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INVITED PROGRAM SESSION DETAILS as of 9 March 2018 Connecting Globally to Advance Eye Health 16-19 June, Barcelona Join us in Barcelona, Spain, at the Fira Gran Via conference center for the 36th World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) of the International Council of Ophthalmology, with over 15,000 delegates expected to attend from over 130 countries. The WOC is held every two years in a different region of the world and provides an international audience of ophthalmologists with: A scientific program of over 350 sessions addressing all subspecialties and related interests in ophthalmology: 119 sessions covering 25 subject areas organized by the invited program coordinators 78 sessions organized by 45 subspecialty, 39 national, 5 regional and 4 supranational societies 28 sessions for Subspecialty Day covering 7 subspecialties (cataract, cornea, glaucoma, orbital and oculuplastic surgery, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, refractive surgery and retina) 108 sessions are reserved for the submitted program from abstract submissions (48 free paper sessions, 60 submitted instruction courses) plus e-poster, e-video and poster pod presentations The opportunity to network with recognized international leaders and professionals An exhibition featuring the latest products and services in the field. Revenues from the WOC help support ICO programs including ophthalmic education, eye care delivery, leadership and society development and the ICO s commitment to Building a World Alliance for Sight. The WOC, first held in 1857, is the longest continuous international medical meeting. Visit for the latest Congress details. SCHEDULE-AT-A-GLANCE as of 14 March 2018 Monday & Tuesday, 18 & 19 June Time: 07:00 08:15 Location: Hall 6, Fira Gran Via Join the experts for breakfast! These experienced doctors from around the world will lead discussions on the latest ophthalmological trends in a casual and sociable environment. The intent is to encourage participants to question assumptions and fully engage in the learning experience. COST: The fee to attend is 37 per day (plus 21% VAT) to cover the cost of the breakfast buffet. Attendance will be limited to 10 people per table, including the experts. To attend, select the table on the day(s) you wish to participate during the registration process (assignments are processed on a first-come, first-served basis). REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you have already registered and wish to attend, please log back into your account to update your registration account (breakfast club details are located on the page after the registration fees) or send an email If you have not registered, simply add the event when going through the registration process by starting here. If you later cancel your ticket, a full refund will be available until 30 days prior to WOC2018. MONDAY, 18 JUNE Cataract & Lens Surgery Table #1: Anterior Vitrectomy for the Cataract Surgeon Presenters: Priya Narang (India) and Abhay Vasavada (India) Table #2: Pearls & Pitfalls for Toric IOLs Presenters: Rudy Nuijts (Netherlands) and Claudio Orlich (Costa Rica) Cornea Table #3: Dry Eye Presenters: Bennie Jeng (United States) and Kazuo Tsubota (Japan) Table #4: Peripheral Corneal Diseases Presenters: Sophie Deng (United States) and Alvin Young (Hong Kong) Glaucoma Table #5: Glaucoma Surgery Innovations and Advice from the Experts Presenters: Paul Healey (Australia) and TBD Table #6: Tubes and Trabeculectomies Getting the Best Results Presenters: Thasarat Vajaranant (United States) and Tanuj Dada (India) Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery Table #7: Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery: Techniques and Tips Presenters: Cat Burkat (United States) and Andrew Harrison (United States) Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery (continued) Table #8: Thyroid Eye Disease Presenters: Diego Strianese (Italy) and Kelvin Chong (Hong Kong) Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Table #9: Adjustable Sutures Indications and Techniques Presenters: Seyhan Ozkan (Turkey) and Jonathan Holmes (United States) Table #10: Myopia What Do We Tell the Parents Presenters: Donald Tan (Singapore), Kathryn Rose (Australia) and Seang Mei Saw (Singapore) Refractive Surgery Table #11: Ocular Surface: What You Should Not Miss Presenters: Beatrice Cochener (France) and Vishal Jhanji (Hong Kong) Table #12: Can We Trust Phakic IOLs? Presenters: Jorge Alio (Spain) and Baha Toygar (Turkey) Retina Table #13: Diabetic Macular Edema Presenters: Bianca Gerendas (Austria) and TBD Table #14: Posterior Drug Delivery System Presenters: Jennifer Kang-Mieler (United States) and Robert Bhistikul (United States) TUESDAY, 19 JUNE Cataract & Lens Surgery Table #15: Challenging IOL Power Selection Presenters: Jaime Aramberri (Spain) and TBD Table #16: Complicated Cataract Cases Presenters: Joaquim Murta (Portugal) and Waleed Tantawy (United Kingdom) Cornea Table #17: Difficult Keratoplasty Presenters: Luigi Fontana (Italy) and Samar Basak (India) Table #18: Lid Hygiene Techniques for Treatment Recalcitrant MGD Presenters: Penny Asbell (United States) and Henry Perry (United States) Glaucoma Table #19: Combined Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery: Trend Changes with MIGS Presenters: Keith Barton (United Kingdom) Shamira Perrera (Singapore) Table #20: MRIs and OCTs in the Glaucoma Clinic - When are They Really Needed? Presenters: Helen Danesh-Meyer (New Zealand), Leonard Levin (United States), and Anton Hommer Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery Table #21: Endonasal DCR, Endoscopic and Non-endoscopic Approach Presenters: Yasser Khan (Canada) and Hunter Yuen (Hong Kong) Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery (continued) Table #22: Translational Research and Training in Oculoplastics Presenters: Reza Vagefi (United Kingdom) and Bita Esmaeli (United States) Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Table #23: Amblyopia What's New in Management Presenters: John Sloper (United Kingdom) and David Wallace (United States) Table #24: Pediatric Cataract Current Concepts in Management Presenters: Scott Lambert (United States) and Chris Lloyd (United Kingdom) Refractive Surgery Table #25: Cross Linking: When, How and to Whom? Presenters: Vishal Jhanji (Hong Kong) and Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland) Table #26: SMILE vs LASIK Presenters: Jod Mehta (Sinagpore) and Gustavo Tamayo (Columbia) Retina Table #27: Complications of Vitrectomy Presenters: Michael Georgopoulos (Austria) and Peter Gehlbach (United States) Table #28: Posterior Segment Trauma Presenters: Jos Dalma-Weiszhausz (Mexico) hands-on courses Saturday through Tuesday, 16 19 June 2018 Fira Gran Via The 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC2018) is now offering surgical skills training courses where you can develop your techniques in a wet or dry lab environment as well as gain experience with the latest ophthalmologic technology, including a chance to perform virtual simulated surgery. Each course has a limited number of participants, so please register early. REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you have already registered for the WOC and