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A Leukemia-Associated CD34/CD123/CD25/ …

Biology of Human Tumors A Leukemia-Associated CD34/CD123/CD25/ CD99þ Immunophenotype Identifies FLT3- Mutated Clones in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Daniela F. Angelini1,Tiziana Ottone2,3, Gisella Guerrera1, Serena Lavorgna2,3, Michela Cittadini2,3, Francesco Buccisano2, Marco De Bardi1, Francesca Gargano1, Luca Maurillo2, Mariadomenica Divona2,Nelida I. Noguera3,4, Maria Irno …


  Clones, Immunophenotype identifies flt3 mutated clones, Immunophenotype, Identifies, Flt3, Mutated




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