Fitm e n t C h a rtLeft RightModel Application Size Mounting Description Assembly Assembly SegmentMAHTOL1300 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A1MUSTANG440 Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID 346587A1B 346587A1A 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1B 346282A1A 346263A1920, 930A, 940, 2040 Dirt & Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A12050 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A12060, 2070 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A1960 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 346269A1NEW HOLLANDL454, L455 Dirt Inset ALTRAKKA 141304A1B 141304A1A 141306A1LS140, LS150, L465, Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75100A ZAXA75100B 346260A1LX465, LX485 Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A1L553, L555 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A1LS160, LS170, L565, Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75600A ZAXA75600B 346260A1LX565, LX665 Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100A ZARA10100B 346263A1LS180, 700 Series, 800 Series, Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266900 Series - except 985 Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 346269A1RAMROD581, 584 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100B ZARA10100A 346263A1784 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1B 346274A1A 356269A1THOMAS133, 135, 155 Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A1173 Series, 183HD, 202, 203HD, Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346277A1B 346277A1A 346266A233, 233HDS, 243HDS, 245HDS Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A1TOYOTASDK6 Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID ZAXA76100B ZAXA76100A 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III ZARA11100B ZARA11100A 346263A1SDK7, SDK8, SDK10 Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID ZAXA83100B ZAXA83100A 346266A1Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III ZARA12304B ZARA12404A 346369A1TRAK1300C, 1300CX, 1300HD-C, Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID ZAXA75200A ZAXA75200B 346260A11500C, 1500CX Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III ZARA10100B ZARA10100A 346263A11300HD Dirt &Concrete Inset SEMISOLID 346587A1A 346587A1B 346260A1Smooth FloorDirt Inset ALTRAKKA III 346282A1A 346282A1B 346263A11700 Series, 1800 Series, Dirt &Concrete Outset SEMISOLID 346277A1A 346277A1B 346266A2000 Series, 2300 Series Smooth FloorDirt Outset ALTRAKKA III 346274A1A 346274A1B 346269A1NOTESProm otional Item sCaseIHmodels cover the full range of CaseIHequipm ent both the past and present. 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