wish to attend a course(s), please log back into your account to update your registration. If you have not registered, simply add the course(s) when going through the registration process by starting here. Please note that you can sign up for only one workshop on the same topic ( you cannot sign up for the Glaucoma course twice but you can sign up for Glaucoma and Vitrectomy). In the event you need to cancel your ticket, a full refund will be available until 30 days prior to WOC2018. Making the Most of MSICS: A Course to Develop your Tunnel Skills Location: Conference Center 7, Room Lead Organizer: Van Lansingh, MD, PhD (Mexico) Sponsor: Objectives: Using the HMS MSICS simulator, participants will be able to: 1. evaluate their scleral tunnel dissection skills 2. improve personal precision of specific technical aspects of tunnel dissection 3. evaluate the mechanical advantages of specific techniques to improve personal efficiency Facilitators: Glenn Strauss, MD; Ranjit Maniar, MD; Ashish Vijay, MD; Matthew Walden, RN; Van Lansingh, MD, PhD Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #1: Saturday, 16 June: 08:30 12:30 #2: Saturday, 16 June: 13:30 17:30 Fee: 150 per course Attendance: limited to 16 people each next page Keratoplasty (Endothelial) Location: Hall 6, Course Room 1 Lead Organizer: Vishal Jhanji, MD (USA) Sponsor: Objectives: Participants will be able to: DMEK 1. learn the history and evolution of DMEK surgery 2. perform DMEK insertion techniques 3. engage with expert DMEK surgeons to learn the latest surgical techniques DSAEK 1. learn the history and evolution of DSAEK surgery 2. perform DSAEK insertion techniques 3. engage with expert DSAEK surgeons to learn the latest surgical techniques Instructors: To be determined Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #3: Saturday, 16 June: 08:30 12:00 DMEK #4: Saturday, 16 June: 14:00 17:30 DMEK #5: Monday, 18 June: 08:30 12:00 DSAEK #6: Monday, 18 June: 14:00 17:30 DSAEK Fee: 150 per course Attendance: limited to 15 people each Glaucoma Location: Hall 6, Course Room 2 Lead Organizer: Tarek Shaarawy, MD (Switzerland) Sponsor: Still to be finalized Objectives: Participants will be able to: 1. learn new surgical techniques 2. learn innovations in glaucoma surgery 3. prevent and manage surgical complications Instructors: To be determined Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #7: Saturday, 16 June: 08:30 12:00 #8: Saturday, 16 June: 14:00 17:30 #9: Sunday, 17 June: 08:30 12:00 #10: Sunday, 17 June: 14:00 17:30 #11: Monday, 18 June: 08:30 12:00 #12: Monday, 18 June: 14:00 17:30 #13: Tuesday, 19 June: 08:30 12:00 #14: Tuesday, 19 June: 14:00 17:30 Fee: 150 per course Attendance: limited to 15 people each next page Keratoplasty (Trephination and Suturing) Wetlab Location: Hall 6, Course Room 1 Lead Organizer: Berthold Seitz, MD (Germany) Sponsor: Still to be finalized Objectives: Participant will be able to: 1. to understand the indications for special types of corneal transplantation 2. plan adequate graft (over-)size 3. prevent so-called vitreous pressure 4. perform proper donor and host trephination (including the advantages and downsides of excimer laser and femtosecond laser application) 5. accomplish adequate double running cross-stitch sutures and if necessary - interrupted sutures in varying clinical predispositions. Each participant will complete at least one full corneal transplantation in a pig eye. Instructors: Berthold Seitz, MD; Shady Suffo, MD; Loay Daas, MD; Philip Maier, MD, Mario Matthaei, MD Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #15: Sunday, 17 June: 08:30 12:00 #16: Sunday, 17 June: 14:00 17:30 Fee: 150 per course Attendance: limited to 20 people each Vitrectomy Wetlab Basic Course Location: Hall 6, Course Room 3 Lead Organizer: Peter Gabel, MD, FARVO (Germany) Sponsor: Still to be finalized Objectives: Participants will be able to: 1. learn the following under realistic wetlab conditions: a) correct preparation of 20 gauge and 23-25 gauge needles, b) removal of vitreous hem, c) optimization of peripheral vitreous shaving, d) removal of FB magnetic and non-magnetic foreign bodies, e) use of ppV in endophthalmitis, f) application of endolaser, g) use different silicone and other fluids, h) removal of dropped lens particles and i) combine anterior and posterior segment surgery 2. receive intensive discussion related to: a) 20-23-25 gauge instrumentation, b) how to avoid or cope with problems with IVM, and c) learn the use of ppv versus episkleral implants Instructors: Helmut Sachs, MD; Ameli Gabel-Pfisterer MD; A. Mueller, MD; V. Peter Gabel, MD Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #17: Sunday, 17 June: 08:30 17:30 and Monday, 18 June: 08:30 12:00 #18: Monday, 18 June: 14:30 17:30 and Tuesday, 19 June 08:30 17:30 Fee: 320 per course Attendance: limited to 20 people each next page Cataract and Vitreoretinal Virtual Simulated Surgery Location: Conference Center 7, Room Lead Organizer: Jesus Barrio Barrio, MD, PhD (Spain) Sponsor: Objectives: Attending this customized one-to-one course on cataract (3 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced) or retina (3 levels) with the use of the Eyesi Simulator will allow participants to: 1. understand the basic principles of virtual simulated eye surgery 2. practice specific steps of either cataract or vitreoretinal surgery, to improve the surgical skills they want to master. For the Beginner Cataract course several tasks will be available: capsulorhexis, hydrodisection, hydrodelineation, phacofragmentation, phacoemulsification, removing the cortex, inserting the IOL and removing viscoelastic. Participants in the Intermediate and Advanced Cataract courses will be able to train complex cataract surgery cases under demanding conditions, such as increasing capsule tensions, weak zonules, white cataracts, capsular plaques, chop technique, anterior vitrectomy and floppy iris syndrome among others. For the Beginner Vitreoretinal course, navigation in the posterior segment, bimanual dexterity, how to use the scissors and the vitrector will be trained. Participants in the Intermediate and Advanced Vitreoretinal courses will be able to train endophotocoagulation, retinal detachments, epiretinal and internal limiting membranes peeling and silicon oil injection among others. 