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LARGE POWER USERS 5998 Lake Forrest Drive • Atlanta, GA 30328 • Office 404.574.4890 • www.WhiteheadEnergySolutions.com S & C Electric Company Smart grid solutions for data centers, renewable energy interconnection, microgrids, campus, healthcare, military,






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LARGEPOWERUSERS5998 Lake Forrest Drive Atlanta, GA 30328 Office & C Electric CompanySmartgrid solutions for data centers, renewable energy interconnection, microgrids, campus, healthcare, military, commercial, and industrial applications Medium voltage switchgear Metal enclosed Pad mounted SF6 gas-insulated Arc-resistant Medium voltage UPS systems Overhead distribution switches Substation circuit switchers Energy storage systems Smart grid communication and controlHitzingerDynamic diesel uninterruptable power supplyHoward IndustriesDistributiontransformers, small power transformers, and medium power substation transformersMaclean Power Systems (AL, GA, MS, FL)Automatic splices, aluminum equipment mounts,brackets and platforms, bolted connectors, cutouts, silicone insulators, surge arresters, guy and foundation anchors, pole line hardware, aluminum and ductile iron clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications and grounding equipmentPascor(GA)Air disconnect switchesPennsylvania TransformerSmall, medium, large power transformersTrench GroupHigh voltageproducts including instrument transformers, reactors, bushings, and coil productsSabre Tubular Structures (AL, GA, MS, FL, KY, TN)Steel structures for transmission, distribution, and substation; solar ground postsDialightHigh-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation and public infrastructure applicationsMiaSol Lightweight, flexible, and powerfulsolar cells using thin film technologyMaxLiteFull LED, CFL, and fluorescent offering: LED(area lights, high bays, retrofit kits, floods, wallpack, vaportites, wraps); CFL(lamps, fixtures, floods, high bay, decorative fixtures)MobernLightingFull range of LED and fluorescent high bays, troffers, strips, and retrofit kitsSales:Peter Schempp, Direct: , Fax: , Email:

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