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2 *Vice Chairman - Ken Goodman Ken reported that he was relinquishing his ASHRAE Regional role and was keen to join in even more actively with …




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1 CIBSE ASHRAE Group Minutes of AGM held online GMT, 14h February 2018 The AGM was held online In attendance: Tim Dwyer Steve Gill (chair) Dave Green Ken Goodman Robert Mugisha (although no audio contact) Richard Rooley Apologies Emeka Efe Osaji Ewen Rose Emilia Targonska Colin Vine Minutes of last AGM (June 2017) and matters arising (Attached) The suggestion of IERC, Cork, Ireland for a future CIBSE ASHRAE Tech Symposium was discussed and it was clarified that the ASHRAE Group had no formal involvement in the CIBSE ASHRAE Tech Symposium planning ACTION: Tim will reiterate IERC's interest in the hosting a future CIBSE ASHRAE Tech Symposium to CIBSE HQ Annual Report (year ending December 2017) (Attached) Ken reported on last week's event on CHP and alternative fuels - 45 people present plus online participants. Held in conjunction with CIBSE Ireland, Engineers Ireland, ASHRAE Ireland Chapter. His initiative and execution of the jointly supported event was unanimously praised. Ken reported that a meeting will be held in Dublin on March 5th with CIBSE ASHRAE Group, CIBSE Ireland, Engineers Ireland and ASHRAE Ireland Chapter to advance plan for the coming year. ACTION Ken to report back on meeting and liaise as needed Election of Officers *Chairman David Green (see also attached statement) David thanked Steve for his work over the last year that he managed to do despite his personal challenges David (speaking from Edmonton, Alberta Canada) gave a short statement that outlined the challenges for building services engineers ("4 seasons in a day in Edmonton") and looked forward as incoming chair to helping members to collaborate more effectively across the world. Richard reflected on a recent survey that reported that social meetings (eg lunches or social events) are not as important as the tech content David reported that he was already reaching out to local (Canadian) ASHRAE chapters 2 *Vice Chairman - Ken Goodman Ken reported that he was relinquishing his ASHRAE Regional role and was keen to join in even more actively with the the CIBSE ASHRAE Group *Secretary/Communications Officer - Ewen Rose This was confirmed and the meeting passed their best wishes to his elderly mother (a last minute visit prevented Ewen attending this meeting) Student Activities - Raphael Amajuoyi This is traditionally the current Graduate of the Year. Raphael was not on the call. ACTION Dave Green will reach out to Raphael Amajuoyi Research Officer - Richard Rooley Confirmed that he was still willing and that he saw his role as providing a conduit for any ideas that the group had for resaerch activities with ASHRAE. He was clear that he would not proactively seek researvch activity but was very happy to actively engage with anyone who wished to move research ideas forward. It was noted that as a past ASHRAE president Richard was ideally suited to this role. Historic Officer - David Arnold Tim briefly reported on David's CIBSE ASHRAE work on the 125th ASHRAE Anniversary publication being developed between ASHRAE Historical and CIBSE Heritage committees Programme Co-ordinator - Tim Dwyer *Minimum need Confirmation/re-establishment of Liaison Members Including: ASHRAE:- Tim Dwyer ASHRAE Euro Region XIV:- Ken Goodman (interim subject to developments) ASHRAE RAL/Pakistan:- Farhan Mehboob CIBSE HQ:- Nyree Hughes Institute of Refrigeration :- Colin Vine Young Engineers Network:- Emilia Targonska IMechE CBSD :- New liaison required as Tim Dwyer was no longer on CBSD committee ACTION Dave to contact Frank Mills to solicit new liaison South Africa - Mike Barker and/or Denis van Es ACTION David to contact to Mike and Denis to establish the level of engagement Confirmation of Group Activities Including: TBC - Thursday March 22nd, 12:30 EST (5:30 GMT) - Andrew Bowerbank "Is it Easy Being Green? The Future of the Construction Industry in a Low-Carbon World" Dave Green is liaising with Canada Chapter (Toronto) but needs to confirm date and time. Working with David Clark of Stantec. ACTION Dave to