3. objectively evaluate their surgical skills improvement based on the simulator s scoring report Customized one-to-one courses will be designed in advance for each participant. A registration form indicating the specific surgical steps to be trained, and the selected difficulty level will have to be filled out beforehand. Each participant will be allocated to one of the four Eyesi simulators that will be available during the course. A handout with a summary of the main ideas and pearls of virtual surgical simulation and a detailed training report will be provided to each attendee. Instructors: Jes s Barrio-Barrio, MD, PhD; Manuel Saenz de Viteri Vazquez, MD, PhD; Ana Montoliu Ant n, MD, FEBOphth, MD; Maria Concepcion Guirao Navarro, MD; Pavel Stodulka, MD, PhD Course Numbers, Dates and Times: #19: Sunday, 17 June: 08:30 10:00 Cataract #20: Sunday, 17 June: 10:15 11:45 Retina #21: Sunday, 17 June: 12:00 13:30 Cataract #22: Sunday, 17 June: 14:15 15:45 Retina #23: Sunday, 17 June: 16:00 17:30 Cataract #24: Monday, 18 June: 08:30 10:00 Retina #25: Monday, 18 June: 10:15 11:45 Cataract #26: Monday, 18 June: 12:00 13:30 Retina #27: Monday, 18 June: 14:15 15:45 Cataract #28: Monday, 18 June: 16:00 17:30 Retina Fee: 100 per course Attendance: limited to 4 people each (and limited to one Cataract or Retina course) SUBSPECIALTY DAY SESSIONS SATURDAY, 16 JUNE 2018 Schedule is subject to change 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 CATARACT Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery - Pros, Cons, and Evidence Controversies in Cataract Surgery DEBATE New Technologies for Cataract Surgery Refractive Cataract/IOL Surgery - My Top 5 Pearls CORNEA Optimizing Outcomes of Lamellar Corneal Surgery Corneal Surgery Update Visual Rehabilitation in Eyes with Keratoconus Dry Eye Update GLAUCOMA What's New in Glaucoma Care? Medical Therapy, Intraocular Pressure, and Beyond Imaging Tools for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma Sustainable Glaucoma Care: Challenges and Lessons from Around the World Surgical Challenges in Glaucoma ORBITAL & OCULOPLASTIC SURGERY Socket and Orbital Reconstruction Orbitofacial Procedures: My Way Versus Your Way DEBATE Damage Control in Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery Blepharoplasty: East Meets West PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY & STRABISBUS Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Disorders Non-cataractous Leukocoria Clinical Value of Subjective Signs in Strabismus Pediatric Eye and Adnexa Trauma REFRACTIVE SURGERY Choosing the Right Surgical Option Surgical Management of Astigmatism Refractive Surgery at the Rescue of Cornea Technological Progress in Refractive Surgery RETINA Update in Retinal Imaging New Advances in Vitreoretinal Surgery AMD Therapy: Now and Tomorrow Paradigm Shifts in Diabetic Macular/Retinal Disease: Medical and Surgical UVEITIS Updates in New Therapeutic Management of Non-infectious Uveitis Infection vs Inflammation INVITED PROGRAM DAILY SESSION GRID SATURDAY, 16 JUNE 2018 Schedule is subject to change 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 Choosing the Right Surgical Option Controversies in Cataract Surgery DEBATE AMD Therapy: Now and Tomorrow Blepharoplasty: East Meets West Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Disorders Corneal Surgery Update Bernardo Streiff Medal Award Lecture of the AOI (AOI) Challenges to Cataract Surgery in 2018: How to Deal with the Problems and Which are the Solutions? (AOI) Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery - Pros, Cons, and Evidence Imaging Tools for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma Clinical Value of Subjective Signs in Strabismus Controversies in the Management of Ectatic Disease GWAS and Post-GWAS Studies of Complex Eye Diseases (APSEG) New Advances in Vitreoretinal Surgery Damage Control in Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery Controversies in the Management of Retinoblastoma (OOG) Irregular Ocular Surface, Keratoconus and Contact Lenses Non-cataractous Leukocoria Evidence-based Screening and Monitoring of Retinal Diseases Dry Eye Update Optimizing Outcomes of Lamellar Corneal Surgery Ophthalmic Oncology (OSSA) Human Resources for Eye Health in Developing Countries Infection vs Inflammation Paediatric Eye Pathology Orbitofacial Procedures: My Way Versus Your Way DEBATE Innovative Formats for Teaching in Graduate Medical Education & CPD Paradigm Shifts in Diabetic Macular/Retinal Disease: Medical and Surgical Socket and Orbital Reconstruction Refractive Errors, Myopia and High Myopia Epidemics New Technologies for Cataract Surgery Pediatric Eye and Adnexa Trauma Sustainable and Effective Models of Diabetic Retinopathy Control Programs Surgical Management of Astigmatism Refractive Surgery at the Rescue of Cornea Refractive Cataract/IOL Surgery - My Top 5 Pearls Teaching and Assessing Surgical Competence Updates in New Therapeutic Management of Non-infectious Uveitis Sustainable Glaucoma Care: Challenges and Lessons from Around the World Surgical Challenges in Glaucoma Update in Retinal Imaging Visual Rehabilitation and Prevention of Blindness (CBO) Updates in Global Eye Banking (GAEBA) Technological Progress in Refractive Surgery What's New in Glaucoma Care? Medical Therapy, Intraocular Pressure, and Beyond Visual Rehabilitation in Eyes with Keratoconus What is Needed to Finally Conquer Cataracts as the Leading Cause of Blindness in the World? INVITED PROGRAM DAILY SESSION GRID SUNDAY, 17 JUNE 2018 Schedule is subject to change 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 Advances in Anterior Segment Imaging Anterior Segment Imaging for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist on a Budget Application of Virtual Reality in Ophthalmic Training and Ophthalmic Care 3D Heads Up in Vitreoretinal Surgery: 3D Video Symposium VIDEO Challenges for the Contemporary Medical Educator - ICO CPD and Teaching the Teachers (ICO) Beyond the Lecture: Using Concept Maps to Promote Deep Learning of Medical Knowledge INSTRUCTION COURSE Best Practices in Ophthalmological Society Development (ICO) AAO Preferred Practice Patterns: Esotropia, Exotropia, Amblyopia, and The Pediatric Eye Examination (AAPOS) Contact Lens Safety: Insights from the and Around the World (CLAO) Cirugia de Cataratas Asociada a Patologia Corneal (SEO) SPANISH Challenging Cases in Cataract Surgery VIDEO Actual Controversies with CXL Diabetes and Eye Health (ICO) How to Improve Financing for Eye Care (ICO) Complex Cases of Problem Residents: Discussing Prevention and Remediation CASE STUDY Cataract Surgery Olympics Efficient Use of Eye Care Teams for High Quality Eye Care Service Myopia Control (IMCLC) Complications of Strabismus Surgery Emergencies in Ocular Inflammatory Diseases (SOG) Harmonizing Ophthalmology Training in Europe (EBO) Nystagmus Humanitarian Population Care Emerging Leaders (ICO) I Do It My Way (TROS/TOA) DEBATE Ocular Oncology in Developing Countries: Bridging the Gap Increasing Myopia in the World (AOB & OOG) Global Perspective on Workforce Challenges to Meet Vision 2020 Goals (IJCAHPO) Myths in Retinal Therapy (DOG) Predicting Risk in Glaucoma: Biomarkers, Bad Genes and Beyond Management of Common Orneal and Ocular Surface Problems for the General Ophthalmologist Hitting the Refractive Target with Cataract Surgery Pediatric Proptosis Robert Ritch Forum on Medicine of the Future Neovascular and Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye CLINICAL INTEREST GROUP How to Publish a Manuscript: The Editors Session Recent Advances in Neuro-Ophthalmology SECOIR New Dawn of Ophthalmic Pharmacologic Therapy ICO Quiz SECOIR Teleglaucoma (CGS) Oculoplastic Conditions You Don't Want to Miss New Drugs and Delivery Technologies for Glaucoma Care Stem Cell Therapies in the Clinic (ARVO) Translational Vision Symposium II Optimal Management Strategies for Age Related Macular Degeneration (ASRS) Ocular Surface in Refractive Surgery Surprise and Unexpected Outcomes - A Series of 6 Tales (RSA) Updates in Lacrimal Surgeries (APSOPRS) Phacoemulsification in Difficult Situations (AIOS) Rehabilitation of Facial Paralysis and Facial Nerve Disorders Translational Vision Symposium I WOC Day of Landmark Achievements II (2016-2018) SECOIR SECOIR Update in the Management of Posterior Segment Trauma VIDEO The Latest in Glaucoma Surgery Simulation for Teaching and Learning WOC Day of Landmark Achievements I (2016-2018) Update on Cataract Surgical Pharmacology Strategies in Low Vision Rehabilitation What is New in Surgical Retina in the Americas: A Video Symposium (PAAO) What is the Best Treatment for Ocular Surface Malignancies? (ISOO) WOC Day of Landmark Achievements III (2016-2018) WOC Day of Landmark Achievements IV (2016-2018) INVITED PROGRAM DAILY SESSION GRID MONDAY, 18 JUNE 2018 Schedule is subject to change 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 Controversies in Neuro-Ophthalmology DEBATE Amblyopia Therapy 2018 (APOA) Advanced Techniques in Conventional and Complicated Cataract Surgery Cases (RSO & PTO) American Glaucoma Society Best of the 2018 Annual Meeting (AGS) Francophone Symposium: La Chirurgie du Glaucome de Bout en Bout FRENCH Child Eye Health and Our Children Vision Initiative Artificial Vision Contemporary Aspects of Surgical Treatment of Ocular Trauma (SRO & Ukrainian) Getting Started with Eye Research Conquering the Rock-Hard Cataract Blindness Control Strategies in Developing Countries in Asia Pacific Corneal Crosslinking: Is There Anything Else Besides the Dresden Protocol? (SMO) CASE STUDY Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy - Telemedicine and New Technologies Current Options for the Treatment of Keratoconus and Ectasia: From Crosslinking to Intracorneal Rings to Keratoplasty (BI) Clinical Decision-making with Cataract Complications: Video Cases - You Make the Call VIDEO Defending the Ophthalmologist in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: Global Comparative Overview of Multiple Legal Systems Hot Topics in Oculoplastic Surgeries How to Publish a Manuscript: Tips and Pitfalls Evidence-based Screening, New Imaging Tools and Surgery in Glaucoma Expert Use of Systemic Medical Therapy in Uveitis (IUSG) ICO Fellowships and Exams Symposium I (ICO) Innovations in Vitreoretinal Surgery (PRVS) Explosive Revolution of Ocular Pharmacology Glaucoma Guidelines (ICO) Latest Advancement of Regeneration Medicine in Ophthalmology (JOS) Minimally Invasive Periocular Rejuvenation Functional Eyelid Surgeries INSTRUCTION COURSE Global Networks of Young Clinicians for Promotion of Ophthalmic Research Modern Approaches to IOL Multifocality or to Pseudophakic Correction of Presbyopia New Developments in Exfoliation Syndrome: A Constellation of Disease- Lindberg Society Symposium Improving Patient Safety with Lessons from Around the World (ICO) ICO Residency Program Accreditation (ICO) New Imaging Modalities and Techniques Open Angle Glaucoma in Low and Middle-Income Countries - Challenges and Opportunities (ISGEO) DEBATE Keratoconus Novel Approaches (BSO, CYROS, & HOS) Imaging-based Clinical Biomarkers Ophthalmic Pathology Potpourri Pharmacologic Therapy from the Real World to Artificial Intelligence Ophthalmic History (ICO) Latest Therapies for Genetic Disorders: Symposia (Retinal Dystrophies, Corneal Dystrophies, Optic Nerve Conditions) SECOIR Recent Progress in Excimer Laser Surface Ablation Pediatric Oculoplasty: The Future is Now (ISOPRS) Management of Pediatric Cataract (APSPOS) The Upcoming Technology Revolution in Refractive Surgery (AAO/ISRS) Retinal Imaging of the Future Personalized Medicine for Glaucoma: Luxury or Necessity? Managing Benign Intraocular Tumors: Update for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist Transition to DMEK: Is the Technique Already Standardized? (SCO) SECOIR Practical Approach to the Patient with Diplopia (NANOS) Modern Boundaries of LASIK Treatment of Central Serous Choroidopathy: Current Status and New Perspectives Solving Rubik s Cube: The Multiple Facets of Leadership in Ophthalmology (ICO) SECOIR New Clinical Imaging Techniques and Their Intersection with Histopathology Uveal Melanoma Current Biomarkers and Patient Outcomes (AAOOP) Surgical Controversies in Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment DEBATE Ophthalmologists for Social Change (WIO) Visual Stimulation, Maturation and Neuroplasticity (at all ages) DEBATE T cnicas Quir rgicas en Estrabismo (SEO) SPANISH Pearls and Pitfalls for Selecting and Implanting Refractive IOLs Update on Adult Strabismus (ESA) SECOIR Vascular and Functional Imaging Update on Macular & Vitreoretinal Surgery (Retina Society) Vitreoretinal Interface (EuroLam Retina) Welcome to My Operating Room: A Guided Tour of Surgical Procedures (ASOPRS) INVITED PROGRAM DAILY SESSION GRID TUESDAY, 19 JUNE 2018 Schedule is subject to change 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 14:00 - 15:30 16:00 - 17:30 Application of Molecular Pathology in Ophthalmic Pathology Practice (ISOP) Advances in Imaging and OCTA Contact Lens Disinfection Cataract Patients with Ocular Co-morbidities VIDEO Can We Improve Our Outcomes in Cataract Surgery? CME: The BIG Challenge (SFO) Eye Care Service Delivery in Middle Income Countries (OSWI & PacEYES) Cataract Surgery Quality - How to Monitor and Improve Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine for Ophthalmic Conditions Frontiers in the Management of Cataracts: From Lens Replacement to Accommodating Systems to Nonsurgical Treatment (EVER) Genetic Epidemiology: Advances and Impact at a Population Level Challenging and Complicated Cataract Cases (Czech & Hungarian) Challenging Cases in Neuro-Ophthalmology CASE STUDY Glaucomas in the East and West: The Same or Different? (APGS) Insight in Comprehensive Glaucoma Care (EOS, Association of Ophthalmologists of Latvia and Lithuanian Ophthalmological Society) Current Concepts on Paralytic Strabismus (ISA) Contribution of New Imaging Tools to the Diagnosis and Management of Uveitis (IOIS) How Will We be Diagnosing and Treating Glaucoma in 2030? Intrastromal Lenticular Surgery: SMILE and Others - What Do They Offer and What are the Limits Light, Sound and Imagination in Canadian Ophthalmology (COS) Current Management of Diabetic Macular Edema: A Panel Discussion Indisputable and Debatable Place of Intraocular Phakic Lenses (pIOLs) IOL Complications Ophthalmic Education Based on Evidence: Todays Facts and Future Perspectives of Application (AOI) Explosive SOE Session: Firework Related Eye Injuries (SOE) IOL Fixation with Deficient Capsular Support New Developments in DED: Diagnosis and Treatment (SEO) Restoring Sight in Glaucoma: Hype or Reality? Futuristic Uses of Contact Lenses Less is More: Focused Workplace Placement Based Assessments (WPBA) in Busy Disciplines Progression of Early to Advanced AMD (EURETINA) The Current State of Posterior Drug Delivery System: What Is on the Horizon? Glaucoma: Clinical Features and Progression (WGA) Lessons from 's Trending (COECSA) Pseudoexfoliations - Snowflakes from the North (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian & Swedish Ophthalmological Societies) Therapies for Inherited Retinal Diseases: Update and Perspectives (ISGEDR) Hot Economic Issues in Global Ophthalmology (AOS) New Frontiers and Perspectives in Diabetic Eye (LAAO) What is New in Vitreo-retinal Surgery 2018 VIDEO Improving Results of Ptosis Surgery (MEACO) Retinopathy of Prematurity (IPOSC) Scientific & Population Based Studies & Residency Education (Irish College of Ophthalmologists & SPO) New Understanding