confirm details 3 Wednesday April 18th - since this was close to the CIBSE Technical Symposium at LSBU, London it was agreed not to hold an event in April Thursday May 10th 2018 - Joint with CIBSE FM Group - Ewen/Tim liaising with Geoff Prudence (chair CIBSE FM Group). The venue was confirmed as the Clarence Centre at St George's Circus, London (near Elephant and Castle) ACTION Ewen/Tim to confirm speaker Thursday 11th October, 2018 Graduate of the Year at IMechE, London - to 10pm ACTION Ewen to confirm event details November 7th/14th 2018 could be Jim Tauby on Restraining building services mechanical systems against explosive blasts and seismic incidents - he is willing (keen) to travel over from the US to present live in London so we need a venue. It was noted that this should be clearly cover the requirements for terror type blasts. ACTION Tim to confirm Possible December 4th Tuesday Microgrids in Africa and Smart Grids in India (in conjunction with local EI branch and DMU) Timing and webinar need linking in with South Africa (GMT +2) ACTION Steve to firm up details January 2019 - possible joint with IoR (Note 2019 ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Atlanta is early in 2019 17-24 Jan) ACTION Colin/Steve to liaise February 12th/13th/14th 2019? AGM plus speaker?? March 12th/13th/14th 2019? April 2nd/3rd/4th 2019? May 14th/15th/16th 2019? ??Joint with FM Group Date tbc Loughborough University Multi-objective optimisation ACTION Steve to confirm further details Date tbc Possible webinar on solar cooling ACTION Steve to confirm further details AOB No sign of CIBSE ASHRAE Group (or CIBSE reciprocal membership) on ASHRAE website - requested that this should be to be taken up with ASHRAE at next liaison meeting Minutes originated by Tim Dwyer 15th February 2018 DRAFT VERSION 2 to be formally confirmed at 2018 AGM CIBSE ASHRAE Group AGM 2017 Online ,1pm Thursday 8th June 2017 Draft minutes In attendance Athanasios David Arnold Tim Dwyer (chair and note taker) Mahroo Eftekhari Stephen Gill Ken Goodman Dave Green, Alberta, Canada Denis van Es, South Africa Apologies Emeka Osaji Richard Rooley Ewen Rose Minutes of last AGM (March 2016) and matters arising (Copy attached) Confirmed as true record All actions completed All other matters covered in this main agenda Annual Report (year ending December 2016) (Copy attached) Tim provided a commentary highlighting the Graduate of the Year event and the joint ASHRAE/CIBSE group event on Data Centres held in Cork at IERC in February 2017 (not in written report) that provided an excellent opportunity for networking as well as technical content. Attendance on live webinars have November 2016, The smart answer to indoor air quality Max Sherman - 98 webinar attendees December 2016, Weather data for use in building energy calculations Joe Huang - 124 webinar attendees February 2017 "Refrigerant Choices Andy Pearson - 113 webinar attendees March 2017 "Data Centres Update David McAuley and Robin Steinbrecher - 41 webinar attendees (approx 40 in physical attendance in Cork) The recordings of the webinars have typically been watched many hundreds of times. Election of Officers *Chairman - Stephen Gill *Vice Chairman - Dave Green *Secretary/Communications Officer - Ewen Rose Programme/ASHRAE HQ liaison - Tim Dwyer (post meeting amendment) Student Activities - (Normally Graduate of the Year) Research Officer - Richard Rooley Historic Officer - David Arnold *Minimum need The meeting agreed that a planning committee (Steve Gill, Dave Green, Ewen Rose and Tim Dwyer) will meet in the next week (or two) to determine other members of the committee. It was noted that the following have been unable to participate in the committee over the last 6 months and would be removed from the 2017-18 committee. They are all thanked for their contribution. Muayyad Abdelhadi - Saudi Arabia Jos Brownlie - UK T Junaid - Saudi Arabia Hyojin Kim - USA Confirmation/re-establishment of Liaison Members Including: ASHRAE:- Tim Dwyer ASHRAE Euro Region:- Ken Goodman ASHRAE RAL/Pakistan:- Farhan Mehboob (post meeting amendment) CIBSE HQ:- Nyree Hughes Institute of Refrigeration :- Colin Vine Young Engineers Network:- Emilia Targonska (post meeting amendment) IMechE CBSD :- Tim Dwyer South Africa - Mike Barker and/or Denis van Es Energy Institute - Possible liaison to be discussed by planning committee Possibility of more International members to be discussed by planning committee Confirmation of Group Activities It was agreed that virtual meetings (webinars) are effective but can be improved if there is also a physical audience at a venue Mahroo Eftekhari confirmed that she would be content to host group events at Loughborough University Including: - Graduate Prize 2017 and Annual ASHRAE President s address Thursday October 12th 2017 - Joint meeting with CIBSE FM Group May 2018 - Joint meeting with Inst of Refrig likely Past ASHRAE President Tom Watson event autumn 2017 Suggestions (note named to progress) ... Ken Goodman - Dublin event - potentially at DIT - he will move forward Richard Rooley - BIM Seminar - We have to record in some way the events which take place to push the BIM model on site and to record the probabilities and consequences of those events. They are certainly not unforeseen. Is there some way of researching events on BIM projects and building them into the model? This will have to include the cost consequences firstly of modifying the model and secondly the impact on change orders. Ken Goodman - Zero Energy Buildings Denis van Es - South African focussed webinar Dave Green - The peer to peer micro-grid AOB Ken Goodman suggested that the next CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium be held in Cork at IERC (Director Tony Day has expressed great interest). Tim Dwyer explained that this was not an ASHRAE Group activity but he would pass on the suggestion to CIBSE. Information: The new ASHRAE European Region is to start July 1st. The board is being assembled and first CRC (Chapters Regional Conference) is to be held in Belgrade in December Meeting closed at Minutes prepared by Tim Dwyer Version 2 Issued August 1st 2017 CIBSE Group/Society Annual Report for activities during 2017 Page 1 of 5 CIBSE Groups and Societies - Annual Report for 2017 Note: Please comment under any categories that apply to your particular Group/Society, inserting n/a in any other spaces. Groups/Societies are not expected to have an entry under every heading. Name of Group/Society ASHRAE Introduction Formed in 1995 the CIBSE ASHRAE Group represents members who have an interest in the Building Services industry worldwide. Whilst a Group within CIBSE, membership is additionally open at no cost to members of ASHRAE, and also to interested individuals who are neither a member of CIBSE nor ASHRAE. The group is unique within CIBSE in that it is not associated with a particular sub-discipline of building services and aims to focus primarily on issues with a transatlantic emphasis and inter-institutional activity. Please list all Group/Soc officers and all other Group/Soc committee members. (Please include roles against each name.) Role Name Chair Stephen Gill Vice Chair Dave Green Secretary/Communications officer Ewen Rose Programme Tim Dwyer Student Activities Antoni Sapina Grau Research officer Richard Rooley Historic officer David Arnold Liaison members ASHRAE Tim Dwyer, Richard Rooley Young Engineers Network Emilia Targonska Institute of Refrigeration Colin Vines Any vacancies on the steering committee Group/Soc Membership or CIBSE Membership Any points of note or interest including membership drives Current membership of the Group on the CIBSE database is over 17,868 (previously 17650 so little change over year despite data cleaning activity). The group has members in 144 (142) countries. The top 10 are ... December 2017 December 2016 UK 7767 7788 Hong Kong 1897 1905 UAE 923 934 Ireland 693 697 CIBSE Group/Society Annual Report for activities during 2017 Page 2 of 5 India 622 620 Australia 594 586 USA 502 501 Qatar 234 233 Group/Soc events ( events organised by the Group/Soc s committee and publicised to the Group/Soc s membership) The activities of the Group are on a wide technical base, attempting to carry through a broadly transatlantic theme. Evening meetings are generally presented on the second Wednesday of the month principally uses webinars (sometimes with small physical venues) delivering to a global audience Feb 2017 - Refrigerant choices - Andy Pearson - webinar Past IoR