and Management Paradigms of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy (APAO) Surgical Treatment of Orbital Tumors (KAO) The Burden of Glaucoma and Top Challenges from Around the World Off Label Therapy Adoption in Ophthalmology: Role, Rights and Responsibility of Eye Doctors (SOI) Things We Still Do That We Probably Shouldn't: Updating Our Clinical Approach to Cornea and External Diseases (Cornea Society) Thyroid Eye Disease - What You Really Need to Know (ESOPRS) Prevention of Blindness and Eye Health from European Perspective Update on OCT Angiography (Macula Society) Situational Analysis for Eyecare: Understanding Capacity and Demand Surgical Challenges in Pediatric Ophthalmology (EPOS) Update of the Retina Stem Cell Technology: from Bench to Clinic Use, Are We There Yet? INVITED PROGRAM PARTICIPATING ICO SOCIETIES INVITED PROGRAM PARTICIPATING ICO SOCIETIES Association of Ophthalmologists of Latvia Slovenian Society of Ophthalmology PARTICIPATING ICO SOCIETIES The following 93 ICO Member Societies will participate in the WOC2018 scientific program: 45 SUBSPECIALTY SOCIETIES Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis (AOI) American Association of Ophthalmic Oncologists and Pathologists (AAOOP) American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) American Glaucoma Society (AGS) American Ophthalmological Society (AOS) American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society (APGS) Asia Pacific Society of Eye Genetics (APSEG) Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (APSOPRS) Asia Pacific Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Society (APSPOS) Asia Pediatric Ophthalmology Association (APOA) Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Barraquer Institute (BI) Canadian Glaucoma Society (CGS) Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc. (CLAO) Cornea Society EuroLam Retina European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO) European Pediatric Ophthalmological Society (EPOS) European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS) European Society of Retina Specialists (EURETINA) European Strabismological Association (ESA) Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations (GAEBA) International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO) International Medical Contact Lens Council (IMCLC) International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS) International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council (IPOSC) International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma (ISGEDR) International Society for Ophthalmic Pathology (ISOP) International Society of Geographic and Epidemiologic Ophthalmology (ISGEO) International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) International Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ISOPRS) International Strabismological Association (ISA) International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG) Macula Society North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (NANOS) Ophthalmic Oncology Group (OOG) Pan-American Retina & Vitreous Society (PRVS) Refractive Surgery Alliance Society (RSA) Retina Society Spanish Society of Implant-Refractive Ocular Surgery (SECOIR) Women In Ophthalmology (WIO) World Glaucoma Association (WGA) PARTICIPATING ICO SOCIETIES continued 4 SUPRANATIONAL SOCIETIES Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) 5 REGIONAL SOCIETIES Black Sea Ophthalmology Society (BSOS) College of Ophthalmologists for Eastern, Central, and South Africa (COECSA) Latin American Academy of Ophthalmology (LAAO) Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies (OSWI) Pacific Care Eye Society (PacEYES) 39 NATIONAL SOCIETIES Academia Ophthalmologica Belgica (AOB) All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Association of Ophthalmologists of Latvia Austrian Ophthalmological Society (OOG) Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology (CBO) Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology (BSO) Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) Catalan Society of Ophthalmology (SCOF) Cyprus Ophthalmological Society (CYOS) Czech Ophthalmological Society Danish Ophthalmological Society (DOS) Estonian Ophthalmological Society (EOS) Finnish Ophthalmological Society French Society of Ophthalmology (SFO) German Ophthalmological Society (DOG) Hellenic Ophthalmological Society Hungarian Ophthalmological Society Icelandic Ophthalmological Society Irish College of Ophthalmologists (ICO) Italian Society of Ophthalmology (SOI) Japanese Ophthalmological Society (JOS) Kosovo Association of Ophthalmologists (KAO) Lithuanian Ophthalmological Society Mexican Society of Ophthalmology (SMO) Norwegian Ophthalmological Society (NOF) Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) Polish Ophthalmological Society (PTO) Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology (SPO) Romanian Society of Ophthalmology (SRO) Russian Society of Ophthalmologists (RSO) Slovak Ophthalmological Society Slovenian Society of Ophthalmology Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO) Swedish Ophthalmological Society Swiss Society of Ophthalmology (SOG) Turkish Ophthalmological Association (TOA) Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society (TROS) Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists LIST OF SPEAKERS BY COUNTRY ALGERIA Silhem Lazreg ARGENTINA Arturo Alessandrini Alicia Benitez Pablo Chiaradia David Diamint Fabian Lerner Eduardo Mayorga Ana Gabriela Palis David Pelayes Giselle Ricur Roberto Zaldivar AUSTRALIA Lauren Ayton Paul Baird Graham Barrett Kathryn Burdon Benjamin Burt Jonathan Crowston Mark Daniell Drew Evans Clare Fraser Catherine Green John Grigg Robyn Guymer Mingguang He Paul Healey Alex Hewitt Robyn Jamieson Heather Mack David Mackey Ashwin Mallipatna Frank Martin Paul McMenamin Paul Mitchell James Muecke Kovin Naidoo Kathryn Rose Padmaja Sankaridurg Justine Smith Fiona Stapleton Tim Sullivan Gerard Sutton Hugh Taylor Brandon Ah Tong Andrew White Mark WillcoxAUSTRIA Wolfgang Drexler Michael Georgopoulos Bianca Gerendas Anton Hommer Jutta Horwath-Winter Michael Pircher Rene Werkmeister AZERBAIJAN Emin Alihuseynli Aygun Rahimzade BARBADOS Nigel Barker BELGIUM Lelio Baldeschi Antonella Boschi Carl Claes Carina Koppen Daisy Godts Erik Mertens Ilse Mombaerts Vincent Paris Ingeborg Stalmans Marie-Jos Tassignon BRAZIL Homero Gusm o de Almeida Milton Ruiz Alvarez Rubens Belfort Rubens N. Belfort Rodrigo Brant Jose Cardillo Keila Monteiro de Carvalho Armando Crema Michael Eid Farah Mauro Goldchmit Andrew Gomes Wilson Hida Camila Ribeiro Koch Fernando Lojudice Abrah o Lucena Mauricio Maia Melina Morales Tiago Prata Andre Romano Daniel Vasconcelos Santos Tania Schaefer Remo Susanna Cristiano Umbelino Bruna Ventura Marcelo Ventura BULGARIA Dobrin Boyadzhiev Dimitar Dubov Christina Grupcheva Daniela Mitova Christina Vidinova CAMEROON Henry Nkumbe CANADA Steve Arshinoff William Astle George Beiko Catherine Birt Kostadinka Bizheva Miguel Burnier Paul Dubord Brenda Gallie Kenman Gan Neeru Gupta Yasser Khan Femida Kherani Leonard Levin Donald Mitchell Carlo Montemagno Marcelo Nicolela Darren Ovstreck Dieter Reinhardt Guillermo Rocha Hady Saheb Rand Simpson Enitan Sogbesan Raymond Stein Jamie Taylor Ezekiel Weiss Valerie White CHILE Hernan Iturriga Miguel Srur CHINA Shihao Chen Xianqun Fan Zhang Fengju Mingguang He Wei He Dan-Ping Huang Renbing Jia Jiang Jun Dong Mei Li Xiaoxin Li Zhisheng Li Jianhong Liang Yuanbo Liang Honglei Liu Quan Liu Zuguo Liu CHINA CONTINUED Fan Lu Wei Lu Ningli Wang Qimei Wang Wang Yan Peizeng Yang Juan Ye Huifang Zhou Jin Zi-Bing Hai Dong Zou COLOMBIA Sandra Belalcazar Carlos Caballero Luis Escaf Virgilio Galvis Angela Fernandez Ernesto Otero Gustavo Tamayo L. Felipe Vejarano COSTA RICA Claudio Orlich Lihteh Wu CYPRUS Petros Aristodemou Michael Palos Theodoros Potamitis CZECH REPUBLIC Jiri Cendelin Jarmila Heissigerova Klara Maresova Pavel Stodulka DENMARK Steffen Heegard Jesper Hjortdal Thomas Olsen Christina Sanko Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen ECUADOR Gregorio Gabela EGYPT Ahmed Assaf Sheriff Elwan Boshra El Bayoumi Ahmed El Massry Ehab El Rayes Essam El Toukhy Alaa El Zawawi Tamer Gawdat Hassan Mortada Yehia Mostafa Ihab Othman Mouamen Seleet Sherif Sheta ETHIOPIA Amir Bedri Amir Kello FIJI Harris Ansari Biu Sikivou FINLAND Tero Kivel Laura Lindberg FRANCE Karine Angioi Isabelle Audo Georges Baikoff Raymond Barnhill Christophe Baudouin Francine Behar-Cohen Elodie Bousquet Nathalie Cassoux Frederic Chiambaretta B atrice Cochener Marie-Noelle Delyfer Laurence Desjardins Marie-H l ne Errera Damien Gatinel Gregory Gauvain Patrice Balo Komi Laurent Kodjikian Marc Labetouelle Fran ois Malecaze Jos -Alain Sahel Cedric Schweitzer Eric Souied Ramin Tadayoni GERMANY Gerd Auffarth Gudrun Bischoff Burkhard Dick Oliver Ehrt Nicolas Feltgen Peter Gabel Cordula Gabel-Obermaier Ameli Gabel-Pfisterer Andrea Gareiss-Lok Florian Gekeler Franz Grus Rudolf Guthoff Carsten Heinz Frank Holz Jost Jonas Anselm J nemann Hans Peter Killer Tim U. Krohne Freidrich Kruse Clemens Lange Birgit Lorenz Elisabeth M. Messmer Thomas Ne GERMANY CONTINUED Frederik Rauskup Matus Rehak Bernhard Sabel Helmut Sachs Zaher Sbeity Ursula Schl tzer-Schrehardt Wolfgang Schrader Berthold Seitz Walter Sekundo Oliver Stachs Knut Stieger Manfred Zierhut GREECE George Charonis A. John Kanellopoulos Konstantinos Karabatsas Anastasios Konstas Christina Kourenti Leonidas Mavroudis Dimitris Miltsakakis Athanasios Nikolakopoulos Sotiria Palioura Pantelis Papadopoulos Nikolas Ziakas GRENADA Allana Roach GUATEMALA Mariano Yee HONG KONG Marten Brelen Carmen Chan Noel Chan Poemen Chan Tommy Chan John Chang Lijia Chen George Cheng Carol Cheung Kelvin Chong Wii Kit Chu Vishal Jhanji Timothy Lai Wai Ching Lam Chris Leung Amy Lo Heather Mak Marcus Marcet Calvin Pang Clement Tham Jason Yam Alvin Young Hunter Yuen HUNGARY Zsolt Bir G bor Holl Zoltan Zsolt Nagy J nos N meth Peter Vamosi ICELAND Maria Gottfredsdottir INDIA Samar Basak Kasturi Bhattacharjee Jyotirmay Biswas Subhabrata Chakrabarti Jay Chhablani Ramamurthy Dandapani Tanuj Dada Sri Ganesh Sudha Ganesh Prashant Garg Ashok Kumar Grover Adit Gupta Santosh Honavar Atul Kumar Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel Sumit Malhotra Quresh Maskati Sunil Moreker Priya Narang Sundaram Natarajan Barun Nayak Prema Padmanabhan Rajiv Raman Gullapalli Rao Ravindran Priya Reddy Ekta Anand Rishi Mahipal Sachdev Rohit Saxena Mohita Sharma Namrata Sharma Rohit Shetty Cyrus Shroff Rajan Shukla Meenakshi Swaminathan Prerana Tahiliani Raadhika Tandon Abhay Vasavada Vaishali Vasavada Praveen Vashist Geeta Vemuganti Narendran Venkatapathy Anand Vinekar Anthony Vipin Das INDONESIA Yunia Irawati IRELAND Arthur Cummings Yvonne Delaney Ian Flitcroft David Keegan Tara Moore William Power ISRAEL Adi Abulafia Ehud Assia Adel Barbara Micheal Belkin Itay Chowers Shlomo Dotan Shahar Frenkel Hani Levkovitch-Verbin Jacob Pe'er Ygal Rotenstreich ITALY Shulamit Schwartz Dinah Zur Martina Angi Pasquale Aragona Leilo Badeshi Francesco Bandello Stefano Barabino Emilio Campos Tanuj Dada Anna Dickmann Luigi Fontana Michela Fresina Luca Gualdi Doris Hadjistilianou Francesco Quaranta Leoni Maria Mangoni Giovani Marcon Maurizio Mete Mario Nubile Matteo Piovella Luciano Quaranta Stano Rizzo Maurizio Rolando Mario Romano Alessandro Ruzza Giacomo Savini Giovanni Staurenghi Diego Strianese Paolo Vinciguerra Gianni Virgili JAPAN Makoto Aihara Takashi Fujikado Kaoru Fujinami Akito Hirakata Takahiro Hiraoka Susumu Ishida Tomoyuki Kashima Ryo Kawasaki JAPAN CONTINUED Shigeru Kinoshita Shizuka Koh Shunji Kusaka Kazuichi Maruyama Kenji Minemura Masahiro Miura Takeshi Morimoto Toru Nakazawa Kohji Nishida Miho Nozaki Yuichiro Ogura Kyoko Ohno-Matsui Yoshinori Oie Tetsuro Oshika Yusuke Oshima Yoko Ozawa Taiji Sakamoto Miho Sato Kazuhisa Sugiyama Kanji Takahashi Masayo Takahashi Yasuhiko Takahashi Kazuo Tsubota Motokazu Tsujikawa Tetsuya Yamamoto Yoshiaki Yasuno JORDAN Mahmoud Alsalim Amal Al-Sayyed KENYA Stephen Gichuhi Daniel Kiage Amos Kibata Sheila Marco Oscar Onyango KUWAIT Khalid Al Sabti Sabreyah Saleh LATVIA Eriks Elksnis Oskars Gertners Guna Laganovska LEBANON Alain Saad LITHUANIA Akvile Daveckaite Ingrida Januleviciene Lina Siaudvytyte MEXICO Ana Lilia Perez Balbuena Vanessa Bosch Graciela Garcia Briones Rene Cano Guadalupe Cervantes Oscar Donado Jose Dalma-Weiszhausz Oscar Fernandez-Vizcaya Ivo Ferreira Jorge Valdez Garcia Javier Gaytan Enrique Graue Federico Graue Gerardo Graue Alberto Haber Van C. Lansingh Antonio Mendez Silvia Moguel Karim Mohamed-Noriega Eduardo Mondragon Marco Mura Juan Carlos Ochoa Hugo Quiroz-Mercado Guillermo Salcedo Jos Luis Tovilla Adriana Valdez MOROCCO Sidi Mohammed Ezzouhairi NEPAL Sanduk Ruit Sanjay Singh NETHERLANDS Jan Tjeerd de Faber Martine Jager Jan EE Keunen Caroline Klaver Steven Koopmans Marina Marinkovic Annette Moll Rudy Nuijts Dion Paridaens Ger van Rens Aniki Rothova Peerooz Saeed Virginie Verhoeven NEW ZEALAND Helen Danesh-Meyer NIGERIA Fatima Kyari Ogugua Okonkwo Olusola Olawoye Adeola Onakoya NORWAY Rowan Faber Bente Haughom Olav Kristianslund Aleksander Stojanovic PERU Jaime Huaman Luis Izquierdo Jose Rocha Solon Serpa PHILIPPINES Reynaldo M Javate POLAND Iwana Grabska-Liberek Andrzej Grzybowski Jacek Szaflik Wojciech Omulecki PORTUGAL Fernando Faria Correia Jos Cunha-Vaz Bernardo Feij o Tiago Ferreira Helena Filipe Pedro Fonseca Pedro Meneres Tiago Monteiro Joaquim Murta Carlos Marques Neves Manuel Monteiro-Grillo Catarina Pedrosa Filomena Ribeiro Rufino Silva PUERTO RICO Maria Berrocal ROMANIA Florian Balta Daniela Cioplean Cristina Nicula Horia Stanca Calin Tataru RUSSIAN FEDERATION Boris Malyugin RWANDA Wanjiku Mathenge John Nkurikiye SAUDI ARABIA Yasser Al-Faky Hind Alkatan Adel Alsuhaibani Mohamed Alaa Eldanasoury Azza Maktabi Rizwan Malik SERBIA Branislav Stankovic SINGAPORE Rupesh Agarwal Marcus Ang Tin Aung Anita Chan Tat Keong Chan Soon-Phaik Chee Ching-Yu Cheng Gemmy Cheung Sonal Farzavandi Ching-Lin Ho Adrian Koh Ecosse Lamoreaux Jodhbir Mehta Dan Milea Shamira Perrera Seang-Mei Saw Leopold Schmetterer Lay Leng Seah Gangadhara Sundar Anna Marie Tan Su Ann Tay Donald Tan Louis Tong Tien Wong Morgan Yang Chee Chew Yip SLOVAKIA Alena Furdova Karolina Kapitanova SLOVENIA Marko Hawlina Vladimir Pfeifer SOUTH AFRICA Steven Lapere Kgaogelo Legodi David Meyer SOUTH KOREA Jaewan Choi Jae Woo Jang Jin Wook Jeoung Joon Mo Kim Seung-Hyun Kim Yoon Duck Kim Won Ki Lee Ki Ho Park Kyung In Woo Suk-Woo Yang Chungkwon Yoo Young Hee Yoon Seung-Young YuS SPAIN Alfredo Adan Nicol s