President and regular ASHRAE Journal columnist Andy Pearson of Star Refrigeration provided detailed background to refrigerant choices with a brief overview of ozone and climate change issues and comment on the practical implications of this shift for system designers owners and operators. March 2017 - Data Centres 2017 - Cork, Ireland event and webinar Joint meeting with IERC and ASHRAE Ireland Section and CIBSE Ireland David McAuley (speaking live from Cork) What does Ireland s digital success mean for energy infrastructure? and Robin Steinbrecher (speaking live from Seattle) Data Centre Standard Development May 2017 - The growing importance of Air Filtration and the Influence of the new ISO 16890 London, Blackfriars with CIBSE CIBSE FM Group Chris Ecob introduced ISO 16890: this new standard will define testing procedures and a classification system for air filters used in general ventilation equipment as it proceeds to replace the two existing standards; ASHRAE and EN779: Simon Birkett spoke on the need to urgently and sustainably have full compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for air quality throughout London and elsewhere. October 2017 Young Engineer of the Year Award. The pinnacle of the year, as ever, the CIBSE/ASHRAE Graduate of the Year Award that is held, in conjunction with the ASHRAE Presidential lecture. This well-established and prestigious competition rewards the best graduate from a programme related to CIBSE/ASHRAE activities. This year the evening had another receptive and enthusiastic audience of over 180 who witnessed the short presentations by the eight attending finalists on Is engineering an art and should building services professionals be more creative in the way they approach projects? . The winner was Raphael Amajuoy, HP Flat and Loughborough University. Last year s winner Antoni Sapina Grau travelled to the 2017 Las Vegas ASHRAE winter meeting as the prize. The competition was this year jointly sponsored by three major sponsors Andrews Water Heaters, Ruskin Air Management and Waterloo Air and supported by CIBSE, ASHRAE, IMechE (and particularly the CBSD) and the Rumford Club (with generous bursaries for the runners up) and CIBSE Patrons. CIBSE Group/Society Annual Report for activities during 2017 Page 3 of 5 Following the presentations from the finalists, ASHRAE president Bjarne W. Olesen presented at the London HQ of IMechE. Bjarne was also on the judging panel for the Graduate of the Year Award along with CIBSE president and IMechE CEO and last year s graduate of the year, Antoni Sapina Grau. November 2017 The process, benefits and challenges experienced during the development of an integrated chiller system with an oil-free compressor The IOR and the ASHRAE CIBSE Group was given byTom Watson, J&E Hall Gold Medal Winner and ASHRAE Past President, held at CEREB London South Bank University. December 2017 - John Klote 'Zone Fire Modeling and CFD Analysis Webinar (200 attendees) Those unable to attend the group meetings (including the many international members - almost half of the CIBSE ASHRAE group are outside UK/Ireland) are able to gain access to most of the presentations through the group website, as well as participate in webinars During 2017 there were in excess of 12,000 unique visitors. The presentations that has been downloaded most in the year are .... Designing MEP Systems and Code Compliance in the Middle East GCC Region from 2014 by ChewPieng Ryan and Catherine Elliott-Scott of Buro Happold downloaded 6,593 times Ian Fielder FM Service Industry Perspective USA and The from 2002 that has been downloaded 6,187 times Geoff Leventhall from 2006 Noise Control in HVAC - Active Passive or None? downloaded 3,327 times Life Cycle Costing for Building Services by Scott West in 2011, 3,350 downloads Marcella Ucci Health, wellbeing and indoor environmental quality in buildings New Approaches Needed? 