Alejandre Jos F. Alfonso Jos Alfonso Sanchez Jorge Alio Jorge Alio del Barrio Ignacio Almor n Alejandro lvarez Juan lvarez de Toledo Laureano lvarez-Rementer a Miguel Andrades Alfonso Anton Jaime Aramberri Sam Arba Alfonso Arias Francisco Arnalich Pablo Artal Javier Ascaso Carmen Ayuso Garcia Elena Barraquer Rafael I. Barraquer Jes s Barrio-Barrio Jose Benitez-del-Castillo Shomi Bhattacharya Ana Boto ngeles del Buey ngeles del Buey Margarita Caban s Miguel A. Calvo Hernando Camacho Jose M. Caminal Antonio Cano Maria Canut Jose Carlos Pastor Elena Casas Paula Casas Jaume Catala Javiel Celis Juli n Cez n Rosa M. Coco-Martin Ines Contreras Luis Cordov s Jos Cosentino Jesus Diaz Ana D az Shirin Djavanmardi Rosa Dolz-Marco Juan Donate Francesc Duch Daniel El es Arnaldo Espaillat Matos Ana Espinosa Jaime Etxebarr a Aitor Fern ndez SPAIN CONTINUED Aitor Fern ndez Joaqu n Fern ndez P rez Luis Fern ndez-Vega Jos Fern ndez-Vigo Roberto Fern ndez Buenaga Pedro Fern ndezVila lvaro Fidalgo Marta Figueroa Ines Flores Manuel Franco Margarita de la Fuenta Alicia Galan Roberto Gallego-Pinazo Juli n Garc a -Feijo Jose Garc a Arum Juan Garc a de Oteyza Juli n Garc a Feijoo Juan Luis Garc a Madrona Carmen del Garc a S enz Salvador Garc a-Delpech Javier Garc a-Montesinos Javier Garc a-Montesinos Ignacio Genol Pilar Gomez de Lia o Rosario Gomez de Lia o Fernando Gonz lez del Valle Oscar Gris Jos G ell Mariano Hern ndez-Barahona Almudena del Hierro Luis Izquierdo Francisco Javier Castro Eduardo F. Jover Jos Lamarca Javier Lara Isabel Lema Jos Le n Carlos Lisa Victor Llorens Belles Nicol s L pez Silvia L pez Plandolit Antonio Lopez-Alemany Betty Lorente Ramon Lorente Moore Jorge Loscos Arenas Teresa Maria Lupi n Miguel Maldonado Laura Mari as Tom s Mart Ricardo Martin Sara Martin Alfonso Mart nez de Carneros Jose Mart nez de la Casa Itziar Mart nez Soroa SPAIN CONTINUED Carlos Mateo Ramon Medel Laura Mena Rosal a M ndez Javier Mendicute Jesus Merayo Pilar Merino Marina Mesquida David Mingo Jordi Mon s Marta Morales Ballus Merc Morral Francisco Mu oz Negrete Jeroni Nadal Luis Nova Susana Noval Conrado Nunez Montero Emeterio Ordu a Santiago Ortiz Luis Pablo Julvez Carlos Palomino Francisco Pastor Jaume Paune-Fabre Jose Perez Moreiras Ines Perez-Flores Cristina Peris Francisco Poyales Marta Pradas Joan Prat-Bartomeu Gema Rebolleda Gonzalo C. Rodr guez Paz Rodr guez Aus n lvaro Rodr guez Rat n Victoria de Rojas Mariano Royo Ram n Ruiz Mesa Miguel Ruizf Antoni Sabala Maite Sainz de la Maza Marco Sales Toni Salvador Jorge S nchez Bernardo F. S nchez -Dalmau Jorge S nchez Ca izal Alicia Serra Miguel Srur Pedro Ta Michel Tazartes Miguel Teus Nicolas Toledano Josep Torras Jorge Torres Aritz Urcola Nuria Vald s SPAIN CONTINUED Luma V zquez Paula V zquez de Parga Carlos Verg s Manuel Vidal-Sanz Jorge Vila Alberto Villarrubia Teresa Vozmediano Serrano Julio Yang ela Rodilla Javier Zarranz-Ventura SWEDEN Anders Behndig Martin Mak Christina Lind n Mats Lundstrom SWITZERLAND Alejandra Daruich-Matet Albert Franceschetti Justus G. Garweg Yan Guex-Crosier Farhad Hafezi Ivo Kokur Kaweh Mansouri Silvio Paolo Mariotti Francis Munier Selim Org l Serge Resnikoff Hendrik Scholl Theo Seiler Marc de Smet Gordana Sunaric-Megevand Christoph Tappeiner Konrad P. Weber Leonidas Zografos TAIWAN Shih Jen Chen Shu Lang Liao Yueh-Ju Tsai Wei-Chi Wu TANZANIA Bugimbi Chibuga Kazim Dhalla Milka Mafwiri Dr. Wood THAILAND Prin Rojanapongpun Duangate Rojanaporn Paisan Ruamviboonsuk TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Sonja Johnston Rajrishi Sharma Deo Singh TUNISIA Mohamed Ali El Afrit Mehdi Fendri Moncef Khairallah Amel Ouertani TURKEY Alper A ca Yonca Akova Osman evki Arslan Yeniad Baris Mehmet Baykara Izzet Can Efekan Coskunseven zeyir G nen Volkan H rmeri Beng Ekinci Koktekir Seyhan Ozkan Haluk Talu Baha Toygar Canan Utine UGANDA Simon Arunga Grace Ssali UKRAINE Oksana Averyanova Nadiya Bobrova Oleksiy Buznyk Natalia Grubnyk Andriy Kovalev Illia Nasinnyk UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Khaled Abuhaleeqa Saleh Al Messabi Ahmed Al Saadi Tamer Gamaly Vinod Gauba Arif Khan Francesco Pichi Gaurav Prakash Scott Smith UNITED KINGDOM Wagih Aclimandos Gill Adams Bruce Allan Keith Barton Ramez Borbara Rupert Bourne Miranda Buckle Usha Chakravarthy Nathan Congdon M. Cordeiro Julie Daniels Clare Davey Sheraz Daya Will Dean Jeremy Diamond Harminder Dua Ahmed Elkarmouty David Garway-Heath Marwan Ghabra Irene Gottlob Ronnie Graham Chris Hammond Pirro Hysi Helen Kailirai Simon Keightley Alvena Kureshi Chris Lloyd Peter Maloca John Marshall Keith Martin Timothy Matthews Priya Morjaria Mahi Muqit Jane Olver Geraint Parfitt Gordon Plant Eugene Pozniak Nicola Quilter Babar Qureshi Dan Reinstein Paul Rosen George Saleh Peter Scanlon Andrew Scott Sabrina Shah-Desai Sobha Sivaprasad John Sloper David Spalton Julian Stevens Waleed Tantawy Peter Thomas Chee Thum Adnan Tufail David Verity Reza Vagefi James Warwzynski Patrick Yu-Wai-Man UNITED STATES Richard Abbott Michael Abramoff Iqbal Ahmad Thomas Albini Eduardo Alfonso Jayakrishna Ambati Lynn Anderson Rajendra Apte James Aquavella Lisa Arbisser J. Fernando Arevalo Anthony Arnold Penny Asbell Larry Benowitz Audrey Bernstein Audina Berrocal Robert Bhistikul UNITED STATES CONTINUED Gil Binenbaum Valerie Biousse Elena Bitrian Theresa Borras Thomas Bosley Cynthia Boxrud Neil Bressler Susan Bressler Alexander Brucker Cat Burkat Michelle Callegan Colleen Cebulla Dean Cestari RV Paul Chan David Chang Robert Chang Steve Charles Teresa Chen Patricia Chevez-Barrios Emily Chew Michael Chiang Jim Chodosh Stephen Christiansen Jessica Ciralsky Kathy Colby Mary Louise Collins Scott Cousins Alan Crandall E. Randy Craven Phil Custer Bertil Damato Janet Davis Gustavo De Moraes Sophie Deng Kendall Donaldson Helen Changmin Duan Sander Dubovy Alfredo Dubra Charles Eberhart Deepak Edward Alexandra Elliot Sami El Hage Bita Esmaeli Malvina Eydelman Amani Fawzi Robert Fechtner William Felch John Ferris George J. Florakis Jorge Fortun Tamara Fountain Jasmine Francis David Friedman James Garrity Zev Gartner Matthew Gearinger Peter Gehlbach Suzanne Gilbert Jeffrey Goldberg Robert Goldberg Debra Goldstein Karl Golnik Dan Gombos Andrew Harrison Tarek Hassan Jean Hausheer Cary Herzberg Warren Hill Jonathan M. Holmes David Huang David Hunter Sherwin Isenberg Douglas Jabs Debroah Jacobs Bennie Jeng Yali Jia Mark Johnson Peter Kaiser Zhang Kang Jennifer Kang-Mieler Carol Karp James Katowitz William Katowitz Guy Kezirian Stephen Khachikian Judy Kim Henry Klassen Bruce Koffler Ronald Krueger Susan Ksiazek Ferenc Kuhn Baruch Kuppermann Scott Lambert Kenneth Larywon Jonathan Lass Andreas Lauer Andrew Lee Paul Lee W. Barry Lee Wendy Lee Leonard Levin Paul Lichter Amy Lin Shan Lin Careen Y. Lowder Brandon Lujan Susan MacDonald Marian Macsai Leah Makley John Marshall Daniel Martin Sam Masket Felipe Medeiros Shannath Merbs William F. Mieler Marilyn Miller Neil Miller Tim Murray William Myers Nancy Newman Ken Nischal Timothy Olsen Juan Ortiz Kirk Packo Paul Palmberg Richard Parrish Lily Peng Henry Perry Jeff Pettey Stephen Pflugfelder Paul Philips Ian Pitha Graham Quinn Rajesh Rajpal Ram Rao Michelle Rhee Robert Ritch Jose Antonio Roca Daniel Rootman Richard Rosen James Rosenbaum Srinivas Sadda Osama Saeedi David Sarraf Peter Scanlon Rob Schwarcz Steve Schallorn Stuart Seiff Nida Sen Yasir Sepah Pete Setabutr Gaurav Shah Bhavna Sheth Carol Shields Yichieh EJ Shiuey Erin Shriver Jeremy Shuman Pamela Sieving Paul Sieving Arun Singh Rishi Singh Ruchira Singh Roland Smith Alfred Sommer Brian Song Richard Spaide Bruce Spivey Jay Sridhar Christopher Stoeger Ralph Stone Glenn Strauss Prem Subramanian Donny Suh Geoffrey Tabin Elias Traboulsi James Tsai Elmer Tu Nick Uzcategui M. Reza Vagefi Thasarat Vajaranant Woodford Van Meter Deborah VanderVeen UNITED STATES CONTINUED Rohit Varma Nadia Waheed David Wallace Mitchell Weikert Janey Wiggs Matthew Wilson Barbara Wirostko Thomas Yorio Terri Young Gerald Zaidman UZBEKISTAN Nazim Zaynutdinov to the WOC2018 Scientific Program Committee and Coordinators for their hard work in developing this fantastic program. Scientific Program Committee Chair Clement Tham, BM BCh, FRCS, FCSHK, FCOphthHK Co-Chairs Jan Tjeerd de Faber, MD Jos Manuel Ben tez Del Castillo, MD, PhD Paul Roux, MBBS, FRCOphth Immediate Past Chair Peter Wiedemann, MD Convener, Submitted Program Subcommittee Martine Jager, MD, PhD, FARVO Submitted Program Coordinators Lourdes Arellanes, MD Anat Loewenstein, MD, MHA Jorge Alio, MD, PhD Colin Chan, MD Program Format Development Subcommittee Sally Atherton, PhD Karl Golnik, MD, MEd Marko Hawlina, MD, PhD Jost Jonas, MD Eduardo Mayorga, MD Ana Gabriela Palis, MD Robert Ritch, MD SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE INVITED PROGRAM SESSION COORDINATORS Subspecialty Session Coordinators SUBSPECIALTY ASIA-PACIFIC EUROPE MIDDLE EAST-AFRICA PAN-AMERICA HOST LIAISON Cataract and Lens Surgery Abhay Vasavada Marie-Jos Tassignon Ahmed El Massry David Chang Ramon Lorente Moore Tommy Chan Contact Lens and Refraction Fan Lu Albert Franceschetti Alexander Bialasiewicz Bruce Koffler Juan Duran de la Colina Mandy Oi Man Wong Cornea, External Eye Diseases, and Eye Banking Kohji Nishida Friedrich Kruse Alaa El Danasoury Michael Belin Jos G ell Alvin Young Eye Care Delivery Emmy Li Ivo Kocur Mansur Rabiu Van Lansingh Luis Pablo Julvez Giselle Ricur Evidence-Based Medicine Tien Wong Jan de Faber Sidi-Mohammed Ezzouhairi Richard Abbott Pedro Beneyto Jans Fromow Guerra Glaucoma Ki Ho Park Keith Martin Amel Ouertani Neeru Gupta Francisco Mu oz Negrete Poemen Chan Vision Rehabilitation Noel Chan Ger van Rens Boshra El Bayoumi Mildred Fromow Guerra Rosa M. Coco-Martin Ahmet Temel Neuro-Ophthalmology Carmen Chan Aki Kawasaki Pinar Aydin Anthony Arnold Gema Rebolleda Patrick Yu-Wai-Man Ocular Imaging Chris Leung Leopold Schmetterer Olfa Fekih Hiroshi Ishikawa Luis Pablo Julvez Carol Cheung Ophthalmic Epidemiology Kathryn Burdon Rupert Bourne Kovin Naidoo Aida Jimenez Corona Eloy Viso Yuanbo Liang Ophthalmic Oncology Max Conway Tero Kivela Masood Naseripour Rubens N. Belfort Jose Garcia Arum Carol Shields Ophthalmic Pathology and Microbiology Geeta Vemuganti Sarah Coupland Deepak Edward Patricia Chevez-Barrios Elisabeth M. Messmer Ophthalmic Pharmacology Taiji Sakamoto Anat Loewenstein Gursel Yilmaz Baruch Kuppermann Alfonso Arias-Puente Shaheeda Mohamed Orbital, Oculoplastic, and Lacrimal Diseases Hunter Yuen Dion Paridaens Amal Bukhari Tamara Fountain Nicolas Toledano Kelvin Kam-lung Chong Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Frank Martin Emilio Campos Seyhan B. Ozkan Stephen Christiansen Rosario Gomez De Lia o Jason Yam Refractive Surgery Jodhbir Mehta B atrice Cochener Baha Toygar Gustavo Tamayo Jorge Alio Vishal Jhanji Retina Wai Ching Lam Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth Omar Trabelsi Fernando Arevalo Marta Figueroa Marten Brelen Uveitis Chee-Soon Phaik Manfred Zierhut Moncef Khairallah Careen Y. Lowder Alfredo Adan Timothy Lai Visual Sciences Calvin Pang Shomi Bhattacharya Omar Beltaief Terri Young Miguel J. Maldonado Yoko Ozawa World Forum for Sight Ningli Wang Serge Resnikoff Amir Bedri Kello Van Lansingh Julio Yang ela Rodilla Lijia Chen World Forum of Ophthalmological Journal Editors S. Natarajan Jost Jonas Amal Bukhari Alejandro Navas Jose Carlos Pastor Danny Ng World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium Rajvardhan Azad Helena Filipe Daniel Kiage Ana Gabriela Palis Jes s Barrio-Barrio Chee Chew Yip Karl Golnik: ICO Director of Education Society Session Coordinators SOCIETY ORGANIZER SOCIETY ORGANIZER AAO Annamarie Hastings Hellenic Ophthalmological Society Theodoros Potamitis AAOOP Patricia Chevez-Barrios Hungarian Ophthalmological Society Bir Zsolt AAPOS Jennifer Hull Icelandic Ophthalmological Society Maria Soffia Gottfredsdottir AGS Malik Kahook ICO Andrzej Grzybowski AIOS Ramamurthy Dandapani Berthold Seitz AOB Andreas Wedrich Bruce Spicey Monique Cordonnier Cathy Green AOI Peter Wiedemann Cordula Gabel-Obermaier AOS Amber Mendez David Chang APAO Clement Tham Heather Mack APGS Tetsuya Yamamoto Helena Filipe APOA Geng Li Janey Wiggs APSEG Kohji Nishida Jorge Alio APSOPRS Hunter Yuen Karl Golnik APSPOS Sonal Farzavandi Kuldev Singh ARVO Gayle Claman Malvina Eydelman ASOPRS Marcus Marcet Michael Brennan Assn of Ophthalmologists of Latvia Loreta Kuzmiene Neeru Gupta ASRS Gaurav Shah Nicola Quilter BI Rafael I. Barraquer Peter Gabel BSO Christina Vidinova Queresh Maskati BSOS Mahmut Kaskaloglu Robert Ritch CGS James Taylor Santosh Honavar CBO Keila Monteiro de Carvalho Simon Keightley CLAO Bobbi Hahn Terry Cooper COECSA Ibrahim Matende Irish College of Ophthalmologists Siobhan Kelly Cornea Society Bennie Jeng IJCAHPO Lynn Anderson COS Rand Simpson IMCLC Bruce Koffler Guillermo Rocha IOIS Bahram Bodaghi CYOS Theodoros Potamitis IPOSC Frank Martin Czech Ophthalmological Society Klara Maresova ISA Seyhan Ozkan DOG Birgit Mele ISGEDR Birgit Lorenz DOS Anders Kruse ISGEO Colin Cook EBO Gordana Sunaric M gevand ISOO Martine Jager EBO Peter J. Ringens ISOP Sarah Coupland EPOS Nikolas Ziakas ISOPRS Sunil Moreker EOS Guna Laganovska IUSG Janet Davis Veiko Reigo Joint Nordic Countries Maria Kugelberg ESA John Sloper JOS Tetsuro Oshika ESOPRS David H Verity KAO Naser Salihu EURETINA Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth LAAO Gustavo Piantoni EuroLam Retina David Pelayes Lithuanian Ophthalmological Society Loreta Kuzmiene EVER Rafael Barraquer MEACO Mahmoud Al-Salem Finnish Ophthalmological Society Kai Kaarniranta Amal Bukhari GAEBA Heather Machin NOF Nordic Hellenic Ophthalmological Society Vasilis S. Liarakos NANOS Karl Golnik OOG Nathalie Cassoux Slovenian Society of Ophthalmology Marko Hawlina OSSA Andrew Boliter SMO Manuel Garza Leon Society Session Coordinators continued OSWI Nigel Barker SOE Jan Tjeerd de Faber PAAO Fernando Arevalo SOG Christoph Tappeiner PacEYES Anasaini Cama SOI Matteo Piovella SPO Manuel Monteiro Grillo SRO Steffen Heegard PRVS Mauricio Maia Swedish Society of Ophthalmology Steffen Heegard PTO and RSO Iwona Liberek The Macula Society Andrew Schachat RSA Arthur B Cummings The Retina Society Mark Johnson SCOF Jose Garcia-Arumi TOA Reha Ers z SE Europa Joint Christina Vidinova TROS S leyman Kaynak SECOIR Ramon Lorente Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists Anna Arkusha SEO Jose M Benitez-del-Castillo WGA Tin Aung SFO Isabelle Cochereau WIO Erin Shriver Slovak Ophthalmological Society Alena Furdova SEE YOU IN BARCELONA: 16-19 JUNE 2018 Email: @attendWOC

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