2016, downloaded 1,593 times Events held in conjunction with other Groups/Socs or the CIBSE Regional Committees Annual event (evening presentation) held in conjunction with CIBSE FM Group YEN (CIBSE Young Engineers Network) collaboration with CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year Rumford Club provided bursaries for runners up in the Graduate of the Year competition. Events in conjunction with any external bodies IMechE CBSD collaborated once again with the Graduate of the Year and ASHRAE Presidential Lecture. The IMechE CEO was also one of the judges The annual IOR joint event was held on the 2nd November with Tom Watson as the speeker. CIBSE Group/Society Annual Report for activities during 2017 Page 4 of 5 Publications involvement None Research activities of the Group/Soc No specific actions. Group/Soc involvement in consultations and policy development None Communications e-newsletters, newsletters, website, forum etc The group website (currently still hosted independently of CIBSE, ) and regular emails keep contact with a large proportion of the membership the majority of group members have an email address. The site maintains an updated programme, abstracts, and papers from group events. The CIBSE ASHRAE Group website is currently being moved to CIBSE platform. The site has attracted over 12,000 unique visitors in the past 12 months (previous year 8,000) and there have been approximately 40,000 downloads of presentations from the site. (See for available downloads.) This is in addition to views of the recorded online webinars. The group continues to benefit from coverage in the CIBSE Journal the Journal continues to be keen to take articles covering CIBSE and ASHRAE activities. Education/Careers activities None Awards/Competitions organised by the Group/Soc CIBSE ASHRAE Group Graduate of the Year Collaboration with other bodies and development of knowledge networks Joint events with ASHRAE, IMechE, IoR Sponsorship - What sponsorship was received this year, in kind or monetary? Are any future activities involving sponsorship planned? Andrews Water Heaters, Kingspan, Swegon and CIBSE Patrons supported the Graduate of the Year. CIBSE Group/Society Annual Report for activities during 2017 Page 5 of 5 Any activities of the Group/Soc (relating to the original aims and objectives) that have not been covered above None Any noteworthy trends (internal or external to the Group/Soc) that have a bearing on operation The CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year had a full capacity audience with once more a significant number of younger attendees there has been strong support from both CIBSE and IMechE HQ staff Some notes from David Green of how he would approach the role of ASHRAE Group Chair 1. The discipline of Building Services Engineering evolved from the time, and work, of the forerunners of CIBSE in the late 19th century. CIBSE represents the modern and future looking face of building services that, by further enhancing active links with ASHRAE, can benefit members with exchange and debate to mutually improve knowledge, skills and fellowship. 2. Encourage a Spirit of collaboration, let's work together and share experiences and knowledge, as an industry "we don't know what we know" and in a lot cases are reluctant to share experience and knowledge. 3. Bring a real-world approach to building services engineering. The problems that beset construction are the same everywhere, and maybe could be addressed with a common understanding. 4. Group needs to more global in approach and make best use of International knowledge and experience for the greater good. 5. Instigate a video blog of buildings in challenging and unique climates Edmonton (Summer, Winter, Shoulder), Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India etc. to highlight climate challenges, and how they are dealt with. This could be available via a CIBSE/ASHRAE Group you tube channel or via the respective websites 6. Update of Group website is required. 7. Better use of social media to keep members informed. Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram so that members can interact easily with each other. 8. Every 6 months get a renowned industry professional to present to the group for example Andrew Bowerbank and his Future of the Construction Industry in a Low-Carbon World . 9. Within the institute section of the journal promote the group, which would also assist in promoting ASHRAE. 10. Ask ASHRAE to promote the group via their website, under the reciprocal agreement. David Green